Why Colorado’s Red Flag ERPO Bill Is The Most Dangerous In The Nation


Danger Red Flag Warning
Why Colorado’s Red Flag ERPO Bill Is The Most Dangerous In The Nation

Colorado – -(AmmoLand.com)- This year’s bill is being called an “Emergency Risk Protection Order” or ERPO in an attempt to lose the negative “Red Flag” reputation.

It is also being pushed more than ever as being about suicide prevention. Don’t let any of it fool you. The devil is in the details; it’s in the 30 pages of bill language. You can read a complete break down of these 30 pages here, as well as watch a video going through the language line by line.

Here’s what you’ll hear the media say this bill does:

“A family member or law enforcement officer would petition a court to request the ability to immediately seize a person’s guns. If a judge signs the order, the weapons can be taken away and the court must hold a hearing within 14 days to determine whether to extend the seizure and bar the person from purchasing more firearms.”

Here’s what they won’t tell you:

  • Almost anyone can request an ERPO without even showing their face or providing their address. The definition of “family or household member” is so broad it includes ex-lovers who you have never even lived with! Or someone *claiming* you once had an affair. And even old roommates.
  • The initial report and hearing can be done over the phone, all while the accused is completely oblivious proceedings are taking place to have his or her firearms confiscated. There is no due process at this first hearing – which is the hearing where permission is given to confiscate gun! Even Colorado Attorney General Weiser admits to the lack of due process. Watch his testimony here.
  • The first time the accused learns someone has reported them will be when local law enforcement shows up at their door with an order AND a search warrant prepared to raid your home – while the accused never even committed a crime. This search warrant is a BRAND NEW type of warrant that is created in the bill – a gun owner specific civil search warrant. Read all about that here.
  • 14 days later is the first time the accused will have a chance to defend themselves against this non-crime. The burden of proof will fall on the accused, not on the petitioner who can actually provide affidavits rather than attend court!
  • The guns will be confiscated for 364 days, during which time the accused only has one opportunity to ask the courts to lift the order.
  • There is zero accountability for false accusers. In fact, the filing fee is $0! For comparison, requesting a Temporary Restraining Order in Colorado is $97. Attorney General Weiser also admitted false claims will be par for the course. Listen to his statements here.
  • This bill is being touted as a “suicide prevention” bill, when in fact, the fear of having your firearms confiscated will make people terrified to ask for help when they need it, and will undoubtedly escalate situations rather than deescalate them..
  • It is so rife for abuse, it can easily be used by someone’s stalker or abuser to have their victim disarmed – legally.
  • The ERPO will go on a person’s permanent record EVEN if it is dismissed, meaning it will show up on background checks, etc.

Read a complete write up of the bill here: www.rallyforourrights.com/colorados-red-flag-erpo-worse-than-you-think

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IF this abomination of a law is passed, Colorado gun owners should start reporting EVERY politician, bureaucrat, anti-gun activist, judge, government employee and LEO that they can for being “dangerous” and see how THEY like being subjected to warrants, searches, and seizures.


Do you think the warrants would be served on THEM? Do you think an anonymous tip 4 AM no-knock warrant would be served on a liberal politician?


Judges, pols, and LEOS will be exempt from this for the same reason theu never get traffic tickets: “Professional Courtesy”

Armando Arellanes

If and when this so called “red flag” were to become law, we as freedom lovers need to take it upon ourselves to report each and every one of these law makers, and their body guards as a threat to themselves and others!


they stuffed these red flags up our asses here in PA last year,and guess what,it was the bastard republicans that pushed for them!! so don’t think it’s just the communist doing all the gun grabbing,it both parties of scumbags!

Harry Sills

I just sent this to the Pa Speaker and Pa House Majority Leader copying several Pa State Reps! Let’s see if they respond.
Pittsburgh Pa

Jeff Brooks

They won;t.


Nevada also has their version on this bill, SB387, so Colorado isn’t alone. It’s a confiscation scheme, plain and simple. We cannot let them win-ever.


Our Founders if alive today would be deemed traitors and wanted for their refusals to comply with this encroachment. As they did against King George, they would do the same to these self serving servants.

It is not by accident these politicians eagerly trade the liberties of their constituents for a false safety!


