Dramatic Changes Will Hit WA Gun Buyers Monday

Starting Monday, July 1, this Ruger 10/22 and every other self-loading rifle, regardless of caliber, becomes a “semiautomatic assault rifle” under definition in Initiative 1639, the gun control measure passed by Washington voters last November. (Dave Workman)

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Beginning Monday, July 1, the world will change for Washington State gun owners and prospective gun buyers as the full impact of provisions contained in Initiative 1639 take effect.

Take a look at the above photo of a Ruger 10/22, quite possibly the most popular .22-caliber semi-auto sporting rifle in the country due to price, inherent accuracy and efficient design. Starting Monday, this handy small game and recreational shooting tool, used by countless young adults and younger school-age hunters and shooters, will be considered a “semiautomatic assault rifle” under the definition contained in I-1639. Don’t think so? Here is the language from the initiative:

“‘Semiautomatic assault rifle’ means any rifle which utilizes a portion of the energy of a firing cartridge to extract the fired cartridge case and chamber the next round, and which requires a separate pull of the trigger to fire each cartridge.”—Initiative 1639

This is the definition of a rifle that Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich earlier this year told reporters doesn’t really exist. Except on paper. He suspects the reason for including this definition was to allow gun banners something to go after in a future initiative, to ban them all.

The definition literally encompasses every semiautomatic rifle that has ever been manufactured anywhere, capable of firing metallic cartridges.

If a person wants to buy a semi-auto rifle in Washington state anytime after Monday, he/she must:

  • Provide proof that he/she has completed a recognized firearm safety training program within the last five years that, at a minimum, includes instruction on:
  • Basic firearm safety rules
  • Firearms and children including “secure gun storage”
  • Firearms and suicide prevention
  • Safe handling of firearms
  • State and federal firearms laws including prohibited firearms transfers
  • This training must be sponsored by a federal, state, county or municipal law enforcement agency, a college or university, a nationally recognized organization that customarily offers firearms training, or a firearms training school with instructors certified by a nationally recognized organization that customarily offers firearms training.

There is a ten-day waiting period for a semi-auto rifle to conduct an “enhanced background check.”

And the initiative also removed a requirement that the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s pamphlet on the legal limits of the use of firearms and firearms safety include a notification that local laws and ordinances are preempted by state law and must be consistent with state law.

Why would the sponsors of this gun control initiative not want people to know about the state’s 35-year-old preemption statute that has prohibited the creation of a patchwork of conflicting or confusing local ordinances and regulations? The suspicion is that the billionaire-backed gun prohibition lobby based in Seattle will sponsor another initiative, perhaps as soon as next year, to repeal state preemption.

Here’s what many gun owners think is a trap: While the initiative mandates so-called “secure storage,” Line 6 in Section 5 says this: “Nothing in this section mandates how or where a firearm must be stored.” So, there is a “non-mandate mandate.”

Passage of the initiative last November has already outlawed the sale of so-called “semiautomatic assault rifles” including .22-caliber sporters to anyone under age 21. Sheriffs in several counties, and a half-dozen county commissions, have taken action or announced that provisions of this new law will not be enforced.

The Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association are challenging provisions of this initiative in federal court. In May, U.S. District Court Judge Ronald B. Leighton denied a motion by the defendants to dismiss the lawsuit. His ruling may be read here.

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb noted in a news release, “The important aspects of the motion to dismiss have been denied. Just as important, the judge’s ruling treats the Second Amendment as any other fundamental individual right that is constitutionally protected…And now the state, and the initiative proponents, are on the defensive.”

Beginning Monday in Washington State,handgun purchases will no longer be routed through the FBI’s National Instant Check System but be done by local law enforcement. Concealed pistol license holders will no longer be able to take delivery on the day of purchase. (Dave Workman)

On top of all of this I-1639 red tape, beginning Monday Evergreen State handgun purchases will no longer be routed through the FBI’s National Instant Check System (NICS) but become the responsibility of local law enforcement. Part of that change will directly impact the 615,000 concealed pistol license holders.For the past two decades, CPL holders in Washington could take same-day-delivery of handguns because of their active license. Not anymore. They will now be subject to the same 10-day waiting period for a handgun now endured by a non-licensed citizen.

Will lawsuits follow? That’s the proverbial $64 question.

Will this NICS change, combined with the waiting period on “semi-auto rifles” put the Washington Arms Collectors and other gun show promoters out of business?

What to do?

Gun owners can contribute to SAF to support the federal lawsuit.

Contact your local state legislator and insist that the state create a “point of contact” source to do background checks—likely the Washington State Patrol—and provide ample funding from the state general fund to operate the system, since background checks on law-abiding citizens somehow contributes to public safety.

As members of Congress return to their districts for summer recess, encourage them to “encourage” the FBI to resume NICS handgun checks, with same-day clearance for CPL holders, until the state can establish its own “point of contact” and if they balk at the idea, ask why. And remember their interest and enthusiasm, or lack thereof, in November 2020.

Gun owners should also confirm that they are registered to vote at their current address. Find out if there are any “Town Hall” meetings scheduled by your member of Congress and plan to attend with questions about Second Amendment rights, NICS and related topics.

If you’re not a member and supporter of a gun rights organization, join now.

