Why President Trump “Thinks” He’s Pro Gun


Why President Trump "Thinks" He's Pro Gun
Why President Trump “Thinks” He's Pro Gun

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Politics suck. There's no short way around it.

In this day and age of deep divisiveness not seen since the caning of Senator Sumner in the Old Senate Chamber back on May, 22nd 1856 –a act of political violence that foreshadowed the approaching war between the states – it's a safe bet that today's radical Democrat party is attempting to push America in a perilous direction.

An increasingly militant Democrat Party is openly embracing socialism as the party leaders conduct a brutal culture war, at the forefront of which is their open desire to disarm the populace.

No good can, or will, come from this ongoing battle the Democrats seem intent on waging.

Way back in 2015 and 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump took the fight for our right to bear arms directly to the streets. No doubt in my mind that his campaign was the most openly pro-gun campaign I've ever seen in my lifetime. In a brilliant maneuver, Trump understood the radical left was going to continue to push their gun control agenda, and in a (successful) attempt to beat them in their own backyards, Trump vociferously embraced the NRA and gun rights and won the votes of hard-working, gun-owning, blue-collar, America. Voters who may have otherwise supported a Democrat. The gun owner handed Trump the White House and thankfully saved, for now anyway, the Supreme Court from falling into the hands of the progressive socialists.

Fast forward a couple of years, and what have we –gun owners – gotten for our loyalty?

Two Supreme Court justices who are primarily expected to be pro-freedom when it comes to our right to bear arms? Yes, and I would argue from a position of strength, we've also added many lower court judges who will help us in our fight for freedom in the nations federal appellate courts as Trump shifts the balance of power in those circuits. While it's not sexy and doesn't get a ton of media play, it's driving the lunatic, fringe, leftists, crazy as it should. But what else?

So far we've lost our bump stocks if we even owned one in the first place, and now we're idly waiting to see if Trump follows through on his commitment to gun hating foreigner, Piers Morgan to consider banning so-called “silencers,” otherwise known as suppressors. In two disturbing incidents, President Trump disparaged “silencers” saying he doesn't like them when asked a question before boarding Marine One prior to heading overseas, and the Morgan incident during an interview in Great Britain when he alluded to being open to possibly ban the devices.

Unfortunately, for Trump as he heads into what is shaping up to be one of the most vicious and hateful presidential campaigns of all time, he has no room to spare. Trump needs every single one of us – gun owners – to cast a vote for him to win. A loss by Trump in 2020 will usher in a wave of unAmerican gun controls that will likely see outright attempts to confiscate our property while red states dig in their heels as the progressive left grows bolder with a win in the White House.

Trump, or his advisors, must certainly know this, right?

Not necessarily. Trump believes that his open embrace of the NRA and his appointment of what we believe to be pro-rights justices and judges is what makes him pro-gun. We know better. We know that being pro-gun doesn't mean sacrificing bump stocks is OK. We know that being pro-gun doesn't mean telling a foreign, gun hating, journalists that considering banning “silencers” is acceptable. It's not, and neither of those two gun-grabber supported initiatives is earning him any gun owner votes, or more importantly, Democrat socialist voters. Like former Governor, now U.S. Senator, Scott in Florida before him, he would be foolish to believe that capitulating to the enemies of our freedoms will somehow magically endear them to his side.

I'm inclined to believe that Trump truly considers himself the most pro-gun president in history simply because he says he is. I think that Trump feels banning accessories isn't the same as banning guns. He is wrong on both counts. At this stage of the game, with the House in the hands of a clown posse being lead by an aging progressive, gun hating whacko, Trump needs to step up to the plate and begin proving to Americans why he can be trusted when it comes to our right to bear arms.

In an upcoming column, I'll pass along some ideas that Trump can implement right away to start winning back those voters who are now skeptical of his “pro-gun” claims in the wake of his anti-rights move on bump-stocks and his recent comments about banning suppressors. If he fails to listen, he'll see the very voters he needs to win re-election stay home, and a stay at home voter is a victory for socialism. If I have to tell you what a socialist win for the White House means for our future, you're already dead from the neck up.

