Cuomo & Swalwell Intend To Obliterate The Bill Of Rights, Second Amendment First


Democrat's War on Guns
Cuomo & Swalwell Intend To Obliterate The Bill Of Rights, Second Amendment First

New York – -( Radical Left elements, with the connivance of the mainstream news media—the Dead Souls existing among us—slowly, methodically, systematically work toward completing their Marxist agenda, notwithstanding the failure to install their candidate, the duplicitous, innately evil Hillary Clinton, in the White House.

But, to make their abominable policy objectives palatable to a wary, discerning American public, this Radical Left realizes the need to control the narrative and to foreclose debate on all Second Amendment related matters, and on any other matter that touches upon their policy goals. And, so, through mass, repetitious story-telling, the most ludicrous of proposed changes to our Nation and to its Constitution become commonplace and then accepted as normal and proper. They have their own tenets, their own set of principles, their own Commandments: right out of the Marxist Playbook.

A compliant Press, sold on the idea of a Marxist style Amerika, is willing to take—indeed, ecstatically taking— marching orders from the Marxist enterprise that the Democratic Party has slowly, inexorably, systematically, devolved into. In turn they likely take orders from the Rothschild clan, dispensing its edicts from their plush offices in Brussels—who has focused all of its attention on denouncing, vilifying, and destroying the duly elected U.S. President, Donald Trump.

This ruthless lot intends to capture the United States, drawing it, kicking and screaming, if need be, into the orbit of the EU. These Godless, ruthless overseers of men, controllers of human thought and action, dare dismiss out-of-hand the very truth inherent in the concept of preexisting natural rights. These ruthless Dead Souls would dare to destroy exercise of the the fundamental rights of Americans—the foundation of one’s physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual Self and of one’s aspirations: the core of the Bill of Rights.

These rights include the right of free expression and association, the right of free exercise of religion, the right of the people to be free from unreasonable Government searches and seizures, and, most importantly, the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms, especially and singularly, sustains, nurtures, and ensures all the others, sanctifying one’s God-given right of self-defense and God-given right to defend one’s physical, intellectual, and spiritual Self against all State encroachment that, given its nature, would seek, to crush the individual into submission.

The framers of the Constitution of the United States knew full well the danger of a powerful, overbearing centralized authority. Having thrown off the yoke of one such authority, they had no wish, if unintentionally, to create another. They were faced with a conundrum: how to establish a centralized Government strong enough to withstand attacks from outside the Nation but constrained from usurping its formidable power to subjugate the citizenry within the Nation?

The Constitution the framers of our Nation hammered out is a testament to their diligence and ingenuity. The blueprint for a Constitutional Republic that the framers designed is unlike that existent in any other Nation on this Earth, existing either before or since the creation of the United States. The framers of our Constitution, the founders of our Constitutional Republic, created and implemented a Governmental structure for our Nation that, to the extent possible, responds to the dilemma they were faced with.

This is made abundantly, categorically, and transparently clear in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution: the framers of our Constitution asserted that it is Government that exists to serve the American people and not the people that serve Government. The American people themselves are, then, the true and sole and ultimate authority; sovereign ruler; and final arbiter of the Nation:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

It is “We the People” that do “form” the Nation. Does a Constitution or other Government forming document of any other Nation on Earth make this claim? And, if so, does the Constitution or other Government forming document of any other Nation on Earth establish the fact—in the language and in the context of that Nation’s Constitution or other Government forming document, and not as mere platitude—that it is the people of the Nation themselves that create their Nation and who are therefore the ultimate authority, power, and arbiter of and for their Nation? Not likely.

To check the power of the fledgling Nation’s Government, which, given the nature of the beast to accumulate more and more power for itself, if left unchecked, the framers incorporated into the Constitution a Bill of Rights. But, this Bill of Rights was nothing like that existing in any other Nation that happened to have one at all. For our Bill of Rights is not a collection of rights and liberties created by Government.

Yet, Andrew Cuomo, Eric Swalwell, and the other progressive and radical Leftist elements in our Country do not see the Bill of Rights in that way.

