Swalwell Smear of NRA is a Sign of Things to Come

Anti-gun Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.)
Anti-gun Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.)

California – -(AmmoLand.com)- Last week, Representative Eric Swalwell, who has in the past proposed an Australia-style “buyback” of certain firearms and who threatened to nuke gun owners who wouldn’t turn in their guns, claimed on Twitter that the NRA threatened Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Well, that was a lie and one that was quickly shot down in the wake of his tweet.

But Swalwell’s doubled down on his smears and lies, claiming the NRA is taking Russian money. I guess he’s decided that if he tweets lies that are outrageous enough often enough that they will be seen as the truth. In any case, Second Amendment supporters need to view this increasingly escalating pattern with a great deal of concern.Swalwell-Tweet

Say this for Bloomberg and other anti-Second Amendment extremists: They’ve learned from what happened two decades ago. In 1999, after the defeat of legislation that would have balanced background checks and the survival of gun shows in the House of Representatives, then-Representative Barney Frank, no friend of the Second Amendment was famously quoted by the Washington Post as saying, “They don't have marches, they don't have demonstrations, they don't shoot their guns in the air. It's just good, straight democracy.”

Frank’s comments, as well as those of then-House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, caused a serious problem for those seeking to strip away our Second Amendment rights. Despite the fact that they supported stripping away the Second Amendment rights of Americans, Frank and Gephardt made Second Amendment supporters seem like reasonable people who were simply involved in the Democratic process. As such, people were less willing to be motivated to fight against them.

Between that and the Heller and McDonald cases, anti-Second Amendment extremists like Michael Bloomberg were soon in a serious bind. The Second Amendment had been held by the Supreme Court to be an individual right, and many people were viewing Second Amendment supporters as normal people who were raising valid concerns. This made it hard to really motivate people to go after Second Amendment rights, even after shootings like those at Fort Hood or Tucson.

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They got their chance after Sandy Hook. After the grassroots efforts by Second Amendment supporters helped the NRA block a permanent federal semi-auto ban along with other anti-Second Amendment measures, the gloves finally came off. Anti-Second Amendment extremists thought they had such things in the bag… and were proven wrong. To say they were enraged puts it mildly.

Since then, Bloomberg’s groups like Moms Demand Action and other anti-Second Amendment organizations have settled on a strategy of dehumanization. Major “mainstream” media outlets have gone along with this strategy.

What did that mean? Well, once you have dehumanized someone or a group of people, it’s easier to mobilize people who see themselves as normal to act against them. It began after Sandy Hook, and since Parkland, it has gone into high gear, with both a social stigmatization effort, censorship by Silicon Valley, and an assault via corporate boardrooms being used in addition to a legislative push.

By painting the NRA as monsters, they forced companies to end affiliate programs. NRA members hardly ever used them (they didn’t join the NRA to get cheaper shipping from FedEx), but those programs were important in that they reaffirmed that those who were defending the Second Amendment weren’t monsters.

So far, that strategy is bringing some returns for anti-Second Amendment extremists. We have to accept that Swalwell will be smearing Second Amendment supporters for a while. Fortunately, the combination of his extremism and the fact he spouts off lies that have been relatively easy to disprove limits that effectiveness.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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    1. Ashamed to sayl Mr. Swalwelll is from Ca. he sure as hell does not speak for me or most of my friends, He is nothing but a professional political want a be, He will say or do what he thinks will be to his advantage.. His stand on Gun rights is totally off the wall, to say radical is only close to how stupid it is.

    2. 1HABU
      Everday the Demonrats remind me of the grade school, high school, and college cliques, whom in-order-to to survive and promote their twisted agendas, go to great lengths to ruin anyone with common sense, or a better idea. The cliques also love to go after anyone who refuse to join their perverted, decident, and deviant games. Basically, the Demonrats are nothing more than a gaggle of pimple faced gum chewing over-educated underachieving fifth graders, whom are stuck in an never-ending Porkies movie.

    3. Alright People !
      We’ve Heard it All from the Grabbers !
      So !! Now They Need to Give up The Security of
      Armed Guards They Travel With !
      Guns are Bad , So ALL Should Go !
      Most Assured from Those That Oppose Them !
      I Refuse to Pay Taxes to Fund those that Deny My Rights
      that they so Blatantly Oppose and Have for themselves ,
      Overlooked ! If We can’t have them , They can’t Either !

      1. But that’s not the way it works with their kind………and the very reason WHY we have the 2nd A. “shall not be infringed”

    4. Commiecrats don’t worry about such things as facts and truth. They just jam their propaganda down everyone’s throats till they’re all forced to swallow.

