Florida: Anti-Gun Group wants “Assault Weapons” ban on the 2020 Ballot

Immature Gun Banner David Hogg
Immature Gun Banner David Hogg

Miami, Florida -(Ammoland.com)- Anti-gun activists descended on the Broward County Board of Elections office in Fort Lauderdale to present 200 signatures for certification on Monday.

The group called Ban Assault Weapons NOW is hoping to get a measure for banning so-called “assault weapons” on the 2020 ballot. The group will need to collect 766,000 more certified signatures. While not impossible, this will be a tall task for the group.

What Ban Assault Weapons NOW considers an “assault weapon” is any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun capable of holding more than ten rounds. This proposal would be a de facto ban on almost every semi-automatic rifle on the market. The ban would contain a grandfather clause although the law would prohibit the owners of those firearms from transferring the guns to anyone else in the state.

Former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student turned anti-gun activist, David Hogg, was among those that presented the signatures to the board. Hogg is a controversial figure who in the past claimed that clear backpacks violated student’s First Amendment rights while advocating taking away a person’s right to bear arms.

According to members of the Ban Assault Weapons NOW group, they are not advocating taking away anyone's guns. Americans For Gun Safety Now is one of the subgroups of Ban Assault Weapons NOW. Their spokesperson insisted that they are not trying to take away anyone's Second Amendment Rights.

“Our bipartisan coalition is not trying to take anyone's guns or Second Amendment rights,” said Ann Marie Milano, of Americans For Gun Safety Now during a brief statement after turning in the signatures. “We are simply trying to keep the grade of military-grade assault weapons in the hands of military and law enforcement who are trained to use them.”

Gun rights advocates disagree with the premise that Ban Assault Weapons NOW is not trying to take away anyone's guns. According to Greg Pruett of 2ndamendmentactivist.com and the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance taking American’s guns is precisely the group's goal.

“Gun control advocates have long claimed they don't want to take our guns away,” Pruett told AmmoLand. “Yet these same individuals, who want AR-15's, AK-47's, and hundreds of other weapons banned, refuse to admit how those weapons are going to be removed from citizens. If we aren't allowed to have them anymore, it is confiscation under the threat of law.”

David Hogg even once said that he wanted to start a group like the NRA, but with the opposite mission. This statement is a smoking gun to a lot of gun rights groups.

Ban Assault Weapons NOW might not be as grassroots as they want to appear. AmmoLand has uncovered that they use BFF Compliance the same consulting firm as other far-left groups such as Miami Dade Citizens for Progress and Florida Future.

Looking over the PAC's records show that most of their donations came from some high-profile Democratic donors. Donald Sussman donated $100,000 to the group. Sussman is known for spending $22.8M in a failed attempt to get Hillary Clinton elected as President.

Americans For Gun Safety Now gave the group $75,000. Almost all the small donations that the organization received are from out of state which begs the question, do the people of Florida really support this proposal?

The organization also paid a California company $75,000 for petitions. In the filing Ban Assault Weapons NOW did not explain what that means.

From March of 2018 to the end of last month the group has collected $460,823.89 and spent $339,330.26 in their effort of collecting 200 signatures. This works out to be $1696.65 per signature.

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John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

  • 37 thoughts on “Florida: Anti-Gun Group wants “Assault Weapons” ban on the 2020 Ballot

    1. Join GOA and make sure to vote in every election you can. This is how we stop these pukes. If you can’t be bothered to do that I know you won’t be bothered to show up for the revolution either.

    2. Former Gov. now Senator Scott never should have signed the anti-gun bill into law in Florida last year. I dont know if Scott can be counted as a 2a supporter in his new job as Senator. We all know that the other Flo. Senator- Rubio -can’t be trusted to vote on any issue in our favor ( Amer. citizens that legally own firearms) that concerns our 2a rights . Rubio is a disappointment to me and I will not donate to his re-election again.

    3. They can vote, but Federally, it takes 2/3 of Congress to change a Constitutional Amendment. That’s the difference between a REPUBLIC and a democracy (the 51% eating the 49%). Of course they change the laws without any consciousness to the Rule of Law.

