Anti-Hunting Democrat & Congressmen Introduces Grizzly Bear Hunting Ban

Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ)
Anti-Hunting Democrat & Congressmen Introduces Grizzly Bear Hunting Ban

Washington, DC – -( Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) has introduced legislation that would ban the hunting of grizzly bears anywhere in the country except for Alaska.

Grijalva, who chairs the House Resources Committee, is a frequent author of anti-hunting bills and is consistently rated at 100% by the Humane Society of the United States. House Resolution 2532, has been referred to the Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife and is scheduled to have a hearing on Wednesday, May 13, at 2 p.m. in room 1324 of the LHOB.

Take Action! American hunters must contact their member of Congress today and ask them to oppose HR 2532. For the contact information of your Congressmen, visit the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center.

Congressman Grijalva’s legislation would create a Grizzly Bear Scientific Committee to determine bear management policy in coordination with the Secretary of Interior. The committee of 18 people would include six people from the different regions of grizzly bear populations, six from native tribes in those same regions, and six more representing the agencies of the Department of Interior.

The bill only allows the Secretary of Interior to issue a permit to take a grizzly bear in extremely limited circumstances. Those exceptions include: for scientific or zoological purposes or for tribal purposes involving religion. They also include in those limited circumstances when a bear poses a threat to public safety or agriculture. In those instances, however, the secretary may only issue a permit if non-lethal methods of control have failed, if every native tribe in grizzly bear habitat agrees the bear cannot be relocated to their territory and if the governor of the state requests the permit in writing. HR 2532 expressly forbids any regulated hunting for grizzly bears by sportsmen.

“Congressman Grijalva’s legislation is a near total ban on the take of a grizzly bear regardless of need. His bill is so full of red tape and hoops to jump through that a state has virtually no hope of eliminating a dangerous bear,” said Bruce Tague, vice president of government affairs for the Sportsmen’s Alliance.

“Further, HR 2532 ignores the scientific feedback from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and state fish and wildlife agencies who have concluded that grizzly bear numbers have exceeded their recovery goals in many parts of their range.”

Violators of the new law would be subject to the same civil and criminal penalties as a person would be who took a species on the Endangered Species List.

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    1. This is simple, load up a couple of truck loads of Bears and drop them off at Congress and Senate buildings and let the Bears control the Politicians in D C for awhile, that might help Trump with cleaning house?

    2. Representative Grijalva is a distraction. He is worried about bear hunting while more than 50% of ALL illegal drugs entering the USA come through the Tucson Sector’s OPEN Border. He has done nothing to support legislation to stop the continuous illegal entry via our southern border except to show his face at discussions about the border problems for years. Aside from being an active democratic socialist (AKA Communist) he continues to support his real constituents who reside below our nations southern border region. When he finally retires, his daughter will emerge to fill his shoes. In the interim, she while on the school board, has done much to degrade the educational system of the Tucson Unified School System. Comments here are from a former twenty year resident of Tucson.

    3. Another hunting banning crack pot politician being told what to do by the hunting banning cults, Bloomberg, Soros and the evil U.N.! I’ve read that these hunting banning cults want to put wolves and grizzly bears in each state west of the Mississippi. And you have no right to defend yourself or livestock against an attack. And tje hunting nanning cults want to limit who can go on BLM land and national forests and National Parks, meaning only them and no one else! Did you read where some of these groups also want to put elephants and lions in America because they were here during the last ice age. What will these psychos think of next? I wonder how many hunters and gun owners voted for madman raul grijala?

    4. Typical playbook of politicians, throw out something ludicrous just to see what sticks on the wall and if opposition is passive or vibrant.

      I am more concerned with Rubio’s antics introducing his Red Flag poobah than this, what was his name again!

    5. “In those instances, however, the secretary may only issue a permit if non-lethal methods of control have failed, ”

      Sorry, sir, my bear spray contains lead.

    6. Grijalva is only in office because his district is heavily populated with latinos. He is still under a cloud of suspicion for paying off an aide with a slush fund to keep quiet about sexual harassment. Southern AZ is hardly a habitat for grizzly bears, where he comes off as an expert is beyond me.

      1. Believe me, as a citizen of Arizona the only things Raoool is an expert at is supporting illegal immigration and Tequila, lots and lots of tequila. He shows himself to be corrupt and a philanderer, supporting illegal causes.

    7. Raul Grijalva must live in a city where bears would never go due to all of the traffic and noise. I would love to know his reaction to bears AFTER one either attacks him or breaks into his personal home. IGNORANCE is RANCID when One TELLS another what they can and cannot LEGALLY do!

    8. Anti hunting activist says it all. Ignorant, clueless and stupid. Watch out Arizona. with trash like him in your state, elk will be next.

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