More Guns Get Sold Because Democrats Scare People, and We Love It!

Opinion: How the anti-gun left drove AR patterned rifle sales through the roof and saved the American Gun Industry.

Ban All Guns Now Banners Bans
More Guns Get Sold Because Democrats Scare People, and We Love It!

USA – -(  According to data from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System; gun sales soared 60 percent under Obama’s eight year in office.

Of the roughly 190 million firearms-related background checks during Obama’s presidency, more than 50.6 million of these checks were processed in the last two years.
The AR patterned firearms were purchased because of the fear of Federal bans and gun confiscations.

Gun Sales Over Eight Year Presidential Terms
Gun Sales Over Eight Year Presidential Terms

The predecessor to today’s AR15 rifle, the Colt Sporter was first sold in 1964. The gun was a dud. No one wanted one. Now about 20% of all firearms are Modern Sporting Rifles. In the past decade under Obam, the AR patterned firearms went from a rarity to the most common rifle sold and owned rifle in America. And that is a great side effect!

You on the gun-grabbing left have only yourself to blame. Rather than examine the cause of mass shootings or work to stop them you scared many law-abiding citizens into buying them. Now they love the “scary” black rifle.

In 1989 a Chinese AK was used in a mass shootings, CA moved to ban the firearm, and sales jumped from 4,000 a year to 40,000 a year. You gun grabbers on the left helped sell 80,000 AK47s over 24 months! Again, thank you so much for helping arm America.

As an NRA instructor, I had students showing up to the class who purchased only ONE gun. That gun was is Modern Sporting Rifle. Think about it, an AR Patterned rifle and a box of 30 round magazines and matching ammo were all these people owned. Additionally, they RARELY bought a gun safe, and the firearms were left sitting in a closet. Not the securest storage location. You on the left did that…. Nice work morons.

There are now 120,000,000-gun owners in the US. Before Obam, there were 80 million gun owners. The response to Hilary Clintons’ calls for the confiscation of your guns in part cost her the Presidency. Gun banning is only popular in our urban centers, brought to us by our Urban Overlords. The New York and California leaders who only want guns in the hands of their security and donors.

Average Number Weapons Sold per 100000 People
Average Number Weapons Sold per 100000 People

Do you think it’s just rural America? This graph from a 2017 article by the Mercury News in CA shows gun sales UP, and WAY UP! After the left tightens control of firearms gun sales soared. Not in San Francisco or LA, but the rest of CA is made up of normal people.

The increase in gun sales has NOTHING to do with some advertisement, or the NRA, or the boogie man. People respond to calls gun bans with a “get yours while you can” approach. “Get yours before it’s banned!”

To run for President on the left, you need to be anti-gun-owner. The more of a gun confiscator you are, the more the non-urban centers slip from your grasp. If in office your anti-gun views drive gun sales across the board. You do this all so you can appease your Urban Masters in New York, LA, and Chicago and we on the Pro-Freedom side could not be happier for your help arming America..

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Get Out

IMOA, Wait’ll the lead up to the 2020 presidential race when guns, ammo, magazines and gun related components are going to be big purchases again….wait a second I believe it’s already begun.

willy d

Jademer31; Isn’t there a saying about French guns( NEVER FIRED DROPPED ONCE ) ?????????? We bailed them out in both World Wars!!!!!!!!!


Just keep buying guns and ammo. There isn’t enough of them to take all the guns and ammo. In fact, swallowell would be better if he did what his name implies rather than trying to take our guns. Booger hooker would whip you with your gun if you ever turned it over to him. Harris would have a hard time holding on to it while she was heals up.Pocahontas wouldn’t touch the nasty thing. So there you have it , they would have to get some illegals to do their dirty work.


Wow, imagine the confiscation of that many weapons, can it possibly be accomplished? Anti-gunners, better think about the consequences of your actions.

Wild Bill

@Joe, What ever they try to do, they will try to do it in the cities first.

Michael J

Don’t forget ammunition, Obama’s presidency did wonders for ammo sales especially 22LR if you could find and afford it.
But the real story is not who’s in the white house, but every time a nut kills someone. Stupid politicians usually democrats cannot discern that piles of ineffective laws won’t stop any massacre, only a waiting response. Still these morons cry gun control and off we go to stock up, just in case.


