Add Trump’s Suppressor Slam to Series of Let-downs for Gun Owners

You can’t appease gun-grabbers like PiersMorgan and expect gun owners to shrug it off come election time. (Good Morning Britain / Twitter)

U.S.A. – -( “Trump telling Piers Morgan that semi-automatic guns are for entertainment is grounds for impeachment,” self-described “comedian” Chelsea Handler tweeted Wednesday. “There are thousands of parents grieving and he calls guns entertainment. I can’t wait to elect a strong leader who has the courage to stand up to the NRA. That will be a leader.”

That Handler is serious in considering the appreciation of recreational shooting to equate with “high crimes and misdemeanors” says much about her legal acumen and judgment, and that of those who agree with her. Then again, we’re dealing with a “progressive” zealot who had not one, but three abortions (two at age 16), claims she traditionally shows sex tapes of herself at birthday parties and whose personal entertainment standard apparently involves allowing a man to urinate on her (warning, this last link is gross and NSFW).

Speaking of “gross,” that’s how she says “white privilege” makes her feel. And speaking of being a “feminist” icon, she’s quick to brand a Republican woman a “whore.”

While ad hominem argument is generally considered a logical fallacy, in this case, it does speak to the reliability of Handler’s judgment, something exemplified when she said “F**k you, a**hole” to Rep. Steve Scalise, a victim of political violence shot by another hardcore Democrat.

It’s not the first time Handler has gone after lawful and peaceable recreational shooters as sharing responsibility for the violence.

“If your hobby is [affecting] innocent people being killed all the time, children included, don’t you think you should reconsider the lack of restrictions placed on your hobby?” she challenged while failing to show how one has anything to do with the other. “Nobody is trying to take away your guns.”

Of course they are.  Just because a big lie is repeated by useful idiots does not make it true. This does, however, help expose another big lie, that the gun-grabbers have nothing against “sporting purposes,” a term that was birthed in tyranny, and still advanced by latter-day gunkapos and Fudds who don’t seem to grok that once they’ve thrown everyone else under the bus, they’ll be next.

Ironically, the very person Handler is attacking on guns seems to have adopted that very position.

“Today, in an interview on Good Morning Great Britain, hosted by Piers Morgan, President Trump bragged about his work to ban bump stocks when the subject was brought up by the left-wing host,” Firearms News reported Wednesday. “The President also stated that he is considering a ban on sound suppressors, and stated that he does not like them. While Trump did make some strong statements in favor of concealed carry for self-defense, he seems to be confused about what the Second Amendment really means. When asked by Morgan about why someone needs an AR-15, Trump stated that people feel that the rifles are fun to shoot. He went even further to make a statement that hunters need guns.”

It ain’t about hunting, something the constitutional Commander in Chief of the militia should know and champion.

We’ve seen past departures from Donald Trump’s campaign pledge to NRA members:

“Your Second Amendment rights … will never, ever be under siege as long as I’m your president.”

That hardly squares with the Trumpstock ban (effectively given the green light by NRA), with his red flag “due process later” support (ditto, despite the claim to the contrary), and with several of the president’s nominees for positions of vital impact to gun owner interests, most recently the FOP functionary he wants to head ATF.

Unsurprisingly, NRA higher-ups, fighting self-inflicted wounds, have been silent on the president’s latest threat of betrayal, and unsurprisingly, an insider Nominating Committee-picked director has decided member inquiries merit insulting dismissals. That hardly appears the most productive tack for an organization desperately pleading for donations from a membership increasingly alienated by reports of expensive suits and apartments for interns, and its closed-mouth circling of wagons.

If Fairfax expects the disillusioned to reopen their wallets, a thorough, top-down housecleaning and a credibly sincere effort to earn back lost trust must be made. Likewise, President Trump — besieged on all sides by Democrats calling for impeachment and imprisonment and swamp Republicans undermining him at every turn — can hardly afford to alienate the one group he’s making increasingly difficult to stand by him, gun owners.

“How Trump can lose in 2020. Keep up the anti 2A talk,” Gun Talk Radio host Tom Gresham advised his Twitter followers Wednesday. “Gunnies won’t vote for your opponent, but they will just stay home.”

Appealing to the likes of Piers Morgan and essentially agreeing with Chelsea Handler on the purpose for owning semi-autos won’t cut it.

What most fail to understand is that some gun owners will not disarm, not for shrieking exhibitionist freak “entertainers,” and especially not for politicians who order them to “turn ‘em all in.” Understanding the seriousness of the consequences, we prefer to resolve things peaceably through the framework of elections and laws bequeathed us by the Framers. But ultimately, when those who would rule demand too much, a core will refuse to comply.

