An Incremental Assault On The Second Amendment


Repeal the Second Amendment
An Incremental Assault On The Second Amendment

New York – -( Of the enumerated fundamental, unalienable rights, Leftist politicians know, the one etched in the Second Amendment is most difficult to dislodge. But these politicians are tenacious. This assertion isn’t meant to be a compliment; merely an observation.

Strong drives coupled with an equally strong will, lead one to act. Actions may be positive or perverse. Here, perverse. Leftists abhor the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, more so than any other elemental right set forth in the Bill of Rights, because, more so than any other sacred, elemental right, the Second Amendment constitutes the greatest threat to their accumulation of power and their ability to maintain power over the American people. It is impossible for these Leftists, these Collectivists, to implement a new system of governance in our Nation—a system of social, political, and legal governance, altogether contrary to and inconsistent with that designed by the founders of our free Republic. But, these Leftists won’t stop their nefarious, diabolical attempts to impose more and more stringent constraints on the average law-abiding American who, uninhibitedly, dares to exercise the fundamental, unalienable, primordial, enumerated right to keep and bear arms.

The Three Antigun Planks

Although gun laws enacted by Congress, State Legislatures, and subordinate bodies of the States, are numerous and complex, the strategy undergirding them is simple. That strategy has three primary planks. Each Governmental measure falls into one or more planks, and Leftist, antigun politicians and those echoing their sentiments in mainstream media organizations, in antigun groups, and in other radical Leftist organizations often pursue all three planks simultaneously. These three planks are as follows:

  • One, continually expand the domain of banned firearms, ammunition, and firearms’ components and paraphernalia.
  • Two, continually expand the domain of individuals who cannot lawfully own or possess firearms, ammunition, and firearms’ components and paraphernalia.
  • Three, among those who do not fall within a statutory federal or State disability, and who, then, may continue, at least for the moment, to own and possess firearms, ammunition, firearms' components and complementary firearms' paraphernalia, make the exercise so onerous, so pernicious, so expensive, that few of these individuals will wish to continue to do so.

The Onset Of “Red Flag” Laws And Gun Law Bans

For 2019, the Arbalest Quarrel will be dealing especially with two of the three planks.

Pertaining to the first plank, we will see, in 2019, a flurry of activity in both the Democratic Party controlled House of Congress, and in Democratic Party State Legislatures to ban semiautomatic weapons and so-called large capacity magazines; and we will see attempts to ban ammunition and components of firearms.

Pertaining to the second plank, we will see efforts to expand the domain of individuals compelled to surrender their firearms. Our next article will look at so-called “Red Flag” laws and bills. These are a new phenomenon. We will explicate the nature of these laws and will zero in on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s success in resurrecting New York’s “Red Flag” measure–several of which were presented in both the New York Senate and in the Assembly, and all of which failed in 2018. However, with Democrats firmly in control of Albany's Legislature, and with Cuomo's clout, several of these measures passed both the Senate and Assembly, as the antigun group, “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence” proclaimed, with boisterous approval, on the group's website, NYAGV. Note: In New York, the “Red Flag” measures are referred to as “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” (“ERPO”).

A flurry of other draconian antigun bills have been introduced in and are floating about in both the New York State Assembly and in the State’s Senate. Since Democrats control both Houses in Albany, the State Capital, Cuomo is not sitting back with one success. He is continuing to exert strong pressure on the State Legislature to pass further antigun bills. Keep in mind: Governor Cuomo does not perceive these “Red Flag” laws and other proposed antigun legislation coming down the pipe, as measures distinct from the New York Safe Act, which the State Government passed and which Governor Cuomo signed into law in 2013. Rather, he sees New York's new antigun measures as extensions of the New York Safe Act, enacted in 2013. As Cuomo says, as reported in the weblog, State of Politics, an obvious mouthpiece for Cuomo and a propaganda organ of Cuomo's radical Left Government: “I think the red flag bill adds improvements to the Safe Act.”

In that same blog post, Governor Cuomo asserts, disingenuously and flippantly, “We have proven that gun safety laws are needed and I think we have also proven that gun safety laws exist without the fear of the slippery slope. . . . Well, they're trying to take away your guns. No one is trying to take away the guns from people who are mentally healthy.”

No slippery slope, here? Really? And, who, among U.S. citizens residing in New York, is judged to be “mentally healthy.” And, is that expression to be construed as a medical or legal term of art?

Democrat's War on Guns
The Democratic Party leadership in Congress and Democratic Party controlled Legislatures in some States, continue efforts to undermine the Second Amendment.

