New Zealand Gun Control Falters, Maybe CA Editorial Explains Why

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s gun control momentum may be weakening. (Screen snip, YouTube, The Guardian)

U.S.A.-( The Washington Post reported Monday—in a story picked up by the San Jose Mercury News—that the hype of restrictive gun control that made New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern a U.S. media darling three months ago has lost momentum as that nation’s gun owners are fighting back.

According to the story, “Growing opposition from New Zealand’s pro-gun groups has complicated efforts to round up the now-banned firearms under a buyback program. Lawsuits are threatened. “Gun-control advocates argue that compensation rates may not be fair and warn of a possible spike in black-market sales,” the story noted. “The government, meanwhile, is faced with a sobering set of challenges over how to enforce the new law.”

It was all brought on by the mid-March attack on two mosques by a lone killer, but the government’s reaction was to penalize every law-abiding citizen in the island nation.

When it comes to gun control, no state in the nation may provide a better test tube than California, where the Mercury News is located.

But another California newspaper, the Chico Enterprise-Record, published an editorial Monday that puts what may be a much-needed perspective on the problem at the core of every gun control effort not only in North America, but also down in New Zealand. The Chico newspaper, discussing the rush on ammunition leading up to Monday’s imposition of a new law requiring a background check on all ammo purchases, was blunt:

“It’s the latest gun measure that is passed with the best of intentions,” the newspaper said, “but will end up mainly impacting people who weren’t causing any trouble in the first place.”

In New Zealand, the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners announced that it will likely mount a court challenge to that nation’s hastily-imposed “buy back” gun control/confiscation program. What else can one call a mandate to turn in firearms for cash?

The confiscatory nature of New Zealand’s gun control scheme was not lost on the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms when leading Democrats in this country did not immediately criticize former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and current presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders all tweeted support for the New Zealand ban. CCRKBA noted, “By their silence, the entire national Democratic Party, and especially those Democrats hoping to replace Donald Trump in 2020, have erased any doubt that they have graduated from being the ‘party of gun control’ to being the ‘party of gun confiscation.’”

While the Enterprise-Record agreed with the stated intent of some of the gun control provisions, the newspaper acknowledged, “We just wish more of these measures were focused on mental health, and keeping dangerous criminals off the streets in the first place, than targeting people who aren’t doing anything wrong.”

And that’s the problem in both countries. Gun control on a government scale doesn’t target criminals, it targets everybody in the belief that the restrictions—whatever they are—will ultimately affect everyone. Except that’s not how it works out, critics have repeatedly explained.

A prime example is in Washington State, where the full impacts of the billionaire-backed Initiative 1639, passed last November, are being felt with Monday’s enactment of all the provisions. It bars 18-20-year-olds from buying and possessing, with some exceptions, so-called “semiautomatic assault rifles.” As reported in Ammoland last Friday, the definition of this type of firearm encompasses every self-loading rifle ever manufactured anywhere, including .22-caliber small game rifles.

This measure exploited two tragic shootings, in Parkland, Florida last year and one three years ago in Mukilteo, a community north of Seattle. Two teenage individuals were responsible for those crimes, and both bought their firearms legally. So, the reaction from anti-gunners was to push an initiative to penalize all young adults in that age group, and it was quickly endorsed by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

The Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association joined forces and sued in U.S. District Court on Second and 14th Amendment grounds.

Down in New Zealand, gun owner groups—there is no right to keep and bear arms enumerated in that nation’s constitution—are apparently planning likewise.

But there’s another aspect of the situation in New Zealand that “Yank” gun owners here in the states find interesting. Kiwi gun owners apparently own a lot of un-registered guns. According to the Washington Post story, the co-founder of Gun Control NZ acknowledged, “These weapons are unlikely to be confiscated by police because they don’t know of their existence.”

Authorities in the country are planning almost 200 “collection events” over the next three months. And one police official, Mike Clement, deputy commissioner of national operations for the New Zealand police, told the newspaper, “We urge people to stay calm…We acknowledge that you’re a law-abiding citizen and through no fault of your own you know find yourself in possession of firearms that are now illegal.”

