New Mexico Turns to People to Overturn Anti-Second Amendment Law

New Mexico Take Action
New Mexico Take Action

U.S.A. -( New Mexico Second Amendment supporters are doing more than passing Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions. The New Mexico Republicans are leading a movement to repeal the offending law using the power of the people.

New Mexico has a provision in its Constitution, rather similar to that in Switzerland. If the legislature passes a law offensive to the people, they can demand a referendum be held. If the law is not approved of in the referendum, the law is annulled. The Republican party in the New Mexico House released this notice: From

Santa Fe – House Republicans joined New Mexico’s Sheriffs to begin the process of overturning radical anti-2nd Amendment laws on Thursday. Joining thousands of New Mexicans who rallied against anti-2nd Amendment bills across the state, House Republicans announced they will begin the formal process to annul Senate Bill 8.

Under the New Mexico Constitution, the people have the power to “disapprove, suspend and annul” laws enacted by the Legislature. The process begins with a petition of New Mexico voters and requires several different actions depending on the number of signatures. The number of required signatures is based on the voters who cast a ballot in the 2018 General Election and actions to be taken include:

1. If 10% of voters sign a petition, the law is placed on the ballot for approval or rejection of all voters. 

2. If 25% of the voters sign the petition within 90 days after adjournment of the session, the law is immediately suspended and it is placed on the ballot for approval or rejection of all voters.

“The response to this bill and others like it all around New Mexico is unprecedented, and we need to listen to the people,” said House Republican Leader Rep. Jim Townsend (R-Artesia). “What is happening in Santa Fe does not reflect what an overwhelming number of New Mexicans want, so we’re going to make sure they are heard.”

“New Mexicans in 25 counties have made it clear that they do not support restrictions on their 2nd Amendment rights,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (R-Farmington). “Clearly Santa Fe is out of touch …This is not my New Mexico.”

Rep. Townsend sent a letter to the Secretary of State requesting the petitions for Senate Bill 8. The petitions will then be circulated across New Mexico for signatures.

A similar situation occurred in Colorado, where elected officials were recalled after voting for an anti-Second Amendment  bill. Referendum such as in New Mexico are considerably more effective as they target the offending legislation directly.

This sort of referendum is specific. It has an excellent chance of passage. It has been used in Switzerland for over a hundred years to limit and prevent the overreach of governmental power.

25% of voters from the last election would have to be collected within 90 days after the adjournment of the legislature, to suspend the bill until the next election. The legislature is expected to adjourn on March 16, 2019.  The deadline would be about June 14th.

10% of the voters from the last election would have to be collected by four months before the next general election, which would be in November of 2020. That would give the collectors about a year and three months to collect the signatures.

According to Ballotopedia, 175,412 signatures would be necessary for 25% of the previous election; 70,165 for 10% of the voters.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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      2. For those curious, Green Watch Dog is also posting this on the Oregon Teaching Article,

        Yeah, Funny, poor guy just cant seem to realize when some people put things up to intentionally force him to respond. 🙂

        1. Another one… What makes you think you are any better than the illegals that are running away from their countries to the United States to escape tyranny than you running from your state where you too should STAND AND FIGHT?

    2. Ok, everyone, looks like ochwill is back out of hiding again, pushing the same lies he has been trying to since the first week of January.

      See, this is the forth time information has been presented against his argument, and the second or third time out of those four that Green Watch Dog has been unable to contain himself by jumping up to support ochwill and show how much of a Liar GWD is as well. More on that at the end.

      See, ochwill got hold of a new York times article in January, it was written in December of last year. That article quoted all the bad actors, including a person from the CDC who was part of the scandal of doctoring research with taxpayer money to push Gun Control agendas with BOGUS studies signed off on by the CDC. It’s what got the CDC banned by law from using Grant money to advocate gun control research. This is where he gets the 40,000 claim from.

      Why does this lie seem so familiar? Well, because 66% of that 40,000 are suicides, and self defense/police involved shootings are included as well. Remember Everytown reading off the names of “Victims” and including rapists, murderers, and even the Boston Marathon Bombers as victims of gun violence? Yeah, same tactic.

      Then We have the Oliver North claim. A man who was convicted, but the conviction was also vacated completely in court due to prosecutorial misconduct in a special prosecution investigation scandal that should sound vaguely familiar.

      If that Article sounds familiar, its because this is a standard tactic of those on the left. Create an investigation, sepnd millions, realize you can’t touch the whitehouse, so go after anyone and everyone underneath and try to get as many convictions as possible while dragging the “Investigations” on for years.

      ochwill’s comments disavowing total confiscation are also bogus. His plans, what he supports, has been part of same 1990’s movement to slowly regulate, register, ban, and then confiscate through the same FAILED ideas that were proposed back in the early 90’s. Those ideas failed, flat out. But the idiots also let some things slip, they stated early on that the goal was complete confiscation “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in.” the idea that confiscation is not planned is a flat out lie, and Red Flag laws are just the start of their confiscation plans.

