Why Cory Booker Sucks When it Comes to Gun Rights

Cory A. Booker
Cory A. Booker

New Jersey/United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- One of the Democrats running for president and getting a lot of air time is Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey. Booker had a bit of a star turn before he even reached the Senate due to the documentary Street Fight, featuring his effort to defeat a political machine in Newark. But where has Booker stood on our Second Amendment rights?

The answer: He’s bad on them – willing to back arbitrary bans on modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms and so-called “universal background checks.” Those are the big items. He’s voted against pro-Second Amendment legislation. Even when it comes to preventing the denial of Second Amendment rights to people who are unable to manage their finances, Booker votes to take guns away when he can. He even opposed allowing federal funds to be used to train teachers who volunteered for training to better protect their students.

But his awfulness goes further than just taking guns away – bad as that is. Not only is he bad, he’s been willing to support Andrew Cuomo-esque tactics at times. For instance, he was one of those who signed on to a letter trying to get financial services companies to impose restrictions on Second Amendment rights that have gone nowhere in the legislative arena.

Booker has gone even further than that lately, vowing in a tweet to “take down” the NRA. Let’s get one thing straight: Does Cory Booker really believe that the millions of Americans who are NRA members, who support the Second Amendment, who oppose bans on modern multi-purpose semiautomatic firearms deserve to be taken down like some ISIS terrorist? All for the crime of trying to oppose what amounts to punishment for shootings in movie theaters, churches, schools, and other public venues that they did not commit?

It’s a safe bet that is he were to do so, we’d be seeing the same sort of abuses that Andrew Cuomo perpetrated in New York, only this time coming from the White House. In addition, you can bet that Booker would be using the bully pulpit of the White House to try to accelerate the social stigmatization of the Second Amendment, and to encourage Silicon Valley’s censorship of Second Amendment supporters.

You have to wonder, given how Booker talks about gun bans as “common sense” gun control, what does he think about efforts to muzzle the voices of Second Amendment supporters? Does he call it “common sense” speech control? If anything, Booker’s seeming embrace of the Cuomo tactics speaks to a tacit admission that he can’t refute the facts, including those pesky Justice Department statistics that seem to put the lie to the claims behind his push to ban modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms. Whoops – was mentioning that rifles of all types killed only about 25 percent as many people as knives in 2017 an act that warrants being taken down?

The weakness of the arguments behind Cory Booker’s anti-Second Amendment track record should be noted, but it is also, in a way, cold comfort. In a Booker Administration, Second Amendment supporters would have to fight hard for the right to even make the argument. That would be a dire situation to be in.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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Daniel Wright

Cory Booker is a convicted felon in his youth and cannot own or possess a gun.However I’m not sure because he is a Senator and may be exempt from this legislation>>

Dennis G Kurn

Ban Cory Booker!


Looks like a CAT TURD with legs… Complete ASSHOLE !


Please, not another click-baitey article. ” Breaking news! A Democrat hopeful hates guns!!” No kidding.

Wake us all up when you find a Dem candidate that respects the 2nd Amendment in words and practice. That is newsworthy.

Ooh Rah

Another slick talking Demorat and like OBummer not a word of truth. Needs to be replaced period! Makes ya shiver, as it seems as if OBummer trained and maybe came from the same school of Socialist Racialist race baiter . Makes me wonder if he belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood too!


Perfect reason for term limits , these people need to be ousted, 4 year term and no benifits after the fact

Mr. Walkker

Human Trash. Anti American Fool.
Thousands died for Mr Booker to speak freely. I support that. FACT.

Caution. Keep pushing your garbage Mr. Booker. There are always unintended consequences. Factual.

It appears, in the above mentioned “Story”, and based upon his Behavior, Mr. Booker, has in him “unawares”.

Hiding in plane sight. No threats. Only a promise.
NO-Tice: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/part-I/chapter-115

-Tread lightly…..you ruinous fools.

James G.

Cory Booker is NOT intelligent. Only in a messed up state would he have been elected. The people of NJ are stupid. They are totally ignorant.