He reminded the newspaper that there is an “amnesty period,” so there will be no excuse for retaining the now-contraband firearms.

This scenario is hauntingly familiar with what some U.S. gun rights advocates have been preaching for years. A law is passed, the bureaucracy tells people there is nothing about which to be alarmed, but turn in your guns or you’ll be in violation.

This is all very ironic for history-minded American gun owners. This week marks the nation’s 243rd anniversary of independence, a feat that could not have been possible had not those colonials been armed, which is essentially why the Second Amendment is enshrined in this country’s Bill of Rights.


Kiwis Rush to NZ Gun Shops in Anticipation of New Gun Laws

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About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman
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David Chapman

Two problems existed in Australia BEFORE gun control. 1) All firearms in Australia (with the exception of the criminal element) were registered (the authorities ONLY targeted registered firearm owners not the crims). 2) There were (and still are) laws in place that make it illegal for anyone to act in their own defence here in Australia. This differs slightly from state to state, but is pretty much how it is all over. If someone breaks into your home, assaults you and/or your family members or even kills them, ALL you can legally do is call the police to come deal… Read more »


Maybe the dumbocrats have shot themselves in the foot! When you penalize people who have broken no laws and have done no wrong (legitimate licensed gun owners), who want to protect themselves and family, you create an awful lot of dissent among an awful lot of people! And these miscreants making these laws have no problem when it comes to arming themselves and their security guards! Ain’t that right nancy?


after disarmament, dissent does not mean s**t


Penetrates bulletproof vests without the slightest resistance.


They really hate flechettes…


one of the biggest problems is that politicians on each side think they need to make legislation to be successful in their job, because that is what politicians do. they also think that they know more about whatever the issue than the populace does. they really don’t, their staff probably does and then briefs them on the issue, they get the cliff notes. they are elected to office to represent their constituents not themselves which is what they usually do. if they did their job correctly we would have far fewer laws that take away/restrict our rights or inadvertently turn… Read more »


Quote from this article:
“It’s the latest gun measure that is passed with the best of intentions,” the newspaper said, “but will end up mainly impacting people who weren’t causing any trouble in the first place.”

History has demonstrated over 95 percent of the shooters are DEMOCRATS and Muslims. The solution is obvious. Ban DEMOCRATS and MUSLIMS from owning ammo and firearms unless they pass a very extensive background check. This includes their bodyguards. Go directly to the source of the problem

Get Out

Hmm, I see an uptick in tragic boating accidents on the rise where every gun in the boat sank to the bottom.
Once again we’re reminded of politicians continually pass unenforceable laws and then are seen scratching their backsides trying to figure out how to make it work.


And oddly enough they continue to have voters support them which is ultimately demanding tyranny. Voting for more tyranny based upon previous record of tyranny equals STUPIDITY.


On October 4, 1938, Nazi police arrested one Alfred Flatow in Berlin. His crime: being a Jew in lawful possession of a firearm. Lawful because he had dutifully registered his guns in January 1932, complying with the pre-Hitler anti-firearm decrees of the Weimar Republic. The arresting police were probably unaware that Flatow won Gold and Silver medals for Germany in the 1896 Olympics. He had also served in the German army in the 1890s.


The Nazis, muslims and democrats are alike. The just want to destroy their enemies and do not care what they have accomplished in the past nor their race or religion.


Hitler was the greatest man who ever lived. He defended his people from the subversive, usurious degenerate Jews.

The Kikes want to keep their guns in Israel and elsewhere and take away everybody else’s.

Hal Jordan

Osama! I thought SEAL Team Six killed you.


Jews too since they have those Noahide Laws to cut our heads off. I don’t dislike Jews I just dislike those who conspire to cut my head off.


My co-work at work just updated in the California DOJ registry of ALL his firearms voluntarily in the new electronic database, so he can get background-checked to buy ammo. Boy, is he nuts, all his firearms!!!!

We are where we are in Cali, because of dumb ignorant voters, and further more, even dumber gun owners.
He is happy to have faith in the “System.”


All of his firearms? Faith in the system? This man has been drinking double dosses of the cool-aid.


Kool-Aid is Clark Kent’s wicked brew.


