Woman Bit by Bear Exemplifies How Useful a Handgun Could Have Been

Bear that Killed and Ate Unarmed New Jersey Hiker in 2014

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)-On 31 May, 2019, at about 1 p.m., a woman hiking with her husband on a popular trail near Aspen, Colorado, was bitten in an unprovoked attack by a black bear. She was bitten on the thigh and required hospitalization for a short period.

Most bears that show no fear of humans have become acclimated to humans. Bears that have no fear of humans are likely to test humans to see if humans are potential prey. Eventually, the bears have a good chance of causing harm.

The case illustrates how effective a pistol could be at stopping bear attacks, especially black bear attacks.

The bear had to be stopped, because it had become a danger to humans. If the woman or her husband had been carrying a common pistol, they could have stopped the bear attack and terminated the bear before any harm was done.

The bear was an adult male of about 224 pounds. The woman who was attacked understands the necessity of killing the bear. From kdvr.com:

But she understands why CPW had to put the bear down.

“It breaks my heart, but I do (understand) because in this case, the bear was not afraid. I found out this is a path used by kids, it’s close to the city, thank goodness an old gnarly lady, not a child… could’ve been disastrous,” Jansson said.

CPW found the bear within 100 feet of where it attacked Jansson.

“We have to be more respectful, give them their space and not put things out in our yards that are going to attract them and get them used to humans and these kinds of attacks become more common,” Jansson said.

The couple saw the bear a significant time before the attack occurred. They had time to step off the trail and watch the bear as it approached to within mere feet of them. There was plenty of time for them to draw a pistol, take aim and fire, if they had understood the dynamics and the necessity.

No wild bear should be allowed to approach so closely to a human without consequences. If a bear approaches this close, it is a danger and should be put down.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife understood the necessity of killing the bear as well. From newsweek.com:

Authorities said they will be forced to put the bear down when it is captured.

“This is an aggressive bear and by policy, we will put it down if found,” said CPW Officer Matt Yamashita. “But until we find it, the public should remember what to do if they see any bear. If it appears aggressive or shows no fear of humans, do not approach it. Haze it away by yelling or banging pots and pans, then call CPW or 911 immediately.”

There are fears that the bear, described as light brown and weighing around 200 to 300 pounds, may enter Aspen’s city limits before it is found.

The authorities found the bear and killed it.

 DNA tests confirmed the bear killed was the one who bit the woman.

When bears are in common contact with humans, there will be conflict. Bears will need to be killed to prevent human injuries and death.

In 2017, Jennifer Churchill, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said over a hundred bears a year had to be put down in Colorado, and the number was rising.

It makes sense for the person who is put in harms way to be the one to stop conflicts and attacks by bears. Pistols have been shown to be adequate to perform the task. The skill level required to shoot bears, to stop an attack is not high, especially for black bears. Black bears are often seen at very close range as they set up for a predatory attack, or test the potential prey to see if it is a danger.

When a person who has been tested or attacked by a bear fails to kill it, a situation is created where the authorities are required to hunt down and kill the bear. It takes  time, money, and resources. It more people are put at risk. It creates the potential for the wrong bear to be killed.

The obvious solution is for the person who is initially in the situation to kill the bear.

That is a primary advantage of handguns over bear spray. A handgun, used in defense against a bear, is very likely to kill the bear. Bear spray simply discourages the bear momentarily. Many black bears have continued to attack after being sprayed. Bear spray does not decisively stop future attacks.

Bear populations must be controlled by humans.

Bear populations are increasing. The surplus population will be involved with human conflicts as they spread out into human-occupied territory.

Bear attacks are very rare. If all bears involved in human-bear conflict were killed, it would not have any detrimental effect on overall bear populations.

The situation today is most aggressive bears are killed. Most of them are killed by the authorities, after the fact. It would be better if they were killed during or before the fact.

Surviving bears are likely to be somewhat less aggressive, as bears that easily habituate to humans are removed from the population.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Davie Crocket kilt him a be’are when he was only 3.
Field dressed it. Family and friends enjoyed the dinner. Got it right at an early age.


Daniel Boone was a man,
Yes a big man,
But the bear was a bigga,
So he ran like a ni99a through da woods.


You, Mr. Ignorant @sshole, are the reason Liberals and the Left assume people in gun culture are all ignorant, uneducated bigots.

Keep your anachronistic little racially-charged jokes and jingles to your GD self. Fuxxing prick.


I’ve read a couple of articles that stated various fish and game departments have estimated that there are over 1 million black bears in America and Canada. Contrary to what the hunting banning cults say , they are not “endangered” or coming extinct. The hunting banning cults show “doctored” videos of petting zoo animals (who have also been given tranquilizers) and show them petting and kissing wolves and bears! And saying that these wild and killer animals just want to be your “friends”! Carry a firearm when in National Forests, not only for protection against bears but also against felons,… Read more »

That's funny.

