NRA’s Future: Only Two Options, Can the BOD Save Us?

Opinion By Jeff Knox

Wayne and Co Bomb Going Off
NRA's Future: Only Two Options, Can the BOD Save Us?

USA – -( The National Rifle Association is in serious trouble, and the NRA Board of Directors has only two options to save America's biggest civil rights organization.

Option 1. A majority of the Board circles the wagons in defense of Wayne LaPierre and his pals and tries to weather the storm. (They’ll fail, and the whole ship will sink.)


Option 2. A majority of the Board fires LaPierre and other executives (or accepts their resignations) and nullifies their contracts, suspends all vendor contracts pending thorough review and renegotiation, and purges culpable members of their own body – demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding NRA assets on behalf of the membership. (Plugging the holes and possibly saving the ship.)

For those who might be playing catch-up on this story, you can read my previous article and the links contained in it, but here’s the short version of the situation:

Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the NRA, along with fellow executives and outside contractors, (in particular Advertising agency Ackerman McQueen) has been recklessly shoveling money out of NRA coffers for decades – to the tune of possibly hundreds of millions of dollars. This has been done with the complicity of some of the NRA’s elected directors, the willful ignorance of others, and the active resistance of a few more.

The chicanery, mostly in the form of inflated executive salaries, sweetheart deals to friends and family, and routine payments to vendors for unspecified services, raised objections among loyal NRA staff members, but their questions and concerns were met with hostility and retribution. My father raised these exact concerns over 20 years ago when he was on the NRA Board of Directors, only to be pushed out of the leadership. As the problems got worse in recent years, NRA fell under increased scrutiny from reporters and regulators, leading some staff members to redouble efforts to raise alarms to the appropriate board committees. But these board members continued to sweep the improprieties under the rug, even after strong warnings from outside counsel that the organization was at risk of severe damage, particularly from New York regulators.

As a nonprofit chartered in New York, the NRA falls under New York law and the purview of the NRA-hating NY Attorney General. She has frequently expressed her desire to tear down the organization, and has been signaling a pending investigation into NRA finances.

In an effort to save the organization, some staff and former employees reluctantly shared some of their evidence with reporters, and a bombshell expose’ was published in The New Yorker in mid-April, just days after the NRA had filed a lawsuit against their long-time PR firm, Ackerman McQueen, suggesting that Ack-Mack had been taking advantage of some lax billing and conflict of interest policies at NRA. This was an obvious attempt to deflect blame for NRA’s financial woes – over $30 million in the red – and financial improprieties away from LaPierre and his executive team. All of this was followed by a formal request from Mike Bloomberg’s anti-gun conglomerate, calling on the IRS to launch a formal audit of the NRA’s tax exempt status.

There can be little doubt that the New York AG and others in positions of power will try to dismantle the NRA, regardless of what the board does. Our enemies see that we are wounded, and the vultures are circling. By cleaning their own house before any formal investigation, the board would demonstrate that they are living up to their fiduciary responsibilities, and that would go a long way toward mitigating the long-term damage from regulators.

The current NRA Board of Directors have a slim chance of saving the NRA from total ruin, but they must act swiftly and decisively.

They must expunge everyone involved in even the appearance of corruption. Including board members who failed in their oversight obligations and individuals like Josh Powell the genius behind many of the NRA's recent disasters like Carry Guard and a known manipulator of Wayne LaPierre's decision making. They must halt all outside contracts until they can be thoroughly reviewed and either canceled or renegotiated. As much as possible needs to be brought in-house and run under the direct oversight of the board. This action may mean the end of things like Ackerman McQueen run NRA-TV, so do not be surprised if they pack up shop one day soon.

All of the significant, life-threatening issues facing NRA revolve around just three operational areas: PR, fundraising, and political spending. Suspending operations in those three areas, and bringing them under tight, in-house control for the immediate future, would put the association back on stable ground and allow it to continue operating effectively.

