We Politely, But Audaciously, Refuse Learned Helplessness


Bloody Hand
We Politely, But Audaciously, Refuse Learned Helplessness

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “Every day is ‘ordinary,’ until it isn't!” ~ Bernard Cornwell

On 3 June 2017, a group of van-driving, knife-wielding Islamic jihadi fanatics carried-out the notorious “London Bridge/Westminster Attacks” in the UK

Inquest findings have been published.

These should be required reading for complacent Americans who purchase a pistol, maybe even expose themselves to relevant training, obtain a CCW permit, and after that casually decide,

“Hey, there is no need to carry a concealed handgun in 2019. Is there? After all, carrying a hidden handgun continuously is awkward, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and the practice complicates one’s life!”

The berserk, wild-eyed maniacs in the above-mentioned murderous London episode ran amok for ten, long minutes, first driving into, and over, hapless pedestrians, then moving forward on-foot, hacking and stabbing dozens of unarmed Britons, unarmed foreign tourists and unarmed British police.

Until some of the UK’s precious-few armed police finally showed up and took care of business!

But, not before eight innocents were murdered and forty-eight were severely injured, many now with permanent disabilities/disfigurement.

During the infamous “armed police response time,” perpetrators took full advantage and executed their beastly plan, all with no fear of confronting armed victims, nor armed police

Here in the USA, these same fanatic spree-murderers may not have had it quite so easy.

Here in the USA, at least some of us routinely go armed. We’re well trained. We know how to “take care of business,” and we won’t waver.

We audaciously reject the role of “hapless/helpless victim,” and we gallantly refuse to “audition” for it.

This, of course, is the very role neo-Marxists (masquerading as “Democrats”) will forcefully impose upon all of us the first chance they get, and they’ve plainly said so, over and over.

For them, ‘learned helplessness” is their mantra and their prescribed “way of life” for the rest of us, and they will tolerate no other.

Patriots and Operators know better. We know that to volunteer to become a willing victim of violent criminals is to betray/dishonor our Constitution, and our warrior heritage.

We politely, but audaciously, refuse.

“Willingness” is a state of mind. “Readiness” is a statement of fact!


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  • 10 thoughts on “We Politely, But Audaciously, Refuse Learned Helplessness

    1. These people see government…ANY government…as their Almighty Savior. And in return, government seeks to perpetuate that dependence because it allows it to grow and cement its power. The Left Wing Statists view humanity as being comprised of either Victims, who are possessed of the highest virtue, and Victimizers. In the absence of being victims themselves, the see the path to their own virtue from helping victims. You can see this here in the US in how they measure the success of social programs, not in how many people no longer need their help, but in how many people are enrolled IN those programs. When we talk about “learned helplessness”, we have to ask Who Is Teaching It, and WHY? Their goal is to convert us into human livestock to be herded and sold at every turn. These are the same kind of people that have sought to rule over us since the beginning of time. Our folly is in wanting to take our frustrations out on the other sheep instead of on the ones who own the herds.

    2. Out here in rural Arizona we have a sure cure for robbers, those who threaten with a weapon, rapists, murderers and terrorists in any uniform or civilian garb, etc.—WE SHOOT BACK! With all the stuff going on these days, it is lunacy not to carry. Arm up, carry on.

    3. “…On 3 June 2017, a group of van-driving, knife-wielding Islamic jihadi fanatics carried-out the notorious “London Bridge/Westminster Attacks” in the UK…”

      But, this all happened in Britain, where people are so sissified they even have a sissy name for their cops– Bobbies.

      Surely such could never ever in a zillion years happen in America.

      Could it?


      1. Well, we were sure that we would never be attacked because we are surrounded by water and “there is a gun behind every blade of grass.” That is until 9-11.
        What if someone like what’s her name… Kamala Harris, happens to win the election, and she somehow is able to find all of our firearms? After all she said, “I’ll give Congress 100 days and if within those 100 days they don’t act to ban all guns, I will sign an executive order and do it myself.” Now I don’t know about your state, but mine don’t know who owns what when it comes to firearms. And it is written in our states Constitution that we can keep and bear arms.
        But I don’t know what will happen if she is elected and that happens, do you?
        We may end up like England and eventually ban kitchen knives.

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