If Trump and the Republicans manage to blow what’s been given to them, that’s not going to change. If voting was all you had to do to eradicate the right to keep and bear arms, it wouldn’t be much of a deterrent to tyranny at all.

As this article was going to publish, a related development took place:

“The Supreme Court is rejecting a challenge to federal regulation of gun silencers, just days after a gunman used one in a shooting rampage that killed 12 people in Virginia … President Donald Trump’s administration asked the court to stay out of the case and leave the convictions in place.”
The “Would you rather have Hillary?” meme is wearing pretty thin, especially when you consider the kind of fundraising noise that would have been made out of Fairfax had her administration done that.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Handler uses 1A protected right to attack the rights of others because “it” obviously considers “it’s” rights to be supreme above the rights of others who are not attacking “it”.
There’s a reason why 1A is the first protected right in The Bill of Rights.


The amendments composing the Bill of Rights are not numbered by order of their estimated importance. James Madison initially believed these amendments would be inserted into the text of the Constitution. He numbered these proposed amendments in the sequence he thought made the most sense for such insertion. When the amendments were finally ratified, Congress chose to add them at the end of the Constitution rather than insert them into the original text. In 1791, no one believed the Third Amendment was more important than the Fourth or Sixth Amendments. Also, the original proposed First and Second Amendments weren’t ratified… Read more »


It is my 1A that I exercise most frequently (hourly) and I would not consider it my most important right if rights actually existed but thanks for the class. I’m fairly certain schools don’t teach the Bill of Rights anymore though I hear mandatory gay education is sweeping the nation and yet parents still send their children there. Little Johnny switching to Peggy Sue = the end America as we know it. They traded rights for fag (gay misspelled backwards, lol) rainbow flags and everybody is still sitting in their chair so yeah it’s lamentable for sure.


Q > The problem with due process is that it impedes tyranny and if a person tosses your due process in the trash can over a simple little issue because it gets in their way can you imagine how fast they will throw due process in the trash over something serious? Why is Hillary et’al still walking the streets with rights attached? How come their due process is not violated but our due process is violated when we did nothing wrong? A > The methodology of tyranny The methods used to overthrow a constitutional order and establish a tyranny are… Read more »

Michael J

Really now, at election time is all about who’s not the worst choice. Politicians lie all the time but its called politics, appointed bureaucrats don’t lie because they dont have to. They simply do the biding of the lying politician who appointed them, of course at a distance as to make it look as if the politician is so wonderful and not connected. Simply put, you’re going to vote for the candidate who will do the least damage and who lines up as close as possible with your beliefs. If your alternative is to choose the opposing party consider this:… Read more »


I’m going to go work security on a cargo ship for a few years and shoot Muslim pirates so I’m not all that concerned about things here. Free food, ammo and coffee with good pay for doing what I like.


Anybody else that isn’t interested in going down with America can sneak out that open gate in border wall and ship shape out for some fun on the high seas. Catch some rays. See some sights, pun intended.


More fun because I know you like it.

Ansel Hazen

I bought a Dillon 550c. I expect I’ll be voting, but not how your thinking.


“Your Second Amendment rights … will never, ever be under siege as long as I’m your president.” That dastardly 2nd Amendment has been the ‘MOST INFRINGED’ on RIGHT of those enumerated in that Constitution! Nibble by nibble, bit by bit, over 20,000 gun laws later, with the SCOTUS unconstitutionally “adding” a place, ‘HOME,’ as where we can exercise that “Keep and Bear Arms,” yet our beneficent government thinks further INFRINGEMENT is required? Somebody relay ‘my personal credo’ to those milky-toast, anti-American, incompetent, self-enriching, self-aggrandizing, acumen deficient, members of that slime oozing swamp in DC: ‘I will obey NO man-made law… Read more »


“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”…Winston Chuchill


I remember right before Trump banned bumpstocks, the forums were full of shooters saying that bumpstocks were completely useless, dangerous, and ammo wasters, who needs them.. Well guess what, if you own a legally registered surpressor, the government knows all about it and will come take from you. How does that make you feel? I’m sure a lot of surpressor owners didn’t give a s##t that Trump banned bumpstocks and now they have to suck it up. My point is all gun owners must unite against ANY infringement on the 2A. Next massacre will probably be with a legally owned… Read more »




Must unite over any infringement of any constitutionally protected right not just 2A because I actually use my 1A hourly so I’m not just focused on a single right but the totality of them all. They are a package deal for a reason and all equally under attack.