      Keep stocking ammo, guys & gals, we’re gonna need every last round.

    5. “[O]nce you have dehumanized someone or a group of people, it’s easier to mobilize people who see themselves as normal to act against them.”

      See: Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky (a communist, of course)

    6. dehumanizing the NRA and its supporters is just one more step in the left wing of the Democratic party separating itself from the mainstream of American thought. Perhaps it is time we go to a three party System of conservatives on one side,
      ever more radical liberals/progressives on the other, and RINO’s and DINO’s coming together to form a centrist party. Not just on gun control but on everything else.

      1. Just a question. First I am a Texan and do not like Democratic Stance on Guns and especially do not like Pelosi.
        ? Should all these people be Lying, why can they not be sued or arrested?

        1. Well George, we have to go back to school for that one. History and Civics classes specifically. Anything the people say while they are in session House or Senate can’t be used against them. Why not? Because they pass the laws, they exempt themselves from following them. Then if what they say is just too over the top, the only people who are allowed to bring charges against them are their fellow swamp rats. Why? See above.
          So you see, there little to nothing that you can do about them. They’ll ignore what you write to them, refuse to listen to what you tell them and do as they please. You can’t really even vote them out because they fix elections and buy votes.When that doesn’t work they import them. Any other questions? That you can ask in public, I mean.

            1. Yes they have, unfortunately that oath means nothing to them. Perhaps, rather than sueing them for the act of lying, a huge class action suit for breach of contract might open their eyes to just what an oath entails.

      2. Jeepers. Ax. Oliver North is still going to be a three time convicted gun trafficker who sold weapons to Iran before becoming president of the NRA no matter how many times you complain about people making that observation.
        The NRA isn’t extremist?????? Sure. And if frogs had wings they wouldn’t bump their as/ when they jumped.
        NRA Kool Aid.

        1. Well that’s just not true. The ACLU represented North on appeal and won. He was cleared of all charges.

          1. Good Call Ford, but och will is a compulsory liar. He’s a paid propagandist and has been since he showed up spouting a New York Times gun control article over a month ago.

            He was already called out for that one previously, and low and behold here he is still trying to advance the same lie.

    7. The people that elected Swalwell Richly Deserve him. If people need to lose any right it should be the right to vote. They have proven over and over and over that they are too God Damn stupid to have that much power. One cannot give that much Power to Total Idiots. People want change but they don’t want to get their hands dirty. The Only way out of the mess we’re in with The Swamp and Shaddow Government is to have a Civil War. You cannot reason with Mentally Ill Demoncraps and Socialist. The sooner you face up to that fact the sooner we can get this Country back on course. Give them a choice, move to China, North Korea or Venezuala since they Love Socialism or face the Sword.

    8. Swalwell, a LIAR, SCUMBAG of the first order. As for the idiots that keep this in office ,WAKE THE F UP! Geeezzzzz.

      1. Posting the words target practice next to the head of a former Congresswoman who’d been shot in the head years earlier is okay with you??????????????????? No way you actually think that…..Any responsible gun owner would condemn that as fear mongering and intentional hate tactics. The NRA is an extremist far right political organization which frequently publishes implied threats of violence.

    9. I’m uncertain about the assertion that the Russian’s have little firearm freedom given the videos of guys playing with dual full automatic Glock pistols with drum magazines.

    10. We, as gun owners and enthusiasts, need to stay out of the rhetoric trap. Making threatening comments ourselves drags them down to their level. Focus instead on the positives. There would be no mass shootings if concealed carry was universal after gun training at places like Gunsite as murderers would be neutralized by concerned, armed citizens long before police could arrive. Women would not be accosted by low lifes once they were carrying a concealed gun. The risk would be too high for sexual predators. Families could park further away from night time movies or bowling without fear. Families could bond over group shooting competitions, as a sport girls would be equal to boys in, if not superior. We need to invite the public to bake days or bar b ques at our shooting clubs so they can see how stringent we are on gun safety, and so not every photo they see is a psychopath holding an AK or AR sryle rifle. How about clay target shotgun family photo publicity. We need to stop acting like full auto, or bump stocks is the center of our message and get the truth to the public that guns are the tools we use to protect our families, neighbors, community, and Nation. That is why they have Secret Service and armed guards and why some carry concealed firearms. They are not bad people. We are not bad people. We are all trying to defend against bad people. And we won’t demonize or “nuke” anyone. That’s the message we need to get out to the public. And these messages need to be posted where Democratic voters can see them. Here, we are just preaching to the choir.