They fail to realize and to appreciate the salient fact that the rights codified in the Bill of Rights were not created by the framers of the Constitution; they are simply assertions of rights intrinsic in the soul of each American, and, they need not have been incorporated into the Constitution, but were done so, at the behest of those among the framers who were most prescient, the Antifederalists, to serve as a constant reminder that the American people are ultimately in charge. It is their Nation, and the Government belongs to them, to serve them, and to remember that fact.

We see in the political pronouncements of Cuomo, Swalwell and others, constant efforts to deceive the public, as they beseech the public to relinquish their sacred rights and liberties under the guise of doing so to protect the public, as if the public needs their protection, an arrogant attitude of its own. In truth, they intend to weaken the public, in order to effectively control it, subjugate it. And, to accomplish that end, they must destroy the Bill of Rights. And, to do that, they must convince the public that the Bill of Rights is nothing more than a collection of man-made rights–some good, some not so good, and some, like the right set forth in the Second Amendment, altogether, bad–and all requiring modification, reinterpretation, or outright abrogation. They have, in recent years, become very vocal in their antipathy toward our Nation’s Bill of Rights, as they have become ever more frustrated with their inability to transform the Nation into a Marxist, Collectivist construct, to be subsumed eventually into the EU and, thence, into a one-world, unified system of Governance.

These Dead Souls endorse the false notion that our Nation’s Governmental structure is easily transformable. It isn’t and should not be. And these Dead Souls argue that our rights and liberties are infinitely malleable. They aren’t and cannot be. But, the false belief allows them to maintain our Nation’s Governmental structure can be manipulated to suit their ends and that our sacred rights and liberties can be modified or abrogated to conform to their vision of reality in a particular moment of time.

People like Cuomo and Swalwell are the very manifestation of the real fear our founders rightfully felt could one day doom our Country: that arrogant, ruthless individuals from within our Nation would dare wrest control of the Nation from the American people. And so the framers incorporated the Bill of Rights into our Constitution, and made certain that the Nation’s citizenry would be able, in accordance with their God-given right, to be well armed.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is a constant reminder to Cuomo and Swalwell and the rest of them, that a metamorphosis of our Nation into a Collectivist, Marxist nightmare they and other Radicals envision is not so easy to manifest in reality. Thus, they seek to destroy the sacred right that stands in their way—which the framers of our Constitution intended to stand in the way of all those who would dare usurp power for themselves.

Cuomo and Swalwell and the rest of the Radical Left continue to debase, damn, and ridicule both the Second Amendment and those who support it. In doing so, they aptly illustrate their condemnation of, disgust with, contempt for, and outright abhorrence of a Governmental structure—a Constitutional Republic, predicated on and defended by an armed citizenry—that they cannot square with the tenets of their radical, Collectivist, Marxist belief system, and which they cannot and will not, then, ever abide by.

Arbalest Quarrel

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

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Tony Ross Edge

Shite for brains politicians with a deep hatred for God,Mother and Country…….mark these words we will anniahlate the PC’s of human garbage that have cost us so much..
You take God out of everything when HE is the ONE WHO has given us life itself..oh that’s right You so devalue life does not matter to You ,parting out children and sacrificing Innocents to the modern form of worship to Molech..baalism in form and function…repent or die!!! This is our war to fight !!!

The Revelator

A little hypocritical there bud. take about 20% off the top.

Jack Mac

While it is obvious that the Democratic Party has caused the most damage to rights to firearms, the Republican as done little to curtail them. Instead some have even assisted in the attack against these rights. Our entire body of elected officials along with our intrenched governmental agencies is an oligarchy. An oligarchy that has already created and expanding a de facto under class of prohibited persons. It is both infringing the rights form people and infringing people form the rights. This changing of a citizen with full rights to person without full rights is done in other ways then… Read more »


There are over 2 million laws on the books right now. (Including city, township, county, state, and federal). Everybody is a criminal! There are so many laws its impossible not to break some and thats the power crazed politicians plans-to make everyone a criminal so they can control, its all about control. We need term limits, not lifetime politicians! I’m tired of lifetime politicians spending 20, 30 or 40 years in office and then getting a huge pension.

Wild Bill

@JM, yeah, anyone thinking about voting democrat should know in advance that there is no laughter in socialism.

Joseph M Owens

Agreed, they are dispicable.


