‘Twilight Zone’ Hit Piece on Guns a Reversal from Rod Serling’s Original Series

Oh, baloney. New writers leave no “middle ground between light and shadow,” but instead promote the one-sided superstition that guns in private hands are bad. (@TheTwilightZone)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “The Twilight Zone reboot hasn't been shy at all when it comes to making huge sociopolitical statements,” CBR.com gushes approvingly. “In ‘The Blue Scorpion,’ the show now takes aim at the topic of gun control, and it's one of the most haunting stories crafted this season.”

Long story short: an evil gun with its own agenda haunts the protagonist of the story. Despite the fact that acting on its own ends up with a home invader shot, the unmistakable agenda of the writers is also made clear:

“[T]he series really illustrates what guns mean for the everyday person in the real world — it empowers them to think they do have a right to pull the trigger. Owning a firearm provides the option to walk over to the dark side, and really comes off as an unnecessary tool if you're not a cop.”

You know, an “Only One.”

Accepting that a mere citizen like himself is simply too incompetent and unstable to safely own a gun, the hapless hero throws it into a lake where the sentient semi-auto finds new victims, children this time, to … lather, rinse, repeat.

What a load of hooey. But it fits right in the phony gun-grabber mantra, repeated ad nauseam by the media using phrases like “killed by guns,” redirecting responsibility from human abusers and allowing tools to be blamed in their stead. That also feeds the ubiquitous excuse for negligent discharges, particularly by those presumed trained enough to know better, “the gun went off.”

As an aside and for the sake of consistency, I also take exception to a slogan used by some on “our” side, that “Guns save lives.” It makes for a good sound bite and we know what its proponents are saying, but fair is fair and true is true.

This new Twilight Zone contrasts sharply from another tale of a gun, “Mr. Denton on Doomsday,” written by series creator Rod Serling, and airing 60 years ago in 1959.

Of the revolver given to the ex-gunfighter/town drunk character by Fate, in his opening narration, Serling noted it represented a “second chance.” And while some may argue the ending was a repudiation of guns, it was instead a repudiation of abusing them for the unjustifiable purpose of proving who was “fastest,” and the story resolved with that no longer being an option. Appropriately, guns were portrayed as tools and the actions of those using them were what determined outcomes for good or ill, in that case, to stop the violence.

That’s all guns can be, despite a transparent agenda to place the pit of man's fears over the summit of his knowledge.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 37 thoughts on “‘Twilight Zone’ Hit Piece on Guns a Reversal from Rod Serling’s Original Series

    1. All the people sound goofy nonsense.guns knifes.crazy people kill people with guns ,knifes ..cars. What ever they can get … Men , women , g.o.p , dems . crazy people that’s it .

    2. The Blue Scorpion fired itself twice once sitting on Jeff Storck’s table while he was talking to a broker about selling it. The second time it shot sitting on the dash shooting Jeff the home invader, saving him his ex and her child and husband. The gun appears with a bullet with a name on it only the possessor can see.
      The gun must be itself evil, not the person using it.

    3. The problem with this country today is not guns, we have a lot of guns for sure, but that is not the problem. The problem is HATE. Every one hates someone. There is no common ground anymore. People can not come together on anything to try and fix a problem. LOOK at our government,Look at the Democratic party and the Liberal ass holes on the west coast trying to tell the rest of the country how to live. LOOK at New York and Cuomo and De Blasio. Our government is partly responsible for the HATE. LOOK at the billionaires that are trying to force us to be what they want with their money. Our votes for who we think will represent us do not out weigh their money. This government is bought not elected. Race, religion, diversity, wealthy versus poor. HATE is the problem. At the end of the day, HATE and FEAR is all that is left.

      1. No, the problem IS guns. Take a look at what Australia did about and how it turned out. It has nothing to do with left or right. I mean why aren”t bazookas and hand grenades legal? They’re dangerous, period. So are guns.

        1. Bazookas and hand grenades ARE legal if you fill out the forms and pay the $200 tax. Tanks with live breaches, howitzers, machine guns, mortars, etc. are all legal if you do the paper work and pay the tax. Find a big WW2 re-enactment and go look at the legal fire power being fielded. All being used responsibly. The problem is people that are unable to control their emotions and actions and know they can’t be trusted with these things and project these mental defects on others. They know they can’t be trusted with firearms and assume everyone else is a screwed up as they are. Just like alcohol, most people use these things responsibly and laws exist to punish those that don’t. Punishing me because I’ve never shot anybody won’t do a thing to prevent a person who won’t obey other laws from misusing firearms. As far as a ban on firearms making them all disappear, how has that worked for illegal drugs?

          1. Great, weapons aren’t the problem. I believe that.

            But do you really believe that?

            Then sell nukes, heck, give nukes to NK and Iran. Then we won’t attack them and waste millions of lives and trillions of dollars.

            We wouldn’t have invaded Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq if they had been protected by nukes.

            (If we were sincere after 911, we should have attacked Saudi Arabia, but the point was to make money making war, not paybacks for the terror attacks).

            Be honest. If you were a little country like NK or Iran, and watched what the USA (both Dems and Reps) has done around the world for decades wouldn’t you want to protect yourself from US too?

            1. Debbie: You embarrass yourself by spouting off about that which you are obviously ignorant. Perhaps you should educate yourself about nuclear weapons before offering your opinion concerning same in the future.

            2. Debbie,
              Do you honestly believe NK and Iran are truly magnanimous in their ownership of nuclear weapons? That NK isn’t tweaking SK or Japan with their nuclear weapons or that Iran is not controlled by islamic fundamentalists who would have no qualms about using nuclear weapons against the infidels to hasten the day when “all are for allah?”

              Funny that the United States, England, France, or Israel have not threatened the use of nuclear weapons to extort their neighbors, but Iran and NK have?

              It is analogous to trusting that an armed robber with a handgun is not going to hurt you or rape you (if female.) Such expectations are rooted in foolishness.

    4. David Codrea, the 2013 CDC study indicated there are 500,000 to 3 million defensive firearm uses annually – that is proof “guns save lives”. How you interpret the “saving” is up to you. Whether the saving is from just being a victim or from being injured or killed, lives are saved by stopping/preventing active crimes. That is completely different from “guns are evil” or “guns will make good people do bad things”. In fact the defensive uses prove just the opposite, that good citizens do good things with firearms. They also are good for recreation, sports competitions, providing food, and on the rare necessity, providing safety. All good uses by good people.

    5. Back in the old days, if someone got killed by a horse or a buckboard wagon, they officials would hang the horse or wagon, got to blame something,right? Today, its not the person who injured or killed someone, its the gun to blame! Hang the guns they yell. If you ban all guns everything will be peaches and cream. This is the same group a 100 years ago, back in1918 said ban all alcohol(and prostitution) and everything will be peaches and cream. What happened was you got booze runners, the mob, underground bars serving liquor to anyone, including children (and even the politicians who voted for prohibition went there), and thousands dying from homemade liquor. Now this same group of misguided fools and politicians wants to ban all guns in America and is being told what to do by their master Michel Bloomberg, George Soros, the evil U.N. and America hating foreign governments.
      The gun banning cults have “claimed” that 500, 1000 or 5000 children are killed everyday by guns in America. What lies! On TV, they talked about the country singer whos child drowned in a swimming pool. accident and the cdc said the leading cause of death up to the age of 14 was drownings! Not guns. You often have to wonder what is the big “push” to ban guns in America
      in 2019. These demon-craps running for dictator, oops, I mean president, are coming up everyday with the most crazy and bizarre gun control plans since the founding of America. Do not vote for any democrats! They are all in this plan to destroy America and enslave all Americans! Vote for President Trump in 2020. Support and join the NRA , GOA,RMEF, and other pro-gun and pro-hunting organizations.

      1. Well it’s sad that there are so many gun grabers out there. Yes it is better with Trump in office but when Republicans were in control of the house and senate they could have done a lot of good and didn’t. I am a member of the NRA but it seems that there is corruption at the top of this organization also. Seems mostly folks are on their own these days.

        1. Join the Gun Owners of America and the CCRKBA. I’m a life member of both. They don’t compromise and actually will file lawsuits and lobby for gun rights. And they don’t spend donations on fancy clothes for the top people.

    6. They have no creative bearings so they just take a popular old show and use the name to sell a new version. The problem is that they don’t have the brain power to develop a new show that fits the popularity of the old ones. I think they were educated by liberals and can’t see good from bad. They were taught that gender swapping is good and being gay is the way. Ignorance has totally taken over the hollywierd crowd, maybe they will all crash and burn.

    7. There it is on the wall or sitting over on the counter daring me, dering ever so much over and over again. Remote within reach luring me, calling me ever so much to take control. Demanding me to turn it on, over and over again so it can spew forth liberal doctrine, political correctness. All trying to influence and infect my brain with doctrine of which none is mine. Will I alow this TV of mine to take control, turn my brain to liberal mush? I think not, I’ll forego church’s of that dam box on the wall. I will take control and refute the call of the remote control ever so close to me, for without me it has no control!

    8. The new “Twilight Zone” sucks. Not just this episode, all of them do. Rod Serling must be turning over in his grave. The reboot is just mooching off the original series’ name. The no-talents writing for and producing this travesty just saw ripping off the Twilight Zone’s name as being an easy way of selling a new anthology series. The bastards should have called their new series something else. Problem is, somebody had already rebooted the old “Outer Limits” so that name was taken.

    9. everybody’s out to get u motherfuckers! beware the new Twilight Zone!why is this trending? this is stupid fear propaganda n a perfect example of ppl seeing what they want to see. not everything is a fucking conspiracy. it was great episode with some interesting ideas. it doesn’t say that guns r evil. the one in the episide isn’t evil either. its not saying all guns in private owners hands are bad. u just need it to say that to fit your reality’s narrative. grow up.

    10. “A sword never kills anybody. It is a tool in the killer’s hand.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Roman philosopher and statesman, 4BC-65AD). Yep, authoritarians have been trotting out the ‘citizens are not responsible’ stupidity for over two thousand years. Being slapped down with common sense over and over again hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm.

    11. “Gun grabbers?” Nobody is gun grabbing. Another b.s. line from the far right. It’s gun CONTROL. We have a systemic problem in the U.S. Sure, we have a lot of kooks and most gun owners are responsible. But take a look around and you’ll see it’s the easy access to military-style rifles that’s driving mass murder.

      1. Yes, because I can just go online and order a military-style rifle, with thousands of rounds of ammo. No permit required, no background check. Easy access.


        1. Eighty must be your IQ. Can’t just order a weapon online without background check because you will break numerous laws. Of course breaking laws must be your forte.

          1. . . . . I think that he was issuing a sarcastic response to Ken, but I could possibly be wrong. I did think I was wrong once, but I was mistaken. . . .

      2. Is it the easy access to military-style rifles that’s driving mass murder you say or is it GUN CONTROL? BTW semi-auto rifles aren’t military style either, just anti-gun rhetoric. Is it the gun free zones set up by the all knowing anti-gunners, CCW laws that prohibit law abiding citizen into these GFZ’s armed, school staff prohibited from being armed, GFZ’s in churches, GFZ’s in public buildings, law abiding citizens open carry of firearms is discouraged etc. You also say no one is gun grabbing yet all of the current gun laws being proposed or red flag laws do just that, grab guns from law abiding citizens and are in violation of the U.S. Constitution and BoR?
        Perhaps you should take a look around and you’ll reconsider it’s the easy access to unarmed victims of gun free environments.

      3. Diane Feinstein said “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in.”
        But that’s not gun-grabbing.
        Eric Swalwell is threatening to put innocent citizens in jail if they don’t turn in their legally-owned property.
        But that’s not gun-grabbing.
        Police went door-to-door in New Orleans assaulting and robbing people.
        But that’s not gun-grabbing.
        The Roof Koreans used firearms to defend their property from racist arson-mobs during the Rodney King riots.
        But you think they shouldn’t have been allowed to do that.
        Stephen Willeford’s easy access to a military-style rifle STOPPED a massacre in progress in Texas.
        But you think he shouldn’t have been allowed to do that.
        Ken… you’re not the hero of this story.
        You’re the bad guy.

      4. More people are killed with assault hands and Saturday night special feet than with firearms. Maybe digging up some information from other sources would help you out.

      5. Nah, you don’t want to talk about what’s really driving mass murder or even more murders happening only one or two at a time. It doesn’t fit your failed cultural narrative.

        Check out the charts. You’ll see where gun violence really originates in an entire anti-gun region:

        Never expected such clear truth from The Guardian. Maybe it’s just a one time acknowledgment of a tragic reality.

      6. Yep they banned all semi auto long arms here in Australia in 1996 and yet a few months ago a convicted felon shot up the front door in the Pablos night club in Tasmania with an SKS and we had our third mass shooting where a banned pump action shotgun was used to kill 4 people. Evil will always find a way.

        During the 20 + years following the gun grab, there have been 11 mass killings (4 or more victims excluding the perpetrator) involving all methods. The worst of these involved deliberately lit fires. 10 dead at Churchill, 14 dead at the Quakers Hill Nursing Home and 15 dead at Childers Backpackers. Possessed cigarette lighters?

    12. I have said for years that a firearm is an inanimate object that requires human intervention of function. I guess I was wrong. all this virtue signaling is one of the main reasons I hardly watch television at all, especially the any news. hoplophobia is pushed by the media.

    13. I’m glad that I haven’t bothered to watch the reboot. This reminds me of that movie about a monkey’s fist that I watched back in the 60s. Possession of the item “made” people do things. Even as a kid, I thought that that concept was a stretch.

      1. The Tibetans have a belief that a knife can be infused with a power that will make the bearer stab and kill him self with it. They will leave it in a place where the target person will find it, not knowing what power it has. After a while of owning the knife, he will kill himself with it, even if it has been put away in a drawer or a box.

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