      So Green Watch Dog, I promised something on him. See, he has been trying to claim that he is a Second Amendment Supporter. THIS IS A LIE. Flat out, no excuses, no reasons, he is lying through his teeth. Seems like when ochwill pops up with his three lies, Green Watch Dog can’t contain himself. He must jump in behind ochwill and the Gun Control side with full support, talking about how horrible Second Amendment Supporters are, how Constitutionalists will side with the idea of Liberty no matter how many Die. The same lies, told over and over again by the same two idiots.

      Both of them are evil. Both will tell any lie. And both will have no problem seeing you murdered if you try to oppose their plans for confiscation, and yes that is something GWD has already admitted to and demonstrated.

    3. You have to be Kidding me , that doesn’t hold water!
      Where did you get that data.
      There is Less Gun crime in states that have constitutional
      Carry than states that has supposed restrictions on Guns!.
      Like California.
      These mass Killers Always pick Gun Free zones to
      Think About it!

    4. The left has spent years purposely moving it’s voters into the capitals of states that are red. It’s no accident that NM once a bastion of freedom and the Second Amendment has been usurped by COMMIEFORNIA Interlopers.
      The people of every patriotic state and every blue state must stand up and defend their freedoms before we all lose them!!!

    5. Yawn.Gun safety laws work. Gun safety does not mean banning all guns. States with tough gun safety laws have lower gun violence rates. 40,000 Americans died of gunshot wounds in 2017. Almost none of those deaths were on US military bases. Why? Weapons are stored under lock and key and armed guard on military bases. Ammo is stored separately from firearms on US military bases. Oliver North, the president of the NRA is a convicted gun trafficker. DO THE MATH.
      The NRA is a guns sales organization which sells weapons through fear, misinformation, and appeals to violence. Currently US firearms are feeding the gun violence in Guatemala, which is driving refugees towards our southern border. The NRA is a gun sales organization which appeals top fear and fake “patriotism” to sell guns.

      1. Actually, gun control has NEVER stopped a mass shooting, nor gun murder.! All they do, is disarm the law abiding “who are neither likely, nor inclined to break the law” Thomas Jefferson (describing gun control in federalist papers)

      2. Ochwill: Yawn…Gun laws are a joke!
        California has some tight gun laws, yet these have done nothing, but eliminate the innocent from feeling safe & being prepared and ready.
        The 2nd Amendment is very clear in it’s founding & foundation. “Right to keep & bare arms,” period!

      3. Tell that to the people who have lost loved ones in Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, and the entire state of California and New York. All of these listed above have the strictest gun laws in the country. And in Chicago alone there was 4273 killed in homicide shootings in 2018. So, please tell me again how gun control is working. Oh the NRA does NOT sell guns. You mentioned General Oliver North, what about that thing that Obama did and Eric Holder, what was that, oh yeah “fast and furious ” that went well didn’t it. I’m just saying.

        1. @Thomas Honey

          The Oliver North thing is a lie ochwill is famous for.

          In spite of those convictions being thrown out by the courts because they were political attack jobs, he still screams “There was a Conviction” even though everytime he has the lie has been exposed.

          ochwill is a lying whore bag who’s job here is to convince anyone he can that they don’t plan on confiscation, so when they confiscate you are nice and sleepy.

      4. Your telling me Baltimore the highest gun fatalities in the nation pre person has no gun laws. It has some of the strongest gun laws in the nation. Do your homework sir your opinion isn’t fact. Look more people die of drunk driving each year so we should out law cars there not even in the constitution . Cuase out lawing alcohol didnt work.

        1. Medical mistakes by doctors and nurses cause 250,000 deaths per year. Perhaps the Commie gungrabbers would like to outlaw the medical profession, also ? What do they propose, a perfect world where streets and sidewalks are made out of marshmallows ?

      5. Ochwill Tell that to the people who have lost loved ones who died of gunshot wounds in Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and the entire state of California that gun control works. In Chicago alone, in 2018, 4273 people were killed by guns, but gun control works, ookay. Here in Arizona in 2016 only 227 people were killed in the entire state that year and yet we carry out in the open our guns. So please help me with this one you said that the states that have strict gun control laws have lesser gun violence than the ones that have lesser laws. Please explain.

      6. What the hell?? Where did you get those “facts and figures”?? Not a single one of them is within the same postal zipcode as “correct.” What color is the sky in your world?

