Idaho Senate Opens Door to Gun Confiscation Orders with SJR101 Vote ~ VIDEO

Firearms Confiscation Orders Gun Red Flag Laws
Idaho Senate Opens Door to Gun Confiscation Orders with SJR101 Vote

Idaho – -( The Idaho State Senate stunned the citizens of Idaho yesterday by opening the possibility of Idaho implementing Gun Confiscation Orders, better known as “Red Flag” laws.

Despite repeated warnings from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and gun owners across Idaho, the Idaho State Senate moved forward with their ill-advised resolution known as SJR101 or Marsy's Law.

We'll get to who voted for and against Marsy's Law in just a moment.

States across the country continue to push through Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders. Bloomberg and his cronies with Moms Demand Action are dumping millions of dollars in the fight to destroy the 2nd Amendment, and passing Red Flag laws is just one of their objectives They are determined to fight gun owners at the Congressional and State level. And one of their biggest pet projects is to confiscate firearms from gun owners who they feel are a threat to themselves or others. These “Red Flag” laws may sound great on the surface, but they remain unconstitutional and a threat to the American judicial system.

Let's recap why Red Flag laws are so dangerous:

  1. There is NO conviction required to confiscate the gun owner's firearms.
  2. There is NO arrest of the gun owner being accused.
  3. There is NO indictment of the gun owner being accused.
  4. There is usually NO notification that the gun owner's firearms are about to be confiscated.
  5. The police show up at your door and confiscate your firearms with NO due process!

Red Flag laws fly in the face of everything our judicial system was designed to do — protect your innocence until you were proven guilty in a court of law.

So, how are Red Flag laws and Idaho's current Constitutional Amendment proposal (SJR101/Marsy's Law) similar?

Here is what we know about SJR101:

  1. The alleged victim has the right to “reasonable protection” from the accused. That means there is NO conviction.
  2. What does “reasonable protection” even mean? The legislators proposing this Constitutional Amendment only tell you what that phrase “typically” means. They can't deny that a judge could order the confiscation of your firearms as “reasonable protection.”
  3. The “reasonable protection” would apply to any level of accusation, misdemeanor or felony. Again, no conviction is necessary.
  4. Some legislators claim that gun confiscation can't happen because the 2nd Amendment would prevent it. While we agree that it should, the fact remains that thousands of infringements exist across the country, including right here in Idaho. The 2nd Amendment didn't stop them.

The judicial system in our country continues to spit on gun owners!

Activist judges across the country continue to rule against the 2nd Amendment. 25 Idaho State Senators just voted to give the ability to implement gun confiscation orders in Idaho to Idaho's judges.

Here is the breakdown of the Senators who voted in favor of SJR101 which will jeopardize your gun rights:

Agenbroad – R, Anthon – R, Bair – R, Brackett – R, Buckner-Webb – D, Burgoyne – D, Cheatham – R, Crabtree – R, Grow – R, Guthrie – R, Harris – R, Heider – R, Hill – R, Jordan – D, Lakey – R, Lent – R, Martin – R, Mortimer – R, Nelson – D, Nye – D, Patrick, Souza – R, Stennett – D, Ward-Engelking – D, Winder – R

We want to thank the following Senators for voting AGAINST SJR101 to not give judges the ability to implement gun confiscation orders in Idaho:

Bayer – R, Den Hartog – R, Johnson – R, Lee – R, Lodge – R, Rice – R, Thayn – R, Vick – R, Woodward – R

The battle to stop SJR101 isn't over yet. Now that the resolution has moved over to the Idaho House, gun owners must continue to reach out to their legislators to oppose it!

Because this is a Constitutional Amendment, it requires a 2/3 majority in both chambers. That means that the Idaho Senate just barely made the threshold to pass it.

We anticipate our chances of killing this dangerous amendment is much better in the Idaho House. Once the resolution has been assigned to the appropriate committee, we will need your immediate help to encourage the committee to kill it!

In the meantime, be sure to check out a video next that we did last night which explains this crucial issue in more detail!

Thank you for your continued effort to stop a potential gun control disaster in Idaho!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Idaho Second Amendment AllianceAbout Idaho Second Amendment Alliance:

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms through an aggressive grassroots program designed to mobilize public opposition to the anti-gun legislation.
Our website can be located at


  • 231 thoughts on “Idaho Senate Opens Door to Gun Confiscation Orders with SJR101 Vote ~ VIDEO

