The Court-Packing Threat to the Second Amendment

The Roberts Court, November 30, 2018. Seated, from left to right: Justices Stephen G. Breyer and Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., and Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Samuel A. Alito. Standing, from left to right: Justices Neil M. Gorsuch, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Brett M. Kavanaugh. Photograph by Fred Schilling, Supreme Court Curator’s Office.

Washington, D.C. – -( You might think that with the confirmation of two pro-Second Amendment justices under President Donald Trump, that the Second Amendment is reasonably safe. Well, think again. Those who would seek to take our rights away are not going to just give up. In fact, they have a new plan to deal with a pro-Second Amendment majority on the Supreme Court.

Their plans are very simple: To pack the court – adding at least two, if not more, seats to that body. One progressive group is calling for the addition of four seats, given the uncertain health status of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg creates a new opening on the high court. Who fills those seats?

You can bet that those openings will be filled by justices who will not only rubber stamp all sorts of anti-Second Amendment laws, but ones who will also overturn rulings that have protected free speech during political campaigns and uphold Andrew Cuomo’s abuses against the NRA. It is also a safe bet that any new justice picked will be relatively young – able to serve for 30 years or more. Three decades of horrible rulings on our right to keep and bear arms. The implications are simply staggering.

The absolute worst case would be to see this packed court overturn the Heller and McDonald decisions. In essence, it would buy the nonsense that the right to keep and bear arms only applies to militias – defined as the National Guard. In Florida, a proposed ballot initiative for the 2020 election could very well be a test case for this sort of claim.

Not only does that initiative encompass a sweeping ban on semi-automatic firearms, it features a ban on any magazine holding more than seven rounds. It also bans “sniper rifles” – a term left very vague but leaving open the possibility of banning a typical bolt-action rifle. There would be a one-year “grace period” to turn them in or become a felon. Furthermore, one can lose their gun rights over two domestic abuse emergency calls. Not convictions, not arrest, merely investigations. It would not matter if you were cleared or if the calls were false alarms.

At first glance, this is the type of thing that would be very likely to be tossed out, with the court citing Heller and McDonald, at least with the current composition of the court. If President Trump replaces Ginsburg with another justice who supports the Second Amendment, it would be a foregone conclusion that we would see this stricken down. But these cases can take time to get to the Supreme Court – years even.

So, what could be today’s Supreme Court with a 5-4 pro-Second Amendment majority could be a Supreme Court with an 8-5 anti-Second Amendment majority if some of these extremists get their way. That changes the entire legal landscape. Think about Kamala Harris, or Elizabeth Warren, or some of the other anti-Second Amendment zealots already running for the Presidency – and who they might select.

What can be done to avoid this? In this, there is good news: The Supreme Court’s composition can only be changed by an act of Congress. That happens either through the House and Senate passing a bill, and the President signing it, or the House and Senate passing the bill over a veto. This means there is time, but also danger. Time is there, since the 2020 Senate map is somewhat favorable to pro-Second Amendment candidates, but if the election goes bad, the danger is that the Senate could fall into anti-Second Amendment hands.

The chance to pack the Supreme Court could lead Charles Schumer to nuke the filibuster completely if he has the majority in the Senate. In short, it would be a drastic shift in the landscape – one from which the Second Amendment would not likely recover from.

The fact is, control of the White House and Senate over the next 12 years could very well decide whether or not the Second Amendment survives. It is best to make sure that they are controlled by pro-Second Amendment officials.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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John Phelps

The reason we the people have the Second Amendment Rights was to protect us against the people that make the laws, when will people of the United States of America understand what’s going to happen if they can take that right away from us, (we the people) some just don’t understand


What was once said ” the demoncrats are coming,the demoncrats are coming “


Democrats are sexist.

Current US Code says that all men 17 to 45 are a part of the unorganized militia, as well as women in the National Guard…

If Democrats have their way and change the 2nd Amendment to only apply to “the militia” then only women in the National guard would be able to “bare arms”! Where as ALL men 17 45 would still be able to! Hence, most women would not be armed!

It sounds to me like Democrats WANT to victimize women, and want more women unarmed!

Tommy Andersen

Two words. Civil War. Prepare and be ready.

No body cares

These people are the enemy. Make no mistake . they need to be locked up for treason right now for even talking about such laws . who are they to get in a room and conspire to disarm us. The time for just putting up with this has passed. We should show up armed and remove these traitors. Arrest them and give them trial. Sick state of affairs.


