Who Needed an AR-15 Rifle? These Folks

AR-15 Rifle - A Brief History & Historical Time Line
Who Needed an AR-15? These Folks.

Connecticut/United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- Recently, anti-Second Amendment extremist Chris Murphy, a Senator from Connecticut, tweeted two of the usual canards that emerge when anti-Second Amendment fanatics want to push a semi-auto ban. He claimed that nobody needs a semi-automatic rifle for hunting or personal protection, and that the only person who needed a semi-automatic rifle was a mass shooter.

Well, to be honest, that tweet went beyond usual canards.

In fact, that tweet was a despicable and dehumanizing lie directed at millions of Americans who own modern multi-purpose semi-automatic rifles – not to mention semi-automatic shotguns or handguns. These millions of Americans never shot up a school, mosque, church, concert, or movie theater, yet they are defamed as “domestic terrorists” and “child killers” by anti-Second Amendment extremists because they exercise their First Amendment rights against the unjust punishment that has taken place in places like England and Australia, and which will probably take place in New Zealand.

First of all, at least for the present (thanks to Heller and McDonald), we don’t have to demonstrate why we “need” a given firearm to the government. Now, I’m sure some anti-Second Amendment extremists dream of the day where a “needs-based licensing system” not only forces those who wish to purchase firearms have to justify each new gun they want, but also compels those who own firearms must similarly explain why they should be able to keep the firearms they already own.

It’s patently absurd. There are several case studies which can show instances where law-abiding citizens in need of a firearm for personal protection have turned to the AR-15. One of the most notable was the case of Zachary Phillips of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. When three armed intruders broke into his house, he used his AR-15 to protect himself and his father. The three intruders died, and their getaway driver now faces three murder charges.

Without that AR-15, what might have happened? Nothing good for Mr. Phillips and his dad… and since the intruders had knives and brass knuckles (the former responsible for almost four times as many deaths as rifles of all types in 2017 according to Justice Department statistics), it’s highly doubtful that their trauma (or deaths) would have mattered to Murphy or any other anti-Second Amendment extremist.

Or how about an unidentified neighbor/good Samaritan in Kendall County, Illinois? A pregnant woman and her husband were attacked by a knife-wielding assailant. After hearing the shouts, a neighbor grabbed his modern multi-purpose semi-automatic rifle and intervened. The assailant fled at the sight of the armed neighbor and was later taken into custody. Again, had Murphy gotten his way, two people would be dead. Since the assailant was using a knife… again, their death would not have mattered to anti-Second Amendment extremists.

Democrat Chris Murphy: Millions of Americans take part in lawful activities, using AR-15s and similar modern multi-purpose semi-automatic rifles. Yet Chris Murphy dehumanizes them as mass killers in waiting.

Then there is a very scary incident in Glen St. Mary, Florida, one which was far less tragic than it could have been thanks to an AR-15 in the hands of a good guy. When seven intruders forced their way into a home, two of the residents returned fire. One had a nine-millimeter pistol, the other had an AR-15. After a flurry of gunfire, one of the suspects was dead, another was wounded, and the rest fled. At least one of the home invasion suspects was armed with a gun. Again, if Murphy and other anti-Second Amendment extremists had their way, these residents would have been traumatized – or worse. In this case, the would-be victims would have also found themselves as pawns for those who sought to deny them the chance to exercise the right that arguably saved their lives.

This is to say nothing about the use of the AR-15 for hunting, for three-gun matches, other competitions, or even just for some informal plinking. Millions of Americans take part in all of these lawful activities, using AR-15s and similar modern multi-purpose semi-automatic rifles. Yet Chris Murphy dehumanizes them with the slander that they are all just latent mass killers.