    1. After reading ALL the comments placed, from Feb.28, 2019 through March 29, 2019, AND, myself being 71 yo, born and raised in Wisconsin until moving to what was then The Golden State in 1974, and then watching the Culture and Politics change from Conservative to CORRUPT Progressive Liberal over the past 30+ years, I agree with all the Writers who are Concerned about this proposed ‘Law’.
      This is how it’s been done Politically in Kalifornia over the years, and why, after Practicing Acute Patient HealthCare for 40 years and now Retired, I purchased a 5 acre parcel and am building a new home in Northern Idaho. I just had to wait for my wife to Retire, which she had planned to do December 31, 2019, but moved it up to March 29, 2019. Now “Free” to move, because the Legislative Corruption, Lies, Malignant Media Propaganda, and Corrupt 9th Circuit Court, among others, has Their Boot on the Necks of all Conservatives. That is who is moving to Idaho!!!
      Regarding this Legislation and State Senators creating and Voting it into “Law”, You CANNOT BELIEVE what you THINK (according to each person’s individual BIAS) will or will not happen if this actually becomes LAW. Whether the word “gun” is included/inferred/omitted, or WHATEVER, from the language of this BILL, I CAN ASSURE YOU, the Intention is for a “VICTIM” to find a Liberal Judge who will activate the RED FLAG LAW against a CITIZEN without Conviction, DUE PROCESS, Probable Cause, or Constitutional Protection, and it will be left up to that POOR CITIZEN to Attempt to now Prove his is ‘Innocent’ (after the Fact), and the Financial and Legal liability will be his Burden in addition to his Loss Of 2A Rights. My advice after watching Kalifornia’s Rights pissed away? YOU MUST OVERWHELMINGLY PRESSURE THOSE ELECTED OFFICIALS NAMED ABOVE and let them know, In No Uncertain Terms, That what They are Attempting to DO Will NOT STAND in Idaho, and they will be RECALLED or Voted out of Office Next Election. Get ORGANIZED, STAND UP and ACT OUT for your Rights. Soros, et al, are totally spreading their Cancerous Agenda from the West Coast to the East, and from the East Coast to the West.

    2. It was just a few days ago that the governor of Idaho put into effect that no more would his state support any feferal gun laws contrary to the 2nd. Amendment, and made it virtually impossible for that to ever be changed. Next the state legislative body is considering open or concelled carry for any gun owner to start at 18 not 21, and currently all residents of that state can carry concealed without a petmit. So what’s happening and who started this nect gun grab and why should be asked.

    3. RINOs are alive and well in Idaho. I thought this was the last Western bastion of hope. Why are so many Americans so stupid nowadays, willingly voting to hand over their rights?

    4. A couple of thoughts on this bill:

      1) Once again, we find ourselves on the same side as the ACLU, which strongly opposes this bill.

      2) This bill does not even mention guns. It is not a “Red Flag Law”. However, a judge could use it to confiscate someone’s guns.

      3) I’m not terribly worried about this law, and here’s why: Merely obtaining a typical restraining order or order to protection carries a firearms ban under federal law, and likely under state law too. NOTHING PREVENTS AN IDAHO JUDGE FROM ISSUING A GUN CONFISCATION ORDER UNDER CURRENT LAW.

      Do I oppose this bill? Yes, but on general civil rights grounds more than concern over 2A rights specifically.

    5. I have read several comments here, and I totally agree with many that this a BS law.

      Yes, I am from California, a staunch Republican who also believes in our 2nd Amendment. This State of California is slowly becoming a state of illegals whom could care less about what our Constitution says.

      I have long wanted to relocate to your beautiful State but feel I would be hated. Not because I hunt and fish and love the outdoors but because I would be considered a conservative just because I am a Californian.

      But your State is far better than this illegal filled State. Just accept me as a good Republican and one that agrees with you..

        1. I’m a California transplant of 10 years ago. Yiu shouldnt feel that people will hate you. If you drive around in a hybrid and look down upon people for owning guns and hunting and being self sufficient, then yes you may very well be disliked. But not hated. Idaho is still a Christian conservative state and Christian’s dont hate people, we pray for people. There has been a HUGE influx of conservatives from California and states where their rights are being infringed upon. The biggest issue is selling the million dollar homes in cali, and buying a house 2 times as big for half the price, and property taxes are skyrocketing. Roads and infrastructure are in dire need of fixing. Some Democrat Californians have come here and try to push thier higher taxes and socialism on us and has worked in small areas of densely populated Democrats, like downtown boise. If you decide to move maybe think about buying a home that isnt in a brand new neighborhood. With that you will get more land, privacy. And a chance to be self sustainable to a point with growing your own organic food. The GMOs being fed to the masses are poisoning people, how do people live on bread for thousands of years and all of a sudden just now people are allergic or in bad health from it.
          This law is only the beginning of the liberal regimes ultimate agenda and unless we stand together and fight together, they will take us to our graves with bullets in the backs of our heads. Look at the places where the guns are being confiscated, they have the highest majority of shootings. The law abiding citizen gun owners need to draw a line in the sand and if it is crossed, we MUST act to remove whoever it is that is infringing on our rights as American Citizens. We all take an unworn path as Americans, and we shall not let any crooked extremist politicians take what literally MADE this country.
          If there are people who disagree, please read our nation’s history and realize the 2nd ammendment wasnt for people to go and hunt or target practice. It was to keep our own Elected Govt from tyranny and overbearing laws which take away our rights. If there is any ammendment that needs to stay in place, it is our 2nd. Without Americans owning guns, this country will surely fall to mass govt killings and a war in which no one has seen before. When shit hits the fan, dont back down. Stand strong alongside your countrymen and fight the tyranny that is right in front of your face, many whom we even elect into these positions. Know who your voting for. If those elected try to take our rights, we must vote to remove them, as they have sworn an oath to the constitution and by passing laws like this, they have already broken the laws they swore to uphold