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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As in CA and other states, every public servant takes essentially the same oath taken by military and law enforcement personnel… ‘to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic’. In the case of state public servants, this oath is usually found in the state constitution, and the state constitution lists the US Constitution first before the state constitution. In essence, these people are guilty of malfeasance in office. They have intentionally failed their constituents by choosing sides rather than representing all sides, and they have intentionally failed to protect and defend the Constitution over their own… Read more »


If 1639 fails to get repealed, it’s time to put a concerted effort for Eastern WA (including some west side counties) to look at secession. Seattle and King County rule the state in voting, making decisions for rural lifestyles they know nothing of, or caring anything about.


I live in Seattle and I also own several firearms, including two AR-15s. We’re on the same side of this issue, but I laugh at the mere notion of an eastern Washington secession. Those counties will go flat broke without the budgetary funds that are created by our taxes in King County.


….Better to be broke and free than wealthy and enslaved. And I doubt that country folk will “go broke” anyways. Seattle is a joke. The rural folk through their taxes are paying for your homeless, criminal and drug infested city. Eastern Washington would be much better without you.


Nope. Not even close, not even a good try. The actual numbers posted within the last ten years tell a very different story. All in all, only six counties qualified as “net donors” to the rest of the state—San Juan, King, Skagit, Kittitas, Whatcom, and Snohomish—while the remaining 33 counties enjoyed an average return on investment of over $1.40 on every tax dollar sent to Olympia. The “rural folk” aren’t paying for anything of ours, in fact it’s quite the opposite…we’re paving your roads. Every two years, I sit at the bargaining table with our sibling WFSE locals on the… Read more »

Ben Carpenter

Idaho seems to be doing alright on it’s own with an ag and homegrown tech economy, I think Eastern Washington has more people than they do too.

Mr. Bill

Or just have the Idaho western border moved to the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon and Washington.
Although by forming another state you gain a couple more Senators with brains.


One day we will all wake up and we won’t be citizens anymore will be slaves to the state that’s where we’re heading folks


They didn’t do this for the people, they did it to screw the people.
Nothing says F— Y– like making life difficult, muddying the waters, raising fees, and making more people criminals for unjust causes.
That little pocket gopher Sadiq Khan may as well be Washington’s Governor so the Libs can get busy banning everything. I just want my freedom back.

Kevin Baker

Now watch as violent crime rates in Washington RISE after this legislation promoted to “make the public SAFER.”


Irony, the number of weapons among the homeless in Seattle is staggering. Not one of these laws will change that. Inslee may very well want Seattle to follow in Chicago’s footsteps so he can keep his momentum going. These guys more resemble a crime family than stewards for the public good.

lori Anderson

Cute Inslee out and the rest of the Democrats.

Dickie M

Dorklee is a complete jackass. Embarrassment to WA . Western WA and Eastern WA are night and day . WW all f_____d up.

Michel J Carchano USN Ret.

I forgot to also say, Do Not fall into the corrupt system, if you want to keep your guns and ammo, don’t post how much guns and ammo you have or can get or show your self with firearms bragging, because next thing you know they will be
busting down your door and taking everything you own and who knows what other BS they come up with. Protect your self.

Wild Bill

@MJC USN (ret.) Silence is golden. Thanks for your bringing our vehicles over for us. Mucho appreciado!

Michel J Carchano USN Ret.

As a 22yr retired Gulf war vet and a home breed Washington native, I came home to a state that is TOTALLY AFU! We need to get more Republicans voted into office and I’ll bet if we could get an audit done on ALL the state democrats we would find a lot of BS Why do they have to keep adding more taxes and it seems like nothing is getting done on time and on budget. We don’t need more laws, and I didn’t spend 22 yrs of my life for them to disregard the CONSTITUTION and our 2ND Amendment… Read more »


Give wa to california then build the wall on up the eastern border of cal up to Canada and send all the criminals there with no protection.


What the hell happened? We allowed it to. We the people. Keep us divided and they can concur us. I live in Eastern WA were our representative won’t even come to a town-hall meeting unless you are on her invited list. Moved back here from FL after a mouse, or should I say rat, pissed all over the state. Now we got Tech-Know-Nothings and big business moving in to run everything as they see fit. Amazon is finishing the touches on there mega distribution facility here. Thanks to Citizens United, Gerry Meandering and the Electoral College, they have the cards… Read more »

Allan herdman

I agree we should have banned together to stop this crap,, unfortunately most of us work so it’s to late by the time we hear of it!!nice to know some law inforcement still have some common sense I live in Florida which is still a free state but I’m afraid it won’t be long before the crazys get there way.!
Squeaky wheel gets the oil !!!


sorry for you WA-patriots. f governor dips**t & the commie a**holes.


Adventure Sports in Lynnwood is open tomorrow.
Stop by, empty shelves will speak volumes.

John Williams



“Shall Not be Infringed “….. Period… They are pushing for a civil war that they cannot win. To peck a fight that will allow them to invite “foreign” governments onto Sovereign Soil to persecute You and your family. It will happen, and you will not believe it. Better stay real, and awake, and clever fellow patriots ….. Stay quiet, stay prepared and keep your enemies closer….


Liberals are scary people. I sincerely mean that.