I’m afraid David has a point here and it doesn’t look too good. We are really between a rock and a hard spot. We have Trump that keeps giving the 2A away but says he will defend it as long as he is president. Then on the other side we have the nothing burgers that preach about taking our guns and opening our borders. Here we are with a lesser of two evils again. I hope Trump will do something to strengthen our trust in him because he is the only chance we have of keeping our guns unless we… Read more »

No Filter





Nah, they say they are securing our country for the civil war to keep other countries from invading during the conflict they are creating. It’s why they’re building the wall to keep us in and outside military’s out for the most part. They don’t want supplies coming up through Mexico for patriots. Conflict will immediately throw Constitution in the trash permanently and Kushner has the chip ready to go when they shut down the banking system. The few remaining chipped Americans after the war will be obedient slaves for Israel due to no money and guns to resist. It’s why… Read more »


Well said


My kids figured this out and they aren’t all that smart so it says a lot for posters on this site who still have failed to know this info but give them time though it is not on their side. Site full of militarized patriots led by my kids to war and I’m betting on the other side.
But yeah, it’s all true just poking fun at us. Gotta keep a sense of humor when people are trying to murder us is what I always say.


More racist blame Israel conspiracy theory nut job crap.
And your saying the border wall is not in our best interest shows how nuts you are.


Kushner chip is common knowledge not anti-Semite hate but nice try.
Correct border wall with gates locked open do little service to America. See video below.
Yeah I’m nuts about not getting chipped and open border wall gates. Thanks for pointing out my insanity.


Time to stockpile the 4 Bs. (Beans, Bullets, Battle dress and Bandages). Storm clouds are brewing. (Don’t forget the coffee.)


And don’t forget the BBBBULLION ! Paper money will turn to toilet paper. Constitutional coins will do just fine, sir.

Wild Bill

@Pi, Actually one should list everything that one uses in a year and get a years worth. Then if you have a wife and kids, they need a years worth. Maybe you have kids and grand kids that will hole up with you. They need a years worth of stuff specific to them. A way to make heat in the winter, cook, and maybe even bake would be nice. Perhaps a way to make electricity for air conditioning in the deep south. And get out of the city. A house in the city will become undependable when your neighbors, with… Read more »


@WB…You are 150% correct on everything you said, and I have been working on it for years. I fully expected the STHTF years ago, but somehow they keep kicking the can down the road. But it can’t go on forever. And Gawd only knows.

Wild Bill

@Pi, I’m going to have to get you my radio frequencies.

Barry Hirsh

The suppressor ‘ban’ is the same kind of knee-jerk reaction as the switchblade ban in the 1950s because of public reaction to “West Side Story”. The government used that bias to impose the ban without any resistance. But now, many states that had also banned switchblades under state laws have repealed those prohibitions, realizing in a cooler state of mind that the bans were ridiculous. I don’t see much public outcry in defense of the availability of suppressors, and I don’t hold out much hope that they won’t eventually be eliminated entirely. The least harm will be done if the… Read more »


How you got that price on your head and why you’re worth more dead than alive.


Thanks for that. And I hope they put a clause into the new documents whereby our “Odious Debt” is obliterated, and whereby the crooked thieves must pay us back. PERIOD !


I would love to hear the gentleman talking without the NOISE! I cannot listen to this. Is this presentation available without the “music”? If so, where.


Can go to the right side bar when playing the video and select from the list of various videos produced by many different producers though this Senator does really blow the lid off quite well. You Tube put noise over this video recently for a reason.
Open source information is a fantastic thing and is why we are told to discard facts.
I really like 1A.


gun “c*ntrol” = a**hole


Sadly you people voted Trump into office on the premise that he would advance the rights of gun owners. What has he done, absolutely nothing. Articles here on “” regularly criticize the so called anti-gunners and praise the current president as if he has advanced 2nd Amendment rights. His ban on bumpstocks and comments to Morgan show that he clearly does not care. You idiots have fallen for the “okie-doke” but will probably still vote for him in 2020.


Clark Kent

So you would rather have a Dumbocrat as POTUS? WAKE THE F UP!!!


