Va Police Chief Advocates Ban on All Guns at U.S. House “Assault Weapons” Hearing


Dr. RaShall Brackney, Chief of the Charlottesville Police Department in Virginia
Dr. RaShall Brackney, Chief of the Charlottesville Police Department in Virginia

Fairfax, VA – -( On Sept. 25, 2019, the Democrat-led U.S. House Judiciary Committee held a 3 ½ hour “hearing” entitled “Protecting America From Assault Weapons.”

That framing of the issue underscored the erroneous notion that Americans need protection from inanimate objects, rather than from violent criminals who have and always will use any means at their disposal to harm innocent, defenseless people. It also revealed the unfortunate agenda of the proceedings, which was to emphasize politics and finger-pointing over any useful exploration of how Congress might take meaningful steps to improve public safety.

The most startling claim of the proceedings came when Dr. RaShall Brackney, Chief of the Charlottesville Police Department in Virginia responded to a question from Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) about whether she would support a ban on hunting rifles. “I believe any weapon that can be used to hunt individuals should be banned,” Brackney replied.

This admission seemed to indicate that Brackney would be open to the banning of any firearm – or even any weapon – whatsoever, since a criminal bent on “hunt[ing] individuals” could use virtually any firearm for that purpose.

Dr. Brackney was given two opportunities by pro-gun committee members to walk back or provide more context for that statement. Instead, she dug in and reiterated the statement.

Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) even asked her directly, “Okay, so you then stand for the proposition to ban any type of firearm, because any firearm can be used and misused to kill people.”

Rather than answering the question directly, Dr. Brackney began talking about police and the social contract. Rep. Steube tried asking again, only to be interrupted by an anti-gun committee member who tried to raise a point of order. She claimed that Rep. Steube was “attacking” the witness – when in fact he was merely trying to get a straight answer – and requested that he “tone down his words.” That exchange took up most of Steube’s remaining time for questioning, which was not reinstated.

Again, however, Rep. Steube tried, to clarify, asking, “Any type of weapon … that can be used to kill people should be banned?” “Sir,” Brackney replied, “you’re adding the word ‘type.’ I said ‘any weapons,’ so that’s my answer. Thank you.”

The entire exchange can be seen at this link.

Notably, none of the committee members or witnesses in favor of the ban attempted to distance themselves from Brackney’s push for a complete gun ban.

Unfortunately, Dr. Brackney’s statements may have been one of the only honest claims of the entire hearing by those arguing in favor of the ban.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a Harvard Law School graduate, told a breathtaking whopper about the U.S. Supreme Court’s pivotal Second Amendment decision, District of Columbia v. Heller. He claimed the decision says, “the Second Amendment gives you a right to a handgun for purposes of self-defense and a rifle for purposes of hunting or recreation, but nowhere does it give you a right to weapons of war … .”

The essence of the Heller decision is that Americans have a right to possess the sorts of bearable arms “in common use for lawful purposes,” particularly self-defense, and that handguns qualify because they are overwhelmingly chosen by responsible, law-abiding persons for that purpose. Notably, the decision does not purport to overturn the 1939 Supreme Court case of U.S. v. Miller, which held that the Second Amendment protection extends to arms that are “part of the ordinary military equipment” or the use of which “could contribute to the common defense.” It also notes that while Americans of the founding era might have owned firearms primarily for self-defense and hunting, the founders themselves wanted to ensure the Second Amendment provided an effective check against disarming the people, which in turn was necessary to “be able to resist tyranny.”

Nowhere does either decision suggest that rifles are only protected to the extent they are used for hunting or recreation. Indeed, Heller makes clear that self-defense is the “core lawful purpose” with which the Second Amendment is concerned.

Another theme pushed again and again was that “assault weapons” like the AR-15 are “battlefield weapons” that have no place on “America’s streets.”

Fortunately, as witness Amy Swearer testified, the overwhelmingly majority of the 16 million or so AR and AK pattern rifles in America are not “on the streets” but in the homes of law-abiding owners who never have and never will use them for anything other than lawful purposes. Violent criminals have not embraced semi-automatic rifles as their “weapons of choice.”

Rifles of all types, of which the guns that would be categorized as “assault weapons” are only a subset, are used in only 2% of homicides. In 2018, more than five times as many people were killed with knives than were killed with all rifles. The same year, more than twice as many people were killed with personal weapons like hands, fists, or feet.

