Has One Employee Made the NRA Irrelevant?

Gun Owner Victory NOT NRA
Has One Employee, this time Wayne Lapierre, Made the NRA Irrelevant?

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Let’s face some facts; the NRA lost Virginia.

Virginia Public Access Project reported that the National Rifle Association spent $350,000+ this cycle to help pro 2A candidates beat back Democrats who were running on gun confiscation.

Gun confiscation groups’ spent far more. Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund and Everytown for Gun Safety Victory report that they spent $2.5 million in Virginia, making the group the biggest outside donors; Gifford’s PAC spent $300,000 on a digital ad campaign alone.

Given that the NRA has no face or voice, their $350,000 was dwarfed, and their voice silenced. In the past, the NRA would spend $2 million-plus to help protect gun owners’ rights in their home state, not any more.

So while Wayne LaPierre is busy spending his $2 million a year salary and hiring loyal cronies for $800K each (there were 6-8 of them), the democrat party is using Bloomberg’s dollars to buy power, and repaying him with bizarre and ineffectual gun control laws. These laws are designed to separate you from your 2A rights, not to fight crime or save lives. Should Bloomberg win the Presidential election it will be because he calls for reasonable gun safety laws, but once elected, will confiscate your firearms. Virginia is the blueprint they will follow.

Voter turnout was only 40% in the last election in Virginia; there was room for the NRA to rally gun owners to turn out. The fact is, the NRA spent the needed resources on themselves and the lawyer, and with a purge of any employee who doesn’t believe in the “Cult of Wayne.” They lacked the institutional knowledge and ability to help preserve our rights. The fact is Wayne, not the NRA, let us down.

I don’t see the NRA changing back to what they once were. With 120,000,000 gun owners, we are the largest voting block in any national election. We have lost our unified voice.

That is what the NRA brought to the table. It was never about the money; it was about stirring the block of gun owners to vote to protect our rights. If only 65% of gun owners vote our 2A rights, we would sweep the House, hold the Senate, and elect Pro Bill of Rights Presidents.

Other nimble groups will fight for our rights.

Recently we flooded Sacramento and killed a hike in the cost of owning a gun in California. So let me ask. Where was the NRA? Absent! Proof you don’t need a lot of money to make a real difference. Support organizations like Jeff Knox’s Firearms Coalition  DONATE TO THEM.

Jeff has been putting his efforts where the NRA should have been. Shame on you, Wayne, for abandoning 33 million citizens. In reality, it is nothing more or less than you did (or rather didn’t do) in Virginia. I see a pattern.

Liberals are SHOCKED!

The philosophy on the left has always been that the NRA takes money from gun manufacturers and spends it on congress to thwart the will of the people, they have been shocked to find out that the efforts in Virginia are a grassroots movement. that while the NRA (who would like to claim credit for the rally and response) is absent. The NRA is offering too little too late. Without a national voice, we lose our ability to speak as one. Wayne, your greed and avarice cost 120,000,000 that voice. You’ve made the NRA irrelevant. The fact is, given the growth of the Virginia movement and other states, you make yourself OBSOLETE if you don’t change things fast.

About Don McDougallDon McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Mike Hinds

I’m an NRA Life member. NRA will get none of my money until Wayne is gone. Period.


I became a life member on the payment plan, but have suspended my payments when all this nonsense started. No one has contacted me about re-starting the payments, so screw `em!


I’m also a life member. I used to get bombarded with emails an letters begging for more money. In the last few years that has dropped to zero emails and maybe just a quarterly mailing. That seems counter intuitive considering the financial position they are in.

Will Flatt

You can’t spend what you don’t have. All the money the NRA has is being vacuumed up by WLP’s 5-million-annual salary and Bill Brewer’s outside counsel fees which is also in the millions. Worse yet, Brewer is an antigun Demorat who heavily donates to antigun groups and Dem politicians. NRA members are quite literally financing their own demise. That’s why everyone needs to straight-up QUIT NRA.


The NRA has been rendered irrelevant thanks to WLP. Until he and his cronies are fired, and a policy is put in place to cap all individual employee and executive earnings at $250,000 per year including bonuses and spending allowances, trust will not be regained.

Contributions and members’ dues are to be effectively used to defend and broaden 2A rights, not enrich employees, executives and 3rd party contractors.


The only purpose the NRA serves these days is as a lightning rod for anti gun mobs to rally against. The membership is truly a grassroots group, funding themselves, while the gun control lobby relies on endowments from guys like Bloomberg.