Wow, l came back to see if my moderated comment posted. Yeah, and some piece of filth replied. You didn’t hurt my feelings! There’s a real un-civil war right here on these threads. Just some unreal hate out there that the sad part. Well, good luck everyone!

Scotty Gunn

“That’s the proverbial $64 question.”
Um, not to sound critical, but it’s $64,000 question. From Wikipedia: The $64,000 Question was an American game show broadcast from 1955 to 1958, which became embroiled in the 1950s quiz show scandals. Contestants answered general knowledge questions, earning money which doubled as the questions became more difficult. The final question had a top prize of $64,000, hence the “$64,000 Question” in the show’s title.


Well, I had some jerk stalking me. I purchased a 9mm semi auto pistol. Approved in 1 day. Concealed weapon permit immediately mailed to me in two days. Finger prints on file, check, no record, check. Advised said stalker that I was packing and to leave me alone. Never saw said stalker ever again. Now as a responsible educated woman with previous police training which included gun safety, for someone to sit there and tell me I have to take a class, pay another tax, wait 10 days or more for a defense weapon while being threatened by a stalker?… Read more »


They want to take over the background checks to deny them, or at least slow them down. Also charge more money. I doubt the “enhanced” background check really will be. After all if they stopped some crazy that would rob them of another excuse for more gun bans.


I also would love to move to Arizona with you! (already have their CWP, tho I wouldn’t even need it there if I make the move!)…Chicago has done to Illinois, what Seattle has done to Washington (overpriced fees, Carte Blanche treatment to criminals at law-abiding citizens’ expense, etc)…where one city is ruining an entire state.


That is why I wish we had the electoral college for state voting, give or take 3 areas control wa state.

Charles Moore

It IS against the law ; U.S. Constitution – 2nd Amendment (and others), the various state constitutions and laws, etc.)

Mike Couch

Please come here to Arizona! We love Freedom here. You want to carry a gun concealed. Go ahead. If you can own a gun legally then you can carry concealed here with NO CCW. Even if you don’t live in Arizona you can carry concealed. If you do want a CCW then you can get one here as well. My wife and I both have one. If you have a CCW you don’t have to pay for a background check. Wait periods? What are those? Oh those are what we call a Delay of Rights. A Right Delayed is a… Read more »


in california on july 1, we will have to register to buy ammo!

Raymond Levy

if you have purchased a gun in California from 2014 till present you are on the registry , and when you do your background check to buy your ammo at your dealership that background check will cost you an extra dollar on your purchase , if you have purchased a gun before 2014 you will still go through the background check but it will cost you 20 dollars plus the cost of your ammo……………that’s why I have purchased another handgun here in cali last week and pick it up on Monday the 1st of July ….

Guesty McGuesterson

You’re an idi*t. You must polish Newsom’s boots, too.

Raymond Levy

Oh and that’s every time you go and buy ammo….


Guns and ammo are like Real estate, get a lot while your young.

Guesty McGuesterson

I’ve been stacking for years in anticipation of this day, even though AB 63 (the bill that ended up being this stupid law) wasn’t even on the horizon then. I have so much ammo now, it would make a Leftie shite his/her/its pants if he/she/it saw just a portion of it. Lawsuits have been filed to overturn this unconstitutional law, but they typically take years to complete, so my stockpile will last until (1) the law is enjoined and nullified or (2) I finally leave CA. If you’re a Californian and haven’t been stacking, it’s your own fault for being… Read more »


Welcome to the Communist coastal city of Seattle, legal to shoot up with Heroine on the street, live in a tent in the middle of the city, fill the city with trash, be in a gang and commit crimes and shoot innocent people, be a sanctuary city were no one speaks English anymore, pay more taxes than an other state to watch everything our public officials do fail and be penalized for being a legal citizen and wanting to own a gun. People in other states need to pay attention and dont let these people from the coastal cities move… Read more »

a to z

PLEASE KEEP in mind. The goal of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Is to destroy all countries along with their constitutions…That is the purpose of the UN. Remember Blue Helmets are targets.


Used to live on the Olympic peninsula in Washington state. Seems we left just in time.

Clark Kent

A ‘heroine’ is a female hero. ‘Heroin’ is a illegal narcotic. FIND A DICTIONARY AND USE IT!

Jerry S.

I feel like they are flooding into Florida now so as to change the political make up of this state. Northern liberals are in fact, ruining our state. Our new Governor just signed an anti-sanctuary bill though and looking to him to correct the awful “red flag law” enacted last year.


John, I 100% agrees with you, BUT guess what? when I told people here in Chicago (who’s excited about how this new governor’s making weed legal) how it is in places like Seattle and Portland, NOBODY had a clue those cities was like that…I showed them youtube videos of Seattle/Portland (while covering the titile), and they thought that was Venezuela!!…I was like, ‘nope, this is the West Coast U.S. cities, and the future Midwest cities if these people move out here and start taking over.’

Greg Harrod

Meanwhile, here in Virginia, our corruptocrat governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam has called a special session of the General Assembly for July 9 to try to push through all of his anti-gun initiatives that got killed in committee during the regular session of the GA, and doing so hard on the heels of the mass shooting in Virginia Beach recently. He’s not fooling anyone with this; he’s just trying to salvage what’s left of his dying political career. The two worst things he’s after is re-instatement of Virginia’s “one handgun per month” sales limit, and re-instatement of our strong pre-emption law… Read more »


The FakeNews Media is Hiding the alleged Vigrina Beach assailant Dewayne Chaddock is Not Only Black. But a Union Government Worker Democrat and Obama Supporter. I also hear on the Interweb that he was Muslim also.

biff Michael Appia

Canadian Rifle Association… https://youtu.be/oK6scDChSp8

Bruce G.