      7. You have to be Kidding me , that doesn’t hold water!
        Where did you get that data.
        There is Less Gun crime in states that have constitutional
        Carry than states that has supposed restrictions on Guns!.
        Like California.
        These mass Killers Always pick Gun Free zones to
        Think About it!

      8. You want to know the real reason why gun deaths are rare in military bases is because everyone is educated about gun safety if you knew how many civilian owned firearms there are on those bases you would be surprised plus everyone is held to a higher standard it’s not the laws that keep that from happening it is the people that are on those bases that do

      9. Ask the people where tyrants were allowed to strip there rights , then enslave them if it’s a Yawn! Our for fathers knew that history will repeat,and people will forget.


      11. You’ve been hoodwinked by Bloomberg’s rhetoric and haven’t read his 2018 data. It reveals gun homicides declined seven percent, firearm injuries declined 10 percent, fatal child shootings (under 18) declined 12 percent and unintentional shootings plummeted 21 percent. Firearms ownership reached an historic high in 2018 and new licensees are skyrocketing. More to the point, Vermont (#1) and New Hampshire (#2) boast the lowest crime rates in the nation and their laws are “unrestricted” and constitutional carry, respectively. Considering just murder rates, Maryland has one of the toughest laws and is 4th highest in the nation. I could go on but most here are smart enough to know that gun control laws have no effect on crime rates.

    6. Big THANK YOU to all who support us here in New Mexico. We will keep fighting against our criminal government, I promise! Don’t give up in your States. Together we can do amazing things! Again, thank you all. To all who stand with our governor, well y’all can kiss our red, white and blue rear ends!!!

        1. och will,
          If the number of deaths caused by gun shots in the United States in one year was 23,394,999; many ultra right gun activist would argue with you. Its just the way they are.

          1. @Green Watch Dog

            Oh look, the lying whores are back.

            ochwill citing 40k deaths
            and GWD making up false statements about Second Amendment Supporters

            what ochwill wont tell you is 26k out of 40k are suicides. He also wont tell you that the remaining number lumps in accidents, police involved shootings, and self defense cases.

            He just says 40 thousand because he wants you to believe it is 40 thousand murders, four times higher than it actually is.

            GWD’s lie builds off of that. With anywhere from 500 Thousand to 2.5 million or more self defense uses each year its pretty obvious whose sides the numbers are on. Lets take the low average.

            1 Million to 10 thousand, life protection vs taking life. That is a 100:1 scenario. Defensive uses and lives saved far outweigh the taking of life, but they don’t want you to understand or even think about that.

            And even though this has been getting explained to ochwill since February, and Green Watch Dog since December, they always come back and use the same bogus, disproven lies that they tried to use from the start.

            They can’t tell the truth because they are ultra progressive, lying, dishonorable, confiscation supporting Gun Control advocates. It’s just the way they are. 🙂

            For those wondering, the number ochwill is using came out of an Anti Second Amendment hit piece in the New York Times that ran on Dec 18th last year, from the same idiots who have been advocating confiscation since the 1990’s.

    7. We need these petition signatures from every county, as they are not just an aggregate from large population areas. When you get a call(over the next few months, you will be contacted)be aware we are not just a partisan group. This is a non-partisan issue. We are bringing together people from across New Mexico to protect those who wish to legally bear arms. If we knock at the front door, same facts apply.

    8. Gun control=common sense.
      You second amendment idiots support legislation that regulates a woman’s uterus, but not an implement of death.
      You are all bass ackwards.

      1. Common sense is not shooting up a school or theater. And abortion is murder. The bitch made her choice when she spread her legs. Unless they are too stupid to know how babies are made.

      2. So, @ JS.. your statement, I assume that you’re ok with someone telling you that you can, or cannot, have sex with your wife?
        Would it be ok for Gov. to control you having sex, if you only shot blanks? or had same sex?
        .. or that it’s ok to murder the new-born/unborn child you created; because it’s an inconvenience to your life?

        Is it NOT ok with you, if someone has a gun, that can be used to shoot a target, a legal animal, a person/animal in self defense, or use against tyranny?
        I think the 2A refers to the militia, as being “WE” the PEOPLE.

        If you call “control” common sense, why don’t we pass laws against you having a kitchen knife?
        ..Make you: apply for a license to use it/have it, make you pay a bunch of fees, take a bunch of classes, so you can cut a steak, or a loaf of bread; because “IF” you went off the deep end, and choose to use it for a CRIMINAL activity.. Some one might die.

        .. Oh, but you’re NOT a CRIMINAL, you say!.. neither are we, that you want to control!

        Why do you think it’s OK to control other people, who have not committed any crime?

        Why don’t you go CREATE/ENFORCE laws against the CRIMINALS who do the shootings?
        …Here is your chance to prove your own common sense!
        ..or bass ackwards your way out the door!