There will undoubtedly be repercussions from all of this, including fines, sanctions, lawsuits, and possibly criminal indictments, but all of those repercussions are on their way, regardless of what the board does now. The difference is whether those consequences will be levied against an organization that still has the people who created those problems at the helm – people who will be using NRA resources to cover their tails – or an organization that has policed itself and taken corrective action to address its problems.

As I stated at the outset, the NRA Board of Directors has only two choices. They can cry “unity, unity” or call it another “Knox take over attempt” all the while rallying around the culprits who caused the problems, and let the ship sink to leave membership and our bill of rights stranded.

Or they can throw the known miscreants overboard, plug the holes, and get busy bailing because only then will membership will jump in and help right the ship.

Contact the NRA Board of Directors
Contact the NRA Board of Directors

The next board of Board of Directors meeting is this coming Monday April 29th 2019. Make your voices heard. You can have an impact on that decision by contacting your NRA directors ([email protected]) and the leaders of your NRA affiliated state association, to let them know what you want to see happen.

(Name of Board Member or Attn NRA Board of Directors)
NRA Office of the Secretary
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA, 22030

or [email protected]

Jeff Knox
Jeff Knox

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit:

  • 84 thoughts on “NRA’s Future: Only Two Options, Can the BOD Save Us?

    1. I am an old man of 87 and have been a NRA member for nearly 60 years. They have always been a good ol” boys club and as a member you don’t have a lot to say. For the sake of the Second Amendment the BOD ought to make a move, clean house and do a thorough audit. My opinion is that they are not perfect and there has been some things done at the top that are enough to get them in big trouble. If they need money than cut La Pierre’s salary. nobody is worth that amount. NO more money from me until there are firm assurances that all is above board and legal.

    2. I can’t imagine why the NRA ever got hooked up with Oliver North. Chip Tatum, who went to war with drug dealer and alleged war hero North, says he faints at the sight of blood. America has had great soldiers like Smedley Butler but North isn’t one of them.

      NRA TV now is nothing more than an Israeli asset and as Alan Sabrosky, Gordon Duff, Jim Dean and Col Henke at the Veterans Today website have shown the Mossad, make that the savage Israeli war machine, did 9/11 thus formally declaring war on America by killing as many innocent people as the Japanese at Pearl Harbour and repeating their attack on the USS Liberty..

      Why hasn’t the American military blown Israel into dust? It seems because they are a bought and paid for institution like so many worthless American politicians.

      In my books North and NRA TV, along with Israeli booster Michael Bloomberg, are all birds of a feather – all American traitors.

    3. The NRA as well as the NSSF are organizations comprised of possible subversive infiltrators and unprincipled fudd morons like Zumbo. Those of whom believe in befriending, negotiating, and compromising with cultural marxist domestic enemies of the USA.

      Regardless of who and what they are they are working against the best interests of we the people and our country in general and have been for quite a while now and most people have been unaware of that or are living in denial about it as if it were some sort of conspiracy theory.

      Red Flag laws are a dangerous political weapon right out of communism and where was the NRA in opposing these dangerously illegal, illegitimate, unconstitutional communist nwo policies.

      Like most institutions, academia, the vast majority of the television networks, the entertainment industry, and professional sports a good number of organizations that started out as well-intentioned have been infiltrated and subverted by marxists and the NRA is no different and it’s obvious unless you’re a dunning-krugger type or just that uninformed living in denial about it.

    4. I have been a member since the ’60’s, when a signature from a military officer, police chief, or other authority figure attesting to you good citizen status was needed. I went Life member when it was a hard to come by $125.00. I stopped supporting NRA when they started rewarding new members with various bling.

      Not another cent will I give them, ever, for the way the organisation has changed. i haven’t revoked my membershio because it costs them to send the magazine, which never had the cheap place advertisements.

    5. I have never abandoned the NRA, nor will I. But, having said that it is time we clean our own house and get the organization back on track as was originally intended. The NRA is still a powerhouse in terms of pro 2A lobbying that we do not want to lose. Clear the dead wood, give those whose actions will harm the cause of freedom the boot, and get back to business. To all who would jump ship now, you are playing into the hands of the antis . . . don’t do it. Stand and fight all enemies of tour Constitutional rights, and that includes the insiders responsible for this travesty, but present a united front to the true enemies of freedom in the anti-2A culture.