This reminds me of prohibition didn’t that work well,the black market will flourish with unregistered pistol and rifle sales! They have forgotten history and created a monster!


Can someone please explain what a “waiting period” really does for anyone’s safety? If the person making the purchase already owns firearms, then what difference does it make to force a delay before receiving a new one?

I already own maybe 10 firearms… making me wait a few days more for a new one is an inconvenience to me and certainly is not going to make anyone safer if I have bad intentions.


Well, say a woman who is separated from her abusive husband wants to buy a firearm for self-defense. Of course she has already applied for a protection order and possibly a “red flag” order has taken away, in theory, her estranged husband’s firearms. Said husband had bought a handgun at a gun show or illegally bought one off the black market. Or is just bigger, stronger, and more offensive than his wife. Alternatively, he could have a knife or a baseball bat, or a tree limb, or a tire iron. He ambushes her and kills her while she is waiting… Read more »


What is so amazing is that the feminists put up with this shit. One would think they would want to empower women, especially, abused women. I suppose they are not as independent as they claim except they don’t want to protect themselves or have a husband/boyfriend/relative do it. No they want protection by the government, even the same government that prevents them from buying a firearm for self defense. Not logical. Another stereotype. Helpless women. Ladies, I would be very pissed off. I would also get some self-empowerment. Any woman has the power and the duty of self defense. Get… Read more »

Michael J

California was one of the first states to impose a 10 day waiting or cooling off period. Evidently these politicians and bureaucrats came up with this in an effort to slow down the gun purchase under the guise of the old paper background check. Now that DOJ databases provide instant results, I have recently discovered that once an inquiry is made, a gun buyer is approved or disproved in the system on the spot, however this is not revealed to the buyer. Instead the buyer is kept in suspense until he waits out the clock. Now the 10 waiting period… Read more »

Charles Moore

The “cooling off” label on waiting periods was applied to subliminally implant the idea in the heads of the doofus, low-information, impressionable sheep that a large number of people buy guns when/because they are angry and irrational, thereby generating support from them in these issues (that NOBODY has a legitimate right or power to make in the first place).


Two things are at the root of the ten day joke. First, they know that by putting this in place gun shows are all but dead. They are still trying to resuscitate the meme that there is a “gun show loophole”. Well, the only hole in this situation is the hole in the heads of the stupid drafters of this law, and the stupid voters who read the first paragraph of thirty pages and voted for it. The other, they want to make owning/using guns as painful as possible, hoping fewer and fewer will bother News flash: the more idiotic… Read more »

Michael McClelland

Some of these comments holy sh*t. Nice to see some libtards can read tho. Now my question is why should us middle of the road (AKA common sense pary) suffer because of the actions of others? Do you know it takes 6 minutes for police to respond to most emergencies and in a shooting situation that’s a long as time. I carry a gun because i know FOR A FACT i can dispatch an armed shooter before that person can inflict servere casualties. Hell just look it up on YouTube, but oh wait you anti gunners won’t because having info… Read more »

Stu Pidaso

You gun nutters don’t deserve your weapons any longer. You couldn’t keep other nutters from killing kids or co workers over and over again. You say you need your guns to protect yourself from a tyrannical government. Idiots. What good is an AR again a drone armed with hellfire missiles? I will laugh my ass off every time I read you whiny female dogs complain about your so called rights. Second amendment is an AMENDMENT so was the right to keep slaves. Get rid of the guns good riddance.

Concerned Citizen

It’s a warped and sick society that turns their children into “heroes” by having to respond to a threat we ourselves (specifically the NRA) have created. NRA = America’s number one domestic terrorist organization, responsible for fighting against safe gun laws and putting military grade assault rifles in the hands of mentally deranged right wing fanatic civilians. Repeal / replace the 2nd amendment. This isn’t the year 1791! There’s a federal ban on gun violence research thanks to lobbying by the NRA. In United States politics, the Dickey Amendment is a provision first inserted as a rider into the 1996… Read more »

Your Worst Nightmare

“NRA helps sheriffs fight gun laws in Second Amendment ‘sanctuaries’” … it is about time the NRA do more than fundraise. We need the NRA’s help in subverting all gun control laws that violate the Second Amendment. Thanks for providing this example so we can copy it in other states. You are helping us take back the 2A.

That is all I have time to write today as I am taking 25 ten year-olds to the range today to teach them how to shoot AR15 rifles. They are so excited . We are going to make real shooters out them.


@ywn Congrats for taking the youngsters to the range and teaching them to shoot. I don’t know what state your in but if I was there with your crew of future shooters I would be more than happy to donate a thousand rounds of rem. 223 ammo for your cause. I got taught to shoot by the best (my dad) rest his soul and other adults at the time mostly passed but these young kids you teach will live on to remember these as some of the best times of their young lives. No better place to learn than a… Read more »


Concerned Citizen, You are totally ignorant and lacking facts. If you don’t want to live in a free society that has risks and responsibilities, then relocate to the police state of your choice. We don’t need whiny-assed bitches like you diluting are gene pool. The NRA, which is having problems, has helped preserve American values. Get the FUCK out of our republic. You have no clue to responsible gun ownership or how to be an American. If you don’t appreciate the freedoms and responsibilities of living in the greatest country ever on Earth you should pack up you libitard values… Read more »

Not Registered

There’s a federal ban on “gun violence” too. How does making laws affect those who ignore them?