I LIVE IN COLORADO–WE ARE UP TO OUR NECKS IN “SCHIFF” (play on words for CA Rep. Adam “Shit”). Why wouldn’t we be crazy with the RED FLAG law and other insane Schiff to come?— We made MJ legal (in violation of federal laws–how does that work?) and half of left wing California moved here for the dope. Then they elected an extreme left wing billionaire as Gov. and both our state senate and state reps are majority Democrat Party liberals–so what should we expect? Our state is now DOA; Utah, Texas, Wyoming, Idaho and Arizona had better get ready–this… Read more »


Speak out against a Progressive /Leftist/Socialist in Colorado and you can expect your guns will be confiscated. The little Lefty will laugh all the way home. This is nothing more than SWATing.. Possibly pro-gunners should start filing ERPOs against the Lettys that vote for this law to let the Leftys experience being raided. The SWAT Team will have to go through the motions to confirm no guns. They will be mandated to act by the Leftys’ own law. Now that would be fun.


absolutely shocking that a state, a country, would even consider such a law. This is right out of the HITLER era of history. This is what many soldiers and people died to prevent. The second amendment protect you from this sort of action. Instead of going after responsible citizens why doesn’t the governments of states and federal start investigation and trying to control the AMERICAN GUN BLACK MARKET…… Spying and telling on you neighbors is not the answer and will not surprise me if a lot of people (neighbors) are killed for ratting on others….

Raymond Hudson

Citizens of Colorado, Stand against this Treachery by your government! A Freedom surrendered so easily is almost Never Won Back!! In short order, the government will be “anonymously” turning YOU in to their COLLECTION squads! I’m sputtering at a loss for words at how WRONG this is. Do they really expect citizens to just roll over and show our belly in submission?!? We were warned that our government would turn on us, now you see why “Shall Not Be INFRINGED!” was added to the 2nd amendment!!

Jay Graham

Live in peace as much as possible but always be prepared for war!!!! It is coming quicker than you think.


Your all up shit creek without a paddle


Who would want to commit sewer pipes by shooting tgemselves nowadays anyway ? With so much fentanyl, heroine, and other opioids readily available on the streets, so they say, it is so much less messy, and painless, to just swallow a few pills. And then just go to sleep, forever. Their justification of “suicide prevention” for ERPO,s just doesn’t make any sense. Just goes to show how full of it they are.

Robert J. Lucas

Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…

Michael J

These red flag laws are spreading like a plague. Again the left has come up with a plan no court is going to research or ignore.  A judge will automatically issue a confiscation order because it costs the accusers nothing to be wrong. Meanwhile the list of who’s asking about your guns is growing: Doctors, Cops, Welfare, Social Services, Teachers and now anyone. What could possibly go wrong? Who’s holding these assholes accountable?

Martin Wade

In response to this dangerous piece of legislation, numerous counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties”.
It is sad that “legislators” have turned their backs on the people that elected them by kow-towing to people like Bloomberg and Soros both of whom absolutely hate The Constitution and feel that you as a slave (I meant citizen) don’t know how to live your own life, that you have to be led to waht’s good for you and your family.


With door to door confiscation being threatened, Its time to get informed and involved.
http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com 4-6 pm cst mon-fri listen in on SamCloud.

The Green Watch Dog

Looks like a program where both sides can express their opinions on matters important to all of us!

Robert J. Lucas

Red Flag Laws, who is qualified to make the decissions, on who can and who can’t?


Lesson: Be sure to stash some items off site! I love in Tennessee, but I don’t put all my eggs in one basket.


Cautuon : When you need the you can be sure they won’t be there !!


@ Orwellianstates
You better hide your guns because a law just as bad will be heard in the Tennessee legislature the second of next month. Contact your congress people and tell them to vote no. I did that with the chairman of the committee that is messing with this. All brought to you by the damn democrats of Nashville. They are brought to you by the hollywierd types that camp in Nashville. Time to quit buying music unless you know the artist is a conservative.


observations: Constitution-traitors can implement gun “control” @ their own risk. Those who leave others alone will be left alone.


I am sure the GWD loves this bill.

The Green Watch Dog

Yes, I Do.
As most are aware, the NRA supports ERPOs as long as certain conditions are met:
I encourage all to help us move forward with the understanding that this is a win-win resolution for both sides. Support from our President of the United States, to The Green Watch Dog.

Get Out

If you bother to read the article again they do not support any ERPO that you do! All fifty states currently have civil commitment procedures and many lack basic due process protections. This is unacceptable. The NRA believes that no one should be deprived of a fundamental right without due process of law. Some have raised the issue of current ERPO laws in California, Oregon, Vermont and other states, suggesting that the NRA supports those laws. This is false. The NRA strongly opposed these laws because they do not protect due process rights. We will continue to oppose confiscation schemes… Read more »

Get Out

BTW, ERPO’s are not win-win as written by anyone except anti-gunners looking to circumvent the U.S. Constitution and BoR.


Yea we know green rat fink, you have turned people in without the help of a ERPO but now it will be easier for you to harm your fellow man. that really makes your day and you feel so proud of yourself when you can cause someone else some serious problems.

Get Out

This is what should happen to anyone making a false ERPO too.

Clown was sentenced to 20 years in prison for swatting that ended in the death of an innocent person.


Can’t thank anyone much more for gun control than the NRA, can we?