No reasonable person is looking to remove second amendment rights. There are some common sense things we can do to make sure that it’s harder for kids to get their hands on guns (unsupervised) and require that a person is mentally functional before selling them a weapon. One of the biggest problems when it comes to guns is a lack of responsibility. Parents who don’t have a gun safe and keep their gun in a drawer their kid can reach, and uncles who have a whole armory that’s not under lock and key. These things can be resolved (to some… Read more »

Gary Marcum

The key to your comment is, “no reasonable person.”


Who determines responsible person


I am an American. A gun owner. And a former GOP party member. If any of you still vote GOP and think like the incompetent ass that wrote this piece that the only way to save gun rights or rights in general afforded by the constitution is voting GOP then you are wildly ill informed. Conservative American politicians are ripping your rights out from under you with your approval they are also robbing you blind. Wake up. Read. Research.


Does that mean we should vote ‘Democrat’?
As in the only other viable party that is an avowed bunch of anti-2nd amendment, gun-grabbers?

Methinks you believe we’re so stupid we believe that propaganda.,


A sentence has an subject and a predicate now we all know that the subject comes at the beginning of a sentence now if you look at the first part of the sentence it says a well regulated militia the well-regulated militia is the subject anything else in that sentence is the predicate explaining about the subject with is the well regulated militia then yes the Second Amendment only applies people apart of a well regulated militia because that is the subject of the Second Amendment so maybe I need to go back to school and learn about sentence structure


To understand the 2nd amendment one must read and discover the Founding Father’s intent for writing the amendment. It was that the people remained armed for protection from a tyrannical government. You need to go back and study some history that your schooling failed to provide.



Heed the Call-up

Corey, point-blank, no pun intended, you are 100% wrong. You need to look at the way the sentence is written and understand the history and intent as to why the 2A was written. As far as your grammar lesson, yes, you are wrong about that, too. You need to learn about sentence structure if you really believe what you wrote. Based on your logic, the 2A would be about the people’s RKBA if it was written, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, because a well regulated militia is necessary to the security… Read more »

Roy D.

Corey: Having read that hot mess you wrote, you are the last person who should be giving advice on how to write anything or how to interpret a written passage. But you keep on being you.


Yes, you DO need to go back and learn sentence structure. Your hash of a run-on sentence displays your ignorance.


The words ‘A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,’ constitutes a present participle, not a clause. It is used as an adjective, modifying ‘militia,’ which is followed by the main clause of the sentence ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.’ (subject ‘the right’, verb ‘shall’).

Google The Unabridged Second Amendment by J. Neil Schulman for the English language breakdown and confirmation of meaning.

jack velten

I have never bought a gun. I have never tried to. However i have fired many different kinds, 30-06, 30 30, and my favorite, 35 Marlin lever action. If it looks like they are going to pack the court or pass a law taking away my right to bear arms then they will have made a non gin owner into a multiple gun owner and at least one that is not bought legally so they know what kind and how many guns I have. They should not make 50 million law abiding citizens felons, I truly believe it is a… Read more »


Ultimately, people will have to make a decision on where ANY rights come from. Now this is where people make the mistake and call the bill of rights, the constitution, the state, God. What is not realized is whatever you say has the authority to or you give authority to “give you rights” also has the authority and given the authority to take away those rights. Life. Liberty. The pursuit of anything, all in the hands of half-senile, hostile, statist, hyper self-aggrandizing, pompous strangers who serve the systems in place. I love America. I love being an American. I love… Read more »

willy d

If Trump gets to pick another SCG the LEFT will go into a total LIQUID MELTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They won’t have a civil word to say or publish, We will be looking for places to put them all on suicide watches!!!!!!!!


They can commit suicide, we won’t watch. LOL! I don’t really care what those on the left has to say about it, no one else cares either, other than the snow flakes. They can go melt!

Raymond Hudson

DITTO > See No Evil !


The only snowflakes and cowards are right wing unamerican traitorous cowards like you.


You are right because if Trump picks another justice he will have dismantled the constitution like traitorous cowards like you want.

Peter Anthony

REPLY TO>> [PATHETIC POLITICAL PROSTITUTE] Patrick SOCIALIST LEECH]Liverma says: February 9, 2019 at 6:37 AM Your pitiful bogus accusation of the Republicans using the “illegal” Nuke Action couldn’t be more bogus fake untrue fabricated & made up. They simply took what THANK GOD they had the sense guts intelligence patriotism & honor to utilize was something that your miserable malignant Soros Sucking Socialist democrat “disarm-to-destoy gov. tyrants had viciously & monotonously utilized to swoon kiss ass & further destroy our rights freedoms liberties virtues & great free republic which barely survived those nite mare notoriously destructive Godless freedom despising Muslim… Read more »

michael french

the answers all you” Half-moon building Barristers” are looking for is 18 U.S.C $. 242.
” Depravation of Civil Rights under Color of Law.”
The Attorney General has to prosecute those that violate the above FEDERAL STATUTE,
and all your “….Shall not Infringe.” goes away.