    6. There is a huge hint as to the real problem in the bit of the article. All the ‘-R’s that voted for this Nazi idea. There MUST be a way to get these asshats out of office…and keep them out of office while they are misrepresenting themselves to everyone. They are without doubt -D. Ditch them.

        1. Contrary to overly simpleton conventional wisdom and popular belief, of the influx of California migrants coming to Idaho, between 75% to 80% +/- are Conservatives and / or Republicans, a little over 10% are Democrats, and the rest are independents to one extent or another. California immigrants are actually making the state more conservative. It’s important to note that of California’s 38 million residents, conservatively approximately 35% are Republicans. That means approximately 13.3 million Californians are Republicans. There are more Republicans and/ or Conservatives in California than there are total residents in Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas combined. It’s not like there is no such thing as a California Conservative; it’s just that they’re outnumbered 2 to 1 and can’t overcome the political ramifications coupled with massive voter fraud on behalf of the state’s Democratic Party. The real problem is certain corruptible Republican politicians here in Idaho who are getting bought out by Progressive organizations sponsored by George Soros, Tom Steyer Michael Bloomberg and the like. Most of these Republican Senatorial traitors are native or long time Idahoans and have nothing to do with California. If it was the supposed fault of liberal Californian migrants, it would be a Democrat majority in the Senate voted in by a liberal majority electorate passing the bill onto a liberal majority Legislature, and then onto a newly elected Democrat Idaho Governor signing it into law. That ain’t happening because, again, California migrants have nothing to do with this crap. It’s Republican traitors, mostly originally from Idaho, taking money for votes to promote a Progressive agenda.

          1. Amen! I am one of those Red, very Conservative God fearing, flag waving, Californians that one never heard about, however we do exist. My heart resides in Idaho. Many years ago, my Dad was military and so was my hubby and I lived in Idaho and loved it. I am finally moving back this spring as a retiree to Idaho. Please don’t call me a transplanted Californian.

            1. All we ask (from my own opinion and opinions of others) is that you don’t buy multiple houses to raise the cost of housing and living any higher. Lol. As it is, 10 years ago my children would have been able to afford to buy a decent sized house, now they can maybe get 1300 sq ft. if they are lucky. If you are a conservative, don’t want to ruin our economy any more than it’s been damaged, and don’t look down on the natives, then I hope you feel welcomed here.

    7. No one should be allowed to come into your home and take anything without due process, this bill is a crook of BS Needs to put on ballet for citizens of Idaho to vote on a few people should not be allowed to decide what the people of Idaho want if the governor has any balls he will veto it that bill gives police too much authority LET the people of Idaho vote on this bill.

    8. A lot of useless death will be caused because of this law ! Maybe law enforcement will use their brain before they enforce this order. Cause any one including them could be attacked.

        1. I back you George anyway I can . its a shame your state wants to kill so many people including law enforcement and civilians . as far as iam concerned it will start a civil war when this bullshit passes. I live in Nevada and the unamerican governor wants to do that. thank God four of our counties told him to shove it up his tax leech back stabbing ass. stand your ground George. we country constitution God loving full blood Americans WILL BACK YOU ANYTIME YOU CALL .

      1. We can let bloomturd and his like have this shi&hole since they allowed the mass illegal immigration here and throughout Europe. We should go live in Israel where you can carry fully auto weapons all you want. Security and lake of multiculturalism is good there as well. They have a damn good wall too I keep hearing. 27k tax dollars per Israeli made that country great again.

      2. Sir, you are so right! I'm a CA native and have always thought of US as a fine Conservative state. I've thought of moving there but the wife doesn't like snow "up to her waist"" , so we may move to AZ. See are sick of the illegals, high taxes, says:

        It’s the metro areas, namely big cities that contain the liberal voters. And when they vote in majority, they control you! When President Trump was elected by the Electoral College, thus defeating Clinton the crook. Our forefathers foresaw the scenario where a few states with huge populations might control the government for the majority of states with less populations. And, thus made a correction to the “popular” vote.

    9. You guys, with all your complaining , not once did I read the most important issue…….. . This is not a New Bill issue, this is Constitutional Amendment. You guys from Idaho new get all over those politicians list in the above article and do the same to the representatives.

