Franklin Armory Providence Rifle Action Prototype is NOT Semiautomatic ~ VIDEO

Minden, NV – -( Innovative firearms manufacturer, Franklin Armory®, has successfully created a new prototype.

Franklin Armory presents providence a whole new action type that fires one round every time the trigger is pulled, but this action is not semiautomatic. Come by SHOT Show booth #20365 and see the safest, quietest, cleanest, non-semiautomatic ever designed.

Jay Jacobson – “Providence was inspired by the demand for a non-semiautomatic carbine in international markets. In my opinion, what we created was the safest, quietest, and cleanest running design ever conceived.”

Franklin Armory Providence Rifle Action
Franklin Armory Providence Rifle Action
Franklin Armory Providence Rifle Prototype
Franklin Armory Providence Rifle Prototype

Stop by SHOT Show booth 20365 to find out more!

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Franklin Armory

About Franklin Armory

Franklin Armory is a Nevada corporation that specializes in manufacturing Binary triggers, and quality AR-style firearms for sporting, military, and law enforcement applications. We are very adept at creating products for a restrictive jurisdiction such as our home state California. We have two facilities. Our California site manufactures most of the component parts we sell while the Nevada plant performs final assembly, quality control, and distribution. Franklin Armory first set up shop in Minden Nevada in 2013 to establish a toehold in Northern Nevada because of California's onerous and restrictive regulations regarding assault rifles. The Nevada facility also manufactures NFA compliant firearms. We use 100% American made parts & materials. www.FRANKLINARMORY.COM

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    1. Wouldn’t it be better to just vote the Socialists out of office so you can have real guns? Why sit around and let them take your rights away? Never understand it.

      1. Lol like thats ever worked how about you make friends with them so they value what you value or you can call them libtards and louse another leg of the table

      1. you mean thompson? negative. the tommy drops an already open bolt to fire a round and continue firing until trigger is released. this gun racks the bolt, starting at a closed position, and drops it firing a single round until trigger is pulled again. there is no gas system. it would be more akin to a double action revolver than an open bolt smg

    2. dhimmi-crat caliph-ornicators will stridently license/regulate the human digestive process next. they would like to control all aspects of in-process procreation – armies of lawyers monitoring via body cams?

    3. Absolute Genius. Looks like a double action running a type of “open bolt” style weapon. Should be legal in every state. Mags might have to be shorter, but again, absolute genius. Way to think outside the box, guys!

    4. It’s impossible to tell since they don’t show live rounds being fired, but it looks to me like it’s similar to an open-bolt, semi-auto except the bolt doesn’t fully re-open after cycling; in other words, it doesn’t “cock”. An open-bolt semi-auto “cocks” with the bolt retracted to the rear behind an empty chamber. Pulling the trigger releases the bolt to fly forward, feeding a round and then firing the instant it closes, usually with a fixed firing pin. After it fires, it behaves as a straight blow-back, with the rearward force on the fired case pushing the bolt to the rear and ejecting that case, then the bolt catches on the sear and stops. This looks like pulling the trigger retracts the bolt to the rear and then releases it and then it feeds and slam-fires as it closes, but then maybe doesn’t re-open far enough to eject. Ejection wouldn’t occur until the next trigger pull, therefore it’s not technically semi-auto, since it doesn’t auto-eject the fired case. Interesting combination of mechanically-actuated DAO slam-fire open-bolt non-self-ejecting weirdness. Would have to watch it live fire to be sure, but that’s my initial guess as to how it may work and skirt the technical definition of semi-auto.

    5. Sometimes l crack myself up. What looks cool to me might be ugly to someone else. Aesthetics plays a big part in perception. If it looks like a mean, ugly, black, military style gun then maybe it should be banned regardless of what it takes to fire it. Maybe it’s a fancy paperweight but I like that the folks at Franklin Arms are innovative and will likely work on tweaks to make it better. I like that they care enough to develop products that get around the regulations.

    6. I can see this possibly heading into dangerous territory. When all these “types” of guns are banned/outlawed(and they will, unless something drastic happens), this one will be also because of at least looks and/or features. And if they do classify this action as semi auto, what stops them from going after da revolvers. When the rules don’t suit them, they change them. Look what they just did with bumpstocks. It didn’t fit their definition, so they changed the definition. Been in this fight for little over 30 years.
      We all know (or should) what the end game is for these people. Total disarmament of the citizens.

