Now Oregon Republicans Are Pushing Gun Control

Ban Bump Fire Gun Parts
Now Oregon Republicans Are Pushing Gun Control

Oregon – -( House Rep Cheri Helt, (R. District 54) rated “F” by Oregon Firearms Federation, has demonstrated her predictable ignorance and introduced a “bump-stock” ban.
You can see her proposed legislation here.

Use or transfer of a “bump-stock” will result in a $2000.00 fine.

The bill says : “Bump-fire stock” means a buttstock designed to be attached to a semiautomatic firearm with the effect of increasing the rate of fire achievable by the semiautomatic firearm to that of a fully automatic firearm by using the energy from the recoil of the firearm to generate reciprocating action that facilitates repeated activation of the trigger.”

Whatever you think of bump-stocks, any knowledgable gun owner knows that you can “bump-fire” a rifle with no modifications.

And a skilled person can fire, with an unmodified gun, about as quickly as with a bump stock.

So will Helt be fining people for having good reflexes?

This pointless legislation is just one more attack on gun owners and accomplishes nothing but create another avenue for the state to get into your pocket.

It’s tiresome that legislators feel the need to write laws about things they don’t understand just to amp up their political correctness street cred.

Please sent Helt a message that you oppose this pointless waste of time and attempt to deprive law abiding Oregonians of their rights and property. Please take action here.

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Oregon Firearms FederationAbout Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit:

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John T Turner

If our wonderful government did its job enforcing existing laws….? If some uniformed officer sworn to protect and defend had done his job …..? Wimped out. Children killed.
The 2nd Amendment was written to protect us from our government as it now exists. A nation of sheep ruled by duplicitous leaders.
America? Grand experiment doomed to go extinct but not without bloodshed.

willy d

@ Robert; How true that is about idiots that had or did a real job writing laws, Trucks, TSA and HAZ-MAT Testing, Finger-Printing, and Back-Ground Checks, Every 4 years, Glad I’m now retired, THE fools that never held or fired a gun, I Love to see the idiot ways they hold a gun when they want to show them off, My question is do they even know where to put the bullet in and which end it comes out of?????

No Filter

Kevin Starrett replied promptly about my concern with the video with a reminder that efforts to ban semi auto firearms are nothing new. More worrisome is the redefinition of bumpstocks and what they are calling assault weapons. What’s to stop a future president from from calling a Derringer a rocket launcher?

No Filter

My name is Jim and I’m an Ammoland addict. Hey y’all, l appreciate your taking time here and feedback on my comments. We don’t know each other but l’ve lived in OR since ’66. I might fit into that dreaded demographic, old white guy, but l have a young spirit and while shooting was something my dad taught me, l’m still a child in the sport, growing, learning from others and trying to improve myself. I really don’t live up to my “No Filter” handle but believe me, l’d like to. What’s happening in this state and in this country… Read more »


We tried! But a bunch of weird Republicans who like to cry on camera kind of highjacked it. It was called The Tea Party.


Tailgunner joe McCarthy was right years ago.
I dont trust anybody
I drove a semi most my life n jerks that never opened a door on a class 8 truck writes laws on them same as arms.we are screwed


Guns in the hands of the “common folks” are a threat to any establishment’s power.

T.J. Coomes

How much longer till we get another party?


u can start it: the POTG party, i will vote for you


We tried! But a bunch of weird Republicans who like to cry on camera kind of highjacked it. It was called The Tea Party.

dava golino

Why is it that the only thing getting done in America is the BS NATO CRAP Against Russia and the disarming of legal gun owners. almost forgot that taxpayers get to pay for the killing of babies BECAUSE of the selfishness mindless woman…. WHO REALLY WON THE 2016 Presidential race?


Jerry Mucilek is more the exception then the rule, but even still, a bump fire ban is pointless as they aren’t necessary to bump fire a weapon and will do nothing to reduce crime or lower the body count the next time some psycho decides to commit mass murder…..


It is unbelievable that gun rights supporters keep telling the leftist snowflakes that a semi auto can be cycled as fast without a bumpstock as it can with one. You are giving them fuel to ban semi autos as well as those bad bump stocks.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, I had not thought about that, but you are right it is somewhat counter productive to learn them up. Let them find out on their own.


You are right there Brother. I keep my mouth shut tight about that however, the writer of this article shouldnt have mentioned it either. I was a bit surprised he posted it


Democrat or Republican, if they’re from California, New York, the west coasts of Washington and Oregon, they’re not worth a bucket of warm spit. The wall should take a right turn at the California border, follow it completely until half-way west along the northern boundary and then turn due north along the western 1/4th of Oregon and Washington to the Canadian border. The old movie, “Escape from New York” had the right idea about what to do with NYC.

Mark R

We have to ask the simple question: How many supposed GOP are nothing more than democRAT/communists placed into the system to push their agenda of disarming the populace and driving this country into communism? How many are actually democRATS behind their lying/false statements? Politicians will say ANYTHING just to get their seat. Come on, we should know this by now. It doesn’t matter if they’re GOP or dems, politicians (2/3rds of which are former attorneys – let that sink in) they have been telling us what we want to hear just to get elected into a cushy job, set for… Read more »

Wild Bill

@mac R, I concur with your sentiment, and I am awake. So what do you propose be done? Of course, we can not kill all the lawyers. Nor would that really solve the problem of corrupt politicians and creeping socialism. So what do you suggest we do? What is the plan?


“It’s tiresome that legislators feel the need to write laws about things they don’t understand just to amp up their political correctness street cred.” Oregon is my home. This statement rings true, particularly here, not only regarding gun-control but the really meaningful and scary stuff like PERS.

If the legislature faced up to the hard reality of what the very near future holds for our state (bankruptcy) they’d have to stop wasting their time with the feel-good policies they are pursuing.

Bruce Richards

I read your link. And your title “…Gun Control…” is accurate because the operative word is control. Anyone wanting to “control” (infringe, place restrictions upon, decide what is best for another, etc.) someone’s right to keep and bear arms is the enemy.


If it looks like a rhino and snorts like a rhino it’s probably a rhino -you know the ones McClosky/Collins/Kennedy/Flake/Coker the list goes on and on as most conservatives are well aware of We have a contingency of liars or both sides of the aisle


Where is the nra on this? Oh ya, they support the ban.

No Filter

Interesting video. That Jerry Mucilek is one filthy shooter. But seriously, a Republican jumping on the ban wagon?

John Archibald

It’s unfortunate, but today’s Republican Party are about as squishy as Jello. There are a few exceptions, but very few from what I am seeing.

Richard L

No filter, “Filthy shooter” ??


Jerry is an AWESOME shooter and person, all around great guy. The entire Mucilek family are really nice people.
Voters better start doing deep research on the candidates, there are some real TURN COAT SCUMBAGS hidden in the ranks.


I think that is something like the youngsters these days calling something “sick” when they really admire it and want it themselves. Yes, the entire Miculek clan are all amazlingly skilled with firearms. Many have been and remain champions in all manner of competitions. Kinda like the old west cowpoke that was asked one time “could you throw a tin can into the air and hit it with all six rounds from your revolver before it hit the ground? “Sure I can”. Took him two years to master it but master he did. Could do it reliably and repeatedly on… Read more »

No Filter

Yes, you got my slang correct! He is amazing. Another slang would be “mad skills”. Others might say “that’s hot”. How could l not admire Jerry? To have that skill level is an admirable goal.

I emailed OFF about their judgement on posting the video, agreeing with comments here. Not a good idea to give the gun eliminators more ammo!!