Jackson Lee’s AR-15 Ignorance is More Democrat Political Malpractice

Gungrabby Gabby Giffords and her handlers know they can rely on the stunning incompetence of Sheila Jackson Lee and her useful idiot constituents to help them out with any citizen disarmament edict they need to be pushed. (Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee / Facebook photo)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “I’ve held an AR-15 in my hand, I wish I hadn’t,” Texas Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee claims to an approving media while trying to get House members to “flood” the Senate and demand new citizen disarmament edicts. “It is as heavy as 10 boxes that you might be moving and the bullet that is utilized, a .50 caliber, these kinds of bullets, need to be licensed and do not need to be on the street.”

Coming in at just over six-and-a-half pounds with a full magazine of .223 rounds, one wonders if those are boxes of chocolate Lee is referring to. Her similarities to “Forrest Gump” don’t end there, as you never know what you’re going to get every time she opens her mouth. To paraphrase a quote from another popular movie, “Tropic Thunder,” she went full Jackson Lee.  Everybody knows you don’t go full Jackson Lee.

Not that anything stops her from doing just that, and repeatedly. As long as we’re mentioning movies, we can’t forget “Idiocracy,” and note we’re talking about a lawmaker who has treated us to such gems as:

  • The Constitution is 400 years old.
  • Astronaut Neil Armstrong planted the flag on Mars.
  • There are still two Vietnams.
  • Klansmen are now the Tea Party.

There’s more, but you get the picture. To her credit, at least Jackson Lee hasn’t publicly speculated about Guam tipping over.

But since Jackson Lee has now turned her vast subject matter expertise to guns, it would be remiss not to recall she’s not the only ignoramus politician. It wasn’t all that long ago we saw New York Democrat Rep. Carolyn McCarthy challenged by Tucker Carlson of Fox News to explain what a “barrel shroud” was, as that was a  feature her so-called “assault weapon” bill would ban. After much deflection and trying to avoid answering the question, she was finally cornered into admitting she had no idea:

“I believe it’s the shoulder thing that goes up.”

And then we had New York Democrat Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington, who had this to say about the .50 caliber rounds Jackson Lee “thinks” you load AR-15s with:

“But some of these bullets as you saw have an incendiary device on the tip of it, which is a heat-seeking device, so you don’t shoot deer with a bullet that size. If you do, you could cook it at the same time.”

This was at a press conference, yet not one member of the media called BS and exposed Eddington for the know-nothing that she was. That’s because they don’t know themselves and aren’t held to account for getting it right on guns. Face it, gun bans are what they and their employers are all rooting for. Besides, it’s not like the audiences/readership are informed enough to call them on it. If they were, they’d be getting very different poll results when they ask about support for background checks, red flags, and bans. They can’t allow that.

And thus we have an “informed” Twitter poster who goes by the handle TexasMomsforBeto! (which ought to tell you something in itself), who has no doubt formed her “deep” convictions based on what she’s “learned” from politicians, gun-grab groups and media cheerleaders:

“Here is the thing… I don’t think you could even eat the meat of an animal killed with a semi automatic weapon. It would be so full of shrapnel.”

Yeah, but at least it would be cooked!

“Oh god poor animal,” an equally informed sympathizer agrees.

It’s bad enough that these people cast votes that cancel out ours, allowing politicians like Jackson Lee and their string-pullers to advance more edicts. That they do is nothing short of citizenship malpractice.

Worse is the political malpractice committed by arrogant, oath-breaking officeholders. Whether they’re genuine mental defectives, deliberate subversives or both, they’re enabled and empowered by useful idiot constituents.

And the interests of those who would rule (and the media they control) are to keep ‘em dumb…

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Sheila Jackson Lee is a dumbass period… she’s not just stupid on the AR-15.. and she only sees one color in her racial prism too.. but she is not as dumb as her constituents that keep putting her in office… that’s for sure…

1776 Patriot

I’ve never had a difficult time believing in zombies. They’re on full display at any Democrat gathering. It’s no wonder they want brains; sadly they don’t even use the miniscule number of grey cells they already have.