I don’t know about anyone else here, but that strikes me as some weapons-grade cynicism at best. For Murphy to slander millions so easily that speaks to a basic lack of decency and humanity. Indeed, Murphy’s tweet, like Eric Swalwell’s a while ago, speak to the other, admittedly drastic reason people might need to own AR-15s: To give them a fighting chance against those who would wrongfully and tyrannically take away their rights.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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Politicians like Chris Murphy of CT. and the other anti gun polis, at the federal, state and local levels of government throughout our great country along with the various anti gun groups do nothing about the real criminals. They only demonize an inanimate object, AR 15, or any other firearm they aren’t familiar with. Here in the Socialist Republic of New Jersey, and under Governor Phil “Mag Ban ” Murphy, and other Dem governors and legislatures have enacted more ridiculous gun laws, making honest gun owners criminals. All of these people are SUBVERSIVES , as they want o subvert and… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Yup, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many others ALL said the people don’t need firearms. What followed shortly afterward of surrendering those firearms was 56 MILLION innocent people being murdered by their own government, and that was BEFORE the war.
Arm up, carry on.


No civilian needs an AR-15, they need an M-4.

Chris Eidel

Hope he doesn’t fall on a knife 5 times

Chris Eidel

Hope he doesn’t fall on a knife 4 times..


Muslim terrorists have use planes cars knifes and pressure cookers to commit mass murders. Are we going to ban these items as well? I am a U.S. Marine and could kill most people with a towel or or cable, people will always find a way to kill. Firearms allow the weak to protect themselves from those who do not care about the law.

Gregory Romeu

OOH RAH my Brother!

Robert Wilson

Thank you for your service.


Just because some people are marines does not make them weak


How many of these Democrats are being protected by armed guards?But I guess that’s OK because they are law biding citizens.Well guess what’SO AM I’.I don’t understand why these damn Democrats want to make this a damn communistic country.I was taught to shoot by father,who is a former Marine sgt. when I was 9 years old.Myself and my two younger brothers recieved excellent training on the propper way to hold,aim,clean and shoot a fire arm and if we did some thing wrong we had our gun taken away until we coul prove we knew waht we did wrong and didn’t… Read more »

Michael Willis

Last I checked there were over 30 different calibers that can be accommodated on the AR-15 platform, from the various .17 varmint flavors being the smallest to rounds such as the .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf capable of taking the largest game animals in the Americas making it perhaps the most versatile rifle in the history of firearms. If politicians like Murphy really want to do something constructive to help stop these mass killings they should consider doing away with the gun-free zone. They were never intended to keep anyone safe but to act as a magnet for mass murderers… Read more »

allan King

The only thing a gun free zone does is tell the shooter that there is no one here to shoot back at you. You dont hear of mass shootings in states that have constitutional carrie. Mass shooers are cowards and do not want any resistance. They are sick bastards.


I’m with you

L.L. Smith

If you are defending me and my family I don’t care if you can read and write. Reading and writing never stopped a hoodlum. Good shooting does. In the 1930’s I attended a one room school with one teacher through the 7th grade. She taught us the three R’s. Readin, Ritin and Rithmatic. The same can’t be said about this modern education system. My dad taught me and my younger brother to shoot. I killed my first squirrel at the age of 8 years. My brother killed his first squirrel the same year at the age of six. Mom and… Read more »

John L Kroll

The Democrats would try to ban every material that can be turn into a weapon. That would include the original murder weapon call the rock.


hey, the fork made them fat you know

B Panelli

Who needs an automatic transmission? Or V8 engines? Or high capacity fuel tanks? A 4-cylinder VW bug with a stick shift is transportation. Who needs a gun for hunting when a bow and arrow will do? Or, for that matter, who needs to hunt when we have supermarkets? Who needs a remote control for their television when you can get up and change channels? Who needs a freezer or refrigerator at home, when you can buy fresh and eat fresh? Who needs a bed when you can sleep on the floor? Who needs morons to dictate what WE, THE PEOPLE,… Read more »

C Delgado

These damn demoCRAPS are saying guns kill people….then I guess the also BELIEVE that spoons and forks make people fat..a bunch of SH*TBAGS.


Don’t forget, cars make people drunk drivers!


Recently a police officer ejected a poor guy sorry I forgot he’s name is not everywhere in the news!
On he’s knees because he made a wrong move on he’s game
And the police haven’t been charge with anything
Because he was afraid of he’s life

And now this guy sachary Phillips he’s getting charge of murder on he’s own home for defending he’s family

James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon



Stop debating jerks line Murphy and Swalwell! You
don’t need a “conversation”. Just go buy your
AR 15! If you already have one go buy another
One! We don’t need to hear twaddle from the
“Soft hand crowd”. Many more A.R. 15‘s in
the hands of law-abiding citizens will end the
conversation .


