Governor Murphy Announces Budget Proposal To Tax Gun Owners Out of New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
New Jersey Democrat Governor Phil Murphy

New Jersey – -( Governor Phil Murphy released a budget proposal including another attempt to massively increase fees for gun permits, and to impose excise taxes of $1.4 million and $3.2 million respectively on firearms and ammunition sales.

A similar draconian increase in firearms permit fees was proposed by Governor Murphy last year but was not accepted by the legislature. Only time will tell whether that outcome will be repeated in 2019. Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is closely monitoring the budget process as it unfolds and is prepared to take legal action to protect gun owners if necessary.

Said ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach: “Governor Murphy’s outrageous new proposal punishes law-abiding gun owners for the acts of criminals and madmen, chills the exercise of Second Amendment rights, and unfairly discriminates against lower-income populations. If the legislature doesn’t reject this proposal again, as it did last year, we are prepared to take legal action.”

Please watch for further updates on this developing situation.

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Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol ClubsAbout Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs:

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is the official New Jersey affiliate of the NRA, and is New Jersey’s oldest, largest, and most effective Second Amendment advocacy organization.

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NJ definitely has their own dictator. I wonder how that feels but not enough to find out first hand. There has to be enough conservative voters they can send this power hungry creep down the road or out to sea, which ever has the least amount of possible tracking. On second thought, if he is there that means he is not trying to destroy someone else’s life so just keep him there and feed him donuts.


I agree 1000%. He is an empty suit Socialist wh has to go!!

Jim Mackey

I remember reading about S&W, which operates out of Springfield, MA talking about this.
It’s tough for them because on the one hand, gun owners pressure them to leave. But on the other they feel an obligation to their workers to stay. Not all would be able to relocate if the company moved.
Rock and a hard place


Maybe their workers should put the pressure on the state because they are about to loose their jobs. ( It might give them incentive to move with the company)


Get a rope!


Lead the sheep to slaughter. Worked in 1939 in Europe. I’m not a firearms freak but I do own a few. Been
in two wars and I like it when some pimple face person tells me what they will allow me to do or own.
Just like cigarettes the people will go underground, bootleg.


The better question is why would ANY reputable manufacturer SELL to or provide service to any government agency in New Jersey? As gun owners we can exert enormous pressure on manufacturers of firearms and aftermarket parts. Why aren’t we letting it be known, across the country, that if you support anti-gun regimes like NJ & NY we won’t support you?

Concerned citizen

Say, isn’t New Jersey an island of the coast of North Korea? And isn’t new Jersey the headquarters of the Mafia? I wonder how many of these new Jersey politicians have mob figures for friends and campaign donors.

Jack Mac

I wonder how many are secret and active members. They seem to have something in common, neither criminals or politicians want armed victims. It seems that these politicians should be treated like other criminals are supposed to be.

Will Flatt


Move to INDIANA where all your 2A rights will be respected, up to and including TAKING UP ARMS AGAINST UNLAWFUL USE OF POLICE POWERS!!

Indiana welxomes ALL gunowner refugees from socialist states like NJ and NY!!

willy d

The idiots thought that Christie was bad, Just like Pa those idiots there thought Corbett was bad and they got Wolf in and look how that’s going, the virus is spreading!!!


Sounds like a great reason to move away from New Jersey. Let the Liberals have it and while we’re at it, let New Jersey become the “go to place” to relocate Muslim refugees and all suspected MS-13 gang members who migrate to the US. Let those wonderful Socialists have their multiculturalism to the max.

willy d

Jason Milker, that’s how it started over 240 years ago only a little north of NJ tax on a tax! Why do you think the Fed Excise Tax is buried on tire sales today, it used to be tire price, excise tax, then sales tax, I got in several fights about that years ago, i had 2 sets of tires removed because of the way the tire store charged the taxes,they did the tire price excise tax together,then charged the state sales tax on that total, tax on tax!!!!!!

Jack Mac

I wish more people were aware of all you say about tax.


It’s New Jersey and just like New York, California and Illinois, “You don’t have no idea how little I don’t care”.

Jack Mac

JPM. We have to be highly concerned when oppression occurs unimpeded any where in our country. It encourages other governments to do the same. This will be from the Federal through all others to HOAs. We need to me willing to come to the aid of our fellow citizens. Our government has little care of us when it provides aid to other countries. That I do not like.


They all took oaths to uphold and protect the constitution!! Including the 2nd amendment, the big question really is when do the impeachment proceedings start taking place for all the politicians that are showing a huge dereliction off duty for not following their oaths!!!! If they are willing to take away your rights to protect yourself and your family where will they decide to stop ? Maybe after all of your rights are gone ? If one person now has a right to terminate a child’s life by whatever means possible! Then another should be able to protect their child’s… Read more »


Never mind impeachment proceedings.

Try charging those who break their oath of office with the felony perjory they have committed. Felony bust, no guns, no public office…….


Democrats are taxing everyone out of New Jersey

Leonidas not in NJ

Better yet, lets propose taxes on your religious preference, your social media posts, every time you get asked a question by police, every media missrepresentatiion, all bias, and what the hell… Let’s tax taxes!!! So, if you want you to, you can be a minion to your master, for safety right? Think of the CHILDREN!!! Unless it’s cutting up fetus’ and vacuuming them out of vagina’s that decided they have a “choice” but the baby doesn’t. Ya know what? I don’t care anymore, do what the f**k ya want, we’ll hash it out later. And, you (the CommyCrats) won’t like… Read more »

The Green Watch Dog

Don’t quite understand the high cost of the finger print fee of almost $ 63? Seems excessive. And the short timeline of application of a hand gun. Once these fees start, then there are always increase in cost of time.

Jason Milker

Didnt we go to war over this heavy taxation stuff?


the heavy taxation stuff was a minor irritant, but not a cause of action.

the root cause was this:

“they had a mind to tell us how we should live, and we had a mind that they wouldn’t”

Murf the Jurk is hard at work to tell his serfs how they should live. So far they’ve knucked under and taken it. Soon they will either leave or stand and push back..HARD.