Grizzly bear hunters shoot big loads!

Just a thought

With just a thought just having a CCW and carrying a handgun does not guarantee a bear kill. You need to make the correct choice in what caliber you carry. I wouldn’t want to take on a bear with a sub caliber handgun. Most people don’t carry a caliber powerful enough to make a clean kill on a bear, I wouldn’t would not want to be the object of a even more pissed off bear attack.For me a 10mm would be my choice but I’ve read of some protecting them self with a 9mm with fatal results to the bear.

Mr. Walkker

Great read. Once again, the topic arises of Bears and Guns, while the pairing of Predators and Humans.
– Have said it here before, and will state it one more time.
-It is their backyard, their domain. Spend enough time INSIDE their world, and the chance of an unintentional encounter is enhanced, with each and every trek.
– Very easy to walk between Mamma and her Cubs..simply by lack of knowledge and current location.
– So best practice is to go with much mental awareness, accompanied with Bear Spray and a Wheel Gun.
..and enjoy it all with much respect.


JD large predators populations are greatly increasing.

Killing the few that threaten or harm humans well have hardly any effect on their population over all.

We kill far more during hunting seasons then by damage control.

Modern gam management well not let their populations be reduced to the dangerous level again.

Wild Bill

, You mention ” … many people who have no clue how their food comes to them. They consider the loss of livestock or crops as no big deal. ” I consider the beautiful animals that are a gift from God eating a few libtards that are ill equipped to be out in nature, anyway, no big deal. Maybe we could get Nancy and Chucky to have a nice pick nick in Yellowstone, some time. It would bring new meaning to the term “lunch meat.”

Mr. Walkker

Wild Bill, maybe someone could invite Nancy and Chuck Fly Fishing, in Bear Country, with a Guide. Maybe….
-Wonder if either one could possibly keep the pie hole shut long enough, in order for said Guide to hook one?

Keith Christy

That’s all well & good ,But the D.N.R. might have a problem feeding the animals tainted meat !!

Roy Payne

Great reply!! 🙂

Wild Bill

If Colorado kills a hundred black bears a year, then who gets the meat and hide?

Roy Payne

I can’t speak for Colorado, but some years ago when a black bear was marauding in our area of Norther California, I obtained what is called a “Depredation Permit” from Fish & Game. I shot the bear and field dressed it and the warden came to collect it. He later told me the meat was donated to a local Senior Center which served it to their people. Everyone said it was delicious.


I am pro conceal carry and fully believe in the right to self defense. That being said, if the bear was advancing slowly as the article states, then I would have used a bear pepper spray first long before shooting a beautiful animal in self defense. We need to give all animals space to live peacefully.

If we keep killing all of the animals every time we believe that they are a threat to us, then they will go extinct as many have. That would be a great shame destroying a beautiful animal which is a gift from our God.

Calvin Don Blumhorst

As the article states, “Bear spray simply discourages the bear momentarily. Many black bears have continued to attack after being sprayed. Bear spray does not decisively stop future attacks.” Bear spray just allows one person to escape and make another person the victim of a too-friendly, unafraid-of-humans bear.


I am sure that you would send your condolences to the next people the bear encountered, if they were so unlucky as to have neither bear Spray or firearm. Yup, let God’s beautiful creatures go so they can find another victim.


Some call it ”piss off the bear” spray for good reason! Better to carry at least a .357 and get it right the first time. As said in the article, paraphrasing, a friendly bear is a dangerous bear. Bear populations would not be dented if all “friendly” bears were taken. There is plentiful habitat for bears and humans, far away from each other. Bears entering human habitat risk their lives, just like humans entering bear habitat risk their lives!


What many have forgotten is the necessary need to control predators when they interact with humans. From small ones that go on to kill live stock to large ones that can and have killed humans. When most people were connected with their own food supply the need was will known. When a fox or other critter raided the hen house one could be looking at a loss of dinner or income that was required for the family to survive. When critters destroyed crops the same principles applied. Now with many people who have no clue how their food comes to… Read more »


If people are dumb enough to walk and play with wild animals on their turf and not smart enough to carry a gun, suffer the consequences!. Kill all the bears and all the wild animals on earth so man can hike and play to his hearts content in safety. Then all they got to worry about is the crazy people, rapists, murderers, child molesters, and gang members. But the democrats still want you to walk without a gun! But you will not have to worry about the bears!!!!!!!

Roy Payne

About 25 years ago, my wife and I managed a youth camp in the mountains of Northern California. We had a black bear that was marauding in the area doing damage to peoples property and belongings. I had torn apart one of our trailers and tried to get into the kitchen, destroying a heavy door. I contacted Fish & Game and was given a Depredation Permit. A few days later, I shot the bear as it again approached the kitchen door. I field dressed it and called the game warden who came to collect it. He gave the meat to… Read more »