He’s wrong on background checks, but I guarantee that a majority of American voters would be for background checks on all politicians and making the results public.


Oldvet, 10 4 to that.


If punishing innocent people (responsible gun owners) who do NOT commit crimes – while completely ignoring the criminals who DO commit crimes – is a shining example of this waste-of-human-skin’s very best problem-solving skills… Booker has no business being in any (any!!) position of leadership. In fact, he has no business being out in public without a Keeper.

Deplorable Bill

With governmental leaders like this who needs murderers, rapists, robbers, molesters and terrorists? Elect them into office and they forget things like their oath, the constitution, the BIBLE (that this nation is founded upon), the bill of rights etc. Well, Cory, you are welcome to personally try to take my gear. I still remember my oath and yes, you fit the domestic aspect of that oath. Just so you don’t feel alone, that also goes for anyone you might send to do your dirty “wet” work. Good luck, your going to need it. The common sense approaches to gun issues… Read more »


Deplorable Bill, great post.


Like all Democrats Destroy instead of uplift


The title of the article goes too far. It should read CORY BOOKER SUCKS period. There is nothing good this ass hat would do for the people of this country. I think I remember someone claiming he is a predator, then why isn’t that broadcasted all over the MSM. Because they all suck, also.


Amen, Brother Patriot!

Roy D.

It is my understanding that he, like Lemon, Anderson, Smith are homosexuals so it would stand to reason that they suck. And that’s all that needs to be said.

Dubi Loo

Same guy who is protected by guns all day long?
Last week someone was killed in a drunk driving crash therefore Booker has to turn in his automobile.
The same bill of rights that protects his right to (stupid) free speech protects my 2A rights!
Hey Corey, go suck on something


One fact disqualifies him in my mind, before he even opens yp that yap of his…

He’s from Joisey, and in politics in that SHole place.


Cory Booger, the #1 pick in Dem. Politics!

willy d

How true, I read the book and saw the movie (1984) this is all that the Demo-Rats want, Unrestricted, TOTAL POWER nothing less, and we are to bow to them and have no say for anything!!!!!!!!!

James Slemons

A Real Idiot

Dennis Carey

He shouldn’t be running a marathon let alone for office

Robert J. Lucas

Has anyone in the United States ever asked these trolls if they are Americans?

Dennis Carey

Booshit booshit booshit lol like all the rest of his leftist Gubment folks, just open their mouths and out pukes booshit


On another point. The starbucks ceo was in a town hall meeting that was televised last night. Why didnt fox news ask the all important question of what do you think about semi auto guns. I question if they are now a left organization because of not asking that question which would have been my first.
It’s easy to determine who would support gun control or not if the have a (D) by thier name.

Wallace Curry

So F-ing disappointed with some of the American people. A corrupt D-bag like Farticus can blatantly lie then proudly admit to it when called out, without voter penalty. Seems his voting base is “cool” with destroying freedom all for the sake of PC.
Hope they never get the government they have been brainwashed into wanting. Civil war would be such a distraction.


Even his self proclaimed one time Spartacus moment was telling. A younger version of Al Sharpton; just another shakedown artist.


Cory Booker is a sock puppet for the first regime that wants total CONTROL of Americans. Thankfully he is as hollow and worthless. Real Americans will see him for what he is, no matter how hard the media props him and his ilk up. I only hope there are enough REAL Americans left in 2020.


Mr. Booky is nothing but a “voted in”?? professional paid groupie and LIAR for the NWO (New World Order). He comes from NJ which has pretty much smeared the Constitution and wants to dismantle the Constitution and RIP the Constitution to shreds and DISPOSE of it in the annals of “his” modified, if not mutilated, history from the La La Land. Americans’ UNDERSTAND what communism / socialism / progressivism / “Hitlerism” is all about. THAT “about” is nothing but TOTAL CONTROL over We The People. IT AINT GONNA HAPP’N. We the People REJECT the “nwo” concept of TOTAL CONTROL. We… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Because he is a Marxist as such not qualified to run for dog catcher.