Stupidity doesn’t matter. Facts don’t matter. The truth doesn’t matter. Sound bites matter. Tone of voice matters. Repetition of lies matter. Willing sheep followers who vote matter. Demagoguery matters. This is why the founders eschewed Democracy in favor of a Republic. Unfortunately, they didn’t mandate term limits because they did not foresee career politicians who would be as stupid as the emotional, easily-duped public they feared in a Democracy.


Jared Loughner, a DEMOCRAT, shot Gabby Giffords, a little girl and a few others.
Loughner was ANGRY Giffords was not pushing communism hard enough.

As for ignorance, there is no more STUPID creature on the face of the Earth than Jackson Lee.
Even amoebas laugh at her.

Will Flatt

She’s like every other commiecrat in the USA – a f#cking VIRUS. Dems are CANCER.

Green Mtn. Boy

As Leftardism is a mental disease Jackson Lee has just given a fine example of the progression of the disease .


Zackley !


Not the brainwashed amoebas, as my brother likes to call THEM.


Right, and Gabby was NOT targetted in that event. Nope.Seems he was after the judge who had gone hard on him some time before. He is one of the dead. The little girl was collateral damage because he was too careless to check his backstops before firing. Same thing with Giffords. I hate to admit it, but it DOES seem Giffords has done a masterful job of monetising her stroke of chance injury. She didn’t have much to make her stand out from the rest before that. Now she can, and does, play the “VICTIM” card, and does so masterfully.… Read more »


I’m still laughing at the stupidity of the Democratic Party. The crap that comes out of their mouths can fertilize an awful lot of land.


She is simply a truly publicly proven stupid, dumb, and ignorant liberal Democrat. She gets reelected thanks to the even more stupid and very racist black people in her district. It ain’t any more complicated than that!


My Lord she is one of the most Ignorant human being’s that can walk and carry a heartbeat that I have ever seen


People are much easier to understand once you realize that “The Bell Curve” is correct.


It seems like it’s an inverse “Bell Curve” that many politicians Never get past the low point. Way too much work for them. Takes to much time away form stuffing their pockets!! lol

Moe Lon Labe

Her AR-15 ignorance is but a small part of her vast stores of ignorance.


Good grief. How can a Congresscritter pass laws regulating what they know nothing about? Her ignorance is stunning.

Xaun Loc

You have to understand that ignorance is a badge of honor among Democrats

And this is very important to them because it is the only kind of honor they have.

Deplorable Bill

To think that this woman is an elected leader! Clearly she has her mind made up regardless of facts. With leadership like this who needs off border enemies? How anybody could vote for someone like this defies logic.
Arm up, carry on.


Man, this is some of the funniest shit I’ve read in a long time… thanks David! Who the phukk voted for this know-nothing ass clown anyway? Anyone pictured hugging Grabby Giffords needs to be tried for treason. it’s so sad what the libtards keep doing to her – getting every mile out of her disability/injury.


I’d say stupid is as stupid does, but it would not begin to cover it!


You would imagine that concerning an issue so important to the left, that they would at the very least become educated on the subject.
The ignorance is only surpassed by their arrogance.


One suffered brain damage, the other is brainless, exactly who the Democrats believe and trust for all kinds of information on how they should rule YOUR life. How Ms Lee keeps getting re-elected should say a lot about the average Democrat voter.


“Queen Sheila” goes to great lengths to prove her ignorance–and the low intelligence and low ambition of her constituents. Indeed, it’s difficult to not hold a very low opinion of the voters who live in her district. I can almost feel sorry of the other Democrats who have to work with her. Almost, that is. A couple of her performances come to mind–that are an embarrassment to the people of Houston, and should be to her constituents (but they don’t care as long as the freebees keep coming.) * A couple years ago, she introduce a bill that would raise… Read more »


The ones I really like on these two idiots are: Lee while on a tour of the NASA Space center in Houston stood looking at a large picture of Mars and asked the tour guide if they would show her where the Astronauts landed when they “first landed there”. It probably put the guide in a bind to have to point out the Astronauts went to the moon not MARS. But remember stupid people elect stupid people. and: Giffords was questioning a General in a congressional hearing about the war in the desert and asked if our military was conducting… Read more »


Why is it that ignorant women are Democrats?