About Mark WaltersMark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio's Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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    1. I had no illusions that Trump was truly pro gun. Don Jr. might be. But Sr? Not so much. He was, however, better than the alternative. I felt ok that we might get a couple of decent justices from him and that’s looking positive. We won’t truly know, of course, until SCOTUS actually hears a gun case. But here again with the Justices, Trump was better than the alternative. I would certainly consider voting for a true pro 2A candidate in 2020. I’d likely jump off the Trump train in a heartbeat if there was a true pro 2A candidate. But have you seen the nut jobs the Dems are running? All twenty something of them? They’re nuttier then a squirrel turd. Trump is still going to be the better option in 2020. And he knows it.

    2. This is the same Donald Trump who, in his book The America We Deserve, wanted to make it harder for everyone to purchase a firearm, supported “assault weapon” bans, and criticized Republicans who “walk the NRA line.” Never mind the fact the duplicitous weasels who run the NRA support every current federal anti-gun law and (per NRA Exec VP Wayne LaPierre on CNN) “don’t want to restrict the BATF in any way.” In 2016, Trump joined with Hillary Clinton in wanting to forbid Americans from being “allowed” to purchase a firearm without any due process of law.

    3. I e mailed Trump and had my name added to the list of call ups when he goes insurrection act. I want to serve my country and assist getting it back. Banning American way of life and criminalizing my countrymen will quickly change my mind so I hope that it stops immediately. Reverses even. Hell he could toss lots to all of that fake ass gun control before I change my mind and watch the country go down while eating popcorn.

    4. So if Trump reclassified Trumpstocks as machine guns in order to ban by false flag operation in Vegas then by all intensive purposes by that logic he banned a gun and by further logic of that thinking since no barrel, magazine, receiver, trigger etc a Trumpstock is incapable of firing a bullet so now objects that can’t fire bullets are guns and banned as guns when they aren’t. Trumpstock is useless without a gun and guns are not banned. And further according to Trump if you need to break the law to protect yourself then you have his permission to do so therefore in theory you can still have a Trumpstock if you need one. I am curious if Trump doesn’t like the machine guns and suppressors the SS uses to protect him or if his dislike is strictly for those items he is limiting to civilians. I do hope his foreign policy is far less….. well, you know. And to think some gun dealer got stuck for some $700,000.00 worth of plastic junk. I mean what a pile of trash to be stuck for. Must be millions of those things around for a deal to get stuck that hard. I bet Antifa has an ass load of those things. Who else would buy them when according to You Tube video can do the same effect from your belt loop at least until belt loops are banned.

    5. “Trump believes that his open embrace of the NRA … is what makes him pro-gun.”
      Hm. GIves the upcoming NRA/Ack-Mac /Letitia James fight ticket an unexpected silver lining. If Trump has to distance himself from the NRA because of its insider corruption, hes going to have to find a better excuse for claiming he’s pro-gun.

    6. Radicals are shooting America up pretty good today. Hope they are using Trump approved guns because it would be terrible if they were using ones he doesn’t “like”. Good thing I have lots of popcorn on hand and that gun control is being obeyed by the libs. Keep yelling “war” at them it’s working good.

    7. Do not for one minute think that a few hundred comments on this blog ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime makes any difference in the gun debate. Many may read the articles, fewer read the comments and fewer still take the time to respond. But, if it makes you FEEL better….chat away, it’s free therapy.

    8. i know Trumps two Sons are avid pro gun and shoot a lot.
      but don’t know how they stand on red flag laws? the bump stock ban? or trump saying he didn’t like suppressors? not liking something is one thing, to ban them is another question?
      so we will see i guess?

    9. In March 1989 “pro-gun” President George Bush issued an Executive Order banning the importation of “military-style” semi-auto long guns, encouraged by Lee Atwater who told him to not worry about gun rights supporters because “who else have they got to vote for?” During the ’92 election, those taken for granted gun rights voters, having no one else to vote for, stayed home in droves rather than vote to reelect the man who’d stabbed them in the back and allowed Bill Clinton to become President. President Trump and his advisers really should take that lesson to heart.

    10. Instead of complaining about the president most of you here should write intelligent and to the point letters to him about bump-stocks, red-flag laws, & suppressors……He is our only shot and if one doesn’t realize that than we are all mucked….

      1. I’m not Kanye, just a standard American with no special attributes other than love of country which made me special in that regard. I’ll toss his vote in the trash on top of my rights and then we’ll be even.

        1. Flip flops like a trout he does but meanwhile I have a state around me that is out to kill red voters and my name is on their list so he signed my death warrant with that statement. They’ll be coming after me. I’ll be famous. The red guy in blue state with the news headlines reading I deserved it. Blue troops been after me for 13 years and Trump says throw my rights in the trash. He took what I was using to keep them at bay so he basically declared war on me. The system is highly corrupted here beyond what anybody can even imagine. So yeah, I’m pissed and now people are calling me names like wild bill. What the hell, war is war.

    11. Every CITIZEN regardless of age background history etc bs as it was in 1967 and before back to the cavemanwoman days… the USA GUN CONTROL ACT OF 1968 copied 85% from the NAZIS GUNTROL ACT OF 1938 then the other 15% was even worst …. should have already multi AR 15’s amd multi semi auto striker handguns …. and want bumpstocks until the unconstitutional bs laws of 1938 and 1934 passed by nazis commie fdr and his commie nazis congress and his nazis commie scotus commie nazis revenue agents fbi etc are repealed 100% … they called it a tax to make it look legal just drug abuser booze addicted bush jr and romney and obama and roberts scotus appt by bush kr did with health care education etc … every CITIZEN should be armed same as the USMC AND U.S. ARMY INFANTRY … with out paying taxes or having permits.

      And repeal the 1926 first federal gun control law .. CITIZENS cannot mail handguns in the Post Office and cannot conceal or open carry in the post office again unconstitutional and illegal ….

      1. Maybe not fuck all the NAZI’s. Some seem okay. I link up with them here and meet out front and they aren’t offensive. Spooky but who isn’t now days. Some NAZI’s are patriots I suppose. Problem is determining a good NAZI from a bad one. They all look the same you know. Some hauled off about 50 assholes from here that I needed gone so sometimes having some NAZI’s around might be a good thing. It’s my experience you gotta sort through them like anyone else.
        Right Wild Bill?

      1. Wild Bill says Trump never said that and Bill his Trumps paid stump so he would know.
        But yeah, what a campaign slogan. He should win slam dunk.
        I also got a good laugh out of Trumps public announcement when he presented to be all stressed out declaring that we are being invaded so patriots would come running out to get in trouble. Now he’s just shipping them right through and into the cities expedited like Fed Ex. All those cameos he did on TV that are still on you tube paid off. The jig was up when on his second day in office he got rammed by the court and walked off sideways. We knew then and threw in the towel. Oh well, we tried.

          1. Take em first and throw that Constitution in the trash because it impedes authoritarianism. Yup, I am angry Bill not a madman though. Trump wiped out my state Bill of Rights with a single statement and didn’t care. Any American should be pissed about it but I guess since they have their rights for the minute it is no big deal. 7, Bill. 7 Amendments in the trash and not even a kiss. Mad not a madman Bill.

        1. I don’t know Wild Bill, but I do know that lots of people voted for Trump and have turned a blind eye to everything he says and does, where if Hillary had won the election and banned bump stocks, pushed Red Flag laws, said things like “take the guns first and follow due process later” and appointed a swamp creature like William “Ruby Ridge” Barr to attorney general, the same people that turn a blind eye to Trump would be crying from the mountain tops about Hillary.


      Biden up 10% on Trump. Looks like Trump will have to come back home to get back in the game. Get your wish lists ready here comes the train it just made a U turn. Bahahahaha.
      Americans are going to get slippery up the back side on this one and will be walking sideways for a long time.
      When Tucker says 10 up look out!
      Nah, just kidding China bought that poll and we all know it but stick around while they buy the election and start shipping Americans off to China for resisting. This shit is far from over. Your going to need your shit to ensure Trump retains control so he better wise up and run back to our corner while he is able because we are ALL HE HAS.
      Enter the Dragon! (Satan)


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