Through it all, there may be a silver lining for those of us who cherish the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. One should remember that, while the Democratic Party leadership in Congress and Democratic Party controlled Legislatures in some States, continue efforts to undermine the Second Amendment, the Conservative-wing on the United States Supreme Court will, it is our fervent hope and belief, continue to review antigun laws that impermissibly impinge on and infringe the Second Amendment, and, acting as a powerful counter-force against antigun efforts carried out in Congress, and in State Legislatures around the Country, and in the media, strike down unconstitutional laws, rules, regulations, codes, and procedures. The U.S. Supreme Court has done remarkably well with the issuance of favorable rulings in the seminal Heller and McDonald cases. While reluctant to take up any Second Amendment case since then, until very recently, the fact that the high Court has now voted, finally, to hear a straightforward Second Amendment case, in the decade since Heller and McDonald, this may very well augur a good sign for things to come, apropos of preservation of our sacred Bill of Rights.

In that regard, the Arbalest Quarrel has written on New York City’s firearm transport case that the high Court has accepted for review. See our article, posted recently, titled, “U.S Supreme Court To Hear New York Gun Case; Mainstream Media Visibly Worried.

We will keep tabs on the New York transport case, analyzing, in depth, the arguments of Petitioners, New York residents and gun owners, as well as arguments brought by the Respondent, City of New York, contra Petitioners. There is a lot of work ahead of us, and for you too.

We must let Republicans in Congress and in State Government know, and we must let the President know, too, that, notwithstanding the importance of controlling illegal immigration—which has gotten much media attention in the last several weeks—preserving and strengthening the Second Amendment is as critical to the safeguarding of a Free Republic, and the safeguarding of our Nation’s Constitution, and the safeguarding of our Country’s core values, history, and traditions, as is stemming the flow of illegal migrants, refugees, terrorists, criminal gang members, drug cartel members, sex traffickers, contraband, and other assorted flotsam, jetsam, and riffraff into our Country.

Arbalest Quarrel

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  • 29 thoughts on “An Incremental Assault On The Second Amendment

    1. This is what happens when you get women politicians in office. Most women don’t like guns and when you ask them how to protect themselves or families, they talk about that the police will protect them like the police are their private bodyguards. The police are there to arrest a criminal, not to protect them. And they say “if you ban all guns all crime will stop”. Really? How will that stop crime? Drug dealing street gangs? Bank robbers? Back in the 1880’s, if someone stole a horse or rustled cattle they got hung! Did that stop them? Hell no, they did it anyways. These same hysterical women back 100 years ago decided that if all alcohol was banned everything would be peaches and cream. So they passed Prohibition. And 1000’s died from homemade booze, booze running gangs, Al Capone, and the mafia and underground bars that served booze to anyone including children. Then the women decided that it was a mistake and prohibition was repelled. Now these same women want to ban all guns.There was a reason why women weren’t allowed to vote in this country so something like this wouldn’t happen. Most women vote for the Democratic communist party, why, I don’t know what the appeal is. And now they are mad because queen Hillary didn’t win. I wonder how many foolish gun owners voted for demon- craps in the last election? Now there is 20 something demon-craps running for President in 2020. Make America great again in 2020 vote for President Trump! Now there are evil, power crazed democrats who want to takeover America and enslave all citizens- subjects! In another article I’ve read, one insane demon-craps said gun owners protesting his gun banning plans were terrorists and should be put on the FBI terrorists list! So one isnt allowed to protest against illegal gun banning. Get these nut cases out of office. We need term limits, not lifetime politicians, and no huge pension either! Now imsane politicians in Hawaii want the 2nd amendment repealed! Can you believe that? Now the gun banners want the 4473 forms to have you give your doctors and psychologists name and address and to turn over all records of you to the police, ATF, FBI. Background checks = gun registration = gun confiscation = you locked away forever in a New World order gun control concentration camp!

    2. Here’s a heads up Ammoland,

      Dudley Brown sent me an alert I want to pass on.

      Bloomberg, Libtards, and et al, are moving towards a Nationwide ConCon..

      HCR 5009, a resolution applying for a risky Article V Convention (also known as a “Constitutional Convention” or “ConCon”), is scheduled for a hearing next week in the Kansas House Committee on Federal and State Affairs.

      On Nov. 2nd, 1788, James Madison, Father of the Constitution, warned against calling a Constitutional Convention.
      “If a General Convention were to take place for the avowed and sole purpose of revising the Constitution, it would naturally consider itself as having a greater latitude than the Congress appointed to administer and support as well as to amend the system… an election into it would be courted by the most violent partisans on both sides… [It] would no doubt contain individuals of insidious views, who under the mask of seeking alterations popular in some parts but inadmissible in other parts of the Union might have a dangerous opportunity of sapping the very foundations of the fabric.”