      1. I guess being a Vietnam vet back in 68 and being trained with the M14 as well as the M16 and now being a civilian disqualifies me for being trained and having ownership that skinny rails a puke I’d love to have 5 minutes with him

    4. Dems put that on the ballot the last time, Moron. Yeah, go ahead and do it again. Some people won’t bother to vote unless the feel really threatened and nothing makes gun owners feel more threatened than that. Real smart.

    5. Re: “military grade”

      When the 2nd amendment was written, the experience of the British military forces trying to confiscate arms and especially ammunition was fresh in the minds of our founding fathers.

      The common people used weapons that were the same technology level that the British military used.

      The second amendment does not say the people can have weapons, but not “military grade” weapons. At the time they could have written, that you had the right to bear long bows, crossbows and spears, but no firearms. The very POINT of the 2nd amendment is that common people can resist or overthrow a government which has become oppressive and no longer representative. In modern times we call an out of control government the “Deep State.”

      The demagogue will always respond with the straw man argument, “so does that mean people should be allowed to have nuclear weapons to fight the government?” Obviously not. But one man with a gun can not change the government. One man couldn’t over throw the dog catcher’s office. However, just as we have a system of “one man, one vote”, we also have a back up plan you might call, “one man, one gun” … it would take a very large group of men with guns to stop a rogue government… essentially a majority of like minded people defending a common purpose. They called that a “militia.”

      When hysterical high school kids say you shouldn’t be allowed to have “military grade” weapons they are down grading the 2nd amendment into the “right” to hunt squirrels, and punch holes in paper, but not much else.

      You might say this ignorance of our form of government and history is the result of the public school system, and you might have a point. But, kids like Hogg are the literal spawn of the “Deep State.” This kid is just one more “activist” that will either end up in the media, the government or some left wing foundation. If the shooting had never happened he’d just be one more soyboy in a pussy hat.

      1. Tactius, there are other ways in the Constitution to prevent a rouge government. The best strategy is to prevent a rogue government before it takes root. Stop potential tyrants at the ballot box. Elect leaders who adhere to the balance of powers. BTW, the second amendment says citizens’ right to arms can be “well regulated.” Military grade weapons do not belong in the hands of every US citizens. I’m sure you are aware there was a previous assault weapons band – which passed constitutional challenge.

    6. The Hogg says that ARs shoot 1500 meters. Anybody look at a ballistics chart? The drop would be over 700 inches and it would have less power than a .22 LR at close range. I don’t think I can do a 700″+ holdover on anything smaller than a battleship, maybe a building if I use floors to ball park the numbers. Too bad nobody points out how ridiculous he is.

    7. trying to keep the grade of military-grade assault weapons in the hands of military and law enforcement who are trained to use them

      what a laugh!! Liars!!

      The rights of Americans to own and use the same grade of weapons the military have is the INTENT of that Second Article of Ammendment. Yet the REALITY now is that we can NOT own “military grade” small arms. Can ANY Of us go out and buy an M4? No we cannot. How about a BMG 50? Grenade launcher and the grenades to launch? Per that Second Article, we SHOULD, but cannnot.

      I’ve never owned an “assault weapon”, that is, an AR or AK style weapon. Why? I’ve held and fired them, they are, to me personally, ungainly, not “handy”, so “other” compared to any other long gun I’ve used I just do not like them. MY preference, to which I am entitied, right? But I know dozens of others who have and use them avidly, and for that I am glad. They MUST be able to keep them and use them at will. Many of them are so proficient with them I WANT them on my side, WITH those types of weapons. In THEIR hands they are effective and formidable. In mine? Not so much. I have OTHER types of such things that I find VERY useful toward the same end. Some of mine can do what their AR’s cannot. We need both, and more.