      1. Since 2007, concealed carry permit holders have committed 1239 homicides and suicides including the shooting of 21 policemen. Your comment that concealed carry will stop the shootings is not supported by the facts.
        You can see every single documented shooting and mass shooting at this site including names, dates and the victims names, occasions . All of them are fully documented. The researchers believe there are alot more to be unearthed.
        ConcealedCarryKillers.org or ViolencePolicy.org. Enjoy.
        As an aside, I’m stunned by the primitive nature of your understanding of the toll concealed carry shooters are taking on society with unjustified shootings. CCW people get in more gun incidents than non carry people. Why???
        When your only tool is a gun, everything looks like a target.

        1. Your comment that concealed carry holders are involved in shootings is not supported by the facts.

          I’m stunned that someone would publicly support Anti-Gun Organizations whose leaders have been convicted of killing law-abiding innocents with the stolen guns from their own protective service details. You can see every single documented shooting and mass shooting at this site including names, dates and the victim’s names, occasions. All of them are fully documented. See Och-Will, anyone can make up fake facts and sound convincing. Please go kill yourself now and save us the ammo after the fighting starts.

        2. I worked for a state crime organization for five plus years in a very left state. I did analysis on criminals and crimes. Your statements are not supported by facts derived from LE and FBI data that you would not have access to. CCW holders are seven times less likely to commit a crime with a firearm than LE; 220 times less likely to commit a crime with a firearm than the average citizen. You are 300 times more likely to be killed by a deer hunter than a CCW holder. These are facts supported by data, not wishful thinking. Reminds me of the phrase ‘Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.’

    11. Have been to Russia, and their gun rights are in good shape! Walk into a gun shop, and you have a great selection, from a single shot pistol, to a full auto, with a canister hanging on its side! There are many shooting clubs, where you can go, to hone your shooting skills. Wife, lived in a large city, and she had no problem going shooting These a–holes can taske my gun, from my dead hands, as then I won’t need it anymore!

      1. They put “target practice” next to a picture of a former Congresswoman who was shot in the head while serving in Congress and you think thats ok?????/ basically you can just say or do whatever you want to including publishing threatening messages about gun violence………? And you think thats okay???? We live in a civil society sir where people with guns don’t make statements in public like that posting the message “target practice” on a gun violence survivor because you don’t like her position on guns everywhere???? Yeah???? Thats amazing. Seriously……
        Giffords Center for Gun Safety Go there and learn something.

        1. OCH, there you go again sucking Gabby’s cock. Anyone visiting that website would be made dumber NOT smarter.

        2. Umm there were no links to any actual gun safety classes on that site! Can you give us a link or two? Maybe they should change their name to, Giffords Center for Gun Control.

    12. I think when false statements are made by an elected official then all gloves come off and a deep investigation into their background and life should be initiated. Then those results posted to social media. Who knows what deep dark secrets will come out. Most every politician has a chest full of inappropriate and dirty deals to achieve and stay in office.

    13. Mr. Swalwell, by his own admittance, is for full and absolute gun confiscation; those who refuse to turn in their legally owned firearms will be deemed felons and subject to RFLs and no knock warrants.

      He, and others like him, care less about the citizenry or law enforcement well being – maybe why Sheriffs are standing up to the seditious acts by these self serving servants.

      Sedition is treason!

    14. The NRA headline Target Practice, posted on a picture of former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s (shot in the head at a democratic rally and six supporters killed) , along with a photo of speaker Pelosi was indeed a threat. Claiming it wasn’t, is an indication of how extremist and violence supportive the gun lobby, as represented by the NRA , has become. Denying that this was an intentional threat against a gunshot victim, and a gun safety proponent(Pelosi) reveals just how far to the extreme political right,the NRA is. This was a disgraceful gun violence threat by the NRAcagainst a former elected official who was shot and severely disabled by someone with a concealed handgun . Disgraceful call for gun violence by the NRA. A and a disgraceful and dishonest denial by the far right gun crazies at AmmoLand

        1. @CM, propagandists don’t have time to read the articles. They have a lie that they need to advance at many sites. More sites equals more responses equals a larger paycheck. If this one did not have a party line to push, he could not think of one himself.

      1. Och will… look at it this way…if you really think that gun owners are going to lay down and turn their guns in just because some pretend “authority” tell them to, you live in la la land. You will see not only politicians hunted down and assassinated but the police themselves as well as any enforcement of such acts will become fair game. That isn’t a threat, that is a historical fact. Start with Concord Green where the kings enforcers came to disarm our for fathers.

