Universal Background Checks Put Virginians in Harm’s Way

Northam should resign GOA
The GOA and many other gun groups strongly believe Gov. Northam should resign.

Springfield, VA. -(AmmoLand.com)- Gun Owners of America (GOA) is calling for a veto of SB 70, a Universal Background Check bill that has passed out of Virginia’s General Assembly.

This legislation will require nearly every firearm transfer be done through a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL) and require a background registration check.

“Even though SB 70 passed the General Assembly and now awaits the Governor’s signature, we still oppