Karma Hits Kirsten Gillibrand – Former Friend Turned Enemy

Karma Hits Kirsten Gillibrand - Former Friend Turned Enemy
Karma Hits Kirsten Gillibrand – Former Friend Turned Enemy

New York/United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- Sometimes, karma can come in some unexpected ways. In the case of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, it’s seen in a floundering presidential campaign. The fact of the matter is, she could have carved a very interesting niche for herself, but blew her opportunity to do so.

Like Senator Casey of Pennsylvania, Kirsten Gillibrand went from being a supporter of our Second Amendment rights to supporting the irrational push to punish law-abiding citizens for crimes and mass shootings they did not commit. At one point, she signed a brief urging the Supreme Court to strike down Washington, D.C.’s handgun ban. When she was appointed to the Senate, she drew fire for her track record in favor of law-abiding gun owners.

Kirsten Gillibrand had a choice: She could continue to stand up for law-abiding gun owners – many of whom owned semi-automatic firearms – or she could chase the approval of anti-Second Amendment extremists. She chose the latter, claiming she changed her views after talking to victims of urban gun violence.

The fact that New York City already had a variety of laws that anti-Second Amendment extremists dream of imposing nation-wide that weren’t stopping crime did not matter. Nor did the fact that Project Exile had shown great promise in not only putting away violent criminals and drug dealers who were misusing firearms – without harming the rights of law-abiding citizens – but in deterring the misuse and in cutting crime overall.

She betrayed the law-abiding gun owners in New York, who hoped she would defend them from those who would strip away their rights as punishment for shootings they did not commit for what she saw was a path to higher office. She went from someone who had the unique opportunity to humanize Second Amendment supporters to just another irrational anti-Second Amendment politician.

Even if she had been voted out in a 2010 or 2012 primary for her support of the Second Amendment, she would have had numerous opportunities to re-boot her life. There are many pro-Second Amendment politicians who laid down their political careers to stand with law-abiding gun owners and who then went on to other things. But she chose the path of political expediency instead.

Today, she supports a ban on modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms along with an arbitrary limit on magazine capacity. Also, she is not ruling out support for court-packing plans, which would be devastating for Second Amendment supporters on multiple fronts. She has resisted calls for licensing schemes like Cory Booker’s, but she still has become an enemy of law-abiding gun owners, one who knowingly lies about the NRA.

Her presidential campaign has been floundering, though, and perhaps that is a bit of karma coming back to bite her. Hopefully, there will come a time when politicians will find the guts to stand up to the irrational demands of the anti-Second Amendment extremists seeking the disarmament of law-abiding citizens. Perhaps Gillibrand will be seen as that sort of cautionary tale.

Harold Hutchison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

  • 25 thoughts on “Karma Hits Kirsten Gillibrand – Former Friend Turned Enemy

      1. Harold……No one was fooled by her, because we all know that Dems are liars and traitors. Stop projecting your own foolishness and nativity onto others to try and convince yourself that you are not soft headed and dumb.

    1. Loser in a pant suit appoints loser in a prom dress to succeed her in failure.

      Seems just about right.

      Ol Gillie needs a strong dose of reality. Perhaps failing will be the beginning of the opening of her eyes. What she fails to comprehend is that, by switching sides and selling us out once, if she turns coat on the Dems and tries to come back she’ll have a real tough row to hoe. Not many of us, who tend to be more chary of polilticians as a habit, will be eager to trust her again.
      Somebody cue up the original recording of “Yore Cheatin’ Hawrt”.

    2. Gun controls didnt work in Chicago or the US Virgin Islands, what makes her think it will work in another city?

    3. She was hand picked by the Pant Suit to take the safe Senate seat in NY State.
      KG will never be POTUS, NEVER.

    4. What amazes me is that someone with as thin a resume as Ms. Gillibrand could think she is worthy of leading the United States in these perilous times. Like most politicians, her stock in trade consists in making promises. President Trump, on the other hand, had a half-century of major business accomplishments prior to running for office. Sorry, Ms. Gillibrand, you are a nobody who promised her way into the US Senate. Now, you’ve broken your promise to American citizen firearms owners/enthusiasts. Good riddance to you, madam Senator nobody.

    5. All the loony left has for arguments is lies, lies, lies and more lies. They pee on your shoes and tell you it’s raining. Killing babies in the womb is called “Women’s health care”. Protecting babies in the womb is called “Attacking women” (actual headline). The Speaker of the House says illegal aliens haven’t broken any laws. The worst president in history is taking the credit for the booming economy, after eight lackluster years of his presidency, which expired over two years ago. I could go on and on, but I won’t. One glaringly obvious monumental truth emerges from the lies, obfuscation, confusion and ignorance surrounding the Second Amendment and the other fundamental Constitutional rights of Americans that are affirmed by that document……An armed citizenry will never be unwillingly forced into railroad boxcars at gunpoint.

      1. “An armed citizenry will never…”. But they will allow their country to be over run by invaders, isn’t that just perfect !

    6. They took an Oath of Office that Americans expected them to take seriously. They lied…Vote them all out..all of them.

    7. These democrats, most of them, are singing the same tune and there is a reason and purpose for it. They are part of, or think they are part, of the next world order or they are paid Soros clowns. Either way, they think they will become part of the hierarchy that will gain prestige and riches from their fellow men. What they fail to realize is that they are just a spoke in the wheel and can be replaced at any given time. Better known as useful idiots. If the time does come for the termination of this great nation they will find out but it will be too late to change. Now Pelose is spouting more “cover up” accusations without any proof or evidence. Being a democrat makes one crazy, I guess.