        1. Sure did. It sounds like you didn’t. Wild Bill. This Marine Corps infantry officer thinks you’re a foul trolling hater, Scat troll. I’m not going to trade personal insults with someone who doesn’t know how to make a cogent argument only ad hominem.Sorry. Gun safety does not involve turning in all your guns..Thats a fear myth the NRA likes to try to sell to the gullible. Responsible gun owners embrace gun safety. Gun violence is not inevitable. Gun violence is preventable. Very basic ideas the NRA doesn’t want you to know about because such measures might reduce gun sales in America fior the gun manufacturers who buy tens of millions of dollars in ad space in NRA publications and give the NRA tens of millions annually in donations. This sin’t calculus. They know that fear sells guns. So telling you that there’s a giant socialist/communist conspiracy to take away all your guns works for some people. There are well over 300 million guns in America and we have the worst per copaita gun violence rate in the developed world. Gun safety proponents have NEVER proposed taking away everyones guns. That NRA fear organza and its called the “either-or” logical fallacy. If you give in an inch on Second Amendment “guns everywhere all the time” fundamentalism then gun safety advocates will take all your guns and guns will be banned…Ridiculous conspiracy theory stuff that appeals to some people, who like to plan for gun violence.

        2. @OCH Will

          Looking in the mirror again(Foul trolling hater)

          You don’t have the honor, integrity, or intelligence to be a Marine. Sorry. You are neither welcome here, nor a patriot. You are the enemy our forefathers warned us against, an agent of evil. We will never listen to, nor obey you. We recognize you as the lying traitorous trash you are.

          Get over it.

          Lie number one
          “It doesn’t mean turning in your guns” No that came directly from the lips of your “Safety” minded politicians, Mr and Mrs America turn them all in. You are a liar

          Lie Number two
          “Its about safety” No it isn’t. Writing laws that attack and hinder the law abiding does nothing to make our country safer, only less free.

          Lie Number three.
          “Responsible Gun owners Support this” No, lying hypocrites seeking power and control over their fellow citizens support your asinine and hollow ideas that as pointed out about lie number two, do nothing to make us safer.

          Lie number four
          “Its called an either or fallacy” No, its called a ‘death by a thousand cuts’ strategy and its what the so called “Gun Safety proponents” who used to call themselves gun control proponents have been practicing for decades. Like Global warming though, when the idea stops selling change the name in the hopes you can sell the same crap sandwich you tried before.

          Has nothing to do with the NRA, it’s just a lying gun control weasel named OCH Will.

      2. Och Will, I have a couple of thoughts/questions I’ve been wondering about since you showed up.
        1st, is your name a take-off on the song Ich Will? And will doesn’t make any sense to me.
        Are you saying that you want to be heard or that you don’t understand us? It’s a serious question.

        Second, I’d like to thank yo for showing up regularly and proving that Ammoland doesn’t censor disparate views.

        Back to your comment.
        Calling the NRA right-Wing only shows how Left-Wing you are. NOBODY here other than trolls would consider the NRA to be the Right, barely to the Center. The Target Practice headline didn’t suggest anything more than who to be against.Nobody but the Left would see that as a dog whistle, it isn’t how the Right thinks, it’s how the Left thinks they think. Again, self doxing/outing by the Left.
        Really, that’s the difference.

        Please respond on-point, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is wondering.

      3. Och, where have any members of any rights groups advocated for violence or actually committed violent acts against any anti-rights groups or anti-politicians? Please cite one sourced incident.

        Now, on the other hand, it is well-documented, just about daily in the news, where anti-rights people and groups, not only advocate violence against us, but have actually perpetrated such violent criminal acts.

        Your deluded world of a gun-free utopia exists in only two places, your mind and in prisons. And prisons are far from being nonviolent. There the only ones with power are the strong, gangs, and the guards that have weapons. And guards are still frequently attacked. Use that as an example of what the real world would be like if the populous was disarmed.

        1. OCH comes out here occasionally and runs his trap about something the “party” tells him to say and every time we reply to him I think it puts another dime in his paycheck. He and Swalwell are so close in thought they might be brothers. Just remember if you reply you may be getting Soros or Bloomturd to write a bigger check to him. Just like Swalwell, nothing ever comes out of his mouth that is reasonable or patriotic. Just dismiss his BS.

          1. I actually considered that before replying. I was truly interested in his answers.
            I worked in Non-profit and not-for-profit hospitals for decades so I’m used to dealing with people who scam the system and live off it, in other words Democrats. I don’t care if O W helps Bloomberg or Soros go broke, it won’t happen, but it’s money wasted in his case, since nobody believes his BS anyway. It’s better than them spending it on something that will effect change.

