Kevin Hogan for 2019 NRA Board of Directors

Editors Note; Please consider our friend Kevin Hogan when completing your ballot for the 2019 NRA Board if Directors.

Kevin Hogan
Kevin Hogan for 2019 NRA Board of Directors

USA – -( Dear Voting NRA Members,

It is my pleasure and honor to run for a spot on the NRA Board of Directors, and believe I am in a very unique position to do so. It’s no secret that it’s difficult for first-time nominees to get a “seat at the table,” but in a lot of ways it is imperative that it happens.

As president of Rock Island Auction Company, I have deep respect for American history. Our nation’s independence was forged with white-knuckled fists clenched around a firearm. Our industrial might was founded on America’s groundbreaking system of manufacturing interchangeable parts, which we owe in large part to the firearms industry.

At Rock Island Auction we handle, market, and sell antique and collectable firearms. In 2018 alone we handled 40,000 firearms – everything from the common Glock 21 to national treasures like the Springfield Armory M1 Garand serial number 1,000,000, which was presented to inventor John C. Garand, and everything in between. I know gun collectors, and they are a surprisingly diverse group. Young or old, wealthy or not, with interests ranging from hunting to the traditional shooting sports. Many are incredibly smart history buffs, others have their sights set on the future. But they all are equally passionate about firearms, our history and its preservation.

The best part of my job is introducing new people to the firearms world, especially young people. At the very core of my motivation to be elected to the NRA board is to do just that – introduce young women and men to the organization in a meaningful way. The “under 40” crowd interacts with the world differently than others. They consume news, sports, and entertainment at a fast clip, which shapes their perspective and their communication style, but it leaves them aching for purpose and community. It’s no secret that the future of our country, and of hunting, shooting and gun collecting, lies squarely at their feet. We cannot let entire generations slip through the cracks. Instead, as I seek to become the youngest member of the NRA Board of Directors, it’s my intention to use my “seat at the table” to embrace today’s youth and young adults. Like it or not, they will be the decision makers soon. It’s critical that the NRA remains a beloved organization in their eyes.

As we say in business, “If you aren’t growing you’re dying.” Friends and colleagues, dying is not an option for the Second Amendment.

I am a proud citizen of the great state of Illinois. It is predominately rural and blue collar, and home to our family business. For many years, Illinois was considered part of the western frontier, and began to thrive as railroads and manufacturing came to the region, along with the famous Chicago stockyards. Now, Chicago gains its notoriety for unflattering and uncivil reasons, and our rural lands once steeped in the traditions of hunting, farming and firearm ownership is under siege. As a family firearms business, Rock Island Auction Company will remain in Illinois as long as it is sustainable, but we have to fight the morally corrupt Chicago political elite every single day. It is my job to keep an ear to the ground for pending firearms legislation, and then do my best to fight it. It is also my life, and the livelihood of my family. Additionally, I put my money where my mouth is, having contributed $3,000,000 for NRA-ILA, helping raise $1,200,000 on top of that through the Rock Island Auction Freedom Challenge to support critical election efforts in 2016.

But so what, right? What makes me better than other candidates?

My livelihood depends on the continued ability to buy and sell guns. This past weekend alone we sold 10,000 guns in four days. I have skin in this game, and I also happen to love it.

I spearheaded the RIA Freedom Challenge – a viral grassroots campaign to raise funds for the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. I personally matched $1 million dollars and the campaign netted nearly $2.1 million. This effort earned me a spot in the NRA’s Golden Ring of Freedom.

Defending our rights isn’t enough. We need to take the fight to those who will take our rights. I support the legalization of suppressors in all 50 states. I support the right to own machine guns. I support Constitutional Carry. We have been on defense for too long. It’s about more than simply enjoying a hobby and defending our families and our freedom.

It’s not just lip service. I am involved in numerous collecting, hunting, and pro-Second Amendment organizations. Here are a few:

  • Life Member of the NRA
  • NRA Golden Ring of Freedom
  • NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum President’s Founders Club
  • Life Member of the Dallas Safari Club
  • Life Member of Safari Club International
  • Life Member of Smith & Wesson Collectors Association
  • Life Member of the Colt Collectors Association
  • Life Member of the Texas Gun Collectors Association
  • International Order of St. Hubertus.
  • Illinois State Rifle Association
  • California Rifle and Pistol Association
  • Texas State Rifle Association
  • Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association
  • Hunter’s Legacy Fund of SCI

This is my life. I will fight for your firearm freedom tooth and nail. I am young enough to successfully engage a brand new generation of NRA members. They are my peers. My business relies on the ability of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms. There has rarely been a nominee with my qualifications, and I hope this letter earns your consideration and your vote.