And despite all the crap going on with them , there being that lightning rod still benefits the second amendment, gun owners and the other pro gun organizations.
All the haters target the nra while the other organizations are able to operate unnoticed and score many successes.
Something many here overlook in there hatred on nra management.

Charlie Foxtrot

That’s one expensive lightning rod. $355,000,000, to be precise. Most of the money goes into the pockets of a few, very well connected people. The NRA spent $80,000,000 on a lawyer and $13,000,000 on executive salaries alone. $12,500,000 to send unsolicited postal mail to members. 8,800,000 to send merchandise to members. 25,700,000 to “process” memberships.


The NRA and the RNC both shot Virginia in the back of the head when BOTH refused funding to GOP/ 2nd A candidate’s, running against the Communists, that now control All branches of the State Government. They are, at this very moment, methodically stripping Virginia of their 2nd Amendment. And to rub salt in their wounds, they have proposed legislation aimed directly and specifically to close down the shooting range at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax Va.
Stalin has taken the Reichstag !!!!!!


The fact that gun owners in Virginia sat on their asses and did not vote had as much to do with it as any funding or lack of funding, unless they sold their votes to the compact communist, Mini Mike, in which case the NRA’s participation would not have had any impact anyway. Complacency by virginia gun owners created this mess – I hope gun owners in all other states learn from this.

Will Flatt

JDL, you are absolutely correct. The apathy and neglect of VA conservatives to get out and be civically engaged is what made this disaster inevitable, along with the failure of the VA GOP to put up candidates that were pro-2A. Virginia needs to PURGE ALL THE RINOs IN THEIR MIDST, THEN TAKE BACK THEIR STATE!

Assuming of course that the boogaloo doesn’t kick off first…

Heed the Call-up

@JDL/WF, please stop bashing us with that “we did not vote”. That is all I have read from many of you. I did vote. The Republican candidate for delegate won handily in his county district. Unfortunately, the district includes a small section of the city that is hard left. The number of voters in that very small section of the district has far more voters than the county part – he lost solely due to that. There are not enough voters in the county portion of the district to overcome the votes in the other part. Secondly, many firearm owners… Read more »

Will Flatt

@HTCU, All sorts of reputable non-leftist news sources, even Fox News, says that the influx of Democrats that flipped VA blue was due to two factors, not in any order: 1) Bloomturd money to buy candidates and get them elected; and 2) LOW GOP voter turnout, PERIOD. I’m not saying YOUR district performed the way others in VA did, I’m just saying overall the VA GOP had a poor showing. And you know what I personally think is the biggest culprit?? Not enough Republicans with the time, energy & resources to run for office actually running for office!! Everywhere I… Read more »


I am an NRA Endowment member and have donated on a regular basis in the past. I will not give one cent to the NRA now while LaPierre is still in a leadership position. His lavish personal spending is bankrupting the NRA.

Michael J Arnold

I, too, am an Endowment member and get regular phone solicitations for contributions.

I try to remain polite to the schmuck who’s just doing his job, and I invite him or her to call back on the day they can start the conversation, “We are pleased to announce that Wayne LaPierre is no longer affiliated with the NRA. Can we count on you for a contribution?”

My answer will be, “Yes.”


Benefit level myself and what you do works for me.


I used to be member, but when I discovered how they were squandering the people’s money, that was enough for me. The NRA will have to be restructured from top to bottom, and then prove themselves, before they’ll get my name back on their membership book. Until then, we’ll just have to fight this fight without them because that’s pretty much how it’s been anyway.


I similarly did not renew my membership. I still get solicitations from NRA and NRA-ILA. I send back the return envelopes with no money, but with a note inside: Get Rid of Wayne!

Will Flatt

StW, I echo everything you said, especially about being a former NRA member who’s seen behind the curtain. They will have to really work hard to make up for all the damage they’ve done to our 2A rights for so long!


NRA squandered 42 million on a failed TV station when court challenges needed money to defend our rights.

Will Flatt

That’s not the only place NRA squandered money. Lots of top NRA honchos have treated the organization as if it were their own personal piggy bank.


My last order from midway just last week when prompted to round it up for the N.R.A. was DENIED !! NOT ROUNDING UP FOR THE N.R.A. ANYMORE, they don’t care bout my .85 but if everyone starts doing it they will get the message


I don’t even shop or order from Midway anymore. Potterfield chose to come here on ammoland and talk down to us in defense of Wayne Lapierre, so he doesn’t get my money anymore.