Stop trying to post your lying, fear-mongering B.S. and 2nd amendment NRA-induced hysteria, and that’s all it is, you liars. This article and all the articles I’ve looked at from you are the same baloney, attempting to stir up foment and discord.



Wild Bill

@m. just another non-useful being trying to get responses so that he can get paid. Any real person not liking this site, to that extent, would just go elsewhere.

Bob Selser

So, I’m going to need your help on something. If assault weapons are the problem, and we can “keep everything else” (Swalwell ‘s words, not mine) then why does the FBI tell us that they are used in less than 3 per cent of gun crimes (FBI Uniform Crime Report–look it up). That sounds like trying to bail the Titanic with a tea cup.


Not a communist site. Perhaps try GQ, Time Magazine or 8 Chan.

Donald Cline

We are happily, gleefully, stirring up foment and discord among the likes of you, and will continue to do so. Get used to frustration; you were born to it.


Perhaps instead of BLABBING ON, you should listen to the CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNIST “politicians” “speeches” , That all seem to sound exactly like an Excerpt from Hitler’s (and many other DICTATORS) .The “NEXT” freedom will be stopping people from writing on these blogs or “SPEAKING THEIR MINDS”. These are NOT lies or “fear mongering” (if you care to actually LOOK for YOURSELF) Freedoms are being removed a little at a time by DEMOCOMMUNISTS BASTARDS looking to gain as much POWER and CONTROL over the people in this country as they can get. Open your EYES FOOL and try to get OFF… Read more »

Armistead Ellis

Sorry. I’m a true believer in the 2d Amendment. But you lost me when you started in withthe Rothschild bs. The enemies of the 2d A are here. In the US. There are people who understand and believe in the principlas set forth in the constitution. There are people who see the constitution as an impediment to their brand of social engineerin. They are the problem, not some faceless bureaucrat in Brussels.


You are wrong, the CFR which is part of the Bitlelburgers call these moves. Look up both of these entities to check for your self.

Wild Bill

@toly, that makes no sense. If your “CFR” is a sub part of your “Bitlelburgers”, then the “Bitlelburgers” are calling the moves or approve the called moves (which is the same as calling the moves.)
I agree with Armistead E, we have our own domestic nameless faceless bureaucrats, politicians, and judges to worry about.

Donald Cline

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the Bilderbergers (international bankers, mass media, and political think tanks and influencers) (and lest we forget, the Trilateral Commission) ARE “our own domestic nameless faceless bureucrats, politicians, and judges” — most of them are Americans, nonetheless globalists who chafe at their inability to openly declare their “rightful mastership” over the first, only, and last nation on the planet to reject their rule of man and establish, for every citizen, birthright liberties under the rule of law. They stated their timeline in 1834 after… Read more »

Denny Crane

And who is the social engineers?
See Satan’s pyramid for answer. Pics are online so you can easily understand it.

Jersey Guy

For Christ’s sake, stop the fear-mongering bullshit, nobody is taking away your guns, or crushing the 2nd. It’s a shame that Ammoland publishes such crap.


Perhaps you have missed all the recent calls for bans and forced confiscations. California tried to pass a complete ban of magazines larger than 10 rounds (no grandfathering), but has an injunction placed against it for the moment. Swallwell wants the same for ‘assault weapons’. The regressive left wants your guns. Whether you choose to see it or not is up to you.

Denny Crane

Gun confiscation promoted by Trump and not a thing to be concerned about.
Right, got it.
We hear ya and your breath smells like shit.


Correct. I’m not against Trump personally just against anybody thinking they can stomp on the rights of others because they claim they are the supreme GOD when they’re just another idiot. I don’t support gun grabbers twice in the event I am fooled the first time. There is no proof that voting for a documented gun grabber is a smart thing to do. I still like Trump far more than the other idiots but not enough to support his unconstitutional authoritarianism. Don’t support the NRA either, fuck them. I support the Constitution as it’s written in plain English without all… Read more »

Donald Cline

I hear this “unConstitutional authoritarianism” crap about Trump all the time from wild-eyed democratic socialist yo-yo’s all the time, yet as a Constitutional scholar of forty-plus years — ever since I returned from a socialist country and was appalled to find my own country on the same path — I have yet to see any actual departure from Constitutional principles with the exception of his order to the ATF (an unConstitutional agency exercising extra-Constitutional powers) about bump stocks. Indeed, President Trump has pulled us back from the brink, if only temporarily, of the Marxist’ 2nd Bolshevik Revolution. That is what… Read more »

Reality check

Then what are all the guns laws for, other than to infringe on the natural inalienable human right to bear military arms? There are tens of thousands of gun laws, all of them are infringements, and every single one of them needs to be repealed, by any means necessary.