    6. I joined the NRA back in 1975. I let that membership lapse in 1985 because of their “business practices”. I followed the NRA over the years and did not like what I saw. But, Finally, on the recommendation of many people that the NRA had changed I rejoined. To my utter disappointment it really had changed, only for the worst!
      I am now a Patriot Life Member. I vowed to use that membership status and my voice to change the NRA for the better. To get rid of the greedy scum that inhabits the walls of our organization. To rebuild and strengthen those walls that hold our membership with truth, honesty, and NO COMPROMISE. I stand with the NRA, BUT, against the elitists in the organization that call themselves “leaders”, but are actually “leeches”. These “leeches” play political games with OUR Rights, using our Rights as “chips” on the “political table” of diplomatic compromise. When an enemy of our way of life comes along and says they are the owners of our Rights and the NRA steps in and says “we’ll give you half if you leave the rest alone” they have committed an act of tyranny against us! Giving away what belongs to us to appease our enemy IS a “COLLUSION” with our enemy! If they will not FIGHT for all that is ours, they are no better than our enemy!
      Our Rights belong to each and everyone one of us individually. They are NOT open to collective bargaining! Either STAND and FIGHT, or get the @#$% out of our way! Cause WE the membership are coming through and taking back what is OURS!
      THE NRA!

    7. None of these revelations surprise me. I’ve only been an NRA member for 3 years and never have I seen anything akin to the constant fund raising and high dollar/ slick PR activities they undertake. Looks like Wayne and crew have set themselves up pretty swweetly on our dime. Time to clean house for sure but who takes over the helm? I’m joining every other organization I can as quickly as I can. Hopefully, if the NRA bites the proverbial bullet, one of them will take over the fight.

    8. Greed,Money,Power same old story of bad people.

      The hundreds of millions of dollars the IRS or NY AG will seize…could of done super good work given to the the GOA!

      They must clean house of all the Execs like Jeff Knox said.

      Will Trump Bail them out???

      Alot of rich billionaires and anti-gunners are having a field day with this! Yeah and the #deepstate #clinton #obama holdovers will try to destroy it as well.

    9. Only now , when members FLEE and money dries up does N.R.A. say it will ” Listen ” to its members and allow an outsider to run for Board of Directors seat ! How arrogant.

    10. As of today more Citizens have Concealed Weapons Permits, More States have passed legislation affirming and codifying the citizen’s Second Amendment Rights. More Citizens own AR15 and other Modern Firearms than ever in history.. The NRA Membership is in excess of 5 million making it by far the largest organization whose members elect the Senior Officers and Directors.

      More .. better is always possible


      Pretending the NRA’s “Shoveling of money” has not been effective.. Or Wayne La Pierre has not been a capable and Effective Defender of the Second Amendment is.

      Balderdash..Poppycock, utter Rubbish

    11. Post Vegas Shooting:

      “Any device that makes a semi automatic firearm function like a machine gun SHOULD BE SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL REGULATIONS” ~ NRA 2018

      ” Bump stocks are gone, I am writing them out myself, with or without congress! ” ~ Donald Trump 2018


      ” Mr. & Mrs America! Turn them all in!

      I have been a life member for over 8 years. During that time I have donated over $10,000! After they kick open the door on banning bump stocks, the monthly donation to them was canceled and is now going to the GOA! Until they stop compromising they won’t see a dime from me!

    12. As a life member it pain me to see how bad the corruption has become. The NRA will never see another dime from me until it it’s cleansed outand Wayne and his Ilk are gone. Return to a no holds bared protect the 2nd and I will donate again until then the GOA gets all my cash.