Will Flatt

I stopped buying from Midway years ago – last purchase were some AR mags. I go to Brownell’s now. I like their platform better as far as ordering, doing reviews on the stuff I buy, and finding what I need using their search function. Plus, last I checked, I am pretty sure Brownell’s is a little less expensive.


@wjd Flatt

Brownells, CheaperThanDirt, JoeBobOutfitters, Graffs, MidsouthShootersSupply, Natchez, and countless others.

That’s the great thing about a capitalist free market. We have a lot of choices. 🙂

Will Flatt

AMEN & HOOAH! brother!


I got my latest order from Midway, Tuesday. I did not round up and I ordered from them because I wanted to get some brass for my 375 Ruger. There is only one run a year and if you don’t get when the getting is good you are going to pay more for it. I normally make 375 Ruger brass out of 300 Win Mag brass but thought it would be nice to have some factory brass just for giggles.


LaPierre spent more on his clothes this cycle than the NRA spent defending the 2nd Amendment in Virginia, where their headquarters are located. They can’t even take care of their own state of residence, so how can anyone believe they can, or will, defend any place else?

Will Flatt

I’ve been saying that myself, for a while now. Hard agree, JPM!


NRA= No Results Acceptable

News flash, NOT ANY LONGER.


Drain the Corrupt SWAMP! Get rid of Wayne he has been there too long!


I am so disappointed that I joined the NRA again a little over a year ago after 50+ years of not being a member. They have fallen down on their principles in my opinion and they need to eliminate LaPierre and his cronies and get back to the way they were before them.


Hmmmm…just when I thought Ammoland was censoring all anti-NRA commentary, along come this article.

My faith in Ammoland is [cautiously] restored.

Green Mtn. Boy

The author Mr.McDougall
,when Negoatiting Rights Away misdeeds came to the fore front, he penned more than one article defending the status quo at the NRA.

I’m heartened to see his change from some months back.

Charlie Foxtrot

Once he realized how the mess at the NRA impacted his own fund raising, he quickly changed his attitude.


@CGGator Foxtrot. Give Don a little more credit than that. I watched his change and saw his turning point. Heck, I was the guy who ran him off of ammoland for a while after he lost his cool and was going after people with “I know you are, but what am I” comment replies…. I still have the articles from 2018 where I was lighting into him for NRA shillwork. Don changed. When he came back after that, he didn’t just go through the motions. He put effort into writing articles that tried to stick strictly to facts. The breaking… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

I agree!

Will Flatt

Yes they should. Be sure to share this video to every NRA member with a vote, because they’ll have no excuse if they know what’s going on. If they continue to defend Wayne and his inner circle, we’ll know thay stand with him and not 2A.


“…[he] is an odious little grifter and it’s time for him to go!”

Will Flatt

Bravo!! Excellent article. Radioactive Wayne really is NRA’s Major Kong, riding the organization all the way down to Ground Zero.


All except for his multi-million dollar “golden parachute” which he is counting on to save HIM as the NRA detonates on his hand-picked Board of Directors.
It makes one wonder just how stupid said BoD is, don’t it? Are they going to continue the babble about how great they are right up the moment of their own destruction? Or do at least some of them have a fall back bunker that they’re counting on as well?

Will Flatt

Except for the true inner circle, from what Colonel Allen West said recently, practically NO ONE was informed of the shenanigans going on until the news broke. He could of course only speak for himself, but as one of the more conscientious members on the BOD, he noted that when he demanded that he be given information that was his right to know as part of his duties, that information was withheld. So it would seem the BOD was Wayne’s mushroom farm: he kept them in the dark and occasionally shoveled manure on them. Yeah I think everyone on the… Read more »


Same thing could be said of most of the organizations and institutions in which people are members. Vigilance is of utmost importance and the responsibility belongs to all. However complacency usually slips in along the way and members get comfortable with the status quo. We also see this in our churches, schools and communities. When everything is running smoothly, or someone else is doing the work, we get comfortable and relax and we oftentimes ignore the early warnings. Unfortunately during this time parasites like WLP cement themselves deeper and deeper and removing them can create catastrophic damage but they do… Read more »


I didn’t.


