Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting, Only Confirmed Fact : Park Was a Gun Free Zone

Protest Gun Free Zones
Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting, Only Confirmed Fact: Park Was a Gun Free Zone

Gilroy, California – -( Early reports coming over the news channels on the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting are all over the place, with eyewitness claims of machine-guns, multiple active shooters, 100 of bullets whizzing by heads, etc. All the typical hysteria we see in the first reports of any tragic mass shooting.

Early Police reports are that as many as 11 people were injured and three people are dead, in a shooting Sunday at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California.

The only thing we know for a fact at this moment is that the Gilroy Garlic Festival and the host location in Christmas Hill Park is a Gun Free Zone. That means none of the law-abiding festival attendees were armed. They were all sitting ducks.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival website clearly lists the Christmas Hill Park as a gun-free killing zone, banning “weapons of any kind”.

Gilroy Garlic Festival website clearly lists the park as a gun-free killing zone
Gilroy Garlic Festival website lists the park as a gun-free killing zone.

Christmas Hill Park is a 51-acre community park operated by the City of Gilroy in southwest Santa Clara County, California. Gilroy lists the park as a deadly Gun-Free zone.

Christmas Hill Park operated by the City of Gilroy Gun Free Zone Notice
Christmas Hill Park operated by the City of Gilroy Gun Free Zone Notice

The anti-gun Brady Center for Gun Control ranks California number one (#1) for having the “strongest” (read most oppressive) gun laws that help keep guns out of the hands of lawful U.S citizens.

Brady Center for Gun Control ranks California number one oppressive gun laws
Brady Center for Gun Control ranks California number one oppressive gun laws

We will update this story as we get more information.

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Ej harbet

Police got there in under a minute,but a slow geezer with a pocket 380 could have put 6 rounds in the goblins torso in 10 SECONDS! too bad said geezer wouldn’t have got thru the gate and been there,,,


“GUN FREE ZONE” Nothing but A Sign, So Here’s Your Sign, 11 People were Injured, Three People Dead. The Conclusion is Obvious, and Undeniable, Stay out of Those Zones or Take Them Down, Personally I don’t make a Habit of Going where I can NOT Carry. My Condolences To Those Who Lost Love Ones In This Tragedy.

American Patriot

Of course you can…Say it….Any snowflakes ready this are in their very own “SAFE PLACE” now….

American Patriot

Being that is was Mexifornia……There were no Trumps supporters harmed in this Gun Free Zone!!!!


No reason to use “Mexican” in a derogatory way commenting on this story….let’s not give excuses for people to equate gun rights with racism.


MartSF, the democrats and other gun grabbers already consider us gun owners to be rascist.


I wonder why

Ej harbet

When 8 out of ten vote socialist /democrap/gungrabber it ain’t about race,,,,,,


For the police to be there so quickly at the right spot, one has to wonder if there was prior knowledge of this going to happen. The shooter is dead so no information will come from him, now this can be spun anyway they want to pump up more, angst, for more gun control. They mentioned automatic weapons in one report but there were no automatic weapons in the vicinity, unless you count what the police had. But news media people and politicians don’t care if the truth is stretched as long as they get something in their favor out… Read more »


No. The police are always present patrolling this type of public event. That’s why the attacker had to gain entry by cutting through a perimeter fence, rather using an entrance with police presence. Their immediate response was possible because they were already on scene providing security (such as it was).


Yall just hating, the shooter couldnt have broken the gfz, and i bet he used a musket at that, i mean, its not considered a gun, and doesnt shoot 1000 heat seeking child killing bazooka bullets from a 30 round magazine noone needs. We all know police was just too slow to respond because of the dont shoot and try to descalated with free candy tactics. I mean, it only explains why theres so little dead people wth wounded i bet are all scratches.


Politicians and bureaucrats are incompetent to provide any deterent to stop these shootings. Instead they pile more laws on top of existing laws that further endanger a once free society. It is clear that the government at any level cannot and will not address the fact that legislation alone won’t stop a madman from committing carnage. Ineffective laws are as useless as the people who make them. Society is based on what works and what doesn’t. Government on the other hand doesn’t have to do anything right. Procecute the authors of these policies as an accessory to the crime because… Read more »

jack mac

The utmost reason to keep our arms, is because others do not want us to have them.


Amen to that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This morning on Good Morning America (ABC), lying George said we have had 246 mass shootings so far this year. That’s also what the “crawl” from ABC News said. Where in hell are they getting this bogus crap?

Country Boy

From the best I can tell these media morons pretty much make up any figure they happen to pull out of thin air.


Mass shooting is anything with more then 3 victims.
Thats what has been used the last few years.
But it’s a open concept of no set rules.
A interesting read here.


A garlic festival? Maybe the guy hated stinky breath. Anyway, it is a big black eye for commiefornia to have a mass murder, or several, where gun control laws are so strict. They would probably answer that the only way to stop this is to take every gun away, all over the whole world. That would solve the problem of honest people having them but the black market and criminals would see a field day. Take the dumb ass “gun free zone signs” and shove them up the democrats posterior never to be read again


This is what happens when you put your trust in government officials and politicians who keep doubling down on gun control, knowing its going to continue being a losing proposition for ALL OF THOSE WHO ATTEND EVENTS IN THESE GFZ. There is no merit, no justification in maintaining these KILLER laws and zones…none!

Control is what they seek, even if it means losing some to the cause…collateral damage.