    10. I also lay a lot of blame at the door of every Conservative that did NOT vote. A NON-vote was a vote for the Left Wing Agenda! Every Gun Owner that did NOT vote, voted FOR Gun Confiscation. This County was created with the blood shed of many citizens, the ultimate sacrifice! We can’t even get them to get off their Butts and Vote. Cry, Cry Cry ! All you had to do was go to the polls with your neighbor. Gimme a Break !!

      1. Raymond… I agree with you, we have too damn many sheep in Idaho and the United States that think that this could never happen. Well it’s on our doorstep and you are so right, too many 2nd Amendment people sit on their hands when every vote is needed to stop those who want to take the guns away.


    11. Good morning.
      Sorry this is a little late, been away from my computer for awhile. Y’all oughta be worried about the language in Section 22, Subsection 11(E), whereby “Nothing in this section shall be construed…to afford a convicted person appellate, habeas corpus, or other relief from any criminal judgment…” In my opinion, that conflicts with the federal constitution’s Article 1, Section 9, Clause 2 guarantee that the government show good cause for keeping a person incarcerated. It also conflicts with Section 22, Subsection 11(D), which immediately precedes it. Perhaps I’m reading it incorrectly?

      This resolution proposes a constitutional amendment to be decided by the people. If approved by the legislature and subsequently approved by the people, it provides the legislature with the power to pass laws that may or may not prove to be in the people’s best interests. Sounds like the attorney’s full employment guarantee to me. As always, your mileage may vary.

      Best regards,

      1. Earth to moron. Owning a gun is a RIGHT. This AMMENDMENT allows them to come to your house simply on the word of someone and take all of your weapons. That dummy is confiscation. The ACTUAL CONSTITUTION of the USA SPECIFICALLY prohibits this, but of course liberals don’t give a shit about that

    12. Look at the way they spread hatred….their trained in this field……they can try and take guns….there is civil war coming….just be on the right side…

      1. 0ne things for certain Muslims have 29 organisations here in our country the help of several well known Traitor the US startng with Obama Hilary polosi feintsein Sanders Bloomberg and countless Senators and Congressmen,they want to take our Guns away so the Terrorist can bring America to knees ,Socialist from the names I mentioned are wanting to take every Right we have away so our God given rights mean nothing to them just a piece of paper with peoples names on these papers we call the Constitution of the United States its not our fault that they hate their country ,but don’t come to America and think we wont Fight for what belongs to people who were born here and fought and died for Freedom like Hell they wont get my guns without me getting as many Terrorist and those that are trying infringe upon my Rights ,just put in about the 29 muslim organisations it should bring up that site

        1. I stand with you and with our constitution. Our leadership has not only failed us but brought in the disease of Islam to our very neighborhood. With the rule of law now being forgotten and the new laws being against us I know it is up to us.
          We are supposed to be living free under limited government not limited by a freeloading unconstitutional government. It is up to us to rid our country of the disease. Call me a murderer now but history will find me a patriot and defender of liberty.

    13. The key words in the text are “reasonable protection from the accused”. Not “reasonable protection from the convicted”. Therein lies the problem. Anyone accused will be subject to anything “reasonable”. Is that to mean, “we need more common sense gun legislation”? The wording is far to subjective to be legally enforced under the US constitution.

    14. This guy is flat out lying!!!!!! There is NOTHING in this bill that has anything to do with gun confiscation OR “red Flag Gun Laws”. The word firearm or gun is not even mentioned once in the bill. This guy is lying to try and get people to do some crazy shit so that the gun grabbers have more ammo to attack our 2A rights. Shame on this charlatan!

      1. @Bryan, The words “reasonable protection” from the judges view could easily include firearms, motor vehicles, or commercial pesticide. Maybe it would also be a “reasonable protection” for us to confiscate all of George Soro’s funds and property in the US. Or Bloomberg’s assets. The bill is so vague that it could include anything.
        The resolution to so called red flag laws is to use them against judges, politicians, law enforcement, social justice “warriors” and liberals in general. Maybe one could threaten to accuse someone and get a little stream of income for not making the call. See the problems?

        1. They probably have illicit plans to do a “voter fraud” type of protection order against gun owners..
          Some one masquerades as so and so to send the anti-2A goons..
          The bribes, and abuse, are just waiting for a person, place, and time….

          Consider the crooked law enforcement, …they pull you over for a “tail light”, harass you into a sobriety check, wants and warrants fiasco.. trying to push your buttons, get you to display a hint of anger, or anxiousness, frustration, etc… make you late for an appointment, and then report you as a Red Flag risk!

        2. @Wild Bill From section 22 11D it states: “Nothing in this section is intended to, or shall be inter-
          14 preted to, supersede an accused’s federal constitutional rights,
          15 nor to afford a victim an independent right to be heard as a party
          16 during trial”

          It looks pretty clear that this is not a circumvention of the Constitution.

          1. You’re right Bryan. I agree with you. If the law superseded your federal constitutional right, from a civil liberties case it’d mark a precedent in the Supreme Court which gun grabbers DONT want if it goes against them and it’d make you a rich man after the lawsuit. Our issue for retaining our firemarms will come from a federal level. Not a state.