If ‘Lil Wayne’ had one grain of honor left he would have already resigned. Most of the BOD was comprised of placeholders for Wayne. They were in it for the prestige and few could be bothered to consistently show up for work. Just the way he wanted it. Save the 2nd is trying to straighten out this mess. It can be turned around just as Neil Knox had started to do before he was backstabbed. Don’t blame the NRA! I would not blame the USA if Pelosi and her snowflakes took over Washington. I’d just try to take it back… Read more »

Will Flatt

@TLS – You’re shifting the blame. While NRA members admittedly have been given the mushroom treatment; kept in the dark and had manure shoveled on them, they didn’t object to being kept at arm’s length. Yet it is incumbent on members of an organization like the NRA to hold and keep their leaders accountable. The BOD is full of placeholders, just as you say, but members are the ones who elect the BOD. The problem is, members didnt keep the BOD accountable so the BOD didnt keep WLP accountable, and when Neil Knox tried to reform the NRA, he was… Read more »


The NRAs emails now go into the Spam folder, and their endless stream of mail claiming “Win these fabulous gifts” and “take the survey now” go straight to the recycle bin.

Wayno, you gotta go.


Good points, except that it should be in the past tense. The vast majority of those 120M gun owners will not trust the NRA again, whether LaTrine takes his “golden parachute” and vanishes into infamy, or not. The ground swell has begun, and the tide will be as irresistible as a tsunami. It will sweep all of the citidiots and ‘progtards’ aside as if their massive scale vote fixing machinery doesn’t even exist. Which is why they are so obviously desperate and crazy. We have arrived at the root cause of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It should be labeled DDS, for… Read more »


Funny you should bring that up, as I think I’m starting to understand how those people with TDS feel. That’s pretty much my feelings toward LaPierre, but I don’t think I’m deranged, though, just discouraged.


Not another dime to the NRA. I now support Gun Owners of America – -the no compromise defenders of the 2nd Amendment – – exclusively with monthly contributions, . You should do the same.

Let’s turn GOA into the premier gun rights organization and let the NRA die on the vine….

Dean Speir

Whoooooooooa! GOA is okay, but what have they done lately? An organization which has done a great deal, not not just lately, is the Second Amendment Foundation. While nowhere near as large as NRA, they have been at it a long time, and been quite successful over the decades. Go back through the years and do a little research, you’ll find a great many successful court cases where NRA signed on to SAF’s action with an amicus brief, and then claimed all the credit when there was a positive ruling. I’m a long time NRA full price!) Life Member… no… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

FYI: The GOA and SAF fulfill different needs. The GOA is more of a grass-roots lobbying organization, while the SAF is more of a litigation organization. Dissing the GOA over the SAF, just to promote the SAF is unproductive. It is no different than an NRA Board Member dissing the GOA, just to promote the NRA.

I am a member of the GOA, SAF, FPC and my state’s gun rights organization. I am also a Life Member of the NRA, but have not given any money to the NRA for years.


The NRA is busy buying LaPierrie a new suit and a condo in Florida.


Well said.


Don McDougall, who do you recommend to vote for in the upcoming BOD election? I can’t find anything within AmmoLand…


There are several authors who have put up recommendations over the last few weeks.

The most important part for you if you are still a member is to do your own homework. You can’t just trust other peoples opinions.


What we could really use right now is Pres. Trump and the DOJ to file civil rights suits against these states that are making these unconstitutional gun laws. We MUST get a good case to the SCOTUS and hope they take it, and uphold our 2A rights nationwide so we can stop wasting money and time fighting the demcommunists who keep nibbling and taking bites out of our rights. If that doesn’t work, then we may only have one last option, the one the founders gave us… God bless our troops, vets, and law officers.


Here is a good takeaway from the story. “With 120,000,000 gun owners, we are the largest voting block in any national election. We have lost our unified voice. That is what the NRA brought to the table. It was never about the money; it was about stirring the block of gun owners to vote to protect our rights. If only 65% of gun owners vote our 2A rights, we would sweep the House, hold the Senate, and elect Pro Bill of Rights Presidents.” The only purpose the NRA serves these days is as a lightning rod for anti gun mobs… Read more »

American Patriot

The problem is with the 2A supporters they just can’t get along, the infighting among us is destroying what we are fighting for. The left does an excellent job of uniting for a cause it’s just too bad the Right Conservative side can’t do the same! If you want something or want to keep what you have we are going to have to UNITE for a single cause & show up at the polls, stop sitting on your asses complaining we didn’t win…….Make an effort & vote because we are against the voting masses of illegals & dead people, we… Read more »

Dick Hilton

Wayne LaPierre is a typical Democrat, doing for himself and his friends first. Taking from us and giving unto himself. We need another Harlon B. Carter to come forth and lead us again.

