Gavin McInnes Sues the SPLC for Defamation

Gavin McGinnis: Co-Founder Vice And Founder Of The Proud Boys
Gavin McGinnis: Co-Founder Vice And Founder Of The Proud Boys

Alabama-( founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for defamation and other tortious acts resulting in reputational and economic damages.

The media widely credits McInnes with starting the hipster movement. He co-founded Vice Media with Shane Smith. He is known as the “godfather” of hipsterdom.

McInnes's former organization, the Proud Boys, is considered a hate group by the SPLC. McInnes started the Proud Boys as a joke, but the Western chauvinist group has morphed into a nationwide fraternal organization known for their rabid support of Trump.

The Proud Boys have been in some high-profile skirmishes with Antifa. The most high-profile conflict took place in New York City after a speech by McInnes at the Republican Club.

In the incident, a group of about a dozen Proud Boys was leaving the speech when a group of Antifa members approached the group and confronted them by running up and trying to steal their “MAGA” hats. A fight broke out leaving the Antifa members bloody and battered.

The police that arrived on the scene arrested the Antifa members because they were the aggressors and the Proud Boys were defending themselves. All the Proud Boys were let go without charges until the SPLC and other left-wing groups pushed for police to file charges against the right-wing group. The police went back and filed rioting charges against nine members of the Proud Boys.

The SPLC wrote an article accusing the group of being neo-fascist. They claimed that McInnes was advocating for violence. The SPLC also accused him of “hate speech”, a charge the McInnes vehemently denies.

Groups like the SPLC have also successfully lobbied social media giants such as Twitter and YouTube into banning McInnes. These moves seriously hampered McInnes’s ability to make money. In an ironic twist in an article written last October, the SPLC accused McInnes and the Proud Boys of trying to silence their opposition.

McInnes also states that because of the SPLC's false claims that the left has targeted him. He thinks that the SPLC is trying to destroy his and other's lives.

“My family has been attacked, and so have my friends,” McInnes stated “The pro-Trump men’s club I started, the Proud Boys, have been rounded up and arrested facing serious felonies for daring to defend themselves against the radical left. It’s not just my circle of conservative Christians. Seemingly countless business and careers have been ‘destroyed’ (yes ‘destroyed’ – their word) by this group,”

This suit isn't the first time that a group has sued the SPLC for making false claims. The SPLC was forced to settle out of court with the Quilliam Foundation. They had to issue an apology for falsely labeling the group as anti-Muslim extremist. They also had to pay the Quilliam Foundation $3.375 million.

Maajid Nawaz started the Quilliam Foundation. Nawaz is a former Muslim extremist who now helps educates governments around the world about Islamic extremism. Nawaz has been an advisor about extremism to people such as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The SPLC falsely claimed that the Quilliam Foundation's mission to combat Islamic-extremism was Islamophobic even though Muslims run the foundation. The left-wing group also contended that the Quilliam Foundation was promoting the idea that every Muslim was a potential terrorist and wanted Muslims watched.

In the apology, the SPLC claimed it didn't have a full understanding of the Quilliam Foundation. They stated that they should have never included Nawaz's group in the groups listing of extremist organizations.

McInnes filed his lawsuit in the Alabama Middle District Court. The SPLC did not immediately return AmmoLand's request for comment on the suit.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Gavin McInnes Sues the SPLC for Defamation

    1. I say keep the Proud Boys front and center, they are the good guys. The Southern Poverty Law Center is just a front for the leftist movement and collects donations that, were, tax deductible. They need to be shut down and shuddered because they do no good for anyone. If you needed a shyster lawyer that slithers through the door you might find one there, the same caliber as the creepy porn lawyer. I hope this guy gets the justice he deserves from them.

    2. Just another group that is accepting of people who believe the same as they do. Once you have a differing opinion they do their damnedest to vilify you and take away any support you might have. All they have to do is put your group’s name on a list with the KKK and the Nation of Islam and you are on the road to ruin.

      Just like other leftist groups, they have backing and finances. They are well organized. They use their information on hate groups to weasel their way in to the good graces of law enforcement and to gather credibility.

      Their destructive activities need to have consequences.

    3. Not to get off the subject here but how many of you know that the Nazi party took their racial laws directly from the Democratic Party written standards. The Nazi;s considered these standards to extreme and decided that if you were 1/4 Jew or something you could qualify as a human. If you had any black blood ancestry you were considered not human by the Democratic party. The Democratic party has become even more loony, left, and dangerous.

      1. Errr? If you were not paying attention, the SPLC is a rabidly anti-gun organization and has singled out the Oath Keepers and 3%ers and others for their brand of hate. So this is right on topic for a pro gun news site.

    4. Sounds like the SPLC should classify themselves as a hate group and terrorist organization since they are all about supressing free (and ironically, usually truthful) speech.

    5. I am Black, I approve this message. I support the ‘Proud Boys’ actions and and the much needed butt beating of these communists traitors. Kicking a$$ and taking notes!
      SPLC go screw yourselves with a long thick thorny branch!!!

      1. I would think anyone with a brain would see through the SPLC. I don’t think the thorny branch or barbed wire is big enough, though, but I have to say the point of entry is right on target!

        1. I spent 2 years stationed in DC, 66-68, I have witnessed the Stalinist Peoples Liberal Communist (SPLC) morph from just being an Anti-Segregationist organization to the very thing they had fought against in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. The SPLC is today just what they claim to be against, they are against Free Speech, They Oppose the Right of free citizens to be able to defend themselves to include African-Americans and want to ban all firearms from them and all minority’s just as the KKK did after the end of the Civil War.
          They are the very terrorists that they claim to be opposed to.

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