Not Registered

Forgot to ask, specifically how does simply owning one or a thousand guns become a bad thing?

Charles Moore

Dear (I am) Concerned (for your sanity and susceptibility to lies and misinformation), It is GOOD that ELECTED Sheriffs help to protect the people (ALL benefit from such) from illegal and counter-productive (dare I say “progressive?!!?) laws. They are helping you to maintain your status as “citizen” instead of attaining “subject” class. Research WAS NOT banned OR outlawed; only using the people’s money against them in PROMOTING a false narrative that, also, would be used to enslave and endanger them. The CDC has been free to track stats and trends and compile data into reports. They spent a HUGE sum… Read more »


I do believe that when the libtards took God out of the schools. discipline out of the school & home and decided it is ok for children to identify as whatever gender they feel they would like instead of what God made them, you caused this rash of people shooting other people for no reason. Then you add in the junk coming out of hollywood and the violent video games where people you kill can get back up to fight again (and stupid fuck*ing kids who think that is real) your problem children have become void of respect, morals and… Read more »

Michael McClelland

And as for you shut the hell up


You probably agree with the following famous quote” This year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.”
I’ll bet you like that don’t you? Do you know who said it?

Joseph Kutch

The only problem is that Hitler very likely never said that. This quote first surfaced back when I was an under graduate back in the 1960’s. I remember William Shirer the author of The and the Fall of the Third Reich stating that he didn’t recall Hitler saying any such thing. That also should go with the bogus Leftist quote about law and order during the same period. Even in high school when I attended back in the dark ages, I couldn’t get away with a citation like this doing a term paper. When and where in 1935 did Hitler… Read more »


Curious where your quote is from? I’m in the middle of reading “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” right now, and haven’t seen anything to support that. If anything Hitler did NOT want the citizens to be able to protect themselves from his SS and SA. THEY were the thugs with the power and the guns. The regular people had no way to defend themselves from the state. It only took (really less than) ONE YEAR from the time he was named chancellor to TAKE OVER Germany

Jerry S.

I understand the sentiment you express, however most of the gun laws that Hitler decided to enforce had been on the books since WWI, I do believe. He did take it to the maximum enforcement levels though.

Wild Bill

, Lynn, Joe, and Rusty, I think that we can all agree that we must not let it happen here.

Harland Nopp

Hey stu pigasshole keep watching the news and believe all the Hollywood productions you see.you are the nutter to believe the media it’s all a fantasy .you are one of two things really stupid or really evil.i love hearing all of these anti gun people over and over again talking about how our children will die unless we give up our right to gun ownership. Are they the ones shooting up the schools?I hear them say Time and time again by any means necessary, think about that for a minute. We will soon be ruled by the truly mentally LGBTQ… Read more »





Guesty McGuesterson

Hey Bob,

If you don’t want everyone here to think you’re a 15-yr-old, don’t write like one. Use correct grammar and proper sentence case. Nobody pays much attention to anyone who “yells” with all caps.

Dennis Coates

Your terrorist ass deserves to be TAKEN OUT


Stu Pidaso, First of all, I, and law abiding citizens, are not responsible for the actions of evil people. Second, the military is made up of fine young men and women who took an oath the the US Constitution and would protect and serve the citizens. Our military are trained to support the American people and are trained to know the difference in a lawful order and an unlawful order. They know that if they obey unlawful orders they can and will be prosecuted. Most will not follow unlawful orders, and if given them will resist and turn on the… Read more »


JohnBored, you’re absolutely correct! It took the BEATING of unarmed elderly chuch women in IL for the 7th Circuit to FINALLY wake up and tell Illinois (run by A.G. Lisa Madigan and her Speaker of the House dad Michael Madigan )’Get off your butts and stop banning carrying rights, otherwise it’s going to be a Constitutional Carry State!’


And even after all this tragedy happened, the former Gov Quinn. and Chicagoland Dumbocrats STILL wanted Dumb carry laws like in CA, NJ, MA, etc…


Stu, you dumb ass. There was no amendment to have slaves. The13th Amendment abolished slavery. I was hoping you were just ignorant, but I see you are bat shit stupid. Can’t fix stupid.. Please don’t procreate. There are too many morons in the world. Also, isolate yourself from the rest of society. Moron is catchy.

Mr. Bill

Stu Pidaso,
You only have your right to speak and remove all doubt that you’re an idiot because of the 2nd Amendment. It is universally the case that all the rights included in the U.S. Bill of Rights are removed within a generation of the population being disarmed.
The military is not the largest danger, Federal Administrative Agencies are the threat. Although their subjects have never been granted the same range of rights as US Citizens see UK, and Australia for examples.