– please don’t slander those of us with soft hands. When it comes to self defense, we need our ARs more than the rest of you.


Another clueless so called “lawmaker” who doesn’t know the first thing about U.S. law or for that matter the Constitution he is sworn to uphold. When will these simpletons get the message that an armed constituency is one that can’t be overthrown. But I’m guessing that is exactly the point. They hope for a tyrannical government that can do what they want with no resistance. You know the old saying: “ they will get my guns when they pry them from my cold dead hands” and “ when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”. Looks like we Second… Read more »


It’s ironic that the two biggest implementations of terror murder in the USA are still available: aircraft, fertilizer and diesel fuel.

Get Out

I need to get a DPMS A2 Classic in 5.56mm. Why, Murphy asks. Because I can!

Steve Waters

We need to start suing people who say these slanderous things about us for huge amounts of money. We need to demand their removal from office for failure to uphold their oath of office. We need to unite in one voice a shout “We’ve had enough!”


I’m with you


Murphy and Swawel (CA) – to rotten peas in same pod. Public servants at their best – disarm the citizenry while they retain armed protection. Remember Barney Frank, he too said same crap but went farther – he stated the servants have good reason for armed protection!


.think u mean swallows-well, CA critter
.d-suckers attempting to pass/enforce un-Constitutional laws do so their own risk


useless entertainment, hollyweed, & media t**ts like carrey, legend, moore, reiner, scarborough, sniffs-dogg-s**t, streisand, et al: we carry what we please to protect ourselves from you and your d-sucker thug-companions in the illegal/muslim-appeasing dhimmi-rat party. i’m sure you will all continue to run your worthless pie-holes.

Terrence H Przybylski

The american medical Association of doctors kill 250,000 americans from medical malpractice. Drunk drivers kill 12,000 americans a year. Opiate poisoned kill 140 people a day in america. And we think firearms are dangerous and should be banned. Its a proven fact the cities with the most restrictive firearm laws have the most murders and crime.just look to our southern border, mexico has very restrictive gun laws and look at their murders.

Brian sapp

Quit her bitching and fight for the right. The reason we have never been invaded is due to our gun ownership. It’s called the Bubba effect. Take away our right and see what happens. Our Nancy and Chuck’s will destroy this country. This was studied some years back. We have our own problems allowing socialist in our government.


The issue here is the second ammendment. If some people are more eloquent defenders of the second ammendment that is just the way it is, not all of us grew with English teachers for a mom. It seems to me you should be criticising the education system, and not people defending the second amendment. Stay on point.


Demonicrat Chris is justifiably angry at AR15 owners. How can these democrat criminals make an honest living by robbing, stealing, assaulting and murdering honest hard working people when they are being hindered by those rude and disrespectful AR-15 owners? Connecticut is a commie state that everyone should avoid and boycott any product that comes from there. I apologize to all the commies that were offended by being compared to Democrat scum. I own 4 AR’s with 10 lowers waiting to become Tyrannical Suppression Devices.

Russell Lovett

This isn’t about stopping death, or killing (hence no ban on cars or cigarettes). This is about disarming you and me.

Man of knowledge

What a spineless sellout Coward and Traitor! Like a whipped dog forcefed by the liberal globalist sellouts! The Left wants to point fingers and say we’re radical homegrown domestic terrorist and baby killers. Last time I checked It was the leftist Pro Choice murdering babies by the Millions every year. Seems pretty hypocritical. These are the indoctrinated people that believe the Radical Left Wing Media and have the most Fucked set of Views and Values and label Educated Citizens with alternative values and Beliefs as Radicalized Dissadents! I drink water but you can tell the ones that have whole heartedly… Read more »

35.50 man

The media and our public schools, especially Colleges are propagandists. Freedom is not free. Please be diligent in voting, writing, speaking when advocating for the right things. We need to establish that We, the people are in charge. Politicians and media ( editors and owners) are not who should determine what freedoms we are allowed to have. Go to these meetings or public events and ask direct questions. Never attack the person, attack their policies and actions. Do your homework and be prepared to sacrifice time, money and your pride. Never quit.