Wild Bill

@Reality check, I don’t know. I don’t follow them, myself.


did you vote for goober-nor murderous & ag gerbil?

Joe Owens

No, the shame is that you live in Jersey with me, and you’re to clueless and stupid to see what is going on right in front of you. Look at laws Cuomo and Murphy have proposed. Idiot.


F-off, shill.


Tell that FABLE to the people in DEMOCOMMUNIST-RULED States that are told to “turn in” their so-called “assault weapons” (semi-auto hunting rifles) or face JAIL…… You are sadly “parroting” DEMOCOMMUNIST “talking points”
Try to open your eyes, ears, and ATTEMPT to think for yourself…It appears you have been “BRAINWASHED” by the “left” to “grouprthink” and repeat THEIR PROPAGANDA like they WANT you to.


“The people — the people — are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.”
–September 16 and 17, 1859 Notes for Speeches at Columbus and Cincinnati

Donald Cline

Yes. And we need to prove it. And having to prove it is exactly why the Founders recognized the oldest right ever recorded in history (690 A.D.), the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of exercising the citizen’s duty to protect and defend his fellow citizens.


Cuomo has New York as a sanctuary state. Now they have to open a Ebola clinic there as thousands of people from the Congo have taken refuge there. (How did they get from the Congo to New York?)
Cuomo is a wamna be gangster but is in reality is nothing more than a punk ass bitch!
Swalwell is his woman giving him a BJ whenever he asks him to.


There is now a caravan of 35,000 Black Africans from the EBOLA infested Congo region heading this way. That is because they saw how easy it was for the first group of 1,400 to pass on up from South America. After they just waltzed across the border, they stopped off in San Antonio for an unknown reason. But some folks think they may be clients of the TEXAS BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE that has been doing research on an EBOLA vaccine for the past 10 years. Ten years of research must be very costly, and I wonder if they came up… Read more »

Wild Bill

@L Pi, Ok, that is bad, but a worse tragedy is the destruction of the Jim Beam warehouse. 45,000 barrels of Jim Beam lost! Gone … unavailable … departed. Firefighters from one hundred and forty-five surrounding departments responded and the conflagration’s thirst could not be slaked. I am grief stricken! Now, about those Congolanese … were they headed to cities or the countryside?

John Galt

Constitute the militia, arrest these TRAITOR oathbreakers for violating their oaths and for subversion of the constitution and HANG THEM at dinner time on TV.

If you take an oath to uphold and defend the constitution and then you work to undermine it, you should be hung and left for the crows……….schumer, feinstein, swalwell and a thousand others could be used to teach those that would opress us and destroy the constitution a REAL lesson.

‘F em!!!!

Torches, pitchforks and auto rifles.


Amen, Brother Patriot!


I am all for that!!! No compromise, no surrender. All these sheep that keep listening to them fail to realize that without the 2nd, they’re going to lose the other 9 in an instant.


Most people can’t count to 9 now so good luck trying to explain this to the masses.

Denny Crane

Hang em in town square so we can see them wriggle in person. Fuck that tv shit.


Right idea, John. But wrong crime. Violating a sworn oath (to uphold and defend the constitution, in this case) is not treason. It is a federal-level felony called perjury, and in federal court (as well as in some state courts) it carries a maximum sentence of death. The problem is finding an honest prosecutor (although there is not one to be found in that swamp called Washington DC) who will actually bring charges in federal court against sitting Democrat members of Congress. If a creature as rare as an honest prosecutor COULD be found, only one successful case (with death… Read more »

Donald Cline

Unfortunately, sitting members of Congress “shall in all Cases, except for Treason, Felony, and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.” U.S. constitution, Article I Section 6 Clause 1.

Wild Bill

Well, perhaps one could run up behind them while they are out jogging and hit them in the back of the head with a framing hammer, but, for God sakes, don’t ask them any questions or arrest them while they are sitting.