Roosevelt tried packing the SCOTUS in 1937. Didn’t happen then, and won’t happen now. There will be blood.


The Bill of Rights is for the people, not the government. The National Guard is a government agency; government agencies do not benefit from The Bill of Rights.

Chris Howard

For every ” Amendment” in the “Constitution” the answers are there and as easy to read and understand !! As easy as reading grade school books “Dick and Jane” ?!!!! “Congress” needs to straighten up and do the number one job they took their jobs for !! To follow the ” Constitution” to the fullest extent of it’s power ! As it has for over 200+ years !! Who do they think and believe they are to sit and judge upon Our “Constitution” ?!!!


You are more correct than you know. There is a almost unknown Federal Law that states, something like this. ” The government does not have the right to grant it’s self privilege, or Grant anyone else privilege, or Grant negative privilege, or Grant any form of privilege for payment.” It says this law can not be changed, and they can not make any law that circumvents this law. It defines violation of this law as treason against the people. It is not legal for the government to grant negative privilege, between Bill of Rights and this Federal Law they can… Read more »


It is amazing, the number of people who interpet the 2nd A to mean an organized milita to be law enforcement, National Guard and military Army to be the purpose of it’s writing. When in fact it was the purpose of our founding fathers to write it as protection of the people from these very same government powers ! It was not written only for protection from foreign powers, but for protection of the people by tyranny from our own governmental powers ! The very same ones that the liberals are attempting to force on us now !

2A lover

It is truely amazing, the number of people who do not understand that the 2nd A was written for the purpose of protecting the people from those who many say are there to protect us, that being a milita composed of law enforcement, Naftional Guard and the best military in the world ! They might be there to protect us from a foreign power, but the 2nd was written for our protection from them themselves, and that is the jist of the matter. The 2nd was so important to our founding fathers, that it was placed where it was. And… Read more »


What do they not understand about (Shall Not Be Infringed) they clearly don’t care about anyone but themselves, and their feelings. It pisses me off something fierce whenever I hear all this bullshit about the government trying to control the masses. Man… I’m definitely not a happy camper right now…


Federal law has stated that the U.S. Constitution is not to be interpreted. If so, then each of us who hold a public office – especially Military, Intelligence Officers, Special Agents, Congressmen/women, Senators, Federal Judges, the Vice President and the President could not take our oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and Domestic! If the Constitution were to be interpreted, then how could we all collectively protect and enforce a living document that binds our nation if it were fluid and left open to each individuals interpretation? Can you imagine the confusion! It… Read more »

Shei Usumang

I tell people this not with alot of details but just enough and they think u are making this up.


They can pass all the laws they would like, if they conflict with the Constitution they will be disregarded. How many Democratic politicians are going to go to people’s homes demanding their guns? I would say zero. How many people will refuse to give up their gone? I would say around a hundred and seventy million. How many constitutional Law Enforcement Officers will comply with an unconstitutional law? I would say very few. The Republic is strong as long as the citizens are strong and are willing.


I’m pro 2nd amendment. I am neither Republican or Democrat but if you want to get real about this the path that the right is going down is is going to GIVE the House, the Senate AND the Executive Branch to the left. You never see either party stay in lower more than two terms. The election is not won, it is given away by the ones holding the reins.


What better way to clarify wide-held misconceptions than with facts? These need to be broadly disseminated through mass media and to lawmakers at all levels. Clearly, the scare factor, not numbers, drives the anti-gun hysteria. Latest figures for deaths in the US annually caused by: Heart disease: 647,457 (poor diet, sedentary lifestyle) Cigarette smoking: 480,000 Medical errors: 250,000 Accidental injuries (various): 169,936 Alcohol-related: 88,000 Drug overdoses: 70,237 Motor vehicle accidents: 40,000 Murder with knives: 1,591 Murder with hands, fists and feet: 696  Murder with blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.): 467 Murder with all type rifles: 403  Murder with “assault-type” rifles: 84… Read more »


Abort Roberts.

Abie solis


Abie solis

A well regulated militia. Our forefathers didn’t realize you were so stupid.


If that’s what you think, then you understand nothing about the founding fathers or the Constitution. Time for you to do some research.


In that day, well regulated meant well practiced or well maintained.