    15. What a bunch of sheep. Your legislative watchdog is ringing the fire bell because it saw smoke from a chimney. Read the resolution itself. Whatever a judge finds reasonable to protect a crime victim cannot violate the accused constitutional rights. Let that sink in and maybe pause before writing a support check for your 2nd Amendment watchdog or an ill- conceived letter to your Idaho representative. I thought of moving to Idaho, but experience cautioned me that it was full of paranoid, reactionary, fearful men-children. No hope for our Republic if this site is representative of who is defending her.

          1. You’re a moron and I’m not a liberal. Go read it- as it’s obvious you didn’t- I also live in Idaho and would shoot these assholes if they tried any stupid shit like this. Now, pull your head out of your ass and go read it, dumbfuck.

            1. if your not a liberal, you should realize were on same side. maybe it doesn’t spell out gun? I dont care to even read it. maybe it does say gun? rest assured, there coming. I hope by the time that day comes were not name calling? we need to unite, not bicker.

      1. (10) To reasonable protection from the accused and those acting on
        behalf of the accused throughout the criminal justice process.

        This is the part people are freaking out over. It says “accused” not “convicted”. If you get the “right” judge, that judge can decide that you are not allowed to own guns is “reasonable protection”

        1. No It doesn’t imply that a judge could order your guns confiscated as a “reasonable protection” if you are accused. There is a specific subsection that directly addresses this, and the bill explicitly states that your constitutional right would be protected.

          Read subsection D:
          “13 (D) Nothing in this section is intended to, or shall be inter
          14 preted to, supersede an accused’s federal constitutional rights,
          15 nor to afford a victim an independent right to be heard as a party
          16 during trial.”

    16. The order following thugs who enforce this political opinion will be more culpable than the politicians and people who vote for it.
      Without order followers, tyranny is just words on paper.

          1. I have met more LEFTIST Idahoans who are long time Idaho residents than LEFTIST Idaho-Californians since I moved to Idaho in 2018. It is actually shocking! Save Idaho from Socialist/Communist far Left platforms! Save our Republic! Trump 2020!!

    17. What a bummer. I just sent a email to Sen Brackett yesterday morning imploring him to vote no on this poor legislation. A lot of good that did. I’ve never been a fan of him and don’t trust him to do what’s right and this just proves it. Please get the list of the committee members in the house that are going to be debating this out to us ASAP and maybe we can bring enough pressure on them to turn this down in committee. Thanks

      1. The sheriff here has stated that he will arrest any agent attempting to confiscate guns. We citizens will back him all the way….Just how may will be killed over this? won’t be all on our side.

      2. Danny, we were thinking of doing the same thing! Born and raised in Portland, Oregon and we have been thinking about moving to Idaho because it is a RED state, but with is billl it IS A RED FLAG! I HOPE IDAHOANS FIGHT THE HELL OUT OF THIS BILL. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BECOME OREGON! GET RID OF THE RINO’S IN OFFICE NOW!

      3. Hey Danny,
        Kate Brown, your governor, is only a couple steps away from duplicating Idaho. I was raised in Oregon and am now in Montana. Was considering moving back to Oregon, but not with the current Salem idiots. I would, however, expect a strong, well coordinated Idaho resistance and refusal to comply.

        Good Luck,

      4. I believe the lefties in our state of Oregon have already implemented a red flag law. Our ‘super majority’ controlled politburo is sneaking in laws as fast as possible.

      1. You have no idea what it’s like to Grow up in a State where you hunted Pheasants on Thanksgiving day, on open land everywhere and drive around in your redneck truck with a 12 gauge and a 22lr in the back window and no one gave a crap. And now it’s a ran by a bunch of Liberal, worthless, two faced, communest, this state has turned into a huge toilet . I want to move to Idaho and leave this rap behind. And I’ll bet you are correct, some left wing nut case is bringing CALIFORINIACTION to Idaho,

      2. How stupid are you. This is a global.. new world order thing.. one world government. All Americans will have to pull together to overcome this.. there are Patriots in every state including California and we cherish our values and feedoms. Remember divide and con conquer.. that’s not us. Let’s become one in our focus and resolve. 2nd amendment was written for this time of over coming those who would take our freedom. No new world order..

      3. Its not the Californians dip shit. its more than likely the youth and millenials. look how sensitive they are about everything. Its happening everywhere in every state. Could be most countries too. Has nothing to do with the Californians moving out of there. The millenials are voting now and they are able to push weak in legislature.

    18. You need to
      Please read Disclosure 101 by Robert E Robinson for Anna Von Reitz a Supreme Court Judge in Alaska who gives you a break down on how things have been changed and it’s all based on Fraud! Also watch JFK TO 911 Everything’s a Rich mans trick! Sums it up and watch America from freedom to fascism by Aaron Russo! We’ve been duped for a very long time! The masters have been diligent in bringing in the NWO!

