New Jersey’s Top Cop: Second Amendment Not Essential ~ VIDEO


New Jersey – -( Colonel Patrick Callahan is the highest-ranking police officer in the State of New Jersey. Watch our video where Colonel Patrick Callahan agrees that the Second Amendment is not essential and supported the closure of gun stores and ranges.

Under New Jersey’s Governor, Murphy’s executive order Colonel Patrick Callahan has the authority to reopen gun stores and ranges so citizens have the ability to protect themselves and learn firearm safety, while also respecting social distancing and health guidelines from State and Federal officials.

The same exact way Colonel Callahan guided liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, and home improvement stores when he classified them essential.

Colonel Patrick Callahan is the highest-ranking police officer in the State of New Jersey. Watch our video below where Colonel Patrick Callahan agrees that the Second Amendment is not essential and supports the closure of gun stores and ranges.

Make your voices heard and contact the New Jersey State Police and Colonel Callahan’s office. Urge them to reopen gun ranges and allow gun stores to operate in the same capacity as other stores that are deemed essential while following social distancing and health guidelines as other essential businesses!

Twitter: @NJSP
Facebook: @NewJerseyStatePolice
Call Colonel Patrick Callahan’s office:
609-882-2000 ext 6500
E-mail:[email protected]

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About the New Jersey Second Amendment Society:New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:

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Why does any firearms or ammo manufacturer or retailer sell anything to these police departments? In this case I would blackball the entire state. Let all the cops good or bad feel the pain.

Wild Bill

@Hazcat, To make profit and stay in business. Changing the New Jersey situation is up to the voters of New Jersey.


Every day I pray that the major arms and ammo manufacturers do exactly that. I’m fully aware that it’ll never happen, but it would be gratifying to see them, along with even all certified instructors and gunsmiths no longer serve those who despise them.

Capn Dad

He’s one of those cops that believes only the police should be armed. He’s one of those jealous cops that probably was bullied when he was a kid and grew up thinking I’ll show them when I get a badge and a gun who’s boss. As a second responder (the armed citizen is always the first responder) he has no credibility especially in a crime ridden state like NJ. He is a jerk and is a person of no consequence. Ignore this fool.


Damn skippy. To me, hes nothing more than a jack booted thug.


It’s called “Heavy Badge Syndrome” a lot of rookies have it, but most grow out of it.
Looks like he is one that didn’t.


Hell, the cops in the Northeast are all anti-gun. More specifically, anti-gun for YOU, not themselves. They don’t think you “civilians” are capable of handling a gun. Only “they” have what it takes. You people in NY, NJ, MA, PA, MD, CT etc. know what I’m talking about. Oh, there may be one or two low-level officers that recognize the power of the Second Amendment. The rest want to take away anything they deem “dangerous” from you, because if you ain’t a cop, you ain’t s**t. End of rant. BTW, I was a cop for 35 years, retired for the… Read more »


Hmmmm.. that puts me in mind of a former top cop and governor in Massachussetts. HE tried disarming his “subjects” It did not go well for him .
Some of you may recognise his name It was Thomas W Gage. Its HIS fault we are now a nation no longer subject to the Crown of England.


In addition to the corrupt politicians, in a state such as NY it is the various unions that “run” the police departments. As such it is a key negotiating point to differentiate how “dangerous” police work is – they “need to carry weapons for self defense”. Over the decades this has been made obvious as various state and municipal agency security personnel negotiate “parity pay packages” once they negotiate “acceptance” that they “as peace officers” need to be armed. … Of course, with the passage of time it has become a “self-fulfilling prophesy”.


Gerry; you missed a couple of states RI, Del, and the conversion of Va,all on the slide, the creep in Pa should have been recalled and thrown out of office!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And now PA has mail in ballots people with any character running for office that could possibly bring a positive change will never win again. Get ready for 6 more years of the Commy Wolf come next election. First it was the Gerrymandering maps after Reps worked to get the districts. And now this KNOWN cheating (mail in ballots) going to take hold. So why was millions spent on voting machines ?


I wonder if the Colonel appreciates irony? His job is to uphold the law, the Constitution is the law of the land. His comment shows that HE is one of the reasons that the Second Amendment is
absolutely essential. Irony.


“The guns that do exist are in the hand of the right people.” WTF So, all lawful gunowners are not the “Right” kind of people? Both of these SOB’s need to be removed from office, and disarmed.


Bingo. You just struck the nerve of progressive ideology. No, cruiser, you and I are “nonessential serfs” in the eyes of progressives. Have been for 120 years. This is what happens when a political movement uses the Declaration of Independence as toilet paper. Any roll in a crisis. Never let a good crisis to go to waste when you have an opportunity to seize that which only the God of Abraham can give. Your rights.