      Find your Rep and call: oppose HCR 5009…

    3. It’s really hard to believe that there are actually humans among us who are ignorant enough to believe that outlawing guns is the solution to today’s gun violence problems. A person who is intent on killing someone doesn’t give a damn about the laws or the punishments prescribed for violation. Those who are actually ignorant enough to believe that criminals will obey laws against gun possession and/or usage are in dire need of professional help. Just imagine a would-be shooter thinking: ‘I would go shoot-up a school today, but it’s against the law”. Come on, now. Get real. When guns are outlawed, outlaws will still have them, and they will still use them. Then the law abiding will be unable to resist because guns will be “illegal”.

    4. I haven’t seen one argument posited in regard to NYC and the Supreme Court. That is the cost to shoot a pistol in NYC. In order to fire a pistol at a range in NYC you have to be a member of the range. The seven ranges in NYC are all private. Cost starts at $300 per year and goes up from there. You also have to pay for range time. With the other costs on the prohibitive side to even own a pistol in NYC this further erodes the citizens access to the 2nd Amendment. For those of the less affluent stripe this makes having the legal ability to practice with your pistol a real financial burden. I do hope that when the arguments are made in court this reality is put forth.

    5. These people saying repeal the 2A are trying to do away with the Constitution. These people want total control of our nation. If they can not have it, then none can have it. They would rather have it destroyed. They are fully aware that their actions could instigate violent conflict. A conflict that would disintegrate our nation. They believe then a new and wonderful world would be built by their direction.

      The whom of the they includes the Democratic Party. Other formal parties, including the Republican, are not providing significant counter efforts thereby part of the they. Professional politicians are like professional soldiers in that their loyalty can be bought.

      To many do not believe that others will live free or die, just chose to live. They really do not care if we die. There is no reason to debate, just demand them to stop.

    6. Cuomo is crying that the rich are leaving New York in droves, relocating to Florida because of high taxes. Afraid of NY going bankrupt, Cuomo set up a gestapo like surveillance and social media tracking system of the rich to make sure NY got every last penny before they leave the state. Cuomo like his policies is a failure.

    7. The best part is that all of a sudden these idiots say that kids on up all have some kind of mental problem so ow the idiots are going to push that like Global Warming!!!!!

    8. Their quest to transform capitalist property into social property is what Socialists want. Freedom is directly in the way, and they will do whatever it takes to eliminate that obstacle. The Socialist Offensive has been launched to secure their need for a Regime that will have unlimited power over the Nation. Sounds just like what the Framers of this country warned us could happen.

    9. The Second Amendment will be repealed because future voting demographics are definitely on the side of the Marxist/Progressive/Liberal democrats. No getting around the numbers folks. Hopefully everyone here, though always couched and rarely discussed openly, knows there is only one way to stop loss of liberty. You have prayed, legislated, adjudicated and paid and still liberties are lost. There will be only one way.

      1. @Capndad, Repeal would be meaningless because our pre-political Right to keep and carry firearms is not dependent upon the Second Amendment. That amendment only enumerates our Right that existed before the Constitution, and many S. Ct decisions have recognized that.
        The problem is that for more than a hundred years, the elitists have been selling the notion that a person’s Rights can be limited and must be “balanced” against the needs of the state. That is, of course, wrong and works to diminish the peoples ability to say NO to the state. We need to get back to original concepts.

        1. Exactly. and We The People will never allow a bunch of corrupt lawyers and politicians to disarm us! And the very first day they try, the Second American Revolution will begin

    10. There will be a civil war in this country before gun confiscation will be allowed or the repeal of the 2nd amendment. What is so ironic is non of these idiot politicians are even thinking about the aftermath…..”AMERICA’s GUN BLACK MARKET”…it will be the worlds largest black market……LOCK AND LOAD AMERICA…ITS COMING..

    11. Since they want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, let’s just repeal the 1st Amendment also. Donkeycrats are the only ones that think it applies to them anyway! Then we can have an old west shoot out and we will see who comes out on top!

    12. Here in Missouri we can Open Carry if we want to. Without any thing involved, however there is a Red Flag law in the works in Missouri though. But I haven’t heard much about it as of late, maybe it got struck down. I’m not very at explaining some things that well, so here this. Missouri is a “shall issue” state for concealed carry. Permitless carry took effect on January 1, 2017. Open carry is permitted. … Local governments are allowed to regulate open carry and the discharge of firearms (except in self defense); however, ccw permit holders are exempt from ordinances banning open carry.

      1. Senate Bill 42 and House Bill 1340 have been introduced, amending protective orders to include what is commonly called red flag laws, i.e., confiscation of weapons as ordered by a court when hearing from one side only.

        I have yet to hear what remedies are available should the firearms as seized become damaged or lost during this draconian process once the defendant spends an estimated $10k with attorneys to prove himself/herself innocent?