      1. @Lynda…
        Kennedy was going to expose their plot, but then they blew his head off before ho could. Watch “Kennedy’s Warning to America” and “Eisenhauers Warning to America”. You are right, they have taken us for a long ride, for almost our entire history. Jackson fought them off, and so did Lincoln. Jackson would have been killed except the paid assassin loaded his guns the night before and the powder got damp and misfired. Lincoln wasn’t so lucky and neither was Kennedy. But you probably already know this. I saw the rich mans trick, and “America:Freedom to Fascism”, but not Disclosure 101, yet. What a crime that these banister gangsters have been draining all this money out of us even though the 16th Ammendment was never properly ratified. Karen Hudes, who was the chief counsel for the World Bank, says that something like 60% of income tax money goes to the Vatican Bank, and the other 40% goes to the Rothschild City of London. All because of Civil War debt that drove the USA into bankruptcy, and then they made the Act of 1871 which created The District of Columbia, whereby the international bankster gangsters took over. A few decades later they got their Federal Reserve and the IRS, all instituted by deception. Yes, we have been taken for a long, costly ride.


      1. Because if they push it through the houses they avoid the people. Create a proposition to go on the ballot. Get enough valid signatures and you can have it out there for the next election. Or start calling your state house and senate members

        1. Just today they made it near impossible for any person or group to have a ballot measure placed ballot to be voted by all of Idaho’s citizens. The time aloud to get signatures has been reduced to 6 mos. from 18 mos. And the number of valid signatures has increased. People we’ve been screwed, not just by Democrats but the elected Rino’s.

    19. Hate to say it but the ” Church ” doesn’t want folks thinking for themselves either… this is a way to punish anyone who speaks out and has the slightest bit of demand, non compliance, any reason they choose… of all the places I’d least expected this from Idaho.. not a resident now.. was, had thought about maybe going back.. stuff like this.. who’s the NAZI socialists now? Snake to Stanley, lowman..south fork payett used to duck hunt Emmit.. I can believe what I’m seeing..

      1. I’m very sorry that you feel about the CHURCH. I would like you to know that you are very wrong in your thinking. You can blame our Government and you would be right but not the CHURCH.

        1. @Paddy

          Methinks you need to learn to differentiate between God, and the church. Much of the churches in this country are practicing in the same way that the Galatian church practiced. They have blended political ideology with their faith, and use their supposed Christianity as a means to beat other people over the head if their political desires are rejected. These types of people are hypocrites, having nothing to do with God or the teachings of Christ.

          But then again this was all predicted in the bible anyway, that the “Church” would turn against sound doctrine and follow its own desires, forsaking God and leaving only a few true followers. If you want the relevant scripture, I can provide it. In anycase, I’d be very careful about replying without thinking this over first, and doing a little reading.

          1. It time to start recruiting warriors that can respond to this hemorrhoids in public office.
            I been looking forward to moving to Idaho from Oregon because the socialist scumbags have taken over.
            I will not comply with any gun control demands imposed by the enemy within.

        2. Paddy,
          The revelator loves to talk down to anyone who shares their belief or opinion and does not shake hands with his. On the subject of religion, he pulls scriptures that he thinks fits the blueprints of his AR-15.

          1. No, just to habitual lying hypocrites like yourself GWD.

            So, answer this. When I quoted scriptures to you, and not just single sentences either, full passages…. Why did you tuck tail and run?

            Why was it the only response you could muster was “You can’t quote the bible like that, you’re twisting scripture!” I gave you the verses and the chapters. I gave you many points where Christ discussed the subject of God’s commandments vs. the traditions of men, and the standards we are supposed to use. Not my words, they came straight out of the bible.

            You use the concept of Christianity as a means to try and control others and dictate why they need to agree with your opinions. In that instance it was on your desires for more gun control. You speak of Christianity, but you do not live it. Because your actions do not match your words, you are a hypocrite and a liar, a false teacher preaching ideas that did not come from Christ but attempting to blend it in a way that makes it sound credible when they are nothing but lies.

            As it says in Matthew 15:3-9
            “Jesus replied, “And why do you break the command of God for the sake of your tradition? 4For God said, ‘Honor your father and mother’ and ‘Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death.’ 5But you say that if anyone declares that what might have been used to help their father or mother is ‘devoted to God,’ 6they are not to ‘honor their father or mother’ with it. Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition. 7You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you: 8″‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. 9They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.'”

            You speak of God, yet you break his commandments, transgressing against your neighbor out of a desire to decide what we should or should not have. You have looked at your neighbors belongings and sought in your heart that you should have a right to decide what he should be allowed to own and when, this is against God. You have been caught multiple times here on ammoland pushing false testimony against your neighbors to support your own opinions, this is against God. When confronted about it, you stated your belief that you have a right to vote to take or confiscate what is your neighbor’s by authorizing the government to do it in your place, this is against God. And you have as a coward, avoided having to answer what you would do when your neighbor does not comply with your vote to steal his property at gunpoint through the hands of the government, only loosely affiliating that “Criminals” will be done away with.