@SuperMan…He ain’t doing so hot on his promises to keep the INVADERS out either. Just the other day he let in over 500 African Muslims, and dumped over 100 on the streets of San Antonio, Texas. Soon, just like what they did to Paris, there will be miles and miles of urine drenched mattresses lining the streets. And there is probably at least a million more on the way once they see how easy it was. I am beginning to think that it’s time to p*ss on Trump for not calling out the Militia and putting National Guard troops on… Read more »

Dima Prok

So you voted for Hillary? You’re not just sleeping, you’re in the coma!


There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

MD Creekmore

David Codrea,

Excellent article. It seems like the world has gone crazy and the U.S. is leading the craziness. Teach a child to shoot –

John Galt

PS……there will NEVER be another president in my lifetime as strong as President Trump………if he is going to screw us we better we better be getting serious now before one more police department gets an mrap, m16’s and all of the finest to red flag us down like rats.

It’s coming.

Wild Bill

@John Dunlap Galt, No, no, let the PDs get all the equipment that we will need. It will be easier to get equipment away from a PD than from the Nat. Guard or the Army, when we need it. Let them do the maintenance.


Disagree with the greatest of respect for your good intent. I believe most NG and Reserve members would side with militia movements when push comes to shove. More citizen then government drone, as opposed to PD who live the lie that ALL laws are just and MUST be obeyed
Citizen soldiers have many more useful toys that they would share.

True American Freedom

Gunner98, I believe you’re right. I know 3-4 years ago that 90-ninety percent of the Army MP Corp would side Against the gov’t. or should I say attack the American people. No they have families that’s centuries old gun owners so they’d fight with us not against.

True American Freedom

CORRECTION, CORRECTION, THE U.S. military wouldn’t attack us. I meant to say WOULDN’T ATTACK. NOT THIS WRITTEN BELOW.

(or should I say attack the American people)

Wild Bill

@.45'Em, So you are saying to keep former military equipment out of the hands of PDs because we won’t be able to take it from them?
I hope that the Reservists and Guardsmen do side with the Patriots. But whomever has the equipment that we need, that does not side with us, I am confident that the Patriots can get the equipment that we need from them.
This is the time for observation, good note taking, and hypothesis.


I also believe most National Guard would turn militia and support the 2nd Amendment ! RH

John Galt

“If there is to be a war, let it be today, that my children will live in peace.


Something awfully fishy about this VB shooting as well. Every other time we hear “so and so used a Bushmaster, or Sig Sauer, or Glock..” or whatever the case is. Usually the anti 2A crowd jumps at the chance to name the weapons so they can demonize them. And the suppressor is equally as frustrating. I don’t want to call out any companies that don’t deserve it, but tell us what kind of suppressor was used because I’m doubting it was real at this point. What’s the point of carrying the extra weight and length if you’re carrying 2 guns… Read more »


Word of mouth is all most of us have. I have a co-worker who has no idea what the A in AR really means and thinks they are easily converted to full auto. I told him not to believe all the hype and misinformation and learn the TRUTH for himself. Invited him to a range trip. Another co-worker l told that l had become a student of armed self-defense. Some time later, he confided in his first acquisition and we had a great range trip together. It’s the quiet revolution that may make the biggest noise.

Diggin’ your comment, man!

Wild Bill

@Matchking, And I am diggin’ your comment, too!


ATF says no record exists where bump stocks were used in a criminal act yet they have been administratively banned retroactive to day one of purchase (when legal) with criminal penalties attaching for those who refuse to turn in or destroy. Now that is Trumps Due Process. Red Flags Laws – take guns first, due process second. Now that is Trumps Due Process. Now Trump doesn’t like suppressors. So here we go again, all legally purchased suppressors with the $200 tax stamp paid, will be retroactively banned; required to be destroyed or turned in, again with criminal penalties attaching for… Read more »


BULL CRAP–this email is from a Soros troll (possibly paid–he is spending millions to kill off gun ownership). Ammoland is admittedly being hammered by a very sophisticated organized effort to weaken the NRA with arguments phrased to look like Second Amendment supporters bitching and advise to look at weaker alternatives and much more. This yo-yo’s (John) reply to impeach Trump is one.


Well yo-yo (Jim), (using your words), I suspect you are NOT good with the due process violations (which Trump In fact initiated or advocates).

Let the dems impeach, that was my point, it will guarantee a second term for Trump. However with that said, I like others herein are concerned with his actions and comments. More concerning, history shows during a second term, the real agenda surfaces.

Hopefully he will get the message, Due Process first!


And when they declare civil war on us he will ban all guns after the first shot is fired. Gov is already in civil war, there is a growing body count. I count 9 in about 8 days. When it spills over onto citizens rest assured Trump gun ban is already written and waiting in desk drawer for his signature. They put gates in the wall and locked them open for invasion forces to keep coming in but then we knew this years ago. What other purpose do gates serve?