Wild Bill

@Stupid, It is not a matter of deserve. You have applied the wrong standard. Keeping others from what they decide to do is called despotism. I do need my firearms to protect myself from government, thieves, and libtards. Drone missions even w/o the Hellfire is too expensive to utilize on farmers and ranchers. The SHF will happen in the cities first, city boy.
“Idiots” is not a sentence. Your Constitutional pronouncement is wrong. Get rid of Stupid aso.

Austin Miller III

@Stupitaso – cute work on the name there slick. Did you get the response you were hoping for? Enjoy stirring the pot? Well have a good time but in the end there are a couple of truths that I am sure you find bothersome; the first being no on here truly cares what you think and the second is the AMENDMENT recognizes our right, inconvenient to you or not.


Stu ?? Is that short for stupid ?? Just because you are a pantywaist little pecker head !! GUNS are not the problem, idiots like you are the problem, because if you had half a brain you would be dangerous, and if you had a Gun you would be twice as dangerous, and you would probably kill your self !! Tell me son did your mother have any children that weren’t born brain dead ??


Ah ha, approved by a “gubment certified ” agency. Can anyone guess how smoothly THAT will be run? Have any of you ever looked at the requirements placed on people who want to hunt in Europe? Its friggin ridiculous what they are put through, the classes they have to take, the certifications they have to have and the tests they have to pass and all the crap they have to prove. So, now, guess what? Only very wealthy people in Europe can afford to hunt. HUNT! Isnt that hiw it was when they had kings and queens? So you can… Read more »

Douglas Kuykendall

What needs to happen, is lazy republicans an independents need to get off their asses an vote. You can say Seattle controls the vote, but that is BS. I know there are more than one million an a half people to vote. That is all the gop got at the last governor race. Look it up. If you don’t vote this is what you get so don’t be whining if you’re one that doesn’t vote.


King and Snohomish County run WA.


While I agree with some of the changes some do go too far. When I think of a semi automatic gun I think more along the lines of guns that spit out bullets continuously for minutes. Not ones used mostly for hunting and sport. As for gun safety why not ? If you are going to own a gun especially if you are younger you should know how to handle it properly. Waiting periods and good background checks what is the hurry ?. If it keeps a gun out of the hands of someone with mental issues or a record… Read more »


UMMMM what do you think the BATFE check is for when you buy a gun?


Must be part of the ALLIANCE. Communist taking your rights


When you have 3 armed home Invaders coming through the door to rob you and rape your daughter, you’re going to want as many bullets coming out of whatever to stop them! The best cop in the world can’t get there until called and usually AFTER the fact!

Wild Bill

, Yes, then the PD assumes whomever is on the ground was the victim, and whomever is standing is a perpetrator.

Socialism Blows

Spoken like a true liberal. Totally uneducated about the facts. Justifies tyranny for security. Does not know the difference between “semi” and “fully”. Doesn’t realize there are ALREADY methods in place everyone must go through to be able to exercise their fundamental right. Once the 2A is repealed, new laws will passed until the 1A is repealed. They will begin like this, you must take a non-offensive communication course, pay a fee, register with the state, and only then are allowed to speak in pubic, but only during speech seasons they you must pay a license for each year. If… Read more »

Big Bill

There’s a serious problem with the logic of taking longer to do a background check. As it is not, there are rules about reporting to the FBI any information that would prevent a person from buying a gun. As it is, while not perfect (nothing is perfect), approval or disapproval is usually given immediately over the phone. How will it work with the state doing the check? First, it will take ten days. Not eight or nine, but ten, by law. Imagine yourself a woman with a person threatening to kill you; will he wait ten days? Are there rules… Read more »

Big Bill

I wish I could spell everything right.
“As it is not” should be, “As it is now.”
“I won’t go into your thoughts about hoe semi-auto guns work” should be “I won’t go into your thoughts about how semi-auto guns work.”
Sorry about that.


“If it keeps a gun out of the hands of someone with mental issues or a record of violence” This is literally what the current NICS background check does right now. Lie on the Form 4473 to get around it? Well, that’s a felony. Please educate yourself on current laws before standing behind ‘new’ ones. The laws do not apply to criminals because, by definition, they do not obey the law. Background check procedures are not the issue. Selfish, political minded individuals who are more concerned about appearance, power, and reputation are more to blame than law abiding gun owners.… Read more »

Country Boy

Either you stand with the 2nd Amendment…or you don’t. THERE ARE NO “BUTS” ! The 2nd A has no list as to which firearm/s is/are not allowed. It states we have the right to keep and bear arms (all arms, not a select few) and that this right shall not be infringed. That means the 2nd A stands as written, and no other laws can be applied to the owner of firearms. Period. And the right comes from our Creator, so we the people can protect ourselves and loved ones from those whowish to do us harm. The 2nd A… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JoAnn, None of what you advocate fits my world, or is in the Constitution. The hurry is often damaged firearms on an expensive, repurchased hunt. Wait ten days … your hunt is over you are out the cost of your hunt. It would be an advantage to younger or newer gun owners to have some skills and knowledge of proper safety procedures, but it is not up to government or even amateur tyrants to impose those requirements on We the People. Semi- autos are no more dangerous than my single shot, but are really helpful if a van full of… Read more »

Paul C Christopher

NRA ace lolboomer is a usual bird brain liberal. The second amendment is a personal right.maybe he likes living in a leftist police state.Vote for more left wing liberals bird brain,& see more of your rights taken away.