Mike Robbins

An analysis of the Second Amendment based on its text, context, vocabulary, syntax, historical context, the Federalist Papers, and the founding principles and the Founders’ philosophy show there is no doubt the Second Amendment recognizes and protects a pre-existing God-given Natural Right to self-defense, and to have a deterrent and protection against government tyranny. The Second Amendment reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The Second Amendment is a “right of the people” in the Bill of Rights, and… Read more »


I don’t think they know what the word regulated mean and it don’t mean practicing and maintained


The people, meaning every able bodied person, were, and still are the militia. It is our duty to keep standing armies in check.

Guillermo Perez

You’re right.
These people on the left have serious mental issues. And the reason is, in my view, that they are for the most part, humanists, as opposed to humanitarians.
Humanists believe man is the center. Humanitarians believe God is the center.
Huge difference.

Larry E Lewis

The Second Amendment is so simple, brainless politicians stumble over it. First, the 10 Amendments or Bill/laws of human rights cannot be taken away except by tyrants and despots. The language is clear and distinct with such words as “shall not, shall not be infringed and shall make no.” Simple straightforward language was used. Second, it is established by “We the People” not a political party or a Supreme Court. Third, the militia is private American citizens and not a military power. The language dictates “the People” being the private militia since why, how and when would any military branch… Read more »

Jack pht

They were 100% effective in disarming New Orleans during Kitrina.
They simply go house to house in force. Nobody said no. Nobody resisted.
Then the only dead people were killed by police.
WTF are you talking about?


They were 100% effective in disarming New Orleans during Kitrina.
They simply go house to house in force. Nobody said no. Nobody resisted.
Then the only dead people were killed by police.
WTF are you talking about?

W. Kendy

Oh, presidents have tried to pack the SC forever…Teddy, FDR…read your history. The biggest issues are what is happening on the local and statewide levels, as in the Florida scenario (I live in FL) which is bs. The antis are doing the “bite at a time” and getting libs to be incumbents which are hard to dislodge once in office and that is where we need to make our voices heard. There are organizations that can use their national voice to address these issues but it is us grassroots people that need to make our voices and influence heard.

L Burgos

Lets get rid of terror.

Greg McDowell

100% agreed!


Not enough alpha males as judges.

John Galt

Water the tree of liberty.


Larry E Lewis

The Second Amendment is so simple, brainless power hungry politicians stumble over it. Think of it like this. There are international crisis which occur on such a massive level we need the military. Also, medical emergencies can arise calling for doctors, nurses and hospital care. In addition, crimes occur where police intervention in necessary and major fires break out requiring firefighters. However, and read this carefully, home invasions and personal attacks, can happen in a split second. There is not always time to call the police, therefore we must react instantly to defend ourselves, our families, property and neighbors. We… Read more »

American Patriot


Acting against your OATH, must be prosecuted as TREASON to your OATH, the people, and our nation!


Jack Waite

I would have to agree with you

George Alicea

I agree. They take their job as a joke. They are supposed to protect the 2nd amendment, but theyr protecting their job & the evil left agenda.

Kevin C. BaileyK

Well stated. Congress needs to remember that they work for the people and have SWORN TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION, not change it. They are NOT THE ELITE. They are the U.S. CITIZENS employees.


You seem to think the Supreme Court is the be all, end all for 2nd Amendment rights. One movement we are seeing expanding across this country is jury and law nullification. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what our rights are, how they were enumerated in the Constitution for our Individual benefit. Unjust laws are being ignored around the country. Sheriffs and police officers are openly pointing out they will not enforce these unjust laws, even in the most Liberal of States. The only reason we are seeing the courts being used to make legislation , is because the… Read more »


You can not add two additional seats to the court. This article is alarmist. You would need to amend the Constitution.


Unfortunately you’re wrong.
The only thing in the Constitution about it is that there will be a ‘Supreme Court’. Nothing written about the number of jurists on it. And the size of the Court HAS changed over the centuriest

Douglas Rhoads

molon labe could be what it all comes down to. They can make them illegal but then they have to take them away , all 300 million guns in this country, not an easy task since many people wont give them up easily.

terry ralston

already tried in this country, didnt go over well. fact is many redcoats got dead.


They were 100% effective in disarming New Orleans during Kitrina.
They simply go house to house in force. Nobody said no. Nobody resisted.
Then the only dead people were killed by police.
WTF are you talking about?


Watch this video on YouTube about this very issue as this video explains it all. Yes we can talk tough about what would happen but when the illegal treachery happens if they really came to one house at a time and had 30 militarized agents kicking in your door what would you do and the answer is nothing because we are to worried about our lives and our families and wives and kids to do anything I mean it’s not like they are saying to us ‘ hey it’s s right for your second amendment so meet us at noon… Read more »


If confiscation begins, the key is organization. First do not register firearms. If they were somehow registered they have been “stolen”. You can set up “community militias” to meet their ridiculous definition and fight through the courts. If it gets worse than token confiscation, you can be assured your family is in danger anyway and a major revolution will be taking place.