@MJ; During the drought of 22LR, I went to a store to purchase a hundred round box. They said it only cost $22.00. I looked at the man behind the counter and asked him if that price was for real. He said, “yes”. I busted out laughing, turned away and walked out. I NEVER went into that store again. I noticed it closed about a month later. SAWWWE! NOT!!

phil morris

I,m old enough to remember ” an armed society is a polite society ” the ONLY WAY to protect yourself when the wolf/s show up to take a bite out of your ass is to have the means and more importantly the will to fight/save yourself/loved ones , the police might stop by later to take photos/statements and fill out the report that the MSM will twist into the guns/your fault , just in case anyone has not figured it out yet 😉

Vernon Kuhns

“Of the roughly 190 million firearms-related background checks during Obama’s presidency, more than 50.6 million of these checks were processed in the last two years.”


Heed the Call-up

Vernon, “during Obama’s presidency”, is the qualifying phrase for the dependent phrase “more than 50.6 million of these checks were processed in the last two years.” Written with the dependent phrase in front of the qualifying phase, it would be “More than 50.6 million of the roughly 190 million firearms-related background checks were processed in the last two years of Obama’s presidency.” Same meaning, different emphasis.

Junior Operator

Great article. Thanks

Gary McCormick

As a reply to SPQR70AD I am not sure if your comment was a joke or you are an idiot. But take some advice from a UNITED STATES MARINE ask some of the people around the world that have faced us whether we will do nothing. Just because we always try and help others when posible Do Not Think We Would Not , As A Nation Rise To Meet Any Threat Foreign or Domestic

No Filter

Thank you for your service Gary! The threat, l feel, is foriegn. It’s here and now. Documented or not, they are not “assimilating”, they are infiltrating. Being elected to Congress, being allowed to vote, being criminals, posting on Ammoland……..

Vietnam Brown Water Veteran

@ Gary McCormick
Amen Brother! When I enlisted in the US Navy I Swore to Uphold the US Constitution, there was NO Expiration date. If politicians took their oath seriously we would be better off. Those that violate it should be held accountable. Prison would be appropriate.


Gary, take off the rose colored glasses, the freedoms in this country are far less than when it was under British rule and people that actually do stand up to the oppression are quickly condemned by all.


SPQR – very funny name.
I doubt you are from Rome, your note indicates a lack of intelligence or breadth of knowledge for you to be from Italy.
Never underestimate your enemy (that apparently is America).

Go away troll…. you bore me with your infant mentality.


I don’t care if cowardly americans own 8 billion quad trillion guns they will do nothing while being genocided. they should send their guns to the Palestinians and French who are not scared to die for their freedom

Clark Kent

Then why don’t you move to Palestine or France and help them out?

Dave in Fairfax

I feel horrible.
I agree with Clark.

Vernon Kuhns

The Fakestinians believe they will be “Saved” by Allah in the afterlife. They have nothing to fear and everything to gain.

The French have no freedom and their masters are exchanging them for an Islamic population, as ours appear to be trying to do.

Wild Bill

More like SPORK than the Senate and People thus Rome. Come and listen to my story about a troll named SPORK, a poor propagandist who writes like a dork… Then one day when the responses ran out, he found him a job and learned what work was all about. Basement couch to gainful employment … Ahhh another free market miracle…

Richard L

Hey !! I own a couple of those SPORKs. They work great on camping trips and long haul trucking.

Wild Bill

@Richard L, Ahhh, yes, I see your point. I should not have unintentionally demeaned sporks by linking them with an obvious troll. Sporks work; trolls do not.


Seriously? The FRENCH? They’ve always been the first to run away and/or bend over for invaders! Yeah – let’s give the FRENCH *More* guns. We tried that a couple of decades ago, to save their rear ends, and after we took their real estate BACK for them, they gave up their guns. Kinda like the British, I mean, “subjects”. How’s that whole “no guns” thing working out? Now only the invaders have guns. And don’t even get me going on Palestinians. I wouldn’t readily give them a spitwad much less a gun – even if I blew the spitwad… Read more »