Will Flatt

No, Harlon was the one who HIRED WHINY LaPEE-YEW IN THE FIRST PLACE.
And I’m inclined to think that WLP is a MOLE, as he was a DNC staffer before he was hired by the NRA.

You overlook that we have true leadership at present in the NRA BOD in the person of Colonel Allen West. I firmly believe that he should be the head of the NRA!! Check him out and you will see why I believe this.


@wjd Flatt
From what I have seen of Col West, I believe him to be an honorable man. I think most would find him acceptable if we can also root out all the corruption in the board at the same time, and put restrictions on it to return authority to the voting eligible membership.


I know what we can do. Eat our own.

Charlie Foxtrot

I am not considering spending money on actual gun rights organizations that fight for our rights “eating our own”. I do consider spending money on the NRA enabling grifters and throwing money out of the window.


Chuckie, let me clarify. The comment has little to do with which 2A organization you chose to, or not to, “spend money on”. It has everything to do with gratuitous attacks on organizations that in reality are seeking much the same goals as organizations you chose to support. The “eat their own” moniker is borrowed from the constant habit of conservative organizations to savage other conservative organizations that don’t meet their particular purity test. Furthermore, since it is obvious that you have abundant evidence toward convicting NRA enabled “grifters” and “throwing money out of windows” I suggest you pursue this… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

You clearly have not understood the article, the author or my comment. The NRA is a shit show right now and has been for quite a while. Is calling out the NRA leadership that created this shit show and that refuses to enact reforms now considered “eating our own”? Ironically, the author held the same position you have now about a year ago and posted articles on Ammoland calling us NRA haters. Once the shit show at the NRA personally impacted him, he quickly changed his tune and demanded the departure of Wayne LaPierre from the NRA. Now, he posts… Read more »


Again, your comments labeling another 2A organization with several derogatory comments is what my comment was directed at. If the NRA is culpable for illegal activities this will worked out through litigation. Until that time I will reserve my opinion of the NRA and my subsequent decisions until then. Thanks.


@OlTrailDog Your opinion is worthless, reserved or not. It is not derogatory labeling to point out the fact that 1. The NRA has betrayed it’s membership routinely in the past, helping to write, pass, or promote infringements against the second amendment when they were promising their members the NRA is fighting against them. They lied to us. 2. Wayne Lapierre has both squandered resources, and used the monetary funds of the NRA to enrich himself, while at the same time reworking the leadership structure to shield himself from auditing and accountability. 3. Those of us current and former members who… Read more »


Anyone else a little leery that this guy’s handle is a little close in pattern and style to our old buddy “GWD”?

Start watching for an M.O.

Will Flatt

Revelator, I think you nailed it, old suspects are returning to the comments section with new usernames and spouting their trademark lies, half-truths, and strawman arguments.


@wjd Flatt
Whether he is or not remains to be seen, but yes I’ve been watching that happen for six years here now.

Were you here back when “GIL” was around? The guy got caught with several name changes in a one or two month period. It’s all they know how to do because they cant win an argument on factual evidence.

Will Flatt

I seem to only vaguely remember ‘GIL’. I was not coming to Ammoland back then even remotely as often as I do now. Being engaged in the comments brings me here constantly now.


Dear Disgruntle soul seeking to promote his/her favored 2A organization. I suppose our opinions are probably worth about the same ;-). Take care.


@OlTrailDog Seems like you don’t understand the difference between opinions and facts then. 🙂 Yes, opinions are always of equal(zero) value, which is why when I debate someone I avoid them or take care to label what is simply opinion and what is fact. For example, the five points I listed are facts, not opinion. They are backed up by evidence, whether from the actions of the NRA or its leadership, or coming directly from your post in regards to point number four. Facts always trump opinions. Example two, you are now engaging in a direct lie. Whether this comment… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

@OlTrailDog, I didn’t label a 2A organization with several derogatory comments. I simply posted VERIFIABLE FACTS that the NRA leadership itself disclosed in its legal filings or public statements, or that are otherwise a matter of public record.

Given the the language you use, I suspect that you are a current NRA Board Member, NRA staff or part of the NRA’s legal team. See you in Nashville, I guess.


I believe you used the terminology “shit show”. Could be a term of endearment you commonly use, but to others it could be considered derogatory, eh? Thanks and take care.