Sorry, but I fail to see your point. Federal-level perjury IS a “felony.” That’s right there, second on the list of exceptions (“… except for Treason, Felony, and…), so prosecution is indeed a viable option to address the criminal behavior of a liberal member of Congress.

Tom Sanford

Just as we like to make sure the left uses the correct language. We as a group should strive for the same. Marxists and Leninists want you to be armed. Well at least the poor and working class. Communist and Democratic socialists want to disarm the populace and indoctrinate them. Plying the masses with free stuff in exchange for liberties lost.

n r ringlee

Stuart is typical of the bi polar left/right republican/democrat dichotomy disorder in our contemporary politics. Teh evidence is simple: he blames his enemies for the exact thing his own partisans do regularly. This is common today. Critical thinking skills are missing in public education. This mental disorder can be treated at this advanced stage but it will take loads of electric shock therapy and loads of drugs, and then a year at a parochial high school where you read only Greek and Roman philosophers. There is a cure. There is hope.

Denny Crane

Resistance and noncompliance to gov tyrants is a listed mental disease now in the good book of head shrinker illnesses which means your posts qualify you as mentally ill. The rest of us too. We must be nutty to refuse tyranny because sane people demand it according to the gov. Welcome to The New World Order.

Paul Delanoe

Rather than be scared of someone grabbing your guns, do like the 2nd Amendment actually says, join a well regulated militia that is fully insured against all possible loss by some mental patient that buys a bunch of AR-15s and goes and kills 58 people like the guy in Vegas did. The hotel and their insurance companies have to pay off $800 million for that sick asshole. Maybe an insurance company could have checked his medical records to deny him buying anything.


Paul, not sure but sounds like you are a troll working for gun banning “cults”. The guy in Las Vegas had 3 women in the room with him, people reported seeing shots coming out of the windows next to his room (a second shooter), police were told not to enter the motel home and to shut off their body cams. The guy had spent “millions” gambling. A lot of unanswered questions. Some say he had been “programmed” or “brainwash” to do this by a foreign government agency, remember he traveled to the orient quite often and other countries.

Donald Cline

Uh, Mike, without addressing the troll claim, I have to say the 3 women, shots coming from a separate window, and cops being told not to enter the room and shut off their body cams claims, are pure fantasy hogwash. Every time something really nasty occurs, people start trying to figure out ways government either created it, intentionally caused it, or assisted it. It is a good idea to dig into these events as deeply as possible because there are occasional false flags, but don’t spread this kind of crap unless there is hard evidence and not just some twerp… Read more »

Denny Crane

Gun grabber paid hack troll.

Reality check

It doesn’t matter how you or anyone else interprets the Second Amendment, the right to bear military arms is a nature inalienable human right, that exists with or without government permission, and regardless of what any law says. The moral high ground will always be held by those protecting that right, by any means necessary.

Jonathan Lemaire

There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans, both are the left and right boots of the war machine. Both wings flap together to keep this bird of prey on flight. You fear the left while the right steals our freedoms and vice versa. The only meaningful gun legislation in decades came from the GOP if you remember history, the Regan machine gun ban still pisses me off, but thanks to binary triggers we’re still able to have basic military hardware. Don’t let either side program you, both sides are the problem!

Geary Mcdevitt

Absolutely agree, the left pushes the radical plan and the right let’s it slip away in little bits and pieces.

Donald Cline

To Jonathan Lemaire and the three commenters agreeing with his thesis, I would like to point out that your thesis is supported by FDR’s statement that “Nothing ever happens in government that isn’t planned. If it happens, it was planned.” I would also like to point out that President Donald Trump has broken that mold at least as far as he is concerned, but those still conducting a coup against him have redoubled their efforts in that regard. If President Trump wins in 2020, the Manchurian Candidate whores in the Democratic Party (run by a pimp cabal known as the… Read more »

Tim Wilkins

You are absolutely right sir. WE THE PEOPLE have to stand together and take control of OUR COUNTRY. The government is out of control and they have to be reined in.


I agree both sides are the problem and the larger problem is that their followers can’t yet see it and how they are ALL manipulating the sheep with the illusion. ALL of them are criminals, NONE are exempt.
Hollywood psyop = Washington DC
SHEEPLE ARE STUPID but then that is their predictable history and why it all comes full circle repeating itself.