      1. Everybody needs to call Washington and let them know that we won’t stand for our President being forcibly removed from the office we elected him for. Let them know that we will come to his aid bearing arms and if it comes down to it we will forcibly remove THEM. the number is 202 225 3121. I call at least once a day, as well as many of my friends. The more calls they get threatening to storm the capital, it will make them think. Don’t threaten, but be serious about your intentions if the dems try to remove President Trump by force. Remember, their are millions of armed citizens who make us the largest armed forces in the world. If 5 million armed patriots invade Washington, they’ll run away of course but they’ll be hunted down and imprisoned when they are found, but they’ll also get the message that they’ve gone too far. This is what it’s going to take to get our country back and these traitors need to know we will act if pushed too far. Please call. If nothing else, overload the phones

    8. We should keep in mind that politicians need money to run election/re-election campaigns. For most of them, Trump is so personally rich he’s an exception, this money comes to them from their political party’s coffers. This means that, with a very few, rare exceptions, a politician’s loyalty will be, will virtually HAVE to be, to his or her party rather than the constituents. This means that politicians ate under tremendous pressure to follow their party’s line, and support their party’s stated positions, both publicly, and especially, in closed door settings.
      The Democrat Party’s expressed belief about guns is that they don’t generally belong in civilian hands, and that the 2nd. Amendment is either obsolete and should be repealed, or at least, should be interpreted not to mean what it says. Thus, if you support a Democrat politician, ANY Democrat politician, you should EXPECT him or her to oppose your gun rights at every point. Even a local DA, Judge, or city councilmen can be expected to do this; indeed, virtually MUST do this to keep in the party’s good graces. That means that, no matter what he says, or how he has behaved or voted in the past, NOW he will oppose your gun rights whenever a decision about them arises.
      Am I a “single issue voter?” Yes, I have become one now, although I never was in the past. The reason is that now, even if a Democrat appears to be a reasonable person, who has some good sounding ideas when he talks to me, and even if he sounds very believable, I KNOW he or she will betray me whenever basic Constitutional issues like gun rights arise, because, as a Democrat, he really has no choice. I see no way around this today.

    9. Man Made laws do NOT protect you only punish those who get caught breaking the law.
      I like to reduce life to the cave man level. If Some one tries to kill me I have the right to kill them. If some one in my Family or friends are denied the right to defense and is killed because of that then the denying party should be held responsible so friends/family has the right to equal justice. Punishment should be equal to the crime. A life for a life! Laws that take away self preservation are against nature and society.

    10. Any Democrat, regardless of what they say, is anti-Constitution and anti-American and I want nothing to do with them.

    11. If you support any democrat for office you are saying that the second amendment means nothing to you.
      They have all become anti-gun so they can fit in with the party.

    12. If we are not prepared to stand and fight for our rights, duplicitous douchebags like Gillibrand will surely take them. Confront the grabbers with their own tactics and actively support candidates and initiatives that protect individual liberties and rights. Oh, and don’t be afraid of rumpling some Libtards self esteem or hair if they get in your face about it.

    13. These are the turncoat Democrats, Gillirand, Casey, Sanders, and a long list of others that give up the ones who elect them.
      The give you up for the blessings of the DNC and their money.
      They will say and do anything, they don’t have enough character to be trusted with some kids milk money.

    14. If gun owners don’t become more activist and outspoken like the other side has become , we will lose our rights.. you cannot depend totally on these politicians to do the right thing.. for example the so-called gun rights supporters are now supporting red flag laws.. they support no due process of forcibly removing or confiscating your firearms.. just because somebody doesn’t like you.. gun owners better pay close attention to what they so-called gun rights supporters are trying to enact.

      1. We all must become pro Convention of States. It truly is time to drain the swamp. Term limits for Congress. Take back our country and for GoGods sake and our own, stop saying things like “the government should do something about this or that” .

        1. Term limits won’t fix a thing. It will only speed the rate at which dirtbags cycle through their “elected” positions. NOTHING will change until the VOTERS bestir themselves from their comatose state and actually investigate the candidates and their values, intentions, voting records.
          One major problem with term limits is that on the rare occasions we manage to seat a GOOD GUY, he’s gone after two terms, before he can really settle in and do some damage to the swamp creatures.

          And a COnvention of States won’t fix a thing until WE hold the feet of the elected to the fire and DEMAND they uphold their oaths of office by beginning to charge them with felony perjury when they do things like try to take away our right to arms…..
          If the ones in office refuse to abide by the laws we have today, on what basis do you hold they will suddenly have a change of heart after a convention, and instantly begin to uphold and abide by the laws as written. That’s like finding a road with a 45 mph speed limit, and drivers are going 70 on a regular basis, deciding to drop the limit to 35 mph and thinking they will magically slow down.
          Enforce the existing “speed limit” and things will improve.

    15. The Left sees right through her, just like the Right does Now.. Her beliefs turn on a dime to support herself above all others. She won’t even end up a footnote in History!! One down, on to the next Anti-American!

      1. What’s going on is that they own the media so you’ll never hear the truth and their numbers are always slanted so don’t believe everything you hear it’s most likely not true

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