Charles Sprigg

YEAH very true country boys are not going too lay down thiet arms off anyone…. we always fighting for this country we do it again and again uint we are free once more

Fred T Andree

But they have too many guns registered and they’ll be knocking on your doors!
They weren’t required to register their guns when the Red Coats tried to confiscate the firearms! But these anti-gun leftwing Blue Coats will deny the inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Second Amendment! They put themselves and their agendas above your rights and above the law! They openly support the collapse and undermine the demise and fall of the United States! Socialism and Communism is their United front, and now they openly embrace Radical Islamic Extremists as members!

Jack Waite

Yep I agree


Behind every blade of grass.


Surprising such a discussion would not include FDR’s historic attempt to increase the court to 13 justices. It failed. Why? The author could have provided more.


Pray that RBG does “exit, stage right” (as a minimum) while President Trump is in office. Only way to ensure a Constitutional SCOTUS for the next 20-30 years.


Sorry dude, there is no limit to how many sit on the SCOTUS.

Wild Bill

@Joe, Yeah, a new Judiciary Act by Congress could reduce the number of justices to zero. Or Congress could appropriate zero dollars for the Judiciary branch. “Sorry, you all go home, and we will call for new resumes in a couple of weeks.”


What was that about an 8-4 anti gun majority!? Poor math? There must be limits~It would require an act of Congress~Damn those kids w/ screwball brains maybe they raised on perscibtion meds instead of good parenting but I understand~Some need Special Love~

Jack A Furbush

While there may not be an actual limit to how many justices can sit on the USSC creating more seats will take an act of the Congress and Senate. The Demacrats want to eliminate the USSC the electoral college and term limits on the President. If they actually get their way America as it’s was intended to be and as we know it is finished. Jefferson said that freedom is only one generation away. He’s absolutely correct on this. Look at how the Demacrat socialist has created a next generation of idiots that will surrender our liberty to these criminals… Read more »


In that case Harold how about an RPG For RGB ??Projecting catastrophic events does not help your leftist leading views


Politicians -socialist -communist -liars -Democrats -rhinos -lawyers- muzzies -they all have one thing in common /destroy the common America workingman take everything he has and put us in Communist Concentration camps/FEMA


Writer Harold Hutchison is totally full of shit. Doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Millions will never give up their guns.


Another right wing coward cheering for the demise of the US. A vote for Trump or the GOP is a vote of US destruction by cowards that have no idea how to be a human much less an American.


To advocate for the demise of any human, including RBG, is so mean-spirited and is certainly worthy of reproach. Shame on you! Be careful what you wish for, JGR may prove to be more of a centrist juror than may suit you. We have three branches of government, when other branch(es) become ineffectual, the remaining branch(es) must become more active. We have had a moribund legislative branch for decades. With an executive branch, that until recently was bent on saving us from WMDs that did not exist. With a current “Don Quixote” president chasing walls (not windmills), like the Great… Read more »

Edward Weber

I believe the Posse Comitatus Act pertains to using troops against U.S.citizens,,,NOT foreign invaders. What would be the difference between using the army against people from South America or China? Both are foreign invaders.


that’s what the act means.
but everyone should notice in Louisiana when they had that Hurricane they used the NATIONAL GUARD to go around to try and disarm the Citizens in New Orleans, and the cops.
and the National guard is not mentioned in that act.
remember this, THE DICK ACT OF 1902 redefined the Military it also said that GUN LAWS WERE PROHIBITED , but we the people by our 2ND AME4NDMENT IS STILL THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND AND WE ARE STILL THE MILITIA.

Jack A Furbush

The PCA only prevents federal troops from being used against American citizens except during time of war or insurrection. All it would take is the wrong President to declare a national emergency because the American people refuse to surrender privately owned firearms if a law like Australia has was past. A second Civil War would trigger that just as it did in the first one. Reach for the ballot box or we’re going to end up having to reach for the cartridge box. People like to say voting don’t matter. If that was so Killery would be Queen and half… Read more »

Charles Sprigg



The posse comitatus act was basically done away with under obe the one. Did you miss this little known fact? As far as wanting enemies of the free nation that the United states of America is, sorta, dead, I see no problem. The problem exists in actually helping them shuffling the mortal coil. That part seems to be illegal. But wanting and not doing is where the line is. At least on our side, antifa has no problem beating the hell out of those they find alone. I am a dav, so my maga hat may be harder to get… Read more »

Mike Robbins

President Trump is correct to build the border security wall, to protect our nation, all Americans, and our liberty. The wall will save much more money then it will cost, and it will help preserve our liberty. Illegal aliens give Marxist Democrat states like the Peoples Republic of California more representatives and votes in Congress, and in the Electoral College for electing the president, just by being here and being counted in the census used for reapportionment. Large illegal alien populations also allow the Democrats to create more extreme gerrymanders of the congressional and state legislative election districts in California… Read more »

Big Jim

The WMD’s did exist they were moved to Syria, the hand is quicker than the eye.