William harrison

Come on down to the Fla panhandle. We don’t have these problems. Seems only these vile liberal cities is where the trouble starts. Here we laugh at these idiots. We enjoy freedoms as all southern and southern.plains States do. Even Louisiana s dem gov is pro gun. Let all this garbage stay north and west. Were very solid in our positions. Roll tide.

Jonathan Lemaire

Umm Florida Republicans just banned bump stocks…not cool damn Marxist GOP!


Bump stock is a overpriced joke. Pure waste of ammo. Spray and pray for a hit. You don’t even need it to “bump fire”. Several other methods that don’t alter the rifle at all. The rifle has sights, USE THEM, make every shot count.!!

Denny Crane

Yeah I agree, Trumpstocks are junk but maybe junk that those in possession of them have a right to not be made criminals of for owning. Anybody making criminals out of someone minding their own business is a traitor and I don’t give a damn which party they are from.


Trumpstocks banned with no record of violence associated with them. Regular Americans now criminalized. Antifa not banned and long history of violent terrorism.
The thing about frauds is if you study them close enough they really can’t hide the fact that they are frauds. This lesson is invaluable and like always the first lesson is FREE.

Donald Cline

While I agree President Trump’s bump stock executive order was bad, and his off-hand comment that Red Flag laws should be enforced and THEN due process be offered is several levels worse if it comes to pass, both can be dealt with in a kinetic situation. Compare his stated position strongly favoring our 2nd Amendment with the stated position of the Democratic Party whores calling themselves presidential candidates. You might want to consider the fact that your bad-mouthing President Trump is going to encourage those oh-so-purists voters who thing “if you vote for the lesser of all evils you still… Read more »

Tim Wilkins

When you take away the rights hot people to keep and bear arms you open the door two more gun violence from the very people you’re wanting to keep it from. Criminals could care less and actually are happy about the fact that certain States and cities have very few guns in the hands of citizens now they can rob you invite your home and carjacked you what’s safer can you can and cities and states with less gun control.

stuart tyll

Wow after reading these comments I’m very afraid for the country as a whole. Everyone is so worried about the Second Amendment and the rule of law yet they have a president and entire party that is ignoring the rule of law. Congress is an equal entity in our government they are putting out subpoenas and we have a Republican president and white house that is completely ignoring them that is a violation of the rule of law that violates our constitution but I have not heard one person say nothing about that the only thing you care about is… Read more »


Really? You’re a fucking idiot because as i recall we have heads of state failing to uphold thier office by way of “sanctuary cities” first and foremost it is every elected officials responsibility to the citizens of the United States not illegal immigrants and when the President, Congress or the house say jump everyone else says how high so don’t be sitting here talking smack about the president you might not like him but he is still your commander and chief I had to put up with that black idiot in office for fucking 8 years and not once did… Read more »


What a kook!!!

Edward A Ross

Yes he is so true..only fools believe trump…..1.3 trillion a year deficit…..but 100 million plus golfing…some pros dont even make that much….oh that kool aid..

Bush jr passed most the immigrant laws..but they blame who?????
Its all about how do we get more tax dollars…Period…


Your boy Obama DOUBLED the nations debt in 8 years. Spent more than ALL previous presidents combined. Achieved lousy 1.3 gdp growth.

American Soldier

You are exactly the reason articles like this exist.
I invite you to move the hell out of this country and go live somewhere that your liberal utopia already exists.
Oh wait.. that’s right.. it DOESN’T EXIST. Because it’s a lie.
Regardless: do feel free to exit, and don’t let the door hit your behind.

Steve Ostrander

You seem to have selective outrage. When Obama was President it was a regular practice for him to claim Executive privilege to keep numerous federal officials from testifying before a Republican controlled Congress. US Attorney General Eric Holder was the first and only Attorney General to be held in Contempt of Congress for his refusal to appear before Congress about Fast and Furious. Lois Lerner admitted to the targeting of Conservative groups while she was a senior executive at the IRS. She took the 5th to every question she was asked. Every President since John F Kennedy used Executive Pricilege… Read more »

Geary Mcdevitt

Obama administration did the same thing remember Eric Holder.
One of our problems is the legislative branch has given up it’s third to a willing executive and law writing judiciary.
And you are fucking nuts

Jay Maynard

I am in no way a liberal. But the author here lost me the moment he brought the Rothschild family into it. That’s when he crossed the line from reasoned conservative argument to conspiracy theorist kook.