Faith is for the dead and there is no pill to fix your friend. Good job calling all those assholes stupid don’t let em slide. Clark Kent trained them well to surrender intelligence.


“If every Jewish and anti-Nazi family in Germany had owned a Mauser rifle and twenty rounds of ammunition AND THE WILL TO USE IT, Adolf Hitler would be a little-known footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic,” Zelman once told citizen journalist, blogger, and Three Percent movement founder Mike Vanderboegh.


A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
He only controls the good guys….which is his true agenda.
You don’t make a bad guy harmless by making a good guy helpless.
You only protect the government tyrant as he exercises his tyranny over the good guy.

Lover of America

Your evaluation of the coming government anti Constitution program is & will be going in one direction or another. #1 is the war on firearms nation wide trying to make law abiding citizens forfeit their constitutional rights!!! We are now at the place where our founders knew we would come to eventually!! The liberals will fight against everything that has been Constitutional from the inception of America. We’re at war against evil fools who want the Constitution abolished and government by force!!! Where will you stand when the government begins to take away your rights and ability to fight them… Read more »


It is not just liberals. It is the entire gov. Because they represent a foreign country called Washington DC which means this is an invasion.


Right, now let’s vote for more proven tyrannical gun grabbing in 2020 since those are the only type of candidate to select from and we’ll have some accelerationism going on that nobody can slow down. Show me a candidate with no history of proven gun grabbing and I’ll show them my vote. Skunks don’t change stripes.


And…….many feel we are safe with Trump. Just saying…. He is okay to take our guns first, then due process later, triggering the sleuth of red flags laws across the nation. Oh, and the bump stock, he doesn’t like bump stock, a freakin’ fun novelty hardware at best. I doubt he is for America first either. I believe everything is theater for the masses to keep us occupied and divided. We have a lot of well spoken Representatives and Senators with inspiring speeches and hearings, but does nothing at the very end. Every choice on the ballot regardless of party… Read more »


Are you reading my mind?
Clark Kent tried that and got his fudge pushed in.
Yeah, it’s all just a scripted movie staring election fraud actors. Bad theater on it’s best day. It’s ALL FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE. Heard Trump say he’s writing a book on all this and it is likely plagerism due the script is already written. Bahahaha.


“he only controls the good guys”. Not so much. I live in Washington State. Since 594, the “universal” background check law was crammed down our throats with plenty of lubrication from Bloomburg and his corrupt nanny cohorts, sales from licensed FFL dealers in the state continued apace. So did private face to face sales with no background check. Has there been a radical increase in sales of arms to prohibited persons? Of COURSE NOT. Why? Because the average gun owner in this state no more wants a prohibited person to have a gun than he wants drunks to be driving… Read more »


amen, punish them pass the full extent of law and make an example of them for the rest of the world, for WE ARE THE PEOPLE, not of few stupid so called “legislators”. end game.

KEEP YOUR WICK WET AND YOUR POWDER DRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How do these “buybacks” work anyway from a market value perspective? Or do they not consider the value of the firearm? I mean there’s a big difference between someone turning in a Palmetto State rifle that costs $450 or a LWRC or Noveske that costs $3000++.
Not that I would willingly hand over any one of them. Just wondering if they take market value into account.


No. There is no value or purchase price consideration. They argue since the gun is illegal and cannot be retained or sold, it has no value so whatever they offer is a gift and you should be glad.

Larry Brickey

Actually NZ is trying to figure out such.


Is what a bullet in the head will cure quite rapidly.


They take in guns with no questions asked, junk inoperable guns( worthless), stolen guns(receiving stolen property), guns used in a crime (can you said accomplice after the fact) Fools assisting the criminals. The show Elementary is involve in promoting a gun buy back program(how can you buy back something you never owned) Of course the only character that doubted the value of the buy back program was the billionaire having people killed to prevent crime.

Mr. Bill

Governments work for their own benefit. This frequently results in malevolent behavior towards the citizens.
Citizens that are not free to be armed should have no expectation of any other rights.


Good slaves don’t require rights.