    13. I am a Benefactor Life Member. I stopped giving extra money to the NRA long ago. I stopped giving any money at all to the RNC, too. I have heard more discord about the inner workings of the NRA and finger pointing by the various gun rights organizations that I’m ready for a change. I will be casting my vote to replace board members. It seems obvious that changes must be made. There’s too much discontent for it not to be so. I, for one, refuse to compromise my rights. I will be looking at joining GOA and Georgia Gun Owners. I will not abandon the NRA, but obviously, it needs an intervention.

    14. I’m with you brother. Adversaries come out from the wood work and you can see it. Only one choice to make and that’s FIGHT! INTELLIGENTLY WITH THE SAME CALIBRATION METHOD OF THE SYSTEM THAT THEY USE ON US.

    15. I think they should remain a team . Throw none to the sharks. Brothers in arms never surrender a brother to the enemy. Challenge the jurisdiction of the prosecution and fight tooth and nail. After all if the abandon one of their own then I dont want no part of them. The ship ain’t sunk . Political maggots eat holes in anything they can chew on. 2nd amendment and all of the constitution is what they should focus on . After all that’s what PROTECTS USA.

    16. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. So why would the NRA be any different? I say fire all the bastards and give it the overhaul it needs. We’ve been sold out to a bunch of money hungry people who’ve compromised and capitulated our rights away. Surely we would give them a second chance but not without proof positive the organization is back on the rails and fighting for all gun parts, all guns in common use, all gun rights, and all law-abiding responsible gun owners. Future gun owners too!

    17. OK Jeff, tell us who you think NRA should replace Wayne LaPierre with. C’mon man you don’t really expect the NRA board to just fire LaPierre. They have to replace him with somebody. So who is it Jeff?. Who do you think should replace Wayne LaPierre?

    18. Unless the BOD is going to throw the By-Laws right out the window, they aren’t going to be able to fire anyone or demand anything. LaPierre made sure the BOD and the President of the NRA were just puppets to appease the membership into thinking they can vote for change.

      1. I was saying this 10 years ago. I heeded the prescient warnings of the elder Neal Knox, saw that LaPierre had secured his permanent place at the NRA helm, quit the NRA and joined GOA. NRA is on its deathbed because LaPierre, Cox, Powell, have the BOD buffaloed. Time to pull the plug and start fresh, and all the non-fudd types in the NRA need to switch over to GOA so we can keep the 2A fight going strong. Hell, all the other 2A groups will prosper now that LaPierre & Co. won’t be in the way anymore to muck up everyone else’s efforts.

        1. So far, in all these “death to the NRA” whiny notes have i seen one scintilla of evidence why we should close se it down.
          You are acting just st like the left-leaning fear mongers sying how bad it all is, but offering no proof to their whining claims.
          Get with it guys. If you have prof to back up your claims shine the light on it.
          Until then, i will consider you all as Democrat Whiners.

          Just sayin’ ….

            1. Uh, no. In America we are not required to prove a negative. The accuser has the burden of proof.

    19. This does not pass the smell test!!!!!! Something and/or someone is behind this whole expos’e that has a lot of ‘skin to gain, and it just don’t smell right……..

      1. You need to wake up. This isn’t an “expos’e”, it’s something that people have been discussing since before the Cincinnati Revolt. The issue has been documented here, as well as other places, repeatedly. The by-law changes that were approved last time around were merely a call to arms.

        The NY AG has been after the NRA since election, probably before, but was unable to do anything. Now the opportunity to act has arisen and is being taken advantage of. The BOD, et al, had the opportunity to fix things and fly right, but they chose to feather their nests and hope that they could keep all the balls in the air. NOT going to happen.

        Too bad, it was a nice museum. It’ll probably be seized and destroyed rather than liquidated along with their other holdings.

      2. The expose, as you put it, was the result of deeply concerned patriots going outside the organization to blow the whistle on the corruption at the top. It can’t be helped that the anti-gunners are going to make a lot of hay out of this, they would do that anyway. At least at this point the NRA is still just barely salvageable. If this had not been exposed, LaPierre and his cronies would have bled the NRA to death until the organization collapsed in on itself.