      Funny thing, though…. as said, I’ve never owned an “assault weapon”. But, one morning last November I wo
      ke up and learned that, without going anywhere, without spending a dime, I was suddenly the owner of somewhere near a dozen “assault weapons” thanks to Bloomburg’s money buying him a new gun law in my state. At least, for now, I can still keep the “assault’ weapons I now own. But, as some states have proven, once they were banned from new purchases, then required to be registered, it didn’t take long before they were now illegal to possess. Australia style gun laws are not far off as this nonsense continues.
      Oregon managed to stop this assault last eledtion. Their SUpreme Court stepped up and denied it from the ballot. Washingtn’sSupreme COUrt sold out, and refused to do that. The two bills were near word for word identical, and were promoted identically. I haven’t read Florida’s, but I have this strong feeling theirs is much like OR and WA got last year. Any takers?

    8. I moved to PA 30 years to escape Mario Cuomoland and his anti-gun cronies. I had no idea there would be an Andrew Cuomoland with an arrogant [email protected]@k at the helm with his crony cakesuckers. Now in PA the gun-grabbers are at it again with their lies and phony news. I was hoping to live out my remaining days plinking and farting to my heart’s content. I was thinking of sending hunter orange T-shirts with large bulls eyes front and rear to the snowflakes like the Hogg King.

    9. Florida has been swamped by North Easterners that made their home state a cesspool. Now these displaced idiots are trying to do the same thing here in Florida. Mess up our home with the same stupid laws they made up North.
      Don’t libitards realize that insanity is repeating the same thing expecting a different reaction….
      Go back up North and leave us alone down here. Take your lies with you too.

      1. Although I was born in the Northeast many, many years ago, I also left there voluntarily many years ago. I CHOSE to be a Southerner. I came to Florida specifically because of the firearm freedoms Florida residents enjoyed at that time. Things are changing for the worse. The liberals and foreigners flooding Florida have brought their liberal, permissive, and sometimes sick anti-American ideals and fears of things they know nothing about. Especially firearms. I am not one of those people now, and I never have been. I never will be either!

    10. I moved to Florida many years ago from a commie northeastern state whose economy was based on armaments production for many years. They started banning personal possession of certain types of firearms many years ago, while continuing to reap the benefits of production of these same “implements of war” up to and including nuclear missile armed submarines! I am glad I saw the writing on the wall and got out back then. It looks like the same thing will happen here in what I now call Flor-i-duh. It may be time to move on once again. I am getting old, my health is not the best, but I still like to shoot and hunt a bit. I won’t stay somewhere I’m not going to be able to enjoy those activities in my last 20 years or so on this planet, but where does one go? It looks like every state’s gun freedoms are under assault (haha) by the gun grabbers, so it truly looks like people like us are a dying breed. Let’s all go to one state and make it OURS! Wishful thinking.

    11. Enough Already! Let’s strip to the waist and duke it out! Get it through your thick skull that you are not taking my guns and gun rights! Come, and dare try and take them.

    12. Then theres those red flag laws about taking guns away from people. Gary Willis died in Maryland resisting a gun confiscation order. So yeah they’re lying like these gun grabbers do. They Californians can keep their 10+ mags made before 2000 but then they passed a law later with an injunction in federal court by a judge. Liars they are..

    13. We hear it all the time from advocates for gun ownership restrictions: “We don’t want to take away your guns” or “We support the Second Amendment”. In the real universe, when you consider the actions of these groups, calling it “talking out of both sides of your mouth” or, better yet, just plain lying, is in order.

    14. The biggest lie is;
      “Our bipartisan coalition is not trying to take anyone’s guns or Second Amendment rights,” said Ann Marie Milano, of Americans For Gun Safety. WHAT A NAME- AS IF ALL AMERICANS ARE BEHIND THIS FALSELY NAMED PETITION. AND SO IF THEY LEAVE US ONE GUN TO HAVE THEY WILL NOT HAVE NULLIFIED THE SECOND AMENDMENT.





      “We are simply trying to keep the grade of military-grade assault weapons in the hands of military and law enforcement who are trained to use them”

      THEY FALSELY claim our guns are “Military Grade”. And “Assault Rifles”

      But unfortunately we are not winning the fight to keep our guns. The population lacks the smarts to know that guns that look alike can differ greatly in their functionality. They believe a bayonet lug makes a rifle more deadly. It may be time to pack up and leave Florida. The mass inflow of New Yorkers means more anti gunners into Florida. But where to go. We are one election away from living under tyranny.

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