Charlie Foxtrot

@OlTrailDog, I believe the term “shit show” is quite adequate for what is going on at the NRA. You ignoring VERIFIABLE FACTS doesn’t make my terminology derogatory!

$100,000,000 loss in the NRA Carry Guard debacle IS a “shit show” on its own. But, hey, who is counting, right? That’s just over 2.2 million annual memberships or 59% of the NRA’s annual income from membership dues.


@CGGator Foxtrot

While at the same time they are bleeding memberships.

My Father served in the Marine Corps, and they had a different way of saying it. It goes something along the lines of “Taking a $#*! in your own mess kit.”

That is fully adequate to what Wayne and the NRA have done in regards to how they have treated the Membership who tried to hold them accountable.

Will Flatt

I didn’t mention it before, but after seeing several of your comments and others’ I think you need to be set straight about some inconvenient facts.

Matt in Oklahoma

He didn’t run it in the 90s when they sold out. It’s just business as usual


“Since 1991, he has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Executive of the National Rifle Association (NRA),” That’s a fact!
Think again my friend.


And this is how it ends. The supposed pro 2A media bashes on the NRA/Wayne thereby whipping up the shortsighted members who then pound their chests and vow to never give a penny to the NRA again (the only real organization with the power to fight for our rights anyway) thereby weakening them substantially and then start complaining about them when they don’t spend enough to defend their rights. This is how we lose people and the anti’s are licking their chops. Yes we should hold the NRA accountable. Yes we need to make changes. And YES we need to… Read more »


With friends like these, who needs enemies. Washington shot traitors in the Revolutionary War. The NRA is a traitor to the cause and in fact, always have been going back to the 1934 NFA. Why pay for that again?

Gun owners do have one voice. Get the hell out and vet your candidates vigorously and vote in the primaries and the general. That’s the one voice that can and will work.

Social media, State and National ground roots gun org is replacing the traitors in the NRA and I’m a liking it!


As regards the NRA your dead wrong. Like Mike I’m an NRA Life Member too, but not a penny or a farthing will I give to the criminals running the NRA. In fact my giving dried up after the purging of Neal Knox by Lapierre and other conspirators back in 1997, and that especially includes Charlton Heston who I hope is burning in hell for his transgressions.

Boris Badenov

The only ones that can get Wayne OUT, and he should be OUT, is the Board, Infighting is the ONLY thing that helps to keep the world (Democrats/Communists/Bloomberg) from succeeding. I agree, we need to clean the NRA house, but we need to also support it so they can fight, and at the same time write and call the Board members and tell them that if they care about the Nation and the NRA they’d best get rid of Wayne and the cronyism.


I had quit the NRA for a time, due to the bad actions of them. Especially when they gave A+ ratings to F candidates. That to me meant that there were some back room dealings happening with the powers that be. But then, after a couple of years, I joined once more, thinking that the best way to fix a broken system was from within. This was around 2 years ago. When the news broke of Lapierre’s actions, I nearly quit again. But I decided that nothing had actually changed, in fact,things were even more clear than they had been… Read more »


I’d much rather grow the Gun Owners of America to that level of membership and then the NRA in the dust…


About half the time NRA has taken credit, they just stepped in at the 11th hour after other organizations had done all the work. Support your state organizations and SAF. And mostly, just VOTE. Vote in every election at every level. Even Democrat voter fraud can’t beat a 100% conservative voter turnout.


I respect your opinion sir but I believe the NRA showed everyone where they stood in the VA Capitol assembly of patriots and at meetings (sanctuary counties ) they are getting ready to close down the indoor range except for leo and military. This is in there own yard power move by the dems for sure if they can do it there …(you know the rest) I will not support them anymore if you choose to do so great Wayne needs gas for the Lamborghini I will use my money for more reloading supplies powder and brass…round it up for… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

The current NRA leadership is not family! They are holding the NRA organization and its members hostage! The NRA made ~$352,000,000 in 2018 and they only spent $300,000 in the VA election cycle in 2019? At the same time, Wayne LaPierre made $2,150,000 in 2018 alone. That’s right, the NRA spent 7 TIMES more money on Wayne LaPierre’s salary in 2018 than on the VA election cycle in 2019. The NRA leadership has its priorities!!! Stop defending the grifters at the top of the NRA that are holding the organization and its members hostage! You are an enabler! You are… Read more »

Will Flatt