      1. I was thinking the same thing cutwormsmith. All the need to do is just include an amendment onto the anti-semi automatic ban to include this and it’s all for naught. The only rational solution that I see is just split up the USA into smaller nations and let the Communist/ Fascists have the NE United States. Within ten years they’ll either go bankrupt or figure out that their “pie in the sky” ideas are just plain crap when they fail at everything that they’re trying to shove down working Americans throats and want to rejoin us.

        1. “Hold it, hold it, hold it!” (the immortal words of Fred Flintstone)… While I have lived way down south for 14 years now, I was born & raised in Central New Jersey, then Brooklyn, NY! That being said, why send the libs to the NE? It’s beautiful up there. Sure, they’re there, but send them ALL to California to hang out with the gangbangers & Nancy. Then build a wall and call it the Now Mexico (I didn’t want to insult New Mexico). Or just call it Mexico… the towns & cities are already Hispanic named. Screw California, eventually it will drop into the Pacific.

          PS: Most Mexicans are great people but they do have a larger share of major & minor criminals… lots of sex crimes and cop killers, etc… Google “Margena Nunez” Lee County, Florida.


    7. Well done, Franklin Armory. DAO, nothing on the books against it here in NJ. It’ll be a hard case to argue, even if it does look like the evil black rifle

    8. If you look at how much the rifle is moving in his hands I’m guessing that he has to exert a lot of force on a trigger. Anything over a few yards distance and I don’t see this is being accurate in any kind of rapid fire scenario.

    9. My take on this design is “it doesnt matter how it functions” If it has an upper and lower with a adjustable stock, handguard and looks like a scary “assault rifle” it will be hated by the gun grabbers from the git go! History proves me correct.

    10. This is what wiki says, kinda what I was thinking too, It doesnt say it has to use gas from spent cartridges to load again. Why would mechanical reload and ready with one pull of trigger not be semi auto?
      Thanks for info in advance.
      Semi-automatic firearm
      A semi-automatic firearm, also called self-loading firearm or autoloading firearm (though fully automatic and selective fire firearms technically are also self-loading), is one that not only fires a bullet each time the trigger is pulled, but also performs all steps necessary to prepare it to discharge again—assuming cartridges remain in the firearm’s feed device. Typically, this includes extracting and ejecting the spent cartridge case from the firing chamber, re-cocking the firing mechanism, and loading a new cartridge into the firing chamber. To fire again, the trigger is released and re-pressed

    11. I like it. That doesn’t look like a hard trigger pull. Certainly you have to be more deliberate with commitment to a shot. Im betting it has a nice cam or other mechanical reduction to ease the tension of the action. Probably more to maintain and keep track of, but if it defeats my state’s slimy governer and doesn’t look like a paintball gun like all the other ARs in New York state. I’ll buy it

      1. @Henry, Yep, and then when Ca. successfully bans semi-auto, Ca will move on to the next firearm, blade, blunt object, etc until Ca controls every facet of a person’s birth, life, earnings, and death.

          1. Every elected official that takes the oath to protect and uphold the Constitution, should be tried for treason for attacking our 2nd amendment rights

          1. So Curt, how are police forces to deal with people who have them outgunned? Most Law Enforcement do not agree with gun bans and even refuse to enforce them. Don’t make this a cop issue because it clearly is not.

            1. Clearly! It seemed that the cops found themselves out-gunned going up against criminals who obtained full and semi auto guns. What was this article about? Sorry, just lost my mind. Oh, yeah, that’s a cool gun. I hope they do a production run!

            2. How is a private citizen supposed to deal with people who have them outgunned? Regardless of what a line officer does or doesn’t do, the carve-outs for police are usually necessary for them to pass gun control. Why should I care if police are outgunned if the FOP and other police organizations always oppose my right to not be outgunned?

        1. @Wild Bill, Wasn’t too long ago Californians were upset that cows burped and had flatulence galore, and therefore were harmful to the environment. Before long, Californians will realize that vegetarians have gas and are harmful to the environment. As we all know, California cows are now happy cows. Do they test for THP in California dairy products?