Ken Windeler

““Would you rather have Hillary?” meme is wearing pretty thin,”
Not that thin at least not yet. If Hillary was POTUS we might not even be having this conversation.


Of course anyone that is pro2a is disappointed with Trump taking any position against anything gun related, but you can bet that it would be worse if Hitlery were in office. Not to mention the 100+ federal court appointments Trump has made. The Scotus would not be hearing its first 2a case is over 10 years either.

Roy D.

It probably would have been worse for you if you had been born a total retard instead of just a partial one. But neither one is an ideal or desired state of being. I prefer to not settle for something when I shouldn’t have to.

Dave C

You are name calling, like a Dem, but not willing to compromise at all, no matter what the odds…. You’ll go down in the first Red Flag volley…..

Roy D.

I have been in this fight for over fifty years; how about you? I have seen the results of “giving an inch.” I have no use for fifth columnists.

Wild Bill

@Roy D, Thank you for carrying on the fight before I got here. Yes, I see progress. No one uses the term Saturday Night Special anymore. A 1959 poll indicated that eighty percent of those polled thought that pistols were only for murdering other people. Don’t hear that any more. Three gun. Bianchi Cup. Tons of gun games (never heard that term before). Leagues (like bowling). Tournaments all over the place (and not just trap and skeet). We are winning by using the most powerful tool on the planet … Fun! Pat yourselves on the back, brothers, and get ready… Read more »


If the fat-bottomed Marxist harridan had won, we would be wearing Mao suits


Republicans and Demorats are all corrupt money grubbing power hungry criminals . Tyrants ! Time for a civil war to restore our constitution and republic . time to convict them of crimes against America and hang them all as traitors !


Democrats and today’s Republicans are the two wings of the same loathsome Socialist carrion-feeder

Wild Bill

@RLD and dura, No one decent or normal wants to go to Washington, District of Corruption. Leave our terrific lives for that sewer? Not a chance. So what kind of people remain available to go to DC? Yes, corrupt money grubbing power hungry criminals!


Both are opposite sides of the exact same coin.
Let’s not forget how current Republicans openly applauded Obama for destroying America when he was President. They clapped their hands together in acceptance of nearly everything Barry did because Congress sold America back in 1871.

George Clark

There was a time I would have said you were crazy. Now …..not so sure

Wild Bill

I note that the presentation claims the right to travel has been changed into a privilege requiring a license. If the authors are talking about driving, it was a court that held that driving a car on the streets and highways is different from the right to travel. The court’s holding supported the various states’ demand that people be trained, tested, and licensed before driving on their streets and highways. But the court still recognized the Civil Right to Travel. So it was the states and courts, not the Congress. If the authors of this slick presentation are wrong about… Read more »

Wild Bill

The video is a fraud. The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 is an Act of Congress that repealed the individual charters of the cities of Washington and Georgetown and established a new territorial government for the whole District of Columbia… the legislation was the first to create a single municipal government for the federal district. Read the rest on Wikipedia.


I don’t fall for wiki or those guys in the basement with all the cats.


Anybody think it’s just coincidence that there was a case involving suppressors winding it’s way through the system bound for SCOTUS and all of the sudden the clowns in America sends out one of their pets with a suppressor in VB? No, it’s not a coincidence, that’s the way they work. And look, as long as it takes someone, anyone, millions to buy the office of the presidency they’re going to be very rich hence they will not be like the regular people whom they govern. They’ll never think like us. They’ll not have been an 11B in the Army.… Read more »

Vincent Brady

I too think it is highly suspicious timing. The week before SCOTUS is determining whether to hear a silencer case, a looney does a mass shooting? What are the chances.


They say they have lot’s of false flaggers ready to continue attacking. America under attack will only escalate from here. They promise to not stop.
Trump aint gonna save anybody, he is isolated rendered fairly useless. Playing dominos drinking diet Coke. Watching ship go down. Is every man for himself.


@USA…I have seen videos where it is said that people have been hypnotized to go into action when they get a signal. They don’t remember anything afterwards, like Sirhan Sirhan. The Nazis were working on this type of mind control and when they came here under Project Paperclip, they morphed it into MKULTRA. Watch the Jesse Ventura interview with Dr. Robert Duncan for the latest microwave messaging, the Voice to Skull technology. It is subliminals on steroids. But you probably know about that already.