Unfortunately ignorance, though a substantial portion, is but part of the Democrat equation.


You could easily substitute “education” for equation….

Wild Bill

@xring, Men, too, but those are the useful idiots. There are a lot of conniving, scheming people that speak politically correct, non-real world, tripe just to get power.


They are the only ones who will take them!! lol

Will Flatt

The absolutely insane levels of stupidity exhibited by Demorat politicians and their supporters makes a very strong argument for bringing back poll taxes and voter questionnaires. A $20 fee annually along with a MANDATORY 20-question quiz on Constitutional knowledge that would rotate different questions every election. It would really cut down on the low-information voters who pollute our body politic!!



Democrats are communists, so….

Will Flatt

So we need to give them free helicopter rides, just like Saint Augusto de Pinochet did when I was younger. Relocate them to the ocean!


You can’t do that. Who is going to pay for the gas? You would have to charge them!

Will Flatt

Since the Demonrat Party is a racketeering organization, you could RICO them and seize all their assets nationwide. I believe THAT would pay for the aviation fuel.

Wild Bill

@Colie, Most humorous. We could bill their estate!


Not all of them, just the younger ones that have been brainwashed.


No one would be voting in the future because the Constitution is not taught in schools anymore!

Will Flatt

Not so. Homeschoolers & church schools still teach it, and one only need go online to read it and the Federalist Papers to gain an understanding. The Constitution was deliberately written so the average person could understand it.


If Jackson Lee had a brain, she’d take it out and play with it!

Idaho Bob

LOL! Her brain is the kind that you’d have to hang a pork chop around just to get the dog to lick it!

Get Out

Wow, Maybe someone in the media or an aide should correct Jackson Lee on the AR-15 or guns in general before she makes a fool of herself again… too late for that.

“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.”


I used to think, how stupid her voters were. But actually it appears we’re the ones that don’t show up to vote. Every election matters. Vote like your life is depending on it.


Because it does!


Ignorance is the tool and the dumbimg down of the education system is the weapon This has been going on since the 70’s when I was in high school. Until Liberal control of school agendas and the grip of the NEA are removed from the equation. These are the expected results. Some may see this post.Some may not.As I think I have been Censured by the 1st A Nazis on this site.


You are wrong Darkman! It began in the mid 50’s. About the time McCarthy drummed out. The commierats saw their road to successful victory and took it!


This was my own experience with this agenda driven ideology. I had a teacher Mr. Hollenberg who pointed out many of the things We are seeing in today’s society. He told us that We (Students). Would live to see the day when Our nation would move to a point where socialism would become more mainstream, Through the use of the education system and the indoctrination of the youth. He refereed to it as the nonviolent answer to the turmoil of the 60’s. It followed the same pattern used by the Nazi’s in the 30’s. In which the children were indoctrinated… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Colie, Take it easy, brother. And with all due respect, I think “it” all began earlier. Some point to the NFA of 1934. Some point to the 1920s and the rise of the so called progressives. Some point to the 1890s when the S. Ct and O.W.Holmes, jr. began changing the definition of Constitutional “Right”. There is plenty of elitist history to analyze.


When I see Missy Lee open her mouth this is what I hear coming out of it: “But, I don’t know nothin ’bout birthin no babies, Miss Scarlett!”


‘I’ve held an AR-15, it is heavy, like boxes you are moving’. She should try a Garand or Barrett.

Dave C

Unfortunately, she has been that “intelligent” as long as she has been in politics – probably longer.


No she was this ignorant before she was elected.
And has done nothing to educate herself.

Idaho Bob

Like so many others in her camp, Jackson is just another shrill shill. They know nothing, but think you should know everything they do. You don’t have to look far to wonder why we live in a confused and divided Nation.