            That is four commandments you have personally broken here on ammoland. Coveting, False Witness, Theft, and Murder.. This is why I call you out as a liar and a hypocrite. There is not one mark upon you that you have shown that has come from God’s hand. This is why you think I speak down to you. I know you for what you are because of the fruits you bear.

            I have not come on my own; God sent me. And yet my language is not clear to you, why? Because you are unable to acknowlege what I say when I have shown clear evidence to back it up. You are not a child of God, you belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me! You have chased after your own desires and rejected God with your actions, even as you lie through your teeth about being a follower of Christ.

        3. I guess you never heard of the Vatican Bank, so very incestuous with the Rothschild Bank of England ? One of their administrators was found hanging under a bridge with bricks in his coat pocket some years ago. And how about the ITCCS (International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State). The last Pope, Ratzinger, was convicted of murder by them. Seems he had a Nazi past and liked to hunt underage naked children with his rich Dutch buddies, on their private estate. And the new Pope, being a Jesuit, has been covering up for the international child sex trafficking trade for some time now. Some say they work with the Baptists to keep the trade flourishing. Unfortunately, the Church was infiltrated by evil back in the 60’s, and it may survive, but first it needs a good enema.

    20. Okay everyone in Idaho. Start filing lawsuits against this. Everybody. Take them to court, en masse. Get this struck down. Hard. Tweet this to Trump also, big time. This is bullshit.

      1. Better yet, just hang the scum for the traitors they are. Give them all military tribunals at 4am in the street outside their house. They don’t deserve anything better. They don’t mind sending goons to your house in the wee hours for some Red Flag Law, or other nonsense. After the guilty verdict, hang them high. Traitorous pieces of sh*t !!!!!!!!

    21. “(D) Nothing in this section is intended to, or shall be interpreted to, supersede an accused’s federal constitutional rights, nor to afford a victim an independent right to be heard as a party during trial.”
      Guess I need help finding “Red Flag” law here??

      1. Its coming to the point where Americans are forced to kill LEO’s that do not honor their Constitutional duties to protect the American people and to honor above all , our Constitutional Rights or the “natural right to defense” that trumps any and all manmade law !

        1. That’s dangerous talk brother. As a retired LEO we see what’s happening in 3D. you’re looking at it in black & white. Good armed citizen w/safety mindset-good. Unknown citizen w/ rigid agenda-bad. Even here in God forsaken Kalifornia, we turn a blind eye to “good intent stoopidity” because it’s right. We correct and coach those that have “stumbled over the line”. But to blatently draw some line in the sand puts you way outside the realm of what Jesus would do. All around us, there are many that want to control us. To them the constitution is just paper. Now days, every traffic stop could be a fight for our lives. If you don’t have a CCW, get a little lock box for your weapon in the car. If pulled over, turn the knob & lock it lock it. Be safe.

          1. So very true. Here locally, the Deputies used tazers twice last month that involved deaths. The local rag got all over them, but in both cases the deputies could have (probably should have) used deadly force. The first case was an armed robbery that came over into our county from another. The Perp would not surrender his gun, so they tazed him. The second case was a guy from Texas that was getting drunk and creating havoc, by threatening neighbors and throwing crap through their fence and into their back yards. In his case the deputies tazed him, and he pulled the electrodes out. The second time they tazed him, obviously they stayed on the throttle a little longer.

            In both cases they used as much restraint as possible. I’m not sure people quite understand the possible scenarios a cop faces, or for that matter, the scenario they may face as concealed carriers. How does one know “Who” is the criminal upon arrival on the scene in a shooting? Just because someone “Reports first” that doesn’t make them right in the problem. Life is just not that “Black and White” as you correctly stated.

      2. But is keeping your guns a constitutional right? While a resounding majority of Idaho citizens and judges may say “Yes,” this may not always be the case. Instead, we should be asking ourselves, “How might this amendment be abused by political leaders who have no regard for the 2nd Amendment in the future?”

        1. I just e-mailed my state senator (who voted yes), and also my two state house reps. Heading down the slippery slope of these red flag laws will make it easier and easier to take away our second amendment rights. I don’t think anyone thinks that a convicted felon should own a gun, but we can’t be taking guns away from citizens who legally own then without due process.

          These kinds of laws are easily abused by both citizens and politicians.

          1. Convicted felon! Assault weapon! Family violence! Gun safety! Children safety! Red Flag! Are propaganda catchphrases for affecting emotions to lock thinking from suggested action. These words are all being used to infringe rights. They are directed specifically towards the removal of the right to bare arms. Which would remove the ability to defend the right to life.