        We should not be engaging in conspiracy hinking at this point. We should be working to backstop all the 2A groups out there so that if the NRA goes belly up, it will not significantly affect our efforts. Let all of the non-fudd types in the NRA transition over to others like GOA, and go from there!

        Most of all, we need to stay in control of our narrative.

    20. I predict

      I predict
      the n r a will come off this even bigger and stronger than ever they have done more for our 2amd rights over the years than the rest of the all the other great gun wrights groups put together I cant turn my back on them now

        1. I’m with you brother. Adversaries come out from the wood work and you can see it. Only one choice to make and that’s FIGHT! INTELLIGENTLY WITH THE SAME CALIBRATION METHOD OF THE SYSTEM THAT THEY USE ON US.

      1. Wrong. GOA has done far more than the NRA, its just that LaPierre & Co. love to take credit for other’s work and claim it for the NRA. Moreover, you clearly didnt read the article, the NRA is in serious doodoo and if the BOD doesn’t oust Lapierre & Co. immediately, you can be assured that Wayne LaPierre, former DEMOCRAT operative, will have succeeded where all the antigun groups failed, in killing off the NRA.

        What remains to be seen now is if there’s enough non-fudd types left in the NRA to pressure the BOD into finally doing the right thing.

    21. The NRA sold out to the dems. They allowed the bump stocks to be banned. Now red flag laws are in 13 states. The only people that buy bump stocks are for novelty fun. Sane gun owners would never hurt someone.

    22. I was on the BOD in the 1990s and was purged with Neal Knox. The current NRA BOD members were chosen for 1 reason and 1 reason alone. They are all Wayne’s sycophants. Every Director since 1997 has had to pass a LOYAL TO WAYNE test. Board action requires 39 of them to find their spine and to HOLD together through a dozen tough votes.

      The odds are 100 to 1 that they be frozen into a half dozen factions unable to work together.

      1. Our humble professor of law, has modestly refrained from telling the Ammoland readers that his research and writing efforts were instrumental in the DC against Heller case victory. This is my first opportunity to express my deep appreciation for his dedication and efforts.

    23. As a Benefactor Life Member, NRA recruiter and a NRA certified Instructor I also believe it”s time to clean house. For all you people who have a great desire to jump ship, be careful where you jump! I am also a Life member of the GOA, the SAF, and the CCRKBA and no matter which org bad apples can appear. Personally, I”ll hang on with ALL these org’s until the dust settles. Strengh in numbers.Throw the RATS overboard, but weather the storm as a team!

      1. Here here! Except the throwing of anyone over board. were Americans we dont hide behind men we fight along side of them. I respect you all. And would 100% guarantees that everyone has at one point in their lives needed someone to back them up when cornered. So let’s try to find a solution with out throwing anyone to the sharks .Them against us. The old let them take care of each other tactic is working. Dont make it easy.

    24. Hopefully the board will choose Jeff’s Option 1
      And hopefully Jeff is correct about the outcome of that choice.
      The sooner the better.

      The NRA has been an albatross around the neck of our right to keep and bear arms for over eighty years. We can thank the NRA for the National Firearms Act of 1934 as well as for every single piece of anti-RKBA federal legislation ever since.

      It was only after supporting the Gun Control Act of 1968 that the NRA suddenly discovered the Second Amendment — but the NRA didn’t find the Second Amendment as a guiding principle, but only as a recruiting and fund raising tool. The NRA “leadership” (officers and board!) are totally dependent on fighting – and losing – the RKBA battle becasue that is the only way to maintain the revenue stream that supports this bloated monstrosity of an organization.

      The NRA has _NOT_ lost touch with its roots and its mission because the NRA was not founded to be a pro-2A, pro-RKBA organization (no matter what the current PR nonsense tries to pretend). The NRA was founded to support rifle marksmanship competition and training – a role that it has always done well and continues to do well to this day. As part of the rifle marksmanship role, the NRA quickly became involved in firearms safety training – another role that they have done well and continue to do well today. But the NRA’s interest in RKBA was only to the limited extent needed to support organized rifle matches (and until relatively recently no one was worried about regulating rifles).