JUST THINK about the IGNORANT MORONS that keep voting this TW?T back in ? YEAR after YEAR! How STUPID CAN THEY BE, OH! wait I forget where her district is. NEVERMIND!


Clearly her “cups have run over” due to diet and too little work. Separately, I want to share that decades ago I accepted that “term limits” were need. And, fifteen years ago (+) out of frustration I began educating myself about our political systems which I did not previously want to think about and decided that the 17th Amendment needed to be repealed. Now shy of ten years ago I decided that “no election should be certified valid unless at least 75% (super-majority) of the potential voters –VOTE”. Why 75% ? Look at the contrived “gerrymandering” of the 18th CD… Read more »


Term limits are already enshrined in our Constitution. They are called elections and are held on a regular basis. The REAL problem is most citizens can’t be bothered to get off of their collective fat azzes to bother to REGISTER to vote, much less cast a ballot. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.

Will Flatt

Some people don’t bother with registering/voting because they are either convinced the system is too corrupt to be changed (a valid point), or they don’t vote as a way of withdrawing their consent to be governed (an even MORE valid point)!! Show me just ONE thing about our government that isn’t corrupt to the core and doesn’t need to be abolished or at least fundamentally restructured, BESIDES the military. And even there, I think we need to drasticaly scale back our active military so it cannot be used as a globalist praetorian guard as it currently is. As for elections… Read more »


I’ve been advocating for a test of the basic issues and positions of candidates in order to vote for the last two decades. No one is interested. Most just want to repeat CNN’s mantra… “get out and vote”, ad nauseum.
Well, what can one expect? They saw it on TV. Much easier to parrot empty slogans than actually examine the issues.

Will Flatt

Requiring candidates/incumbents to have a proper grasp of the Constitution, and their answers publicly available (and they do NOT get to enlist another lawyer to help them “craft” their answers), would be OK but the biggest problem by by far is the WILLFUL ignorance of the people who are VOTING THESE TYRANTS IN!!


So you going to have the government ENFORCE voter education? Talk about tyranny! THINK before you post.

Will Flatt

I never said that. Voters educating themselves is always an individual responsibility. What I said is that dumbasses with no grasp of the Constitution and individual liberties shouldn’t be allowed to vote or run for office.
Stop ASSuming what people mean and read what’s actually posted!!

Wild Bill

Now, Clark, you know very will that government enforces other kinds of education (e.g. attendance requirements, school lunch requirements, common core curriculum, sex ed, and on and on).
DRINK before you post?


So you have no faith in the government but you want the government to give a test in order to vote? THINK before you post.

Will Flatt

Back atcha, silly. Stop ASSuming what people mean and just read their posts AS WRITTEN.
Or should I presume YOU SUPPORT LOW-INFORMATION VOTERS (like yourself, maybe?) voting tyrants into office??


Maybe not test, but if I need a government recognized ID to buy a gun, then that same ID should be required to vote. PERIOD!

Wild Bill

@Clark, No, not the government … we’ll have the local Elk’s Club do the testing. DRINK before you post?


If you DON’T vote DON’T BI*CH! PERIOD! P.S. Your local police and fire departments are not ‘corrupt to the core’. By the way, poll taxes were (correctly) declared unconstitutional DECADES ago. How old are you, twelve?

Will Flatt


Wild Bill

@WF, the liquor store, where he lives, is having a sale on MD2020. It won’t be long.


The only way to change it is to go back to the constitution. Demand that that our congressmen do our bidding. The only way we can do this is to bypass the established political parties. The party machines are controlled by people who have other agendas. How can we do that?

Will Flatt

I believe we will need to reconvene the Continental Congress of old, drawing delegates from among the people, but not allowing the current politicians to even THINK of insinuating themselves into the process. Both parties are corrupt and – given the chance – would try to rig it so they alone had ALL power. So we would need to create a movement that is nonpartisan and committed to never allow a party system to infect what we need to build. I’m not sure that now or here is the place for me to try to get into specifics because doing… Read more »

Wild Bill

The Constitutional Convention method puts everything up for grabs. We could end up with no Bill of Rights, and the Bureaucracy in charge.


