Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Pak, 3 Knife Fish Fillet and Boning Kit – Review

I used the 6-inch and the 7.5-inch Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Pak knives to fillet crappie and they worked fine.
I used the 6-inch and the 7.5-inch Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Pak knives to fillet crappie and they worked fine.

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- I received the Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Pak to test out. It is a unique package. It consists of three knives and a sharpener. One is a 6-inch boning/fillet knife, one is a 7.5-inch fillet knife and the third is a 9.5-inch fillet knife. As they go up in length, so they do in flexibility.

Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Pak, 3 Knife Fish Fillet and Boning Kit


Even though the Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Pak is advertised as a fisherman’s package, the 6-inch is also of the right flex to be able to bone out your big game as well as to be used to fillet your crappie and bass. So it is a multipurpose knife.


The 7.5-inch is the right flex and size to fillet your larger fish such as salmon. I had a smoked deer shoulder that I just pulled off of the smoker so I thought I’d test it out on chopping the shoulder into ½-inch chunks to make BBQ sandwiches. It performed fine.


For many of you guys that unlike me catch big fish, you’ll like the 9.5-inch option for filleting your larger fish, such as lake trout, salmon and steelhead. If you like a super flexible knife, then you’re going to enjoy working with this one. I fillet my fish with a smaller knife but a whole lot of guides like the longer ones. Darrel Smith, the guide for us this summer up at Plummer’s Lodges in the NWT likes longer knives.

Since it is spring and no big game hunting is going on at the moment, I had to get creative to test them out. I smoked some deer sausage and deer hotdogs tonight and used the 7.5-inch Reflex to slice the sausage to make Sauerkraut and sausage for dinner. It was super sharp and worked fine. I also liked that I was able to sharpen it on my smooth steel. Although, the kit does come with a fine ceramic and coarse carbide preset angled sharpener.

The next day my wife informed me that she wanted to go crappie fishing. It was a few weeks too early but hey, if the wife wants to go fishing, I drop everything and take her. As expected, it was tough fishing but we did get a couple. Enough to test filleting them with the 6-inch fillet knife and the 7.5-inch fillet knife. Both worked fine.

The 4th item in the kit is a little preset angle sharpener. It has ceramic and carbide sharpening capabilities. Be careful when using the carbide option as it is abrasive and you can harm your blade if not careful. Use it sparingly and gently.

And lastly, I was impressed with the case. It comes in a hard-plastic case and the knives and sharpener all tightly snap into place and are held securely.

I think you get a lot of bang for your buck with this kit. The MSRP is $64.95. And as is usual, we will close with the specs.

  • Double-tempered blades for superior flex „
  • Corrosion resistant V-ground stainless steel „
  • Rubberized TPR handles ensure a nonslip grip when wet „
  • 2-Stage carbide/ceramic sharpener maintains a razor edge „
  • Hard-side case with English/Metric rulers to size your catch
  • Blade Steel: German 4116 Stainless
  • Handle: TPE
  • Case: No-rot polypropylene
  • 6.0″:
    • Blade: 6.0 in / 15.2 cm
    • Overall: 11.5 in / 29.3 cm
  • 7.5″:
    • Blade: 7.5 in / 19.0 cm
    • Overall: 13.0 in / 33.1 cm
  • 9.5″:
    • Blade: 9.5 in / 24.1 cm
    • Overall: 15.0 in /38.2 cm

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A pair of stainless steel needle nose pliers wood be a nice addition, for pulling out those pesky Y bones found in pike.