Very Respectfully,
Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan For NRA Board of Director
Kevin Hogan For NRA Board of Director
  • 19 thoughts on “Kevin Hogan for 2019 NRA Board of Directors

    1. Regulation is a prelude to eventual confiscation. We need an articulate fighter who will identify, embarrass, and destroy the opposition. Kevin represents collectors and the entire gun industry and is ready to go on the offense. No more nice guys.

    2. @Kevin Hogan, I see not a single thing that would qualify you for a position on a Second Amendment Rights organization BOD. What would be your plan for directing NRA efforts to repeal so called “gun control” statutes? How would you turn NRA efforts toward decommissioning the BATFE?
      Being a board member would be just an ego driven honorary position.

    3. Persons nominated by the NRA board are presumed to be a rubber stamp unless they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they will not be a rubber stamp. Persons nominated by petition are presumed to be unwanted by the NRA board, ergo not a rubber stamp.

    4. I could not cast my vote fast enough for Kevin when I got my ballot and was and am proud to have done so. RIA is a class act in every respect and Kevin brings enthusiasm and energy to the Board, as well as great leadership qualities and abilities that are needed. I am grateful that he wants to be involved and not just sit back like so many and play the role of a cynic. His dad is lucky to have had and reared a son like Kevin (no small feat) to carry on the hard work he does, and anyone who does not realize the stress and effort needed in the business to make it so successful should find out. My dealings with RIA over the years have been a pleasure and privilege since I toured the RIA facility with the ASAC so long ago and in the numerous purchases I have made since then. So good luck Kevin and thanks for your efforts.

    5. Kevin is a superb candidate with exceptional qualifications. I have shot and hunted with Kevin a number of times and have been impressed with his passion and skill in the field in addition to his remarkable success in running Rock Island Arms. Don’t resent or envy his business success (socialists do this and then attempt to disarm everyone). I look forward to having Kevin Hogan represent me on the NRA Board!

    6. I don’t think so, for several reasons.

      First, I never vote for anyone for Director unless they are a Benefactor member. You don’t have to be wealthy to be a Benefactor member. I did it, incrementally over time and using the NRA’s membership upgrade specials, and I am not wealthy. Plus this guy IS wealthy. No excuse for not being a Benefactor member. If you don’t care enough to be a Benefactor member, I won’t vote for you.

      Second, no mention of NO COMPROMISE support of our rights. I’ve been furious with NRA since Las Vegas when Cox & LaPierre immediately capitulated before the battle even began. They should have been fired for that. I’ve written to the BOD about this and been ignored. I only vote for candidates who make it clear they will not compromise on our rights. We’ve already had way too many things thrown under the bus to appease the liberals.

    7. Why is it today people love to input anything negative they can drum up, even when it is meaningless? Kevin runs a great company and supports the NRA and many local and national organizations who believe in the Second Amendment. I want someone who works in the business and uses his knowledge, own finances and time to represent me in the NRA organization. We need a balance of “big names” and hard workers to accomplish the goal of maintaining our many precious freedoms.

      1. @Sam, That is exactly what I and all the life members in my extended family did. The NRA has to be made into a Second Amendment Rights organization.

    8. I don’t think anyone can size up a person from a few paragraphs on a web page. I understand the points people are making and don’t blame them. But I believe he would be a great board member. How many people actually get out and do something substantial?
      Freedom Challenge: That was more than just writing a check, it was campaign that made a difference and took lots of work, over $2 million! Wealthy or not it takes effort to organize and make something happen out of nothing, if everyone went out and put that much work into protecting the 2nd Amendment it would not be an issue. Hell if everyone gave 1 dollar to the NRA-ILA for each gun they have…Problem solved.

      Look at the auctions held at RIAC. Everything from Million dollar historic guns to the online sales where you can buy a Taurus Judge: Something for everyone I would say.

      I want someone who is not only willing to work, give, act, know the in’s and out’s, who to call and care about the 2nd Amendment not lip service.

      Kevin is all of that.

    9. Yes this man is wealthy, but i am not going to hold that against someone. I too would like to have heard him say more, like, “I want to repeal laws like the Illinois FOID card law”.

      However; this man has used his money to support the 2A. Illinois is a cesspool and if the Democrat/Bolsheviks get their way he will be buying and selling guns in another state or not at all.

      Please understand we need people in the NRA that will not only say “NO” to more gun control but who are willing to “Restore” lost gun rights.
      We need to REPEAL GUN CONTROL LAWS and NOT supporting new ones

    10. Nope He is obviously not the kind of guy who would come out and shoot a Taurus with you or save for months to buy one.. We don’t need people like that we need people who work for a living and have to save to buy a box of bullets.

    11. “My livelihood depends on the continued ability to buy and sell guns.”

      That kind of statement without anything about repealing the NFA is quite off-putting.

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