When all was said and done, gun owners had no reassurance that there was any limiting principle to the anti-gun committee members’ prohibitive intentions or that they were willing to learn anything that would influence their decision-making. Indeed, one could imagine that long after semi-automatic rifles were banned, the exact same hearing could be held on the next class of firearm law-abiding gun owners would be forced to surrender because the guns were used in crimes they did not commit.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)


Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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From the looks of her she probably wants to ban all peckers too.


ya know.
all those IDIOTS calling for the CONFISCATION OF OUR ARMS.


freedom isnt cheap

TAKE THAT BADGE right away from this undeserving scumbag.”it” (not really sure the gender)is an insult to all LEO’s

freedom isnt cheap

wow! we now have drag queen police ‘chiefs’???what a total douche this witch is,flush this turd,and get her out of out Fine LEO officers ‘world…..NOW!!

Dick Hilton

I find it funny that the more militarized the police become the more all powerful they believe they are. I don’t remember the police throwing every body to the ground when I was young and kneeling on their backs like they do now days. Maybe it’s time to disarm them and only have armed response teams for them. Like they want the citizens to have to wait for a cop to maybe show up to draw a chalk line they should have to wait for a response team to show up for them.


These Oath breaking elected servants are only concerned with one thing. Implementing a Regime of Unlimited Power in their pursuit to destroy America, and our way of life as we know it. No other conclusion exists…


all I can say is may KARMA slap them square in the face!


Dr? Where the hell does a person with this much education end up as a police chief and what was her major? Underwater basket weaving? Give me a break this is a set up for the state of Virginia to follow along with their black faced governor and pervert assistant governor. I will keep my distance from that state they are trying to be NY or commiefornia.

Heed the Call-up

Well, I agree with your assessment of the Governor and Lt. Governor, but we still are one of the most liberal states in regard to firearm ownership. We have reciprocity with 38 states and we have permit-less OC – for all US citizens, from every state. We do not have any firearm owner ID cards, nor any type of registration for any firearms, with the exception of those covered by the 1934 NFA. And “GFZ” signs in stores and restaurants are only a suggestion, there is no weight of law behind them.


Did she not swear an oath to the Constitution? Is this walking pile of trash still wearing a badge?


Only a mental defective would surrender his firearms to a government that told him, in US Supreme Court Decision Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. App. 1981) that “… it is not the duty of the police to protect the individual citizen”. And Lord knows, CRIMINALS, those who regularly commit crimes against citizens, are not about to hand theirs in because to do so, or to register a criminal’s firearms would violate their 5th Amendment Protections, as decided in Haynes v. United States, 390 U.S. 85 (1968). So to hell with this Nazi Womanoid, Rashall Brackney &… Read more »

John Dow

Dr. Brackney – you first.

Ansel Hazen

Indeed, if responsible gun owners don’t need defensive weapons LE doesn’t either.


Does that mean she and all her officers will turn in their firearms? Unarmed police. Now that would be a novel approach for preventing crime. But, I’m sure that she would say that the requirement does not apply to her department. I guess an innocent civilian’s life is not as important as a police officer’s. That would mean she gets to pick who gets to live and who dies. A lot of power, don’t you think ?


When she was sworn in as a police officer she took an oath to up hold and defend the Constitution. I guess she forgot or only wants to defend the parts she likes.

Greg K

Isn’t she really saying, “any weapon that could be used to thwart her personal communist crusade?”


SHE is the one that gave the “stand down “ orders at Charlottesville, to allow her Communist ANTIFA minions to run rampant to attack the LAWFULLY PERMITTED demonstrators.
I don’t know about you, but I have been keeping a “War Criminal “ file since the OBAMA days. She has made the list !
Can someone with more tech savvy then I DOX that bitch ? It will be needed for the TRIALS after CW 2 .
Keep your powder dry, it’s assuredly coming when traitors like her are in charge!