Jo Ann

As a former college Professor, may I suggest you reread your comment. You are doing the same dang thing. At our school we had a Trap shoot competition to celebrate the end of the semester. Students and faculty shot with and against each other and other academic departments. I was club faculty advisor. If a student drew an elk tag, sure I’d give them a make-up exam. It’s been a while since I retired but students got free or discounted rates at the local range. Not ALL AR owners are nuts and neither are all colleges Lib nests.


You are armed citizens or unarmed subjects

Donald D Blue

I own guns and they are all legal. I have no intent on using them for any illegal activity. However in the case of defending my family from a criminal or anyone with criminal intent, I will use them with no remorse. It is my choice of what guns I purchase and how I purchase them, also if I feel I need a semi automatic gun is still my choice. These people that want to take my second amendment rights away have never been face to face with a criminal with a gun. Reality tells me that a gun or… Read more »


One thing nearly all the “mass” shootings have in common…

Either the perp is/was a registered democrat OR the perp is/was related to left leaning and/or democrat voting family and friends.

The solution seems simple to me…

Robert M Bedford

So true.


two more things almost universally true about those mass shootings: first, they are, about 98% of them, in GUN FREE ZONES, or, at least theoretically “gun free”. Obviously all the signs, laws, threats of jail time, etc, meant nothing to those who brought guns in to wreak evil. In ALL the mass shootings I’ve read about, all but two I can think of took place i Certified Defenseless Victim Zones….. think about THAT….. the politicians who want to disarm you and me to “fix” the “gun violence” never face that bit of reality. Further, in some 90%+ of such public… Read more »


thank groping j. biden & dubya bush for fed “gun free” zones, they work so well right?

charles sturgeon

Almost all mass shooting, happen in a gun free zone,an unarmed shooting gallery


I’m sure Mr. Murphy’s security detail are all carrying single shot firearms.

Mike deluca

One more thing ,who’s more violent and spread hatred demos or reps ? The hippocracy kills me people

Harold Wayne Price

What I have and what I need is controlled by what I can afford! It is not any ones business but mine . It is not the governments, It is not my neighbors and it is not yours. In todays world where everyone is more concerned about everybody else, business more than their own ( social media) you do not need to share what you need or what you own. I am satisfied with what I have to protect me and my home and family, but remember a gun without bullets is useless, so you better buy while you can.I… Read more »

Cody Guzman

I’m all for gun rights, I love my guns and wouldn’t give them up for anything in the world. But come on guys, check your spelling and grammar. More than half of you sound like illiterate morons. I hate being a grammar Nazi, but “it’s the internet, it doesn’t matter” is just an excuse. When I see that, and the horrible grammar and sentence structure, I just think “and this is why they call us knuckle dragging neanderthals” again, I love my weapons and hate the idea of any more bans and restrictions as much as the next guy, and… Read more »


cody Guzman Are you a spelling Nazi or are you related to El Chapo? Whichever you are doesn’t make any difference but your first time on this site you bring criticism to people that like to comment here is not a good way to win friends and influence people. Some people use phones to comment and they are not easy to type on especially if you have large fingers. My only advice to you is to either get over it or go someplace else.

Roy D.

Whether you like it or not Tomcat, he has a valid point. Are we all going to have something slip through every once in a while? Yes, we are. But, that is not what he is talking about.


Roy D. Who pulled your chain or rattled your cage. If you are perfect at everything then show all of us. Otherwise STFU.


Watch for run on sentences, grammar Nazi. That’s why God invented the period and semi-colon.

Dave C

I agree. The left continuously calls us uneducated, unintelligent and deplorable. Whether we are or not is irrelevant – it’s a respect issue. Typos happen but so do spell checkers! If you’ve got time to post, you’ve got time to check it!