Timothy Cox

death by a thousand cuts is still death


No more Activist Judges for the Supreme Court


We the people are the defenders of the constitution and liberty. The Supreme Court is not an end all be all solution nor was it intended to be so.

Rob Cates


Herb T

If we moved to the outhouse known as Venezuela sooner than later, we could eliminate all the worry about what might happen to our great country in the hands of socialists/communists/democrats. Democrats / socialists / communists: The best liars, cheats and thieves America has to offer.

Will Flatt

Doom and gloom, bah bah bah, I suppose now you’ll say that ‘only’ the NRA can save us from inevitable and infinite destruction of our rights.

Joe Owens

Wake up stupid, apparently, you are to ignorant to understand that 8s yheir absolute agenda.


Not the NRA. Just reasoned citizens who understand that liberty is not gained through legislative action. Legislation, by its very nature, is only restrictive.

1776 Patriot

Gunner98 – So, just to make sure we understand, your position is that even though we have the privilege of living in the most free and prosperous nation in history, a Constitutional Representative Democracy, with We The People having the power to elect who we wish, you propose to avoid the legislative process and attempt by “reason” to maintain our God-given rights of self-defense? Our nation’s founders established the three branches of government just to that end, so we and our legislative representatives could reason together to solve our problems, rather than first resorting to violence. What form of government… Read more »


1776 Patriot, here’s why your specious post fails on merit: 1) Your rhetoric, “…we have the privilege of living in the most free and prosperous nation in history, a Constitutional Representative Democracy”, is utterly meaningless as far as any assurance that government won’t usurp the rights of its citizens. There is no such thing as benevolent government. Government is as dangerous as fire, consuming everything it touches, and should be controlled with the same constant attention and regard. 2) We don’t have a “Democracy”…Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution (the Guarantee Clause) states that “The United States shall guarantee… Read more »


We are a Constitutional Republic. You apparently need to understand our country




We are not any form of democracy. We are a REPUBLIC.


Dammit people! The goobermint skrewls have been at werk here…..

Love Liberty

If so, then time to use the 2nd Amendment for what it’s true purpose was and still is for.

phil morris

we are all doomed , we are all gonna die , we might as well go out in a blaze of glory , or not 😉 whether you think you can or you think you cant your probably right = henry ford , you can inform the ignorant but you cant fix stupid = ron white , 2 things are infinite the universe and human stupidity = albert Einstein , good luck+god bless.

Texas Jim

Yeee Haaa and AMEN

Patrick Liverma

Pack it. Without a moment’s hesitation. Two reasons. 1. Gorsuch’s supreme court is a stolen seat. McConnell refused to have a hearing on Merrick Garland, a very moderate pick of Obama’s who still had over eleven months in office. Garland had recieved confirmation by a 76-23 vote in the lower DC court, 32 of those votes being Republican. Let’s also keep in mind that the Republicans could NOT confirm Gorsuch legitimately, having to cheat the system and use a “Nuclear Option” removing the filibuster that had existed for supreme court nominations since the countries infancy. By all rights, even after… Read more »


Bullshit pack your waist line -forget the courts they’re all leftist commie fools and rhinos are being packed more and more leaning to the commie Islamic direction /So what’s a patriot to do you ask?Real patriots will shut your crying ass pie hole and get ready to rock this is not a simulation or a test this is the real deal bill so get off your ass and jamOr keep your ass on the front porch and stand back and watch ,,because there’s Minutemen at work

Richard L

Your problem is : You cannot read


garland = a flower arrangement, what is a “merrick garland”


Yep you cannot read, the militia is the whole of the people to keep & bear arms, militia is called up by the state not congress dimwit.

Greg K

Actually, both…Article 1, Sec. 8, Clause 15 and 16 for the Congress. The state get’s it’s power via the National Guard Act Codification. It also should be noted that the Founders envisioned 2 forms of “Militia.”

Calling folk names and not knowing the material is “Not Cool.”

