Should You Be A Plaintiff In Florida Carry’s Lawsuit Against FDLE?

Should You Be A Plaintiff In Florida Carry’s Lawsuit Against FDLE?

Florida – -( If you had a “Decision Pending” from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that delayed a firearm purchase for more than three business days, you probably should.

Florida Carry sued FDLE for violating background check laws.

Go to to see if you should join the case.

By law, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) must review the background of anyone purchasing a firearm “forthwith”. If FDLE has an incomplete but potentially disqualifying history in its records, Florida law requires that the department issue a “conditional nonapproval number” and gives FDLE 24 working hours (about three work days) to fix its incomplete records and issue either an approval or nonapproval number.

If FDLE fails to correct its incomplete records within 24 working hours, the law requires that the department issue a “conditional approval number” and continue its efforts to correct the incomplete data.

Since March of 2018 FDLE has refused to comply with the background check data correction time limits or issue the conditional nonapproval and conditional approval numbers that are required by state law. Instead, FDLE illegally started using a new “Decision Pending” status to indefinitely suspend the right to bear arms of tens of thousands of Floridians.Florida Carry filed a class action lawsuit against FDLE for these violations.

Please visit to see if you may qualify as an additional plaintiff or class member.

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Florida self-defense laws are under unprecedented attack. Florida Carry is fighting back hard in local government, the courts, and the state legislature; but cash and volunteer action is necessary to support this important work. Please Join Today.

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Florida Carry, Inc, is a nonprofit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental civil right of all Floridians to keep and bear arms for self-defense. Their website is

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moe mensale

It doesn’t matter what dept issues FL’s carry licenses. Prior to Agriculture they were issued by the State dept. FL’s carry license don’t qualify for the NICS exemption because they are issued for 7 years. The Brady law exempts only licenses issued for 5 years or less. Your TX license, like my GA license, is valid for 5 years.

moe mensale

No problem. That’s why I put that link in. Most people never heard of that 5 year thing.


Tennessee is the same way, no matter how many guns you buy it always requires a b/g check even with a permit. That doesn’t make much sense. Of course, and infringement on the 2A is not according to the Constitution and our employees are just using our money against us.


There is always the chance something could change. A domestic violence charge, for example, should show up in NICS even if you still have your card. I don’t mind it. It doesn’t take much time.


Thank God we have organizations like Florida Carry who step up and remind Government officials that they are accountable to the public, to the law and to the oaths they swore. Please support Florida Carry and other organizations who protect YOUR gun rights, both locally and nationally.


The intent is to keep guns out of the hands of citizens by any means necessary.