Grow up and learn to read for content not style. Besides, ever listened to live recordings of the gun banning politicians? Most sound worse than a bunch of Valley Girl type junior high kids. Even a recent excuse of a president, when not reading his teleprompter, displayed horrid grammar and I’ll lay high stakes at long odds his spelling was a lot like the typical grade school kid from those communities he helped “organise” on the South Side. Older or damaged fingers often do not obey the signals sent them by the brain tht operates them. And spell check often… Read more »

Dave C

I agree. The left continuously calls us uneducated, unintelligent and deplorable. Whether we are or not is irrelevant – it’s a respect issue. Typos happen but so do spell checkers! If you’ve got time to post, you’ve got time to check it!


Your comments only prove we need to spend more time and money on education and less about what weapons we can own. I also own a few guns one is an AR-15. I would have never purchased it but when there was talk here in liberal CA about banning them that was enough for me to say hell no. The next day i was at my local gun shop. Point being the government puts way to much emphasis on the AR making law abiding Americans like myself say enough is enough stay out of my god given rights to own… Read more »

Wild Bill

@CG, Yes. Yes, I’m sure that you are correct. If I improve my grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure, then the power hungry, libtard politicians will stop trying to ban my guns.

Walter Goddard

@WB, We can only hope right! While I have your ear, I try to write perfectly, but I’m not perfect. I still somehow manage to make mistakes.. and I do love to ramble too.. It’s my ex-wife’s fault.. lol She kept talking, when I didn’t have another word to say. Now, I’m addicted to jaw jacking; a habit from just trying to answer her questions… I actually have trouble shutting my mouth, when I get started.. I might even be a candidate for keyboards anonymous, except I’m limited from hunting and pecking by the loss of my fingers, on may… Read more »


Cody Guzman, proper spelling and grammar will not stop the hate that democrats/leftists have for honest gunowners.

Ansel Hazen

I think it’s rapidly becoming appropriate to be stating the need for any and all firearms are necessary simply because of what our Founding Fathers put the 2A in place for. Removing A Tyrannical Government. No further arguments needed at this point. Look politicians in the eye and tell them I owns guns because of YOU.

Heed The Call Up. It’s time to gather and protect the Republic from all enemies. Foreign or DOMESTIC.

Mark Andris


John Timmins

Mr Murphy sounds like real douchbag, typical liberal, not a brain cell worth saving

Mike deluca

I agree , he thinks he can talks his way out of a home invasion. What a completely stupid person


dog-s**t is more valuable than some politicians, maybe most.

Stephen A Hall

Our constitutional rights are becoming more and more endangered every day. The antis think that by disarming me that that will solve the problem.criminals dont abide by laws .I have a right to own any firearm I wish.The antis need to back off .leave law abiding citizens alone.they are not the enemy.Also we gun owners should start exercising recall of politicians who try to take away our rights to bear arms be they ar15 or bb guns .Leave my rights be .


The ban I’d like to see is the ban on media and politicians creating hysteria and inciting panic… You know like how it’s a crime to walk into a movie theater and scream fire when there is none?!

I’d like to see that and mandated accounting of all the heros out there and the saves. I’ve heard these stories for years but hardly the same one twice.

Geary Mcdevitt

Time to get louder, slam back at these tyrants!
If you are a gun owner, you must get in this fight.
With everything going on from the Dems, we need to be heard.
They are in full attack mode on our entire Republic.
The Electoral College, open borders, climate change? They want this country changed into a socialist hell hole.

Dave B

Its rather simple; those of us who see the constitution and bill of rights see it as a whole, as written and amended to provide for the security of all of our rights. The rest of them see it as a literary fluid old document, out of date and not mainstream.
These are the people who you need to convince their constituents the importance of all of our rights and those most importantly that protect us from the government.


This entire issue is about one thing. CONTROL. And the Demo-clowns and their bootlicking leftist lacking know that as long as Americans have firearms, we will not be controlled. We were given these rights to safeguard against exactly what they are trying to do now. Load up boys and girls, there is a war coming. And the left won’t be satisfied until you are in a re-education camp,or dead.