      1. No, a bull pup puts the action behind the trigger mechanism shortening the overall length of the rifle while still having a full length barrel. This is more akin to a double action revolver in how it is manually operated by your trigger finger.

    12. They’ll need to something about the bolt. It’s bouncing back and forth after each shot. It’s consistent accuracy will be severely affected and less than a purchaser will expect.

    13. It appears all of mechanical operations are powered by operator’s trigger finger. this is just as well but maybe there’s a reason they don’t show any rounds being actually fired. And my guess is that the force needed to extract and eject spent cases would require you to use whole palm to squeeze that trigger. Then you’ll have rounds in fully loaded magazine exerting some force and friction on the bolt itself… I like the way they are thinking outside the box but I foresee many issues that need to be solved for this to work reliably.

    14. Lol, the definition of “semi auto” is when the trigger is pulled, one round is fired. So you don’t have to pull the bolt back every time you fire a round..

      1. Wrong Rachel, the semiautomatic firearm uses the glass pressure from a bullet being fired to actuate the bolt going back to eject and chamber rounds. This is thinking more like a double action revolver. Instead of the gasses doing the work for you, the action of pulling the trigger ejects and chambers rounds. You use your little trigger finger to do the work. The gun does not do the work for you. Therefore it is not semiautomatic. The trigger pull on that thing is going to suck, and it will not be popular. I will not be purchasing one…

      2. Wrong. Semi auto refers to a firearm using gas or recoil to operate the bolt to eject and chamber a new round with the trigger only activating the firing pin.

        In this sort of system the trigger controls it all, leading to a [probably] very hard trigger pull.

        By your logic a double action revolver would be consider semi automatic.

        1. It’s not Rachael’s logic you have to worry about, it’s gun-grabbing legislators. …. you may be using the definition accepted by people like you and I, but I can damn near guarantee you that they’ll view, interpret, and legislate this away as a semi-auto “assault” rifle, as their standard (and that of the “common man”) is that it’s a semi-auto because the result is the same…. Don’t get hung up on what is right or wrong here, it’s about what will be allowed to be sold in certain places and what wont…… but no need for us to worry, the lack of accuracy on this design will ensure low demand anyway.

      3. Incorrect. The definition also states a new round is automatically loaded into the chamber after the spent cartridge is ejected. Plus one shot per trigger pull. That is the correct definition of semi-automatic.

      4. Semi-auto guns have two features: they are cocked and chambered using the energy of the fired round. Your definition of semi-auto would include revolvers.

        My guess is that the action is basically a DA in reverse. You insert the mag and charge the upper, cocking the firing pin and chambering the round. The first break at the front of the trigger pull releases the firing pin and fires the round. The pull of the trigger past that break cycles the action: pulling the BCG, extracting the spent case, and resetting the firing pin. The final break at the end of the trigger travel releases the BCG, chambering a fresh round. Then the process repeats: pull, fire, pull more, reset.

        The AR-style lower allows for all sorts of clockworks behind the trigger to ease the effort of cycling the BCG with an index finger, and since all that would be done after the bullet has left the gun, accuracy and trigger (fired) weight will be unaffected.

        1. And indeed they are in fact James. Doesn’t Matter if it is a cylinder rotating or a bolt cycling. The only reason is that its very hard to argue to an ignorant, although still rational, average person that an “Old Man” six shooter is a veritable weapon of mass destruction.

          Because the emotional game is not there, they have to go for the other guns first before they get to revolvers.

          Single Action revolvers could be argued against since a separate function is required to advance the cylinder, but pulling the trigger on a Double Action “Automatically rotates” the next chamber and round in line with the barrel. Most people forget that the first true semi automatic was actually the Gatling Gun. It needed to be worked to keep firing as opposed to a single movement resulting in fully automatic fire.

          1. If you hold the trigger back on a single action revolver, it will fire as fast as you can cock the hammer.

      1. It appears all of mechanical operations are powered by operator’s trigger finger. this is just as well but maybe there’s a reason they don’t show any rounds being actually fired. And my guess is that the force needed to extract and eject spent cases would require you to use whole palm to squeeze that trigger. Then you’ll have rounds in fully loaded magazine exerting some force and friction on the bolt itself… I like the way they are thinking outside the box but I foresee many issues that need to be solved for this to work reliably.

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