      The official NRA position on carrying firearms in 1934 was that it was unnecessary, should be heavily regulated, and only under license. THAT was the testimony of the NRA President testifying to Congress about the National Firearms Act that the NRA was supporting. The NRA position did not change when they supported the Federal Firearms Act in 1938, or the Gun Control Act (1968), or the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (1994) or the misnamed Firearms Owners Protection Act (1986) including the infamous Hughes Amendment. And, oh yeah, who was it that PROPOSED the bump stock ban and when the Republican Congress ignored his suggestion, who was it who went to the white house to personally convince President Trump to ignore the law and have the BATFE ban bump stocks anyway?

    25. NRA Life Member (Benefactor Level) here. Prior to all the recent news about NRA’s issues and lawsuits, I was starting to question the effectiveness of what I am seeing coming out of NRA to counter the Anti-Gun crowd. For all the donations asked for from NRA itself I am not seeing much. Most of what I see seems like perching to the choir. A good example is NRA TV. I find the programming mostly boring and doubt many people outside of the membership watch it.
      In terms of political contributions, PVF and ILA, there is no way I have seen to gauge the effectiveness of what is done with the money. No information as to where the money is going. Just the always urgent need for more money.
      I guess that the ask from Wayne a month or so ago got me questioning. I sent my $25 in but I have to say the letter rubbed me the wrong way and I won’t be sending in more contributions until I see some changes.

    26. In addition to LaPierre’s theft of salary at $1.4MM/year, ole Teddy Boy Nugent has been dipping in the till handsomely. NRA paid Nugent $50,000 plus expenses for him speaking a plunking his guitar for an hour on Sunday afternoons at the Annual NRA Conference. That is the annual membership dues of 2000 members. Only 1000-1500 people attended. Nugent also charged $50 each to sign guitars for the Friends of NRA banquets……$60,000 annually. Quite a scam. All BoD members should be required to attend the Annual Convention on their own dime and be available on the convention floor to talk with members. Nugent should sign the guitars for free as a BoD member.

    27. If they have squandered all of that money and are thirty million in debt is there a possibility that some court will assess the membership for the debt? It seems possible to me. Anyway, it would be much more efficient to join the GOA and let this ship sink. They have sucked everybody dry and need to go by by.

    28. Why are we debating what to do with the NRA when we can simply make Gun Owners of America the premiere Gun Rights organization with our support. Every dime that used to go to the NRA now goes to the GOA!

      1. Because GOA isn’t the ” premiere ” Gun Rights organization and never will be! It would behoove us all to fix the NRA and not degrade it in front of our enemies eyes & ears like is being done here. And if one is not a ” voting ” member of the NRA, then STHU! I vote in their yearly elections and ” never ” vote for the recommended BOD. I read every single bio and base my vote on this.

        1. I agree with you completely. Even with all of their problems, the NRA does more in a month for gun tights than GOA has done in its entire existance. Why put down the big club because the grip has gotten a little splintery and pick up a switch to fight with? Makes absolutely no sense.

        2. Gun Owners of America is not now the ”premiere Gun Rights organization” simply because YOU refuse to make it so. Switch your allegiance and that changes overnight.

    29. I am just a simple Life Member trying to ensure my 2nd Amendment rights will be protected! I’m totally confused on this and I see no way to get information that isn’t biased in one direction or another. I am shocked at the pay check of LaPierre and I see that once again, Money has corrupted another organization that started with honorable goals! I would have expected this from the Democrats!! We need to Clean House and get back to basics!! Raymond Hudson, one of 5 Million!

      1. I am a 50 year plus life member. Like many of my fellow members locally I do not give any more due to lack of action by the NRA.. Also have heard of the outrageous salaries of NRA execs. I chose option 2.

    30. Option #2 is their only choice. I have not and will not give the NRA one more cent. Until the entire board resigns. Ive been a member for over 35 years and am disgusted.

    31. I like option #2. No one in any organization cannot be replaced. Lets try some fresh blood, let the FUDDS know that they are at risk of losing their rights as well.

