New Jersey: ANJRPC Sues To End Gov. Murphy’s Second Amendment Shutdown

Opinion by Scott Bach
Motion Filed Today to Stop the Shutdown. ANJRPC Prepared to Go to U.S. Supreme Court. Murphy Admits 2A Shutdown is not about Coronavirus!

Human Rights Lawsuit
New Jersey: ANJRPC Sues To End Gov. Murphy’s Second Amendment Shutdown

New Jersey – -( March 26, 2020. Yesterday, ANJRPC filed a federal lawsuit to end NJ Governor Phil Murphy’s unilateral shutdown of the Second Amendment by executive order, supposedly because of the Coronavirus. Today, ANJRPC filed a motion in that lawsuit asking a U.S. District Court Judge to block enforcement of Murphy’s order.

Click here for copy of ANJRPC’s complaint in the case. Click here for a copy of ANJRPC’s motion to block enforcement of Murphy’s executive order.

These actions were made necessary by Gov. Murphy’s executive order 107 on March 21, in which he unilaterally shuttered gun stores, gun ranges, and shut down NICS, effectively switching off the Second Amendment to NJ’s 9 million residents with the stroke of a pen.

ANJRPC is prepared to take this new case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary. The Second Amendment was designed precisely for the kind of emergency America now faces, to insure that law-abiding citizens would have the means to provide for their own safety if necessary. The idea that a single public official can simply turn gun rights off is absurd on its face.

What’s more, Governor Murphy’s overt hatred for the Second Amendment is laid bare in his executive order, which ironically declares that non-vital retailers like liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, and cell phone stores are “essential” and therefore can stay open, while gun stores and ranges and the NICS system are not “essential” and must close.

Governor Murphy has even admitted that his assault on the Second Amendment was motivated by his hatred of guns, not by safety concerns about Coronavirus. When asked just yesterday by a reporter why he didn’t deem gun stores to be “essential,” he stated “a safer society for my taste has fewer guns and not more guns.”

He said nothing about Coronavirus, which is apparently just a pretext for shutting down the Second Amendment.

The legal team representing ANJRPC includes longtime ANJRPC attorney Dan Schmutter, and Washington, D.C. based David Thompson. Both are extremely accomplished in their fields, and very well-respected in the courts. Gun owners are lucky to have them on this case.

Please watch for further alerts as this case unfolds. If you want to support this critical litigation, donations can be made by clicking here.


Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs

About Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs:The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc. is the official NRA State Association in New Jersey. Our mission is to implement all of the programs and activities at the state level that the NRA does at the national level. This mission includes the following: To support and defend the constitutional rights of the people to keep and bear arms. To take immediate action against any legislation at the local, state and federal level that would infringe upon these rights. Visit:

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Meanwhile, liquor stores in the Garden State are open for business. Would Governor Murphy say: ‘A safer society would have less alcohol?’ More importantly, only vetted citizens can purchase guns and ammo in FFL licensed gun stores. But, as we know already, consigning law-abiding gun owners into the same category as criminals is what the Left and liberals do.

Deplorable Bill

Tyranny under color of law or pandemic etc. is still tyranny. Our nation was birthed because of decades of tyranny from the British. Now, as then we see the very same things. Do they really believe history wont repeat itself? Right is still right and wrong is still wrong. Good is still good and evil will always be evil. Because governments change at the whim of the “elected’, good and evil, right and wrong must be defined BIBLICALLY because the LORD doesn’t change. Our constitution, the amendments, the bill of rights and the declaration of independence are written in ink… Read more »


Where is the NRA in all this? I have not seen one article saying they are sueing any of these despots. Am I just missing the stories?


If the suit is worth 4 grand or more, it’s probably in Wayne LaTrine’s closet! 🙂

Black Powder 26

As a former NJ resident I find these articles interesting and very sad. But the bottom line is this, if ALL the gun owners in NJ would get out and VOTE these kids of issues would not be happening. The only real power NJ gun owners have is at the ballot box! NRA, GOA won’t save you. NJ2A does a fantastic job fighting these stupid laws, but in the end the only true way to have second amendment freedom in NJ is to VOTE the bastards out! Melon Head Murphy, Sweeney and the rest of the “Demorats” need to go.… Read more »