Democrats Sneak Gun Control Into Reauthorization Of The “Violence Against Women Act”


Democrats War on Gun Rights
Democrats Sneak Gun Control Into Reauthorization Of The “Violence Against Women Act”

Washington, DC – -( Anti-gunners play dirty.

Democrats snuck gun control legislation into a reauthorization of the “Violence Against Women Act” as a ruthless way to get spineless Republicans to vote for it.

Their games worked.

33 Republicans were too scared of being slandered as “enablers of violence against women” that they chose to vote for gun control that takes firearms OUT OF THE HANDS of vulnerable women.

These cowards chose to put false hysteria above a moral duty to defend our God-given rights.

Now this bill — H.R. 1585 — will go to the Senate. We can’t take ANY risks of spineless Republican Senators voting for it.

Please send an URGENT pre-written letter to both of your Senators telling them to grow a spine and vote against this deceptive, anti-2A bill that actually PREVENTS women from protecting themselves from violence.

The true enablers of violence against women are the ones who voted to stop women from being able to arm themselves. As we’ve seen time and time again, the only thing that can stop a bad man with a gun is a good man — or woman — with a gun. But of course, our politicians live in a world dominated by a sensationalist media that puts propaganda above the truth.

They only care about who makes the loudest noise and who gets the angriest. So it’s time for them to see how angry the American people will be if they sacrifice our God-given rights in order to hide from slanderous attacks by the media.

Please send an URGENT pre-written letter to both of your Senators telling them to grow a spine and vote against this deceptive bill that actually prevents women from protecting themselves from violence.

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners Of AmericaAbout Gun Owners of America

Erich Pratt, or another GOA spokesman, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over 1.5 million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA’s Newsroom.

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noah hardin

follow the constitution and stop the pandering and back door politics and laws to restrict rights as one right has no authority to take away from another right


Wake the fuck up america !!!!
Before it’s to late and we are not able to
Keep the country as it was intended
For The People By The People !!!!!!!!

The 2nd was put there to ensure we had the
Tools to keep the power in the people’s hands
For fighting tyranny

Mike k

We Americans are going to take back the House .VOTE REPUBLICAN.MAGA.

Gerald Mason

What do you idiots in Congress believe to not be infringed means? There are too many laws on the book already and you just need to enforce them. You continue on this path and all loyal citizens of this country will be chanting I will not comply. All Americans need to be able to protect themselves so stop trying to muddy the waters and take away our rights. This is not Australia or New Zealand. The Second Amendment was put there for a reason so stop trying to weaken it.


I dont want to send this to a Representative that DIDNT VOTE FOR IT , supply the names of those Republicans that did vote for it.


Do not vote for it!!!!!!

Joe White

This does not surprise me in the least. Rolling over for the socialist – comm party is their MO. Their number one activity is to get re – elected so they can keep their cush jobs and remain on the “A” list for all the parties and social events. What they say to get elected is soon forgotten because the left-wing democrat propaganda news media.will destroy any legislator that does not agree with their agenda. Its their way or the highway.


Jesus, people! The Senate will take care of this and toss the crap.
Learn how the political system works, K?

Wild Bill

@mac, One can not depend on the Senate to take care of this. Almost half are Dullardcrats, and a significant percentage of the residue are rinos.


You would be sending up a step. So none of the Republicans in the Senate have voted on it yet. Please send it and if nothing else the Senators who would have voted no anyway will have ammo in hand to say “constituents say no”


Why doesn’t this article explain how the bill prevents women from defending themselves? It’s a crap bill, but if we’re going to argue against it the details are important. Getting people worked up over vague accusations is what the Left does, it makes it easy to make them look like idiots. Let’s not fall into the same trap.

Gary Kuyat

Agreed. More info would make this actionable.


Are there any republicans with balls in the congress?????? We already know all of the democrats are wussies and ANTI AMERICAN.


Sometimes I wish I could march up there, and sing open up your eyes we see the signs, open up your eyes see the signs.


Original intent

Raymond Hudson

I am so damn sick of Republicans we elected that have LIED to us about what they will do while in office!! They swear they are going to stick up for us in Congress, Vote according to the will of the people that elected them! Then, turn right around and Vote AGAINST US! Pass bills they know we DO NOT WANT! Side with the very Democrats we voted against! They just Plain LIE to us to get elected!! I’m at my witts end,, I have to fight the Democrats and the Republicans! I don’t hear our fellow Republican elected officials… Read more »


Politicians have reached a new disgusting low. Let me rephrase that, Republican (RINOS),have reached a new disgusting low……
The Democrats have been there basically form the start, but have ALSO set new low. Their complete socialist immersion and anti American approach has been the pinnacle accomplishment for them.

Wild Bill

@Rock, Yep, make a list of the betrayers … for later.


Do your jobs, plain and simple clip the hand strings and do the right thing. A shame some Rhinos exist at all. That isn’t a name you should relish. It means turncoat, Cheater ,liar, underhanded.
Some do anything for popularity and CASH.
If everything a democrat does is so good and kind and for your benefit, why must they lie, cheat and stack courts, decks and laws? I am so ashamed I ever voted democrat.

Carolyn Wilson

Please don’t pass this bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What exactly is this doing to violate our 2nd amendment rights? I tried reading the bill, but it’s so vague and doesn’t really say much of anything?
All I see is that it keeps women from being able to protect themselves, but how exactly does this bill do that?


I thought wamaaans were equal? If they are then why does this law exist?

Green Mtn. Boy

33 RINO’s made it possible.


cowardly d-sucker republi-cants to the rescue.