Contra Costa ‘Buyback’ Putting Citizens Ignorant of True ‘Gun Safety’ at Risk

So the “Only Ones” think it’s a safe idea to have people who may not know the first thing about guns handle and transport them? (Walnut Creek Police Department/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “If you have guns around your home that you want to get rid of, here’s a way to get some extra money before the holidays,” The Patch gushes about an incentivized vassal disarmament ceremony scheduled for this Saturday. “The Walnut Creek, Concord and Clayton police departments will host a ‘community gun buyback event’ at the Concord Pavilion later this month.”

Cities in Contra Costa County, eh…? Isn‘t that the place where a former sheriff reportedly “financed his re-election efforts with selective issuance of both ‘CCW’ (Carry Concealed Weapons) permits and a ‘quasi law enforcement status’ totally illegal and improper in its own right”?

Unsurprisingly, this promo piece masking as “news” lists none of the downsides to such public acts of fealty to the state, including:

The very name is a lie. You can’t “buy back” what you never owned.

No less an authority than the National Institute of Justice concluded:

“Gun buybacks are ineffective as generally implemented. 1. The buybacks are too small to have an impact. 2. The guns turned in are at low risk of ever being used in a crime. 3. Replacement guns are easily acquired. Unless these three points are overcome, a gun buyback cannot be effective.”

The article advises “remain inside of you [sic] vehicle during the actual surrendering process.” Does that not clue the gullible in on exactly what is going down?

“All of the guns collected will be destroyed,” we are told. What if that gun was stolen and duly reported? What if the person being paid is the thief? What if it’s what the antis like to call a “crime gun” and the cops are disposing of the evidence?

And what if, contrary to all public posturing, the turn-in actually increases public danger?

Let’s start with The Patch story. It’s well established that most people see headlines and then presume to be informed. Seeing the gun on top of all those hundred-dollar bills when a gift card is what’s being offered is misleading enough, but the selected stock photo goes further and creates a dangerous impression: The cylinder of the “buyback” revolver is clearly loaded (I’ve seen “artists” do worse).

You have to get down into the story details to find that’s not how the collection team wants you to do it. What the police want and the way they’re instructing people to comply is not only inadvisable, it’s flat-out dangerous.

“Transport all firearms to the Concord Pavilion unloaded. Keep all firearms stored in the trunk or locked container during transportation and arrival.”

They’re telling people of unknown experience to handle and transport firearms. How many of those have even heard of Jeff Cooper’s Four Rules, let alone know them and practice them? How many know that removing a magazine doesn’t mean there’s not a round in the chamber?

Just the other day we saw the story of the security guard who “was inspecting the gun ‘to familiarize himself with the weapon’ when he accidentally fired one round into the victim’s back while she was sitting at a casino-style slot machine.” And it’s not just “rent-a-cops.” Remember where the term “Only Ones” originated, when a DEA agent proclaimed himself “the only one professional enough” to carry a gun and then shot himself in the leg in front of a classroom full of schoolchildren.

And there are no guarantees the cops people surrender their guns to will be any more competent, as I’ve illustrated on a couple of different occasions when the media seemed not to notice. The following paragraphs reference discontinued pages so I had to use archived links from The Wayback Machine, meaning they may load very slowly.

From one of my old Gun Rights Examiner columns:

But here’s the one question I really wanted to ask, and since all “official” media members covering the event are evidently oblivious, someone sure needs to: What the hell is one of Beck’s “Only Ones” … doing with his booger hook on the bang switch at the “buyback”?

And from another:

On Monday, I blogged about a Jersey City gun “buyback” … my focus was on the ignorant cop collecting guns who was photographed with his finger curled on the trigger.