Ansel Hazen

Hansob’s Rowboat, Hansob’s. They will be the local solution to a National problem


A few years ago, a buddy of mine and I were going out to the range to do a little paper punching. It was early and there was no wind yet. When we were close enough we heard AK and AR fire going on. Both of us are Vietnam vets and could easily discern the weapons being used. We stopped and got our glasses out and looked at who was up there. We could see six individuals training in squad tactics with above mentioned weapons. As we were looking one of the individuals who were with them on the back… Read more »


First of all who cares if it was AK or AR platforms being use, they are perfectly legal firearms. Secondly, why is it important that they were practicing squad tactics? Many of us former military do the same thing. Third, why would you call and report this to police if you are only ASSUMING something is wrong? Guys like you are part of the problem! And, by the way, there are may other weapons that sound very similar to AK’s and AR’s, that is nothing but speculation on your part. If you actually felt that these guys were doing something… Read more »


First of all, I didn’t call the police. I talked to local sheriffs deputies who frequent the range and they told me about that and more going on of which they know there are illegals involved. As I mentioned, this is a sanctuary state and this city and county are involved in it. The majority of our deputies and some police officers are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and know there are middle eastern illegals in the ranks of these people. The only other people I know of who practice tactics at the local ranges are law enforcement. Also, if you… Read more »

Wild Bill

, However do you expect to get an invitation to join if you act like that?


Act like What?

Operator Z

That little communist piss ant gave herself Colonel rank.


This is what happens when women are allowed in positions of authority. God specifically warned against this. It is women who create and push the majority of ignorance in this country.


Perhaps ALL appointed Police Chiefs, nationwide should be banned from possession of firearms when on or off duty? I’m sure that wold stop ALL crimes such as burglary or chief’s murdering innocent unarmed racial minorities. Of course rank and file police should still be armed, but not on duty! It my be just story, but somewhere I heard a claim about ancient Rome or maybe it was Greece; A lawmaker proposing a law stood on a chair with a noose around their neck during a vote for passage. If the proposed law failed to pass, the chair was kicked out… Read more »


I have many time proposed something similar but not quite as drastic. Our Constitution should have two added provisions – 1) ALL legislation should be viewed by the Supreme Court before it can be enacted to establish constitutionality. (This would effectively stop BS laws which are forced upon the people and enforce until someone is able and willing to fight them, and it would prevent the majority of law suits. 2) Any and all legislators who create or support legislation that is found by the SCOTUS to be unconstitutional would immediately be remove from office and banned from those type… Read more »


I nominate Rattlerjake to the first chair and noose tester.


Sen. Feinstein said it best, background checks are not effective…

It is our belief that even the current background check system is incapable of working. Someone without even so much as a parking ticket can have nefarious motives, and no background check will ever stop that person. On the flip side, someone who had been guilty of a crime in the past can have pure motives, and the background check will only deny him of his natural right. Someone seeking to do harm will always find a way to do so, regardless of what laws are in place.


Sen. Feinstein introduced her 2019 Gun Ban, new an improved.

Dave in Fairfax

James, here’s the link everybody should read. They should check their inventory against it as well.
It’s irrelevant to me since all 5 million of my weapons were lost in that tragic, dry-land, boating accident.


Wow! That’s pretty much my whole collection besides 1 pump 12 Gauge and an 1851 Navy Colt .36 cal. percussion pistol. I guess the other 20+ will have to be sold.
Oh, that’s right, can’t do that either……..What will I do?

Dave in Fairfax

Oldman, You could borrow my boat, it’s got a bad history with guns.


Sounds more like a wish list.

Anyone else notice the side focus on threaded barrels? Seems to me they are afraid of suppressors as well as firearms?


Hog wash is all this is. They can wipe their ass with the paper it is on cause that is all the good that it is.


@USA; The FASCIST (DNC) / DemocRATic National Communists have been working on this for GENERATIONS.


I was just thinking that !


It would really be nice to see a police chief that did not run her filthy sewer and enforce the damn law like her job requires.. police Chiefs are not supposed to be politicians only professionals.. but I would expect nothing less from anyone in a town that was allowed to perpetrate a HOAX on America like Charlottesville did…


The OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of police chiefs, sheriffs, patrol officers, detectives, etc. do not feel like this Leftist Shill in uniform. PoliceOne, a professional organization of over 400,000 Law Enforcement Members, conducted poll of 15,595 (about 15 times the size of most polls taken in the USA) & found that most Law Enforcement Pros are in SOLID AGREEMENT with NRA positions. I’ve posted a number of those polls on Twitter, which cover everything from CCW Licensed Citizens, to Arming School Teachers and/or Administrators, What are the Causes of Gun Crime, Whether banning military look-alike semi-autos would have any impact on crimes/shootings,… Read more »


It has always been obvious, the facts don’t matter. They don’t care what happens to the lowly citizens, as long as they can keep themselves safe from those lowly citizens.
Hard to get control over the masses when they are armed.


“brackney”, the Anti-Constitutionalist LIED when she took her OATH OF OFFICE. Therefore, she MUST be REMOVED from office with PREJUDICE for the LIE she took UNDER OATH when she was SWORN in.