So we can safely assume that there was no shooting and no one died at the Garlic Festival, the entire story was all made up…. It HAS to be cause it was a GUN FREE ZONE and no one could/would ever carry or bring a firearm there, because the Dems /libs mad a new law that it is illegal to be armed there. Law abiding citizens adhere to the laws and rules so the story is obviously BOGUS. Criminals watch the news and listen daily for new laws so THEY know where they are not allowed to carry guns, shoot… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

I must be confused. A person entered a GFZ with a firearm? I know murder is illegal, but for someone to break the law on GFZs? Did the killer not see the GFZ sign? Maybe the GFZ sign should have been larger. Is it also written in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Tagalog, and Russian? Maybe they should require people to sign a acknowledgment that the park is a GFZ before allowing them in, I bet that would work….

Heed the Call-up

Just read a couple stories on this. The nineteen year old killer also illegally damaged public property and trespassed into the event. He cut through a fence to avoid going through metal detectors. I can’t believe anyone willing to murder people would break such laws as those. California better pass more “gun control” laws because we know that is the solution to these types of illegal acts. May they should have disarmed the police at the park, too. They could have missed and shot an innocent bystander. Additionally, police are people, too, and their evil firearms might take control of… Read more »

Country Boy

It must be that a small group of people just do not know what a firearm is…therefore they have trouble obeying the GFZ laws………..and these same people seem to have a major unintended discharge of ammo too…..we need classes to teach these people proper firearm ettiquette. We need more sensible gun classes evidently.

In the meantime…I’ll be carrying eveywhere I go.

Bill N

All I can say is you can’t fix stupid. From the governor on down to counties to local jurisdictions they have committed murder with their “gun free zones” proven to be killing zones. Wake up California! Only you can fix this mess. Just imagine only one person with a ccw permit could have stopped this.


The bad guys that have come into this Country know how to further their terrorist agenda. By shooting up an event they know all the gun grabbers and our media will go after the good guys, making it easier and easier for terrorism to take place. It is so apparent, but you have to be able to think for yourself to understand their thinking to destroy this Country.


These people who are pushing/creating these absurd gun laws and restrictions are sitting nice and cozy surrounded by people with….GUNS…. protecting them and their families at EVENT they attend. Meanwhile in MD and other anti-second amendment states having a concealed carry permit is as likely as winning the Mega million twice…Sad times.


Gun control laws and gun free zones, oops I mean keep guns from good people laws and shooting people in barrels, sure do work!!!


I can hear the pandering now… the brain dead douchebag libtard governor and his comrades… “if only we had passed our background check for ammunition purchase bill sooner, we would have stopped this guy…” What a freaking joke.


Jeff, they have bought into the gun control scheme and will probably vote for more restrictions, that has been the pattern in the past. No personal responsibility is acceptable, it must be the guns or the laws regulating the guns.

Green Mtn. Boy

“California number one (#1) for having the “strongest” (read most oppressive) gun laws that help keep guns out of the hands of lawful U.S citizens.”

The reporting must be incorrect as Commiefornia is a gun control utopia and something such as this just can’t happen.


What would happen if THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of people started ignoring these “requirements” by local officials to get a “permit” creating a privilege out of an UNALIENABLE right? WHAT IF the populace would wake up to the power of the jury and refuse to convict their fellow human beings for non violent activities? What IF people by the thousands started ignoring gun free zone signs? WHAT IF we actually became the HOME of the BRAVE? Because currently I see a land of slaves and cowards. If we would start standing up to these edicts what could THEY do? I’ve… Read more »


Roger that. Well written!

Wild Bill

@CL Regarding all those “what if” questions: If you were amongst people doing that, they you would find yourself in Texas.


Apparently the only thing Democrats and liberals learn from amass shooting is that it is a great opportunity for more anti-gun propaganda and more votes for themselves (the more the merrier).


Not so sure they get more votes in a lot of places.


Victim’s families should be suing the state, county,, city, and park for denying the victims the right to self defense.


The victims, the victims’ families and the community all deserve support. However, I wish to point out the state of California has some of the most restrictive anti-gun laws and regulations in the country but these incidents keep happening in the Golden State. Why?


Some may find my comment harsh; but, they made that bed and now they get to lay in it. Just like when I and my wife flew to Montana a couple of weeks ago. We took only carry on bags and so were not able to bring a firearm. It was a choice I made for us. I did drop by Walmart after getting the car and picked up an inexpensive pocket knife. As I also have done the times we have gone to Hawaii. Like I always say: Life is all about choices.


I would have had a weapon waiting for me in Montana…And I bet bad guys would too. Oh, maybe that makes me a bad guy. No, sorry, bad guys do bad things. Carrying a firearm or wanting one for your PROTECTION is not a bad thing. The BAD THING is ANY law that violates that RIGHT.

Wild Bill

, Find something similar to a credit card that does not have your name on it. Carefully sharpen only one edge. Prosecution is all about evidence or, more properly lack of evidence.


It also confirms that gun control laws DO NOT work. People will find a way to kill other people if they want to. Gun, knife, bat, or stone. Wake up or watch the murders keep happening!


Here is the Newspeak from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department web site: Applications and licenses for the carrying of a concealed weapon (CCW) are issued by the Sheriff and registered with the California Department of Justice pursuant to provisions associated with California Penal Code Sections 26150 – 26225. The Sheriff may issue a license to any person residing within Santa Clara County. However, persons residing in a municipality other than those served by the Sheriff’s Office are encouraged to first contact their local Police Chief and apply for the license. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office is currently accepting… Read more »


Great comment and thanks for the translation.


Maybe the county voters will see the light after this incident and elect a different sheriff. Doubtful.


It only happens in states with Draconian gun control and gun free zones.. mighty funny this is always a distraction for bigger issues in our country..FALSE FLAG ALERT..


Naaa…this one was a wack job. Why can’t wack jobs show up in the middle of a Monsanto board meeting? I’d cheer that on since they are poisoning BILLIONS of us. Who knows? Maybe the guy was a victim of glycol phosphate poisoning….