I don’t want any messaging but thanks I’m sure it’s a blast no pun intended. Maybe send Harold Hutchinson he looks like he could use some excitement.


Donald Trump was very pro-gun-control before he ran for office…There is no such thing as a real pro gun politician… the key word is politician.. they will do anything (and I mean anything) to hold on to power… they are going to continually work to chip away at your gun rights.. you better buy all the guns and ammo you want right now.. especially while they are at such great prices.. these days are fleeing quickly..

Ken Windeler

This is true, plus he’s from NYC, and you cannot help but wonder about his perception of gun laws considering the gun laws in NYC as well as NYS. Trump and his family can afford to pay off for their permits in NYC, as can dirt bag Bob DeNiro.


Its called proof reading..learn must really be a democrat..


To Mr. Don McDougall..

Austin Miller III

I voted against Hillary and if she doesn’t run…..Doesn’t look like President Trump deserves my vote again. I never thought he was a 2A proponent but I did think he was smart enough to realize folk like us mean what we say but I guess he isn’t. He may not care about being who he says he is but we do. Best friend the Second Amendment ever had my…. He will probably be less awful regarding the 2A than the Democratic candidate but you can’t just keep lying to us and expect us to say, “Better than the alternative.” I… Read more »

George Clark

This is hardly an original statement but you can tell when Trump is lying as his lips are moving. He just laughs at us peeons….what f king fools.


The track record of the NRA for supporting red blooded American patriots and loyal defenders of the Second Amendment in Congress is not good. Their vetting process of presidents and congressmen who claim to defend all gun rights seems to be flawed. Ollie North was another flawed choice, as he has publicly stated that the AR15 should not be in civilian hands Trump only became a “gun guy” when he became a politician running for the presidency. After he won the presidency he reverted back to the New York gun grabber. His words to Feinstein seeming to support her NAZI… Read more »

Don McDougall

That’s it. I voting Dem across the board next time. You know the nice people why want fun owners jailed

Green Mtn. Boy

He said if elected he would be the best friend 2 nd. amendment supports could have,guess he forgot that promise,along with defending the Constitution,must have forgot that also.
It would be refreshing if we had a president who rater than hearing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights actually understood the named documents and would uphold them.


No Kool-Aid in this article, good job.
Harold could take a lesson.
Presidents have a tendency to screw us good in 2nd term therefore I’m looking for irrefutable evidence before I recommit in 2020. Until evidence is presented I’m staying home.
Gun control is based on lies to kill me/us.
1,068,296 lives saved using a gun since Jan 1, 2019
5,634 Homicides using a gun same time frame
Nuff is Enuff.
Let it melt down.


Ah, but Mr. Cordrea, though we may bark through the fence all day, the mailman still delivers.
We have no representation in government willing to truly protect our rights, possibly at their own political expense. The 2nd Amendment just isn’t that important to them. Not even the “libertarian” Republicans.

As I’ve said elsewhere…
Read more:

Goo-ood bye
Blu-ue sky
Goo-ood bye
Blu-uu-ue sky
~Pink Floyd

Get ’em while they got ’em.
Feels like the pendulum’s swinging back to ratchet another click tighter.
Next up: AR-15 style military style assault style weapons, and assault rifle guns.


Sorry, misspelled your name “Codrea”, no edit.

David LaPell

Sadly this is what happens when someone who is not a gun guy gets elected. This reminds me of when George HW Bush was President. He did nothing for the 2nd Amendment and banned imports of some surplus firearms coming into the US. Of course, Bush’s real betrayal was after he was out of office when Lapierre, back when he seemed to be more interested in actually defending the Second Amendment called the ATF agents the famous “jack booted thugs” after conservatives, militias and gun owners by extension were lumped into the blame for the Oklahoma City bombing. Bush then… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Dave LaPell, None of them are gun guys. If we want gun guys in government, we have to elect each other.

ras 52

David LaPell, Reagan betrayed us also, after he left office.


And Chuck Schumer, Ken. He has a concealed-carry permit in New York City. I was shocked when I found that out, given his virulent anti-2A position.


The left has lots of guns (heavily armed) its just that they want our guns so they can murder us easier. I thought everybody knew this?

Ken Windeler

The fallout with GHW Bush and the NRA was over the moratorium on Full-auto. Bush put a cut off date on legal purchases, and to the NRA’s credit they pulled their endorsement. Bush resigned his life membership, but he also lost his re-election.


Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) called BATFE jack-booted thugs, not Wayne LaPierre, as far as I know.