        Another unjust section, (setting aside for a moment the whole damn resolution being, in my opinion, a clear violation of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, as well as infringing on Second Amendment Rights), is the punishment levied upon an uncooperative defendant – monetary fine and jail time imposed, whereas the accuser “if” proven filed a false report are merely subject to the courts discretionary contempt powers. Does anyone really think an anti gun activist judge will impose any punishment upon an accuser deemed filling a false claim, when the claim is based upon subjective thought?

        Pro gun legislatures should file bills in both chambers forever banning such backdoor firearm confiscation attempts!

    13. The state I reside in has made it easier to exercise our 2nd amendment rights! Constitutional carry has recently been approved!
      As for the ‘red flag’ term. Lets focus on the true term we should all be using: “ERPO”. As many states have enacted, it makes it easier for our LEOs and family members, who want a safe community, to ensure that they have a means to protect themselves against perpetrators of domestic violence. These perps threatened our family members, community, and ourselves. It does not have to always be a mean they have an ugly, black, and mean gun!!!!

      1. Except that in some states almost anyone can make the accusation that your are a risk, co workers, ex girlfriends, ex spouses, neighbors almost anyone with a grudge with no repercussions for filing a false report. Your are kept in the dark until they show up on your door step demanding your weapons. Then you are subjected to a lengthy and expensive legal battle to get your property back. Until they follow the constitiution on due process these laws enacted as described are not constitutional and should be repealed.

    14. Has anyone bothered to tell these moron’s that you cannot repeal a Right that is God Given? Surely, they are not gods themselves, so why would we “allow” them to do anything against our Rights of Freedom, guaranteed by Law and etched in the tombstones of SO Many who risked all to sacrafice and struggle and die to ensure its perseverance never waned. Literally, written in the blood of patriots and hero’s… Whom I’m sure not a one of these ungrateful lib-tards could name….

        1. The NRA should have tried harder. All of us that believe in rights should have tried harder. Now we must stand fast, stop their movement, and prepare to advance.

      1. That is the end game. The dems, especially the socialist arm want to be the gods. They want the masses to rely on their handouts to survive. To me it seems that running the government and making laws is not enough, they want the ultimate power, the power to CONTROL every aspect of our lives. The hardcore libtards are already standing in the bread lines waiting for 2020, we have to vote to protect the American way of life and our freedoms.

      2. 1) These “morons” don’t give a damn what you tell them as they are fully committed to their agenda – complete control over the rest of us…ie.. socialism/communism/totalitarianism .
        2) When you have elected officials who do not believe in God, you HAVE NO God-given rights.
        3) They are controlled through threats, blackmail or other forms of control by the elite and really do not care about you – they are in it for their own gain/survival
        4) What would you have US do to stop their assaults on the Constitution? We do not have remedies other than impeachment – THEY protect each other and impeachment will not get far. Members of the House must bring impeachment and we know that will never happen except for their fairy tale attempt at Trump.
        So what do we do? Voting was proven to be a farce in this last mid-terms. The GOP and Trump have broken promises – JUST LIKE ALL POLITICIANS.
        So what do we do? For me THAT is the $64 million question

      3. The thing is, these marons don’t know what “god given” even means. Because well, they’re idiots! Despite what they say they’ll try their hardest, we saw it on the Bump Stock Ban, which bans Bump Stocks, and Bump Stock devices. On top of that they don’t think with basic logic, and facts, they lie, and use emotion to get their point across, I wish everyone had that logic. But that hasn’t existed for awhile now, as most of this generation likes their info spoon fed to them, they don’t like to form their own opinions.

    15. The “slippery slope” I fear most is the mental health argument. While it would be unwise for me to hand one of my firearms to someone proclaiming they wish to commit suicide, what bureaucrat do we want to determine the mental fitness required to purchase, own, or operate a firearm? What threshold would be proper? All veterans returning from war deployments? There are liberal anti-gun zealots that have said the desire for firearms ownership itself should be deemed mental illness. Some say it depends on what medication you may take. That is flawed, since many medications are used for different maladies. For example; a number of anti-depressant drugs however have come to be quite notable for their alternative applications as sleep aids. Trazodone is one of the most popular alternatives in the medical community for its off-label application to insomnia. So, you are “discovered” to be taking Trazodone, and since it is an anti-depressant, POOF! Give up your firearms! What about medical marijuana? Should a cancer patient lose their Second Amendment Rights because they are countering the effects of chemotherapy? How many of the perpetrators of mass shootings never exhibited any signs of mental illness, but had other motivations?
      Once the all-encompassing reason of “mental health” becomes a reason to lose one’s rights, all it takes is for a bureaucrat or politician to change the definition. Just ask our friends in Massachusetts what happened when Attorney General Maura Healey waved her magic wand and decreed a whole new class of firearms as banned under the states existing “assault weapons ban”, because SHE felt it was necessary.

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