A truism I find continually applicable and useful because it constantly manifests itself is “With ‘progressives,’ every day is Opposite Day.” How predictable it is, that anti-gun (for everyone but themselves) “Only Ones,” putting on a kabuki performance under the fraudulent gun-grabber premise of “commonsense gun safety,” actually end up endangering the public.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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I actually sold a bunch of crap guns, one missing the bolt, in Chicago got $400, which I used to buy the parts for an AR-15. The “ironic” part was it was at a church and each door had the “NO GUNS” sticker on the door. First thing I asked the cops, “aren’t we violating the law?” He said don’t worry about it and do you have anything good? I smiled and said nope, he smiled back. So I think the cops agree that “buy backs” don’t work. What worried me was all the “gang banger” guys bringing in pistols,… Read more »

Get Out

People with valid FFL’s and some cash should pull these people aside and offer them $20.00 above the buyback price.


as a rule they will “screw with” anybody that even attempts to “buy back” before the “po-po” gets their hands on the weapons. A buddy of mine, also an FFL holder like myself, tried this on at least 2 separate occasions. the second time, they actually cuffed him as soon as he arrived, held him 20 minutes then uncuffed him and force him to “vacate the premises”. In this case it was any where within visual sight of the buy-back location. (in-front of a grade school no less. I shit you not, hommie.)


@zed – were they also arresting all who turned in firearms? Seems to me everyone was breaking the GFZ – school zone laws. Perhaps the feds should have been called to take in all concerned, including any officers not in uniform. Federal law kind of follows state law on this point – my understanding is that state laws are all over the place from police can only carry in school zone in uniform – on duty – with specific task taking them onto property — to on duty or in uniform. Generally off duty & not in uniform are still… Read more »

Longhaired Redneck

Another reason to keep the firearms in the trunk of a car or a locked container, is to prevent citizens from buying the guns before they make it to the “buy back” table. At a “buy back” few years ago in Seattle, a crowd of POTG collectors, set up across the street from where police had set up a table. Many of the guns were purchased by the collector crowd by simply outbidding the “buy back” rates. It was also instant cash instead of a gift card. The mayor, city council, and police chief were not amused. A win-win for… Read more »


How long will it be before some idiot walks into one of these events, his handgun loaded and hot, and as he’s getting ready to hand it over to the ONLY ONE dumb enough to be ready to receive it, a round goes off and hits “someone important”.? Maybe some gangbanger on a dare or bet? Or his “prove you’re bad enough to join” trial? Or a shicidal cop killer?

You are spot on David, these theatre pieces are VERY dangerous, not to mention ineffective. They are only playing to the faux sympathies of the gullible.


I have to disagree, the Chicago I attended they had a bullet barrel adn cleared every weapon with the barrel in the bullet barrel, i left early, but didn’t hear of any incidences.


Contra Costa is one of the true blue progressive counties in California where the Sheriff uses the sale of CCW permits as a means to raise campaign cash. Crooked is as crooked does.


PS…they start taking people to “FEMA” camps and a hunting I will go, a hunting I will go…HI HO AMERRY HO a hunting I will go.


So who pays for the ‘buy backs’, taxpayers, whose taxes could be used for better law enforcement? Send the gun control groups the bill for the event and let them pay out of their own pockets.


@JF – some of these events are put on by the gun control groups. At those events purchases are paid for by donations to the GCG. Not sure how they handle legalities – most likely city sends officers (on taxpayers nickel) to attend and actually do all the firearm handling. I suspect that many of the nicer, functional pieces end up in those officers’ personal collections. Have you ever talked to a cop who only has their service sidearm? Even those who are not gun fans, seem to end up with an interesting collection. Those who do enjoy firearms end… Read more »


These people are fools. Then again, all libtards are fools.


“Disarmament Ceremony”? Well if that don’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Good grief.


The same reason that they do no knock raids. To frighten the surrounding areas citizenry into being compliant little sheeple. There may be some very very rare circumstances for no knock raids, but for sure it isn’t to catch someone with an herb before they flush it down the toilet. They could have arrested David Koresh while he was out jogging. Randy Weaver was on self imposed house arrest imprisonment.


I’ll donate a box of 9mm ammo against his campaign.


It would be funny to see an article headlined…”Local MS-13 Gang Members Raid Gun Buyback, Shooting Those Running it and Confiscate (steals) 2,324 Rifles and Pistols”. I’d laugh my ass off.


@CL – Oh come on. MS-13 likes nice, functional, modern firearms. What would they do with a broken down Mosin-Nagant, Enfield, K31 or even Garand? Doubt they’d even appreciate a Tokarev, certainly they would turn their noses up at most Makarovs as underpowered. As a minor collector, I (of course) would happily snatch up any working (or close to working) copies of any of those (particularly the last 2). OTOH – For the right price I could see turning in a couple percussion rifles from my wife’s family – neither of them are worth the cost of making them functional… Read more »