Sons of Liberty

Pay attention to this traitor to Liberty. This is the flawed thinking that the Loyalists had in the original 13 colony’s. The ppl who would turn us from citizens into subjects NEED guys like this to be their sheep who look to govt to solve all their problems. That’s the very antithesis of Liberty. The right to self defense is not one that is “granted” from the govt to form militias – it is our natural “individual” right given to us by God. That was decided in Heller and it scares fools like this asshole so bad he shits himself… Read more »


It’s ironic that lefties are so worried about children being killed by guns but, they fight for the “right” to kill a baby as it’s being born. They would also kill a baby that survived an abortion attempt AFTER it was born. Then, they want to take our right to bear arms “for the children”. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Greg McDowell

100% agreed!

Guillermo Perez

You’re right.
These people on the left have serious mental issues. And the reason is, in my view, is that they are for the most part, humanists, as opposed to humanitarians.
Humanists believe man is the center. Humanitarians believe God is the center.
Big difference.


Great point

Raymond Hudson

I was just thinking the same thing, must kill babies in a manner approved by the Democrats!!


They want us to abort all our babies so we can and must take care of the bastards of the third world, killing our gene pool. We cant tell them not to kill a baby inside their body, but we must allow the government to shove poisons of vax into our bodies.
The law on baby bitches border jumpers was until uncle teddy rapist kennedy, you must have legal standing before CONFERRING citizenship on anyone. Jumping a border illegally automatically prevents this, but they try and ignore 1958 rulings.


Patrick: So many words reduced down to so much whining. The problem with radical Liberals today is that they have pushed so hard, so far and so extreme that not only are law abiding citizens ignoring their unconstitutional laws but even law enforcement agencies are refusing to enforce their laws! When you have mass civil disobedience you’re headed down the eventual road to one of two dead ends; a coup, where the citizens toss out the offensive government or a civil war, which would end very badly for both sides but would be catastrophic for Liberals.


Is that like democrats winning the house through voter fraud ?( proven fact) and they are still finding voting ballots that weren’t counted. I can’t believe Democrats have become so anti-American its scary,


Militia back in those days and the definition continues in the Second Amendment, it is regular citizens with privately held firearms. We had the regular army under G. Washington and then various private civilian citizen militias could join.The National guard (today’s modern militia by SOME definitions–and a government organization) was NOT “Founded” by Congress until 1911 and did not physically exist until 1916. The Bill Of Rights (all of it) is 100 percent specifically written to protect individual citizens from the powers of the Constitution–that is why the founders wanted it and had Madison write it. These are the simple… Read more »


@Patrick liverma, Your reasoning will enslave us if put into effect. I watch for others that think like you in my neck of the woods. You and they have turned your backs on liberty and are hoping to give up the right to it. I refuse and reject your ideas. Thankfully the founding fathers saw this day coming and I am prepared to act.


Not too bright eh Patrick? Got herself wrapped up in those “mass shootings of children” right? Dim wit… can’t discern truth from fiction…I suppose you actually believe that somebody…anybody died at Sandy Hook.. right? The right to bear is the last remedy or solution to tyranny. The framers knew it was only a matter of time before the best legal theory for government ever designed by man…could and would go south. Second amendment was the fall back position. Too bad we haven’t thought of a better remedy…but it has to do with the nature of the human condition. Since work… Read more »


@ Patrick Livema You forgot to mention that one of your own democrats, Harry Reid, endorsed and used the Nuclear option because he couldn’t get anything passed otherwise. Others have expressed that you can’t read, so I’ll leave that alone. You sure spent a lot of time typing something that is irrelevant and trivial.


You can possibly read but you have no facts or understandung and all your points are wrong and a propaganda spin

Jon Palmer

Should everyone surrender their cars bacusei some people make the choice to drive drunk, and kill people. Now about the school children. Sad that their are sick people that do such things,but ihe number if children in no way near the number of veterans that have died defending the Constitution. Do their lives mean anything? By liberal standards babies should be allowed to be murder up to the point of birth. So when do children become important? In conclusion I’ll start for the record make me a criminal out this veteran, and I’ll teach a few demoturds about if your… Read more »

Common sense

“”The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed””……… Keep reading moron…… The right of the people, not The militia…………..


First, the democrats did the same thing to Bush!
Second, the democrats are the ones that used the “nuclear option first!


yep right you are.
again no matter if it passes or not?? it’s all NULL AND VOID SO SAYS THE CONSTITUTION.


and his name IS HARRY REID.
i HOPE BEFORE Trump leaves office in 2025, he packs all the federal courts with STRICT CONSTITUTIONAL BELIEVING JUDGES .