      1. The FUDDS in the NRA are the reason why things have gotten so bad; they gave LaPierre & Co. a blank check and carte blanche to do as they please with the organization. It’s the FUDDS who have defended the NRA vociferously when the NRA sells the rest of us down the river with federal gun control, from NFA to GCA to Hughes to bump stocks and finally the Red Flag.

        From where I’m sitting, it looks like it’s the fudds and their false gods at the NRA who are facilitating the taking away our gun rights. They’re the tangos inside the wire who are setting us up for the enemy!!

        Fudds dont care about anyone else’s rights as long as they think they can keep their great-granddaddy’s hunting shotgun, and fudds won’t see their rights are in danger till the police kick in their front door.

    32. Jeff, your thoughts are OK as far as they go, but the three areas you mentioned are incomplete and miss the major point of doing things for the benefit of the membership … like maybe national CCW reciprocity that the NRA walked away from last year, or maybe cooperative rather than competitive efforts with other groups like the USCCA?

      1. Chuck,
        Those are important points, but what he’s trying to do is much more immediate. Unless something changes NOW, there may not be a NRA come Christmas.

    33. The NRA has brought this upon themselves by ignoring the wishes of their members for decades.
      They have become a self serving organization.
      Ask yourselves, “what, exactly has the NRA done in the last 50 years to retrieve our lost gun rights?”
      The answer is “nothing”.
      In fact, they have been largely complicit in creating the tens of thousands of gun regulations, all of which are resoundingly unconstitutional, we have been subjected to back to and including the Gun Control Act of 1968.
      Gun owners are waking up to this.
      I am a benefactor NRA member, and regret every penny I have sent them in the past If I could get my substantial donations returned I would do so.

    34. As an involuntary retiree from being a nuclear engineer making six figures (I made the mistake of telling a female sub that she “looked nice today”, and having gone through two years with no income (unless you count $9.65/hour as a night rent-a-cop in a bad area), I wish that I had the money back that I sent to the NRA (am a Benefactor Life Member); I figured that besides the details, they were the “big dog” in the fight.

      Now, about that social security “donation”…I better not get started. Just please legalise opiates, and keep the alcohol taxes down, and I can die in relative peace (already dying from radiation exposure, and a bit of bullet damage (long story). They needed a nuclear engineer who could speak Russian and had travelled, so I answered the ad in the WSJ. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it really wasn’t.

      My PTSD (not to mention major depression, anxiety, OCD, and autism (high-functioning autism, what used to be Asburger’s, but my IQ of 142 helps me to hide it) has really screwed me up. Donations for booze are most welcome; I’ve been living off my poor wife for two years while I am finally going to get a meager pension that I have been waiting for. I get no military benefits, as I was never “officially” in the US military.

      Please forgive me dramatics; I just got home from my night job, and am getting drunk so that I can sleep and go back again tonight. For $9.65/hour.

    35. member since 1959. seventy one year old benefactor life member…REMEMBER …
      Cincinnati, Ohio NRA convention 1977…nothing seems to change with this power hungry aarrses.
      purge got shut down for the same type of power coup on the members…My point..we’re still here..

      1. Jerald, you have said it all! Greed has been the thing that has changed the U.S. for the worse and the NRA under LaPierre is not only complicit, but has set the standard. LaPierre and his cronies have been robbing members and abusing their positions for decades and just like the corrupt politicians in Washington, they have been there too long, taken too much, and failed to live up to their obligations to the members. It’s way past time to drain the NRA swamp.

    36. NO Matter What the N.R.A. – ” Board ” does , Option # 3 will over ride and win the day … NO Membership Renewals and ever dwindling new members due to more public knowledge of the waste and shady advertising deals that has been the norm at NRA for decades. ( Giving Wayne – Hammers Cox more money is like a battered spouse going back for more )

      You don’t reward BAD behavior , you replace them with people who want to do the job Right !
      No Compromise. – Join Gun Owners of America

    37. I am just waiting for Marion Hammer to show up here and say this is all an effort by Neil/Jeff Knox to take over the NRA while she cuddles Wayne and lectures the board to shut up and fall back in line.