Good. Maybe stop stockpiling guns and whining all of the time about what victims you are
No woman would die while waiting for a gun as protection from her abusive husband. Women who buy guns are more likely to be shot and killed with their own guns.
Too many angry scared little men clutching high powered killing machines like it’s their security blankie.
Only 30 percent of Americans own 90 percent of all guns.
The rest of us function without your firearm sociopathy, ncluding the majority of WA voters. Grow up.


LOL millennial numbnuts commenting.


You sound mentally unstable. I’m thankful you don’t own a gun. More than 90% of mass shooters are progressive leftists like yourself.

Larry Brickey

You have statistical proof of this? Read and study the Constitution and do some growing your self.

Wild Bill

@LB, the Libtardly Oblivious Lump is just another paid propagandist. He fails to realize that that if everyone in the US was against firearms, except one of us, then the majority could not deprive that one of his firearms. And Lumpy thinks that our lives and circumstances are somehow like his (such great experience and vision). He thinks that he can impose his standards on us. He has the perfect Tyrant/slave mentality. He won’t be back for discussion. Cubicle agitprops, never are.
I wonder if he has ever even heard the word republic, much less wondered what it meant.


@L; GEE! You have the Anti-Gunners’ “talking points” down pat. When will you open your eyes and see the world as it TRULY IS!!!!??


“No woman would die while waiting for a gun as protection from her abusive husband.” How would you possibly know this? Research this and you will actually find multiple examples contradicting your claim.
“Women who buy guns are more likely to be shot and killed with their own guns.” Prove it. And why do you single out women? That’s pretty sexist…
“Only 30 percent of Americans own 90 percent of all guns.” We’re going to need to see your source on this.

Terry Stewart

Lolboomers- I’m curious… Where do you get your information? I’m asking because I get mine from DOJ studies and the CDC (Yes- they DO keep track of such things. Look it up) and nationally published, VERIFIED reports. – 2051 women were killed in 2018 by their domestic partner. 82% involved either violations of restraining orders or previous history of domestic violence. Manual beatings (punches/kicks), strangulation and blunt force trauma accounted for an overwhelming majority of the deaths. In 98% of the cases, law enforcement arrived AFTER the fatal injury had occurred.As has already been mentioned, an attacker will NOT wait… Read more »


As a past law enforcement officer, your facts are flawed! Please state your sources? You are nothing more than a troll trying to get reactions from your personal views and nothing more!


I thought to be law enforcement it was required you know how to read.
Had you read Mr. Stewarts comment, you would have got the answer
to your question in his second sentence. So Mr. troll @clint I think you
are wrong in your assumption thinking you can get a rise out of people
by accusing his facts are flawed, when indeed you never bothered to
read the comment. And what does being past law enforcement have
to do with the price of tea?

Big Jim

He wasn’t talking to Stewart he was talking to boomers.


there arre documented cases of women being attacked and murdered by their ex whatever he was, during the waiting period mandated by law for getting their Mother May I Card to even own a gun or carry one, and/or the mandated waiting period to take possesion of the new gun they need NOW…. but don’t have because some stupid bureaucrat wants the votes that he thinks results from the “feelz” of hos itiotid gun law. A right delayed is a right denied. Some women are dead, or have been raped/assaulted, because their RIGHT to arms was delayed by statute. Not… Read more »

Richard Bailes

I am a Retired US ARMY veteran. I fought for my country. I used to be a Washington State Resident. I now live in north Dakota, I was thinking of moving back home to Washington, BUT! I will be a criminal because of I-1639. I left because of gang bangers and drug dealer’s. But you people in Washington have criminals in power out there. you need to clean out your State politicians and follow the US Constitution 2nd Amendment.

James Beaudoin

Socialism is coming….communism will follow.


This Whole gun thing IS ABOUT CONTROL ! The more that get’s to our politicians, the more control they seem to have over us Hard working Americans. When will people wake up and realize that this is only the Beginning ! When are people going to start realizing that this country was made on what our forefathers have left and taught us. It’s NO LONGER..FOR the people or BY the people…It’s about How many F—–g people we can have as voters ! They announced this morning to giving free healthcare to ALL the immigrants…What about us who pay for it… Read more »


@C; Very well stated! The (DNC) = DemocRATic National Communist party is well rooted in OUR Government. VOTE THEM ALL OUT WHENEVER THEY ARE IDENTIFIED!!!

Jeff Harris

here is an interesting scenario..which I’m sure has happened & will no doubt happen in the future….Wife gets restraining order, husband continues to violate said order….wife has CPL, and decides to purchase a handgun for protection. Now, thanks to 1639, she has to wait 10 days…regardless of her CPL. between purchase time & delivery time (10 days, for those of you who forget the little points), wife is killed by violent spouse/ex.
it’s a sad day in WA when you have to wait 10 days to be able to protect yourself 🙁

Steve B

Very good example, and what happens when the paperwork backs up in the semi well run undermaned local law enforcement office? I didnt vote for 1639 nor will I play their political games!


A gun may make you feel more secure , but will not save a life. This is something that actually happened a man has his truck stolen in front of him and he jumps in the back of the truck bed. The perpetrator that’s stole his truck searches in his glove compartment finds his handgun and shoots the owner with his own gun. Now how did that gun save his life.(NW) no way.