This is true of ALL leftists! Not one of them supports the Constitution!


How could they? They’ve never read it. Why would they? Its doesn’t have the words “I” or “ME” in it, which are the only thing the leftys are interested in.

Will Flatt

The Commiecrats, the RINOs and the jackbooted thugs who are their enforcers can kiss my big fat white $$. I will not comply, I will not disarm, I’ve not giving them ANYTHING and if they wanna send men with guns, then they should heed the advice of Colonel Trautman: “If you send that many men, just remember one thing; bring a good supply of body bags!”

Americans are the most well-armed, highly proficient people on the planet. If tyrants want to push the matter, then these patriots will water the grass with the blood of tyrants!


@WF: I hope and pray the day of blood shed does not appear. I pray the “fight” remains with words and RATIONAL THINKING. The DemocRATic National COMMUNISTS’ way of working with FEELINGS – – – DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

Will Flatt

While no sane person WANTS destruction and bloodshed, let’s be intellectually honest here. It is just as wrong to cry “peace, peace, at all costs!” Communists bank on their opponents’ desire for peace and encourage “peace at any cost” thinking. But the inevitability of the unrest that is coming has more to do with the Left’s obstinate refusal to peacefully coexist with us than it does with us drawing a line and saying “no more”. There won’t be a fight at all if the tyrants would stop, turn around, and go home and leave the governance of our nation in… Read more »


AMEN RIGHT ON I am with you all the way.
I wonder if I said meet me at a certain place, how many would meet me?


The only folks who have assault weapons are military, police, and a highly vetted group of civilians. That said: thank God Chief Rashall Brackney does not speak for the majority, so her opinion means jack-hole. I love how the Democrats pad someone’s pocket to get bought and paid for rhetoric to suit their agenda. Pathetic.

Dave in Fairfax

Core, I seem to remember that both of us are in VA. As you well know, she speaks for a LOT of people in her area as well as all the built-up areas in the state. Only rural areas are decent. Fairfax and Alexandria are sanctuary cities. and the tagging and murders prove it.

Wild Bill

@DiF, Uff da.


So she openly advocates, while under oath, to violate the Constitution and her Oath of Office, by denying, suppressing, taking away Rights enumerated and enshrined in the very document she swore to uphold. Welp folks, any weapon as she says will be banned, so you’re gonna loose your pencils, hammers, vehicles and a host of other tools used daily in America. If she, and others of same mindset, can accomplish such treasonous conduct, other Rights inconvenient to such whims and caprices as well will be subject to mandatory forfeiture. As a retired LEO, I can tell you I would not… Read more »


Give up your guns first, then we will talk.


@D; So say the (DNC) / DemocRATic National Communist party of America. Do what WE SAY and we dnc might just listen to your whining and complaining – – – – NOT!!!!!!!!!


Maybe @dumdfounded meant that government (including LEO) should disarm first? I’d be willing to open discussion after six months of disarmed LEO. I’m sure LEOs would continue to support carriers who’d been saving there asses.

Note discussion means talking and not capitulation. My thought is experience would support reducing restrictions far below current level.

Dave in Fairfax

NO WE WON’T – non-negotiable.


The GOAL of the DEMOCRAPS is to destroy America and then turn the country into a socialist/communist one and all citizens will be SLAVES.

Will Flatt

I call them Commiecrats, but yeah, they want to impose marxism on the USA and enslave us all. Over my dead body!!

Will Flatt

Well, yeah if you consider 1913 the year slavery was inposed on everyone, sure. But there’s wage-slavery where a percentage is stolen… and then there’s chattel slavery where 100% of your labor is stolen. And commies tax you at 100% always!

2020 Demorats are all on record at some point in their careers supporting tax rates that are north of 70%, not just Bernie the Bolshevik.


Told ya!! I’m always hearing about this 99% of police who are just good, honest, everyday people like us who enjoy freedom and rights, ours and theirs, are all of these CsOP them? Are they among that 99%? I know, I know, I sound like I’m anti police and anti rule of law but I’m not, I want the police, like politicians to obey their oaths they take like I did. I intend to honor my pledge until the day I die, these asshats break it from the day they lie. Again I ask, who do you think it is… Read more »


Another idiot….