Mike Robbins

The Democrat Party has been attacking the protections of liberty and protections against tyranny in the Constitution for decades. Their attacks on the Second Amendment right of the people to keep and bear arms, as a deterrent and protection against government tyranny, is part of the Democrat Party’s Marxist agenda to create a socialist dictatorship. The Democrat Party has been attacking the fundamental Founding Principle that all power inherently belongs to the people, and the government can only exercise those powers delegated to it by the people in the Constitution. The Democrat Party has been attacking the limited enumerated powers… Read more »

Matthew O'Connor

The government is so jacked up they couldn’t decide in what order to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, let alone make SCOTUS go from 9 to 13 members. Further, it’s not just Congress. The size is set in Article 3, meaning a Constitutional Convention would also have to be held with at least 2/3 of the states ratifying. Lastly, even when Obama was president, with a liberal Congress, and a liberal court, gun control loosened and rights were codified. Now Trump….”take their guns if you think you have a reason, due process can come later.” And the NRA… Read more »


What good is the document that keeps us all free if we allow our elected officials legislate from emotion and not doctrine. The human heart is fickle and rarely reliable. We have God-given rights that no person can strip us of. We only need courage and backbone to exercise those rights. That comes from trusting our Creator.

Mark R

History repeats itself because we rarely learn from our past. We have thousands of years of evidence just how fickle the heart and mind are. People, in their amazing ignorance believe humans can be better. While some are and some change becoming better, the majority never do. We only have God-given rights if we stand up for them and not allow those in power to rob of us of those. What percentage of a given population must exercise these rights by uniting and fighting off the blood-suckers? Supposedly only about 3 – 5 % of the new Americans stood up… Read more »

John Galt

Torches, Pitchforks and auto rifles!!

Wayne Clark

That’s the problem of today’s voting age generation or soon to be. They’re getting indoctrinated with these liberal ideas about how much better the world would be without the freedoms we embrace. They are being sold a bill of goods rather than the Bill of Rights. You say we have children we have to fight for when it’s our children that are leading the leftist agendas. My own children are so left it’s pathetic & it continues because NOBODY in power, is doing a damn thing about it. Our Constitution is under attack, period. We’re the ones that are going… Read more »

Powder Junkie

In all my reading, I see a disturbing trend to publish “bad facts” which once the mind has seen, stay in one’s subconscious memory!!..So here is a few TRUE FACTS BROTHERS!!!!…US total Military ( including cooks, mechanics, office personal, etc) 2.5 – 2.7 Million!!! That’s including personal stationed all over the world! …In 2017..32 MILLION! HUNTING LICENSES ISSUED!!!….Each one has at least 3-5 guns..Each one trains in the woods every year for months with multiple weapons ( Black Powder, Bows, Crossbows, etc.) ..Each one on average has 2 – 3 sons or daughters and most have wives, whom they have… Read more »

Chad norman

I’m so tired of seeing these sneaky crooked ass politicians say the U.S. Constitution is unclear or it wasnt predicting what the future holds or the words and vocabulary were different and had different meanings. BULLSHIT!!!! Its pretty simple and cut and dry when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. In my opinion the 2nd amendment gives us people the right or it supports our God Given rights to bear arms. That those right shall not be infringed upon…So I’m my opinion and what it really means for the dummies out there is that this Amendment is completely protected. Period.… Read more »

Oxo Whitney

You people are so full of bullshit, it’s laughable and scary. That anyone can begin, let alone continue, this ridiculous course of conversation (and that term is loosely applied) without having read or read thoroughly our Constitution, is absurd. The 2nd Amendment is no more inviolate than any other provision in the Constitution and it does not and was not meant to confer upon the populace anything more than the right if the People to form a militia. Since the Democratic Party was formed, its first President being Andrew Jackson, hardly one to be anti-gun, please provide at least one… Read more »

Robert Brown

You are more correct than you know. There is a almost unknown Federal Law that states, something like this. ” The government does not have the right to grant it’s self privilege, or Grant anyone else privilege, or Grant negative privilege, or Grant any form of privilege for payment.” It says this law can not be changed, and they can not make any law that circumvents this law. It defines violation of this law as treason against the people. Sorry about trying to remember the exact words, it’s been @ 49 years and I only saw it once when I… Read more »

American Patriot


GOVERNMENT ARROGANCE and IGNORANCE is destroying our nation..



So Harold,
Are just now figuring this I out? You need to dig a little deeper to see how this would work – as well as its limitations. You over simplified this thing as well. As Daniel said, the possibility of this happening is so remote anyway.
Your opinion here is just a way to rile up your basest members.

Also, You are assuming a Democrat wins the presidency?


There are no more d=Democrats or Republicans, only BolshieCrats and RINOs. Either way, we are f’d.