Yes, 2.5 million on average every year. Very well known fact that the media doesn’t want you to know.

Larry Brickey

Gov’t figures anywhere from a hundred thousand to a couple of million. Most don’t get reported because the gun was not fired.

Douglas Kuykendall

Should have been on his person

Mark Hester

People will be lucky if it’s 10 days. Gun shops I’ve been in are saying it could be 15 to 30 days because local law enforcement will have such a high work load.

D Draves

Look at the last line RCW 9.41.092 (b) From RCW 9.41.090 (b) The dealer is notified in writing by the chief of police or the sheriff of the jurisdiction in which the purchaser resides that the purchaser is eligible to possess a pistol under RCW 9.41.040 and that the application to purchase is approved by the chief of police or sheriff; or (c) The requirements or time periods in RCW 9.41.092 have been satisfied. RCW 9.41.092 Licensed dealer deliveries—Background checks. (Effective July 1, 2019.) (1) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter and except for semiautomatic assault rifles under subsection… Read more »


We are a “mutual combat” state apparently.


Haha. Nice mental gymnastics there. I don’t know a single person (myself included) who didn’t own a pistol or two *before* getting the permit. I’d also like to see the numbers on citizens who died from a DV incident while waiting to take possession of a firearm. Probably far fewer than the number of women who are killed by their spouses with their own firearm.

These are exactly the types of hare-brained arguments that make anti-gunners think any of us who own guns are a bunch of drooling idiots.


A woman who applied to the NJ police took over 60 days for her “review” to happen. During that time the EX-“boy friend” harassed her to the Nth degree. He finally caught her in the driveway and STABBED her to death. Do the “police” care? It appears not. They came and drew chalk lines where her body was lying and wrote a report. What happened with the EX? No idea. THAT was not reported.


LOL!! You think I will follow such b.s.!!
So thankful my county (Stevens) gives the “law” the as will the other counties! This 100% S/C Vet Life member NRA, and didn’t vote for such ignorant asinine law. Btw, I actually DO NOT care about the West’s sides californicated bend over sheeple!


Hey , l love my 10/22. Looks identical to the one pictured. It’s not an assault weapon! No such thing unless you include bats, knives, cars and trucks, frying pans, hammers, axes…Just sorry WA gun owners have to put up with the fallout of 1639. At least the big dogs are in this fight. Good luck, Alan and thanks for the article, Dave!

Beefin urmom

2nd amendment doesn’t say anyone can get a weapon whenever they want… and if you really think about it, every weapon is an assault weapon… that’s the fucking point of a weapon… thank God it’s going to be tougher for these Jack-offs to buy a gun. If only the required an IQ test and a tooth count as well.


explain to me then how it is that when TSA wanted to buy a few thousand AR pattern rifles (the things you are deceived in thinking are “assault rifles”) identical to the ones folks in public own by the millions.. but funny thing.. they )TSA) called them defense rifles”. There are hundreds of accounts where someone with an AR pattern rifle used his to STOP a violent criminal attack in progress. So, was HI rifle an “assault rifle” as he used it to “assault” the perpetrator who had already murdered 26 people in the Sutherland Springs BaptistChurch in Texas? Or… Read more »

Get Out

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
My copy of the 2nd Amendment says you can get any weapon whenever we want and it shall not be infringed.

Tom from Texas

You folks in Washington elected these Lefty Politicians
and it’s up to you to boot them out of office. Unless you do things
will only get worse.


Not every one voted for such! Out numbered by the west side buttplugs!

T Hunsucker

Not everyone on the West side voted for these idiots.


Exactly. The problem is King County, particularly, Seattle. People would be in disbelief if they saw how signatures were gathered, it was sickening. It was deception at it’s finest.


“Counting until you win” in WA State is an art form.


Its people like you that get numb nuts like Jay Inslee elected! Did you see his stellar performance during the ” Idiots on parade debate”? Your so out of touch, just like Gov. Jay!

Old Elk Hunter

Make no mistake, this regulation and those similar, have nothing to do with public safety or crime prevention.

They are about control. Vladimir Lenin said it best: “one man armed with a gun can control 200 that are not armed.”


10/22 + BX25 mags = crowd control!

Hunons Thono

What is considered standard tools?


As an FFL in Washington. I agree that the whole prossess is bs. But really pisses me of is all the miss information being put out there. There is no 10 day waiting period. Its up to 10 days. So if you live in a county that has their crap together like we do. The extra check should be just a couple of day. Your 1639 compliant class can be taken online in an hour. And no classes are needed for pistols or recievers. Hell i could go on.


You can’t put enough lipstick on this pig. It is still a pig. Infringers still infringe.

Wild Bill

, If I buy a gun at a gun show, I’d like to take it home with me, rather than wait even one day and have the seller have to contract with some common carrier, have their ham handed, uncareful employees try to find my place to deliver it. Maybe I’d get it in two weeks in who-knows-what-condition.

Clark Kent

How about my MEDICAL PRIVACY being invaded by the state government? WAKE UP!

David Berg

There are numerous grounds to challenge this legally. The problem is, the WA Supreme Court has proven to be an activist court that aims to protect an agenda rather than the state constitution.

Richard Castaneda

You also left out the MANDATORY $18 PER rifle “fee”.