Denny Crane

Says he with tin foil hat.

Thomas Fuller

Stuart you failed to mention how Obama used executive privilege and Eric Holder failed to show up to congress when subpoenaed. You call people Morons? Look in the mirror.


Well Stuart, the bill of rights and constitution are above any and all presidents, congressmen, or judges. They all come and go and blow with the wind changes. Constitution is the constant. Congress has no power to subpoena when the information can already be found. Ever hear of Muellar report. All have testified previously without obstruction as per the report.
Muellar found NO GROUNDS to indict, or his Demoncrat lawyers would have. Big surprise considering this Russian baloney was a FBI hoax from the start. Get over it.

Donald Cline

We do not have a president and a whole party ignoring the rule of law. “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Article II Section 4, U.S. Const. Congressional subpoenas are not binding on the President or any member of his cabinet. I suggest you read the U.S Constitution, as I have for the last forty-plus years, before you go shooting your mouth off in a manner that sounds a lot like one of those political… Read more »

Jim Hovater

What was it Thomas Jefferson said? ‘If the ballot box doesn’t work, the only recourse to preserve the Republic is the bullet box’.


Can you say , traitors to your oath of office, the American people and the constitution . And should be tried for treason.

Jonathan Lemaire

Amen, Trump and all his spineless supporters keeping that fascist lying Russian puppet in office should be tried for actual treason by Constitutional definition. My grandad didn’t vote for fascists, he shot them in ww2! Damned GOP banned bump stocks in Florida! Regan’s machine gun ban…yet the finger is pointed left?!?

Edward A Ross

As any thing else is too..they make the mess..blame others..trump is the perfect example..he has never in his pos life takin responsibility for Nothing he has every done wrong…..the Military personal who voted 4 him….a Draft dodger….yes they all should be tried not only for treason..but inhumanities too Society…locking and caging…

American Soldier

Same old Russian collision.. which after you lib tards wasted $30,000,000+ of taxpayer money.. still came up empty handed.
Go live elsewhere.. anywhere that you think your liberal utopia exists. I guarantee you’ll be disappointed and begging to come back in less than a year.

Robert Lucas

Three weeks, LOL!…


I believe it was Barack Isane Obama who told the Russian president, “Tell Vladmir Putin I can be even more flexible AFTER my relection”. Clinton was a draft dodger. Obama never served. Hillary never served. Should veterans who voted for these be tried? Of course not.

Patriot Jim

I am a proud “spineless” supporter of our duly elected President Trump and I would be happy to show you how spineless I am. I do have to agree with you on the bump stock issue but by no means will I agree with your uninformed and biased opinion of the real patriot now in the Oval Office. Obama was the most anti American President ever and him and Hillary were the real Russian collaborators. Check the facts and then I will accept your apology.

Donald Cline

So, you want to vote for the Left? I am a PRESIDENT Trump supporter, Lemaire, and I am not spineless. I spend six to twelve hours a day instructing wild-eyed liberal yahoos in the realities of our Constitutional form of government every day, and it is really disappointing when I have to do the same thing here because someone is drinking the Kool-Ade spiked by the enemies of our form of government. What the heck “lying Russian puppet” are you yammering on about? I can’t believe you are talking about Putin; PRESIDENT Trump has nothing to say about keeping him… Read more »

Donald Cline

He said something about three recourses to tyranny: The ballot box, the jury box, and the bullet box.

Dennis Coates


Robert Lucas

These career criminals in Congress have endangered the American public…
Anti-constitutionalist’s sense of morality is situational, based on incident and emotion, instead of rooted in
God’s word and law.
Anti-constitutionalist’s stand for nothing. The situation determines their support for an issue and their emotions rule, not reason and rationality.
Moreover, they recognize the contradiction, but still cling to their situational justice. Situational justice is the tool of dictators, tyrants, despots, and unjust, unrighteous monarchs. It has no place in a free constitutional republic. In which the United States of America is……………….
Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…

Donald Cline

A fair assessment, Robert, but lacking in depth. You have properly described the enemy among us, but you clearly think they are the way they are because they just evolved that way, perhaps because of lack of parenting or lack of church or whatever. You need to become aware that they are that way by intent, Robert; they are the product of 94 years of covert communist insurgency since COMINTERN in 1925. The operatives are using a technique designed by celebrated communist Antonio Gramsci, and they have been enormously successful in infiltrating every government institution and every influential private institution… Read more »

Denny Crane

Why stop with just two?