Deplorable Bill

The 2A was written with the word MALITIA. Thus the use and possession of MILITARY arms is justified, mandated and obliged for the common man/woman. The usual argument goes “That was only for muskets”. I understand it also included cannon, both weapons of war. JESUS CHRIST the LORD once stated “If a man has no sword (the assault weapon of the day) he should sell his cloak (his clothes down to his underwear) and buy one”. People, that is the LORD talking, there is no higher authority. PERIOD. The FIRST war for freedom and independence was fought largely because of… Read more »


THAT war should have started in 1968 at the Chicago DNC convention when the democrats pledged their allegiance to communism.


Militia…. You are 100% correct, well… 99% 🙂


@DB; Here is my response to those who say the Constitution only applies to “muskets”. OH! Is that so? Then YOU trash your cell phone, ball point pen, machine made paper, land line phones, cars, buses, planes, electricity and all modern pleasantries. IF what you are meaning about weapons which you are singling out, then it applies to EVERY THING!!!!!!!!!

Dave in Fairfax

USA, Jeez, don’t set them straight. They’re dangerous enough when they’re screwing up.

Dave in Fairfax

I’d rather they attempt the coup while people ARE armed rather than after they’ve disarmed those who are willing to be. Some of them might be, ah, “energized” by having someone try a coup while they still have their arms.


I watched her during this hearing. It didn’t take long for her “manifesto” to become evident. She’s not a cop, for she upholds nothing lawful. She’s a communist with a badge that doesn’t deserve to wear that uniform; I don’t care how long she “served” the communist party. All I Know is that cowards like this are never the ones to hit the street to back up their leftist mouths: they wouldn’t make it through the day, and they know it. Like commie brother Beto O’Rourke, this is what minions are for.

Dave in Fairfax

Now you can see why I’m working on getting out of this state. The larger cities are full of people with Brackney’s views, and they rule the state. Virginia is no longer Red and is barely purple. It’s getting fairly blue at this point. I have no desire to die behind enemy lines.

Wild Bill

@DiF, Texas is calling! Texas is also really flipping hot in summer.

Dave in Fairfax

WB, From what I hear, Texas is turning blue as well. I’d be willing to chance it, but my wife lived in San Antonio for a while. She has a medical condition and can’t take the heat. So that’s out. Thanks for the thought though.


While Texas is the coldest place I’ve ever lived, all three days of winter, I keep toying idea of Montana or other northern state. Alas I may be a weather wimp and unable to handle a real winter.

Dave in Fairfax

If you don’t mind having a flag pole on your car so the train size plows can see it in the snow drifts, and don’t mind finding it in the Spring(or early Summer) flipped over if they don’t, and sub 20F sounds like a fine Spring day, then Northern Tier is for you. Beware.


Would I be out of line if I suggested that the good Dr. RaShall Brackney should be mandated to daily drain the AIDS infected penis of a homeless man daily using her three bodily orifices on a rotating basis?


Police chiefs are appointed by mayors or city councils. They and fire chiefs usually are former union officials that sell out during contract negotiations and get rewarded after. I have seen this personally .It is their nature to sell out for their own benefit.


Police “Chiefs” are uniformed politicians. Rarely, if ever, do their views and opinions reflect those of their departments front line personnel.


She does not call to ban all firearms. She words were “I believe any weapon that can be used to hunt individuals should be banned”. I could interpret that two ways. If feeling charitable, my AR is a long range paper punch and not a weapon at all, thus no ban. If however I take her literally, and as I believe it is intended – she is calling to ban ALL weapons, not just firearms. Thus she wishes to ban baseball bats, golf clubs, cars, knives and anything else which can effectively be used as a weapon. In short, I… Read more »


A police chief is appointed by the mayor. Michael Signer, a communist democrat who despises the United States and president Trump, appointed Dr. Brackney to police chief for her anti-America/anti-Constitution views. There is NO Constitutional authority for a local police, THAT was supposed to be the Militia or the local armed populace. City governments were created by the People. The city government, as all governments do, garnered power unto itself by creating a Mayor-controlled police department to lord over the owners/creators, the People. Local police owe their allegiance to whomever signs their paycheck and funds their pension. A majority of… Read more »

Crotalus Maxximus

These cops need to be asked .” How many weapons of war does your department own?” Wauwatosa , WI police shooting range is an open air range shooting into a tall hill just a few blocks away from a major shopping center. I am half a mile from the range and can hear full auto fire regularly.

jack mac

I wonder who the police plan to machine gun.

Get Out

Chief RaShall Brackney, you violated your oath of office and should resign.


Disarm the police, and all government agents first.