Mr. Walkker

In WA State, I-1639 along with many other Rules, Codes, (RCW is Revised Code Of WA. aka Law) were in fact written and passed into Code by Legislators in 2018-2019, and has created an Administrative Failure for LEO.. – The 10 Day wait will overwhelm local LEO with burdensome paperwork and log jams for Background Checks. Now there will be unintended consequences with barriers to entry, as a $25.00 Fee now collected on every Semi Auto Long Gun sold. More money for the Evergreen State. -The LEO’s of WA State warned about this back in 2018, and now ….here we… Read more »


The law is so stupid that even when the required backgound check comes back instatnly with a “proceed code” (the sale is approved) the gunSTILL must be held for the mandatory ten days. The crazy part is that most gun purchases are made by folks who already own guns, so if the issue is they might go out and do something stupid in the “heat of passion” and making them wait ten days to “cool off” will “save lives”, a larger number of lives may well be lost amongst those who deslarately NEED the protection and defense of a handgun… Read more »


These tactics worked extremely well for Hitler, Stalin, many countries throughout the world!! Soooo I have to guess people have forgotten about history!! We’ve come so far into the future and have learned so little!! Good luck to all !! It seems we’re going to need it

Lover of America

Your evaluation of the coming government anti Constitution program is & will be going in one direction or another. #1 is the war on firearms nation wide trying to make law abiding citizens forfeit their constitutional rights!!! We are now at the place where our founders knew we would come to eventually!! The liberals will fight against everything that has been Constitutional from the inception of America. We’re at war against evil fools who want the Constitution abolished and government by force!!! Where will you stand when the government begins to take away your rights and ability to fight them… Read more »


Everybody has rights they are not reserved for the law abiding. I don’t buy into the scam of “law abiding” because that’s some slavery shit if I ever heard some and no such thing exists.

n r ringlee

Just say no. Just say no, we are not surrendering our only means of defense against an oppressive government. No, we are not following you to your socialist or progressive utopia. No, we are not going to be an easy target. A free people should be armed. The left knows that and that is exactly why they want your guns. Once they have disarmed you they will use Antifa like thugs to control you. History is a cruel teacher.

Wild Bill

@nrr, Or against an oppressive teen rebel, garden variety burglar, modern rustlers or counter demonstrators.


Please add Muslim head choppers and Jew head choppers since they have those Noahide Laws ready for us I guess we better add them also. No sense in standing around to have our heads whacked off.


@Wild Bill, nothing to do with this story, but was it you a year or so ago that you had a
22cal lever action rifle that ejected out the bottom. I was wondering what make and model
and if they were available anywhere. Sounds like it may be pretty old, or a collector gun.
If it was you that mentioned it, and care to share any info about it, that would be great


I heard if you hit Antifa square across the head with a baseball bat nothing will come out.

Mike Stollenwerk

Good work in New Zealand by New Zealanders ignoring the government and keeping their arms in a refusal to comply with the government’s demand to be disarmed.
Learn more at Open Carry.Org. And Carry On!


All gun owners in New Zealand need to storm the government houses and her mansion.. then they need to take them all out and tar and feather them..with hot tar and prickly feathers..


Turn them into PINATAS…. That is the proper punishment for those who chose to disarm you…

Robert Lucas

Caning For punishment…


Maybe have them run naked thru a cactus patch while being chased by POed citizens.


I have the patch ready.


The final phase then is to run the scoundrel out of town for all to see, sending a message, violate our Rights and this too is your future!


The “gun control” unconstitutional and unlawful much like heroin will take its toll upon the user who is addicted. It’s a killer. A losing proposition. Those who push it like heroin on the corner solidify the opposition of common sense thus catipulting sanity to new levels creating a necessity for reason, enter Trump and the MAGA agenda of common sense Americans now growing in numbers as lefty’s defect insanity for something better while they buy more guns they wish to retain. It is impossible to confiscate guns but possible to create flourishing black markets through the ignorance of prohibition as… Read more »


The only reason a politician wants to confiscate your guns is that he is planning shortly to do something to you for which he richly deserves to be shot.


Why wasn’t the shooting treated as an act of terrorism? It clearly was as it was targeted at Jews, not the general public. Gun bans aren’t going to stop terrorists.

Sean S

Apparently, with their pushback, Kiwis have more spine than I initially gave them credit for. Guess not the same spinal structural integrity when they Aussies rolled over instantly when they turned their guns in.