            I figure that since he only shows up irregularly he does it when he’s broke. We had lots of patients like that, they’d live in hospitals until the hospital went broke and out of business, then move to the next hospital. Really. They’d cross the Potomac and state lines to do it. We had people who came in right after they spent their welfare check and would leave again when they new one came in the mail. They joke was they they spent more time there than the staff did. Only it wasn’t a joke, they did. WAAAAAAY more. We routinely ran $10-20M in the red because of being a non-profit and taking care of anyone who walked through the doors. That’s healthcare in America.
            Still waiting to hear for O W.

          2. Oh dearie me pussycat. Since you say I have a “trap” theres no need to attempt to be polite with you either. Thanks for setting that standard and I’m happy to work with those rules until you learn some manners . Bonehead. .Don’t go here whatever you do. And really, don’t think. guns for all the kids and 140,000 dead and wounded in 2017 in America alone. But you say thats not a problem>>Sure. That makes sense. Funny thing is I have yet to get a logical fact based argument from anyone about America’s gun violence problem and \how Second Amendment absolutists are driving he fear and violence. haven’t gotten a single knowledgeable response. I have to conclude that you don’t have any logical responses. Like. Yeah we have a gun violence epidemic and what can we do to fix it???
            Standard answer here is more guns. So……..no answer as usual. Dismiss EverytownFirGunSafety,MomsDemandAction,NoRANow,MarchForOurLives,ConcealedCarryKillers.org.
            Go stick your head in the sand rambo.

        2. Jeepers. Maybe the NRA shouldn’t have posted a picture of a gun safety advocate and former Congresswoman who was shot in the head with the title on the photo “Target Practice”
          I’m just thinking out loud here reapy.
          And nope crazy man heed the call, no one in gun safety circles is calling for all and everyones guns to be taken away. thats NRA propaganda written for the gullible who get suckered by that fallacy, which is called the slippery slope fallacy. if you accept ANY gun safety ideas, they’ll take all your guns. That fear narrative seems to have worked very well for you.

          1. OW I have to reply to you regardless. You say you are or were a Marine combat Major but it is very evident you don’t sound like one. In fact I doubt if you could lick the sweat off the gonads of a Marine. You are a lying POS with a real problem whether because you are high or liquored up or just plain delusional. Your facts are lies and your sources are lies. In fact you are just one big f—ed up lie. You have repeated yourself three or four times in this one article. Something is wrong with your head.

          2. You would be believed, perhaps, if your claims did not so obviously fly in the face of documented comments from gun grabbers, to the clear effect of wanting to utimately take all guns away and leave Americans defenseless against tyrants. Nice try, Mr. Goebbels.

          3. Och, anti-rights proponents are not “gun safety” advocates. Please cite one source where your “gun safety” advocates teach firearm safety. Since that cannot be documented, because they don’t, they do not believe in firearm safety, only disarmament, which they continuously promote. You are a loser and are on the wrong site. Your ignorance and stupidity are duly noted.

    15. These PUBLIC TAX FUNDED PERMANENT POLITICAL POLITICIANS that LIE and are CONSCIENTIOUSLY working to UNDERMINE the Constitution and their OATH of OFFICE – – – – MUST be brought up on CHARGES of SUBVERSION against ALL Americans and need to be ARRESTED, CHARGED, TRIED AND THEN PUNISHED. At the least, IMPEACHMENT MUST be carried out. Then they cannot occupy ANY Publicly funded government position in America.


      1. Looking at it the other way, how stupid must the voters be to elect someone so obviously extreme in their viewpoint and a brazen liar to support it. Oh yeah, Californians. Even still, what a lying loon.

    17. The indolent, ignorant, passive US voter is responsible for the BolshieCrat control of this nation. I am afraid that the former USA will be the USSA by 2040: a Third World socialist s#it-hole, unless we revive the Spirit if 1776.

    18. More empty attacks on a generic “NRA” without mention of the leadership. It’s almost like they don’t want the leadership gone since they know it benefits them.

    19. The modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about. Swalwell should be on trial, fighting a death penalty case for attempting to undermine the US Constitution. These terrorists are irredeemable and there can be no reconciliation. There is only one remedy.

      1. Sounds like Swalwell is a Kremlin and/or Beijing mouthpiece and is taking Russian money. When ever the Left makes an accusation it is usually to cover the fact that is what they did. Russian agenda includes disarming Americans. He should be investigated. Follow the money! I wonder how they got to him?

    20. Eric Swallow,I’ll Nuke any and all gun owners,no matter what the Left says Yes we really do want all your Arms.

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