        1. @Dan S. Not so fast. The huge and public failures of the NRA are evidence in themselves. Over paid executive are suspicious. The only people that can get on the board are pre approved, and that is evidence, too!
          If Wayne and Marion want to keep the NRA as their source of income, then they better get on the stick.

        2. You want evidence? How about the evidence published by the NRA itself? The NRA admitted with their own lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen that they have no documentation for paid services rendered by Ackerman McQueen, including for paying the NRA President Oliver North under the table (Factual Background Part D in the lawsuit at The Board of Directors was completely unaware of that. That alone could be considered federal tax fraud!

          The NRA’s 990 tax forms documenting lavish salaries (over $5M for LaPierre in 2015) are also a matter of public record:

          1. Charlie, the “evidence” that you offer is not evidence at all.

            The NRA stated in the lawsuit that it requested additional documentation from AckMak when the invoices indicated that further scrutiny was needed. When AckMak refused to provide the required documentation, NRA sued them. NRA didn’t do anything wrong here, AckMak is the problem.

            Regarding Oliver North, Ack Mak is not “paying him under the table”. Read the Factual Background of the lawsuit that you linked. AckMak and Oliver North have a legitimate contract that was initially reviewed in draft form by the NRA Audit Committee for compliance with all applicable laws. There is nothing illegal here. The problem arose when AckMak refused to provide a final copy of the contract to NRA. READ YOUR OWN LINK CHARLIE!!! NRA has done nothing wrong here. The problem is AckMak.

            The NRA audit committee knew all about the existence of the contract from day one. This has nothing to do with tax fraud.

            LaPierre turned 65 and took a payout from his retirement fund, which was large, but this is not a lavish salary. It is a payout from his retirement fund. If you work hard and save money in your retirement fund and invest it wisely it can grow very large over time. NRA has some very good fund managers for their investment funds.

            Back in the 1990’s, Jeff Knox’s father Neal Knox was saying that the NRA was about to go bankrupt and the sky is falling. It never happened then and it won’t happen today.

            1. JMichael, I didn’t donate to the NRA for the money to go to million dollar salaries and 10’s of millions for PR type companies.

              I have given thousands and I will not give another cent until Wayne is gone and we have the organization being run by fiscally conservative managers who are more interested in saving this republic than fat paychecks and multi million dollar retirements.

              IMHO the management of the NRA has lost their way and should be replaced.

            2. The NRA’s own lawsuit obviously also contains the NRA’s excuses. However, these excuses don’t deny the facts stated in the same document. Blaming the lack of the NRA’s oversight on Ackerman McQueen is an excuse that they will certainly argue in court and with the investigators. However, the facts stated in the NRA’s own lawsuit and their legal implications are undeniable.

              Oliver North was paid under the table for at least 5 months, possibly more. His contract started in May 2018 and the NRA Audit Committee signed off on a “summary” of the contract’s terms, apparently retroactively to cover their behinds, in September 2018. The NRA never signed off on the actual contract as they have not seen it to date. Knowing about the existence of a contract is significantly different from approving it in accordance with the law. The NRA admits that as well in its own lawsuit. The NRA is playing is fast and loose when it comes to oversight. It is not following the law as it is written (as stated in the NRA’s own lawsuit). Ackerman McQueen is just a convenient scapegoat.

              As for LaPierre’s compensation, good luck justifying it to those that the NRA begs for donating to the NRA. While LaPierre continues to receive a $1M/year salary, the NRA is hitting up the poor with its scare tactics to extort their hard earned money.

        3. Did you bother to read the changes they made in how petitions are started or any of the other things they made harder to implement change? They were consolidating power and hardening their position. either you are clueless or have a vested interest in the way they mis-run things. Which is it? You aren’t a Marion Hammer sock puppet are you. Just asking as the enemy within.

      1. Time to overhaul the NRA before it is too late as a past member I said many years ago they were wasting money time to get rid of them and start new immediately if and when that happens I will gladly join up again

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