David Wallace

He difference is that in Australia almost all guns were registered, and certainly all legal gun owners were licensed, the police knew where every legal gun was , only the criminals who didn’t have licenses or registered guns got away with being able to keep any banned firearms , it’s easy enough to hold out if they don’t know who you are , where you live and what you own


Guns keep our elected “employees” in check. Without guns they would rule us like a power hungry dictator. They try to do that now but have to stop short of their goal. If it takes black market guns to remain free then that is what we need. It would be much, much easier if the “employees” would get off their power grabs and everyone try to get along and leave our guns alone. They will never be able to confiscate all of them and it is only an idiot that thinks they can. Stay strong and buy more guns and… Read more »


And never forget to collect the firearms and ammo laying on the ground.

rich z

Isn’t the PM of NZ the pres. of some SOCIALIST (commie) Group over there?

Jeffery P

Maybe Marianne Williamson should go ahead and make that call to New Zealand?


I used to live near Chico. Chico is a university town, so the tone is more liberal than I would prefer but you have to remember… it’s in Nor Cal. A very conservative area of California. The mental health issues and sanctuary state crap along with a swinging door justice system has caused more problems in Butte county than almost anything else. After the fire that destroyed Paradise and killed at least 85 people, it has only gotten worse.


Who ya foolin, it was horrible 35 years ago. Many fled the communism long before you knew it existed and have the scars still today.

Vincent Brady

I see a lot of different elected officials in NZ future, like all of them!


Looks like Jacinda Ardern jumped the gun to ban the guns. She is just like the Democrats here in the US. They act ,but they never think. One of these days the consequences are going to bite them in the ass!!!!!


Don’t you people in WA have rope and lamp poles?


We do, and plenty, but most of us are trying to find other means of preserving our God given right to arms without having to resort to their use. Thus far, all our rope is NOT YET in the “assault rope” class of rope. That could change…… but before the cartridge box is put to its proper use, we will first make all reasonable attempts to use the soapbox, letter box, ballot box. We ALL know there remains that fourth Box….. and we also know that once we begin using that one, nothing is predictable, and everything will destablilise. We… Read more »

Denny Crane

Booker et’al was pushing lynching legislation since we broke out the rope but I haven’t kept up on where he is at with it simply because it won’t matter.


this is a generalisation, so don’t go kneejerk screaming PREJUDICE on me. But in general women tend to make decisions based on emotion, without carefully thinking it through, considering as many angles, outcomes, connexions, consequences, as possible, in other words, put rational thought and cause-effect out in the back forty acre patch, and do what “feelz gud”. This is what EnnZed’s PM has done. Now she has spoken in the heat of the moment, “gotta DOOOOO SUMETHIN NOW” mindset, now the rest of the government are scrambling to try and figure out how to DO it, and the real time… Read more »


You can make what ever you want with less then a $1000 in machinery. You can now 3d print carbon fiber for under $250 and get a small milling machine for not much more. It’s not rocket science.


Yeah, look at Pakistan. They have gunsmiths who will make a copy of any firearm (for a price) ever made. From single shot to full automatic, they’ll make whatever you pay for. Usually will railroad iron, it’s already harden steel.
Also, anyone with woodworking skills can make a bow or crossbow. Hell, back in the day, a crossbow bolt would go through a knights armor. That’s probably next on the gunbanning politicians ban list!

Denny Crane

They ban those from felons so no probably about it. Can’t have anything sharp you know. Might poke your eye out.


Harbor Freight has 25% off coupons on the Forth of July with three small, receiver sized, mills and two , handgun barrel sized, small lathes to choose from.


It sure is a lot more difficult to dis-arm citizens when the state doesn’t know where the weapons are. Heh, heh, heh.


anyone sponsoring/passing/supporting gun c**trol is a useless commie d-sucker


its hard to fight back when 80-90% of the population are brainwashed sheep,some are beginning to wake up.However their are traitors among us,owner of Swazi Apparel (who sells clothing to hunters around the world including the US) backed the governments draconian law,boycott his gear


correction: authoring/supporting/signing or “approving”…