            The enemy, while processing laws removing the rights from others are removing many others from the rights. The methods used for removal include convections or mere charges of offenses. A misdemeanor charge of “family violence” can remove entire families from protection of the 2A. Felony charges do not always involve illegal violence. Only the freedom of movement rights should be effected through incarceration and none other. If the government is allowed to remove rights from one citizen then it is allowed to remove rights and from all citizens. The same is happening with those accused of mentally troubled. Raising the legal age before obtaining full citizen rights is another method. Let us unlock our thinking to consider the effects free roaming forbidden persons have on us nonforbidden. Not only firearms but some places even access to kitchen knives are forbidden. Everybody is responsible to secure from all these non-fully righted citizens the possible access to some of our property. Knowingly or not, allowing access could cause us to be forbidden. For those that have been fortunate not having a family member or other associate being made a prohibited person may not be aware the hardships. I suggest you think about it and how easily it could happen to you.

    22. Read the law. I support the Second Amendment. It does not call for specific confiscation. However if any person is convicted of Domestic Battery or any felony they are already subjected to loss of firearm possession.

      1. The only way you can support gun removal for domestic battery is too blindly believe that all complaints of domestic battery are legit and undeniable, unfortunately these charges are hardly ever dealt with with fairness, the court systems tend to label men as the constant aggressor ! My son was charged with domestic violence against a violent, aggressive wife, thus losing his right to arm himself to defend his children , three years later, the same wife MURDERED his three small kids and burned them up ! Be very careful when you call for more govt power to try to decide right and wrong in cases they have no proof of what is really happening! Govt is evil and literally every law passed ends up being used against toitally innocent Americans !

    23. This is a disgrace. A violation of the 2ed and 4th amendment or the US Constitution. Which is superior to Idaho Constitution.. all those senators who voted for need to resign.

      1. Agenbroad – R, Anthon – R, Bair – R, Brackett – R, Buckner-Webb – D, Burgoyne – D, Cheatham – R, Crabtree – R, Grow – R, Guthrie – R, Harris – R, Heider – R, Hill – R, Jordan – D, Lakey – R, Lent – R, Martin – R, Mortimer – R, Nelson – D, Nye – D, Patrick, Souza – R, Stennett – D, Ward-Engelking – D, Winder – R

        These worthless turds better look for another job come election time. That is if they last that long , there are some slightly unstable citizens in Boise that may weed a few out.

          1. Not all Calif are liberals… Why we want to leave this shithole of a State which once was called the ‘Sunshine’ State. No more. It’s filled with far to many in-Americans now and is a Brown-State with no sunshine

    24. I have written MANY letters,E-mails, made phone calls, sent formed texts and e-memos!!! Coming from Power County we may e small but WE ARE ALL AGAINST THIS SUBVERSIVE ATTACK ON OUR RIGHTS!!! The politicians lie to our faces saying they are against these RED FLAG laws,then vote for them (sic..Guthrie) TRAITORS EVERY ONE!!

      1. what about Smiling Mitch McConnel hes smiling all the way to the Bank hes another career Politition only that he was a Master at feeding Kentuckians one big Lie knowning that hes played all of the people Ky now hes wanting to take it one step further by getting Social Secuity and Medicare cut that Money is not his to do what ever he sees fit just another way to put everybody in an early grave but those benefits belong to those who paid in to Social Security if that’s not bad enough Government Took 3 trillion dollars out of Social Security funds by what ive learned they have no intentions of giving the people who have paid in to these programs will never see one penny what they’ve stolen from the American people they’ve played us all just another way of stabbing us in the back,cause their going to spend what ever they want when ever they want cause they know were not going to anything about it because their above the Law and tell people Town Hall meetings to shut up and cause he said that he is in charge does that sound familer.

    25. All the Idaho senators who support this Gun Grabbing Senate Joint Resolution, and therefore utterly and outright have decided to usurp, abrogate and violate their Sacred Oath and Contract to the U.S. Constitution should ragingly be told to remove themselves from their government office.

      1. I am a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, but I read the PDF that you posted, and if this is the complete proposed resolution, I see nothing about the taking of firearms.

    26. These Red Flag Laws are going to cause the deaths of many Law abiding Citizens and many people in law enforcement. Many Honest Gun Owners are going to come up shooting when they hear someone busting through their door.

      1. This is an act of Treason and these people are going against the constitution and the oath they swore upon. Vote these thugs out of office and keep Idaho strong.

        1. Out of all the comments, you are the only one who make sense. That is the problem with all people who own guns; they do not know how to Vote. How to Vote; if that person does not uphold your Rights, do not vote for that person; so sad is the Fact gun owners Vote R/D before or after the name; or not at all.

          1. Any authority coming through a locked door to confiscate legally owned firearms is to be considered an oath breaker and is a Constitutional traitor! I took my first oath to this county in 1968 and it is still in affect! Just a thought, if this Red Flag bill passes, what’s to stop these traitors from claiming all gun owners are a danger to non gun owners?!

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