@ Wild Bill, They are headed that direction if they get control of this country. Hillary spoke about that yesterday that she lost the election because of the electoral college but won the popular vote. She didn’t mention illegals and dead people voting often. If they get control this country and its Constitution is history, quickly.

Will Flatt

I said Continental Congress, NOT Con-Con. Huge difference. We The People have to seize control.

Wild Bill

@Colie, They would not do our bidding, They would rewrite everything to suit themselves and never need our vote again. Remember senators in the Roman Senate came from select families, only.


The “document” isn’t perfect; this was recognized by the “authors and signers”. Hence they provided therein two ways to amend it. … What they could not be fully appreciated, if in fact imagine at the end of the 18th Century was: – the longevity Americans now enjoy (not to mention our “rulers” / “elected representatives” have access to even better healthcare than us masses); the stupidity of “the People”: in 1859 being led by a gifted orator who sought by civil war to usurp the power of the “states” (including by “suspending the ‘Constitution’ via a declaration of martial law),… Read more »


Next flight to Canada departs in 10 minutes. You won’t be missed. Buh-bye!


Remember way back circa ’42 when you proclaimed you were here to “fight for truth, justice, and the American way” ? … That did not include “freedom of expression” for all, only those who agree with you ? … And, you criticize liberal, progressives and socialists ? … Can you admit the “irony” of your comment ?

Wild Bill

@Sisu, Long, meandering, does not define terms, multiple topics, stream of consciousness. A couple of kernels of truth.

Wild Bill

@Clark, Just the vote, alone, is insufficient to over come the corruption that our governmental employees engage in.


Outstanding piece, Mr. Codrea! Voters committing “Citizenship malpractice”, indeed!
(not to mention, are politicians spreading unbelievably bad information guilty of “political malpractice”?)


Looks like being a MORON pays very well. Great fringe benefits too. What an asinine tool of the PROGRESSIVE LEFT !

Old Ch.E.

Gotta love ol’ Sheila. She is as dumb as a sack of hammers. During TS Harvey when it got to Houston she pronounced to national media that all of Houston was below sea level. Dumb as she is, the people that keep electing her are really something. The train stops there and they all get off.


Wasn’t Miss Gifford photographed with an AR15 shooting a target of a teenager holding a gun?

Typical politicians – do as I say not as I do!


Two brain-damaged puppets. The sad part is that they have brain-dead followers who think these two are capable of intelligent thought, logic and reason when they both have what amounts to play dough between their ears.


Would Gabby and Sheila be demanding the strict restrictions on large trucks and knives it that is what Jared Lee Loughner had used?


This lady is hilarious, she outa go on stage, first one outa town.. I want that bullet!,..sheesh we could have a hot meal before we even gut the critter


The title of the article should leave out the “AR-15” and just say Jackson Lee’s ignorance. I realize David is trying to make a point about the ignorance of the democrats that are trying to govern something they know nothing about but this one, and many more like her, are just plain stupid and flaunt the fact that they make more money than they would ever dream of in the private world. Unfortunately, Texas has their ignorants in congress just like most states do and we want the government to perform with logic?


Plenty of scummy folks in every state.


Agree there. I was going to make a Texas comment, but add that Florida has a few like Lee too.


The fact that idiots like Lee are US lawmakers with the power of life and death in their pens is enough to know the US Republic is in a deep dive into hell. Every state has at least one idiot comparable to Lee, and its clear the Democrats have a majority of idiots in their gene pool. The authors of the Constitution failed to include a minimum education requirement, and a deep background investigation of all lawmakers and the president. Such filters should have saved us from Obamas 8 yrs of destructive treason and insured the likes of Texan Jackson… Read more »


Will, yes, an idiotic piece of scum.

Wild Bill

@Gentlemen, Everything is bigger in Texas. Just look at her a really big piece of scum. When she sits around the house, she sits “AROUND” the house!