The Nazi Gestapo have all the guns they want but do not need. POS hypocrites!


This message is worthy of expression to your elected representatives. I have and will continue to present this hypocrisy to them in calls, emails and testimony at legislative committee meetings. Ultimately each need to be recalled when in violation of such an oath. Vote, campaign for the right people, call, write. ACT.


New Jersey has been run by communists far too long. The only reason communist states and cities get away with violating the national laws is because the federal government is negligent. The feds are quick to act if the other sections of the Bill of Rights are violated but strangely never act on second amendment violations.
Could the communists now control the DOJ ? Bet on it.

Wild Bill

, Since FDR.


I swear he is a MORON wrapped in STUPID!


That’s just fine, as long as all LEO in NJ also don’t need their firearms or any other training for the duration. Disarm every office and seize any firearms from their homes for the duration, specifically including any firearms in any location where Callahan can be found.


How long will it be before the PEOPLE of the State of New Jersey render Colonel Patrick Callahan “NON-ESSENTIAL”?

Better yet, how long before someone finds the guts to charge this clown with felony perjury for swearing that oath then refusing to uhold it? Not to mention denial of fundamental rights.

The other Jim

Maybe William fatboy Barr will sue Colonel Patrick Callahan and the State of New Jersey for violating the constitution?

Idaho Bob

No offense to all the good LEO’s out there, but this PUKE isn’t essential either!


This action in and of itself defines my term “Blue Utopia.” Situational ethics, situational law, relativist morality rule. This clown has been well trained to beg for scraps from his political commissars but when it comes to executing the terms of his oath, oh well. If this is how your clown show state leadership has reacted to the Wuhan Virus you live in a Blue Utopia. Vote with your feet.


– NO NO NO. Do not vote with your feet. Vote with your vote, vote wtth your money, and vote from the rooftops if you must. Do not cede any more states to the fascists. If we keep surrendering states, we are no better than the NRA. Give up a few more and we will have no power at the federal level – where would you go then? Comes a time when one must stand and fight – true for political as well as physical fights.

Deplorable Bill

ANYONE who breaks their oath of office is guilty of treason and should be tried, held without bail and executed — PUBLICALLY. I would add a PUBLICALLY televised tarring and feathering to be used as prison clothing until sentence is carried out. That might wake up some traitors and cause them to think about the penalties of their evil deeds. IF the day ever comes when enforcement, lawyers, judges, legislators and presidents actually live up to their oath of office, I/we might begin to have some faith in them. For any of them that don’t live up to their oath… Read more »


Oath Breaking Officials, that are not held accountable.
Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…

Mike Carbine

Jersey State Police still wear the Nazi uniforms they copied from the Krauts in the 30’s. If it looks like a frog, hops like a frog, croaks like a frog, it might be Mr. Snuffleupagus.


Government officials setting aside the constitution under pretend “emergency powers” … I wonder if future historians will be able to pin down the date we became a banana republic.


@USA – Does that make it better or worse? I’d say that the governor’s statement that he didn’t consider the constitution to be tantamount to stating that the constitution is irrelevant to his job. Never mind that his job, and the powers adhering thereto, arise from the constitution (and consent of the governed). Would think such a statement would be enough by itself – no need for an impeachment or any length process – a judge should be able to remove him from office based on that one statement alone. ** Oops wrong article. Sentiment still stands though. Of course… Read more »


Typical. Rules for thee, but not for me.


It’s the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs. Any public official not honoring their oath to protect and defend the Constitution should be held accountable. No exceptions.

Get Out

The people of the State of New Jersey should be calling for this guys resignation.

Behind The Lines in N.J.

Uniforms by Der Fuhrer Fashion Designers Inc.


New Jersey fashioned their uniforms after the Nazi Ss and gestapo because they are authoritarian look so people will be intimidated…look up the history of New Jersey State Police…!!!


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New Jersey fashioned their uniforms after the Nazi Ss and gestapo because they are authoritarian look so people will be intimidated…look up the history of New Jersey State Police…!!!


East Coast, West Coast, I don’t hold out much hope for either one and this POS excuse for an LEO and a human being is exactly why.


This crap is OUR fault. We allowed this to happen by “letting someone else do it” . Why cant a decent person go to school and fill a job like that clown has ? Or run for office ? These types fill library brds too. Decades ago,they started trashing books promoting individualism,etc.. Anyone say anything?Not besides me,that I know of. We fuss about the screwed up public education.Has anyone done anything about it,or tried ? I swear,there aint no men anymore. Flood this yahoos e-mail,fill his postal mailbox,shut down the switch brd. w/calls. And keep it up ,dont give up,… Read more »