Be careful… When you say something like… Liberals don’t like us telling them not to kill babies but they sure do like telling us we can’t have semi automatic Weapons because they kill adults. One of them will yell…BUT IM NOT FOR ABORTION!!! They know abortion is wrong so they get that one guy to say…well, I don’t do it, see how you generalize? The damn truth is that most demon crap libtards think abortion is just keen, any guns suck, milk is a horrible torture on female cows and of course they will say being a vegan is about… Read more »


I am not a fan of the AR, but I will defend to the death the right of a law abiding citizen to have one if they wish. There is no need for the right to own one.

John Timmins

Yea there is a need, the need for me too enjoy my RIGHTS as a freedom loving American, besides I love going to the gun range and killing paper targets, I get my jollies off doing it, God I love my guns


I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone here this, but you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist or have a crystal ball to realize that eventually they will be taking your rights away… Little by little…. Look what this idiot “trumpf” has done… He is part of our future problems to come…. He has done nothing to stop the invasion of our homelands and has directed bureaucrats to reinterpret firearms laws to ban ACCESSORIES…. I JUST HOPE EVERYONE IS STOCK-PILING LARGE CAPACITY MAGAZINES AND AMMUNITION BY THE TRUCKLOAD!!! THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR 2ND AMENDMENT AND THEY WON’T… Read more »


The danger that liberal unconstitutional power junkies pose to the well-being of our PEOPLE cannot be over-stated…and they deserve the same (if not greater) opposition than the criminals in this article who were PREVENTED FROM HARMING INNOCENT PEOPLE by those same innocent people who were well armed. Anti-gunners are the most dangerous nascent threat to the average American that we face. Liberal DemocRats and their twisted sister RINOs are far more dangerous than a common criminal or foreign threat, as these are vastly reduced when the DemocRat/RINO coalition is out of the picture. THINK ABOUT THAT!


Why not sue him for slander and defamation of caracter


If you need a semi automatic weapon to hunt or to protect your home you really need to go back to the shooting range and practice. Seriously anyone who would discharge an AR-15 in thier home for protection is an idiot (nice job shooting your family in the next room your trying to protect) A pistol or shot gun is sufficient if you have any accuracy that it. Everyone on here must be a horrible shot and think they need to make up for it or has a small cock and need to feel like a big man

Richard L

typical racist comment from a democrat

Dave in Fairfax

Why Sarah, you’re slipping.
Making the same wording and spelling mistakes that you pillory others for making.
At least your derogatory remarks are up their usual high standards.

John Timmins

Hey Sarah I have more experience shooting Firearms than you ever will using your brain, maybe you should use what’s between your ears more often than whats between your legs

Get Out

Sara, do you think an intruder will take your advice and won’t bring a semi-auto weapon while breaking into your home? Would you want to have the same firepower as the intruder should you have to defend yourself? What derogatory remark do you find appropriate if a woman uses a semi-auto to defend herself from an intruder?


I own two AR’s one in 5 56 and one in 7.62 they are great platforms. And I own other semi auto platforms…. the mini 14 is another platform I own and like. I own platforms that fire military ammunition in case I ever need it to protect my family for what ever reason…foreign or domestic. Or if we feel like shooting them for fun as a family we will and do. As a law abiding non felon citizen…. I demand that I am…. and will be……armed as well or better than the police or the criminals….. period. With all… Read more »


We are being trained to be defenceless. These mass shootings all follow exactly the same pattern. First the shooting, then the hysteria, then putting the blame on an inanimate object “semiautomatic rifles, ” then the resolve to ban semiautomatic rifles. It appears to me that this is a multinational plan to disarm humanity. Why has no one in the media even considered that the shooters may have been psychologically programed. No one in the media has even considered that a intelligence network could be behind this. Recently their was a article in Irish Central about a North Ireland gang member… Read more »

Chris Bell

It’s all very simple,

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

An infringement is a limitation or undermining of something.

End of story.


Most of the things I own I don’t really need. I own them along with AR weapons because I want to. Liberals are ridiculous! How is taking away my unneeded toys going to help anyone feel safer?


Can you get off the liberal crap. I am a liberal that supports gun ownership and there are many of us. I want to feed the poor, house the homeless and protect my family.