Speaking of domestic terrorists don’t you think it odd that Antifa is still not listed as such after the FBISIS false flag in Vegas that purportedly killed 50 people but yet Trumpstocks are banned of which criminalized many Trump supporters? When America begins judging a tree by the fruit it bears they will learn all of them are full of shit. 10 pounds of shit in 3 pound sacks to be precise. ALL LIARS!

Donald Cline

AntiFa sure as heck should be listed as domestic terrorists, but there was no evidence whatever that the Las Vegas massacre was in any way related to ISIS, or a false flag by the FBI, or any of the rest of the crap circulating among well-meaning but ignorant people who have no clue but guesses.

All of whom is “full of shit”? That last sentence didn’t seem to carry enough communication to understand what you are talking about.

Deplorable Bill

Wow, and I was still hopeing for peace. There are laws that enslave men and there are laws that set men free. What these two power hungry communists are selling is voluntary slavery, poverty, neglect for the masses and worse. In exchange for what? A little security? Who’s security? It aint ours. Those people who are too weak to defend themselves, let them die? Is that it fellas? Tyranny is what they are selling. One of these nut cases O K’d the murder of live children. Where does that stop? Retroactive abortion? The murder of our parents and grand parents?… Read more »

Weezie S.

Sir, you are extrapolating to a ridiculous, fantasy-filled extreme. Grow up.
I am a Desert Storm veteran, Afghanistan, Somalia, and I agree, whole-heartedly with governor Cuomo.


Then from one vet to another, you have forgotten the very principals that sent you to those places. The reasons your brothers and mine are lying in cemeteries around this country and the world. The Democrats are an absolute threat to the American people and the future of this republic – if you choose to stand with them, then you will likely die with them when the time comes. I see nothing ridiculous or fantasy filled in the post above. Those are adjectives I would ascribe to Cuomo, Swalwell, and other Democrats looking to establish a new world order.

Jonathan Lemaire

Lol silly man Democrats and Republicans are the left and right boots of the war machine, both are the problem. You fear the left while the right steals our freedoms and vice versa. The only meaningful gun legislation passed in decades is from the right like the Regan machine gun ban… I’m a soldier too but I don’t let either side program me with bovine excrement and fear.

Kimoto Yoshi

If you agree with cuomo, you are violating your oath. Watch your mouth…

American Soldier

You should be shot for treason.
For failing to uphold your oath to the Constitution of The United States.
Heck.. you’re not even worth the bullet. Sturdy rope and a sturdy tree will do.


So Weezie, Go live in Trashganistan or Somalia. The people have no rights there…second amendment or otherwise, but plenty of tyrants. Did you talk the Taliban into a bill of rights as freemen have? How about Somalia?No.? Unfortunately you simply played “The Tyrant shuffle”. You see Weezie, These rights are not given by you or Cuomo or governments. God given, human rights.!!

Wild Bill

@Weezie S., What was your MOS?


very well said and RIGHT ON.
i have been saying this for years now.
i PRAY most will listen, but a lot won’t, and we have people cheering the SEDITIOUS TRAITORS and NOT understanding they are also calling for THEIR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS to be lost as well.
and our prime example are our OWN GREAT FOREFATHERS.

Gary Haber

Couldnt have said it better!!


By taking us off the Gold standard and replacing currency with Rothschild worthless script slaves are born and tyranny reins. Everything you own is based upon his worthless script therefore you will do as he says and now he has the chip for you and if you refuse then you will learn about his Noahide Law.
Check mate!

Denny Crane

Yep, and though we are told Rothschild is a Jew one can quickly assertain by looking around the offices and so forth at the decor that Roth is ultimately Islam due to he has those Islam horns hanging around as decoration. Symbols tell the story when you see those pesky elitist look for the symbols. They flaunt their true identies with symbols.