        1. @Walter Goddard

          Your arguments have definitely become stronger my friend.

          Excellent use of facts while asking questions to pull in the emotionals with ideas and stories that they understand, and exposing the op’s hypocrisy at the same time. Bravo

    9. So what is the legislation that is so offensive?
      I see that the author did not name it or give specifics.
      That makes this piece propaganda, not news, and it makes the author a gaslighter, not a journalist.

      1. It’s not really about guns, it’s about our freedoms being taken away. The red flag law is offensive. All it takes is a statement from ANYONE, the cops can bust into YOUR home, whether you have guns or not, and start searching your property without a warrant. They can confiscate your private property without due process.
        In Kentucky, a daughter got mad at her father and called the cops. Told them that he was armed & a threat to himself & others. The cops busted into his home at 3 am. He did not know who was breaking into his home at that time of morniong and had a gun in his hand. The cops shot him dead.
        The news paints it as a way to control the gun violence. It doesn’t work. Innocent people lose theri freedoms & get hurt.
        They also passed a law where you cannot sell your personal property (Guns) without a background check. How does this stop the criminals from buying one on the street from gang members?

    10. It would be great if NM could override this and win their rights back. While you at it send the new governor packing back to commiefornia. No one needs her type in a free state.

    11. Scot, Bryan, Teeroy, Marshall, I have a question. On what floor of the Bloomberg Tower Building are your cubicles located. Does Mike the Kike give you special perks for nafta members?

      By the way Joseph Montoya, “This ain’t mexico”. You don’t like it, Go back across the border.
      Oh yeah, My people were here long before any of you immigrants. Look at what has happened to us when the “government” took our arms! And Marshall, no one in my family use drugs or alcohol! But you better bet your A$$ we are armed and will remain so.

    12. Good luck to all NM residents. Get rid of the idiots in the capitol, annul all the BS laws and return to living your lives in the freedom dreamed of by our founding fathers. Hopefully it will send a message to those who seek to restrict our freedoms that so many have fought and died for.

    13. 2 everyone here: there are all shades of patriots, there are still patriots in every state. but gun “control” = a**hole no matter who you are, and…a lot of things can happen to dog-s**t…

    14. Dean, a well written article and notice to the people of New Mexico on a way to peacefully throw off the tyranny of our present government.

      The law, any law that affects law abiding citizens under Article II Section 6, violates STATE CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION – Article II, Section 6, “NO LAW shall abridge the right of the citizen…”. NO LAW! PERIOD! Many laws on our individual fundamental Rights say “shall not be violated”. The Second Amendment states “shall not be infringed” So what is the difference?

      To violate a Right you must actually deny or oppress the basic action of the Right. To infringe upon a Right you must take actions that threaten to violate the basic action of the Right. But, to abridge a Right all you need to do is to lessen the total scope of the Right in any way. Much the same way as creating an abridged dictionary, wherein all you need to do is remove just one word from an unabridged dictionary to create an abridged dictionary.

      In comparison look at the First Amendment to the US Constitution, it states, “Congress shall make no law ABRIDGING….”. The same actions of protecting the right to worship, the Right to speech, the Right of the press, the Right to assemble, and the Right to redress grievances applies to the individual Right to keep and bear arms in the state of New Mexico by the laws of our state Constitution!

      So, any law that affects and creates an abridgement of the Right upon law abiding citizens is unconstitutional!

      Above all, one must remember that our Rights DO NOT come from our Constitution, our Constitution and thus our just laws come from our Rights and our explicit objective to secure and protect ALL of our individual fundamental unalienable Rights for ourselves and our posterity.
      “…That to secure these Rights, governments are instituted among men…” DoI

      Our individual Rights DO NOT come from government, nor do governments have authority over our individual Rights, but, governments come from our Rights and our Rights have authority over governments!

      There is no such thing as “Constitutional Rights”, only Constitutional PROTECTIONS of our Rights!

      A person once said “I do not like what you have to say, but, I will fight to the death for your Right to say it”! Where has that devotion to our Rights gone?

      It is time for all of us to rekindle that devotion to our unalienable Rights and take a stand against those that attempt to dictate to us otherwise!

      “Just as it is the duty of all men to obey just laws, so it is the duty of all men to disobey unjust laws.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

      “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law,’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the Rights of the individual.”
      Thomas Jefferson

      “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”
      Thomas Jefferson

    15. Voters need to educate themselves before going to the poll, do not watch any campaign commercial, just researcher, candidates voting history, be a informed voter.

    16. leave the second amendment alone as written . all the laws in the world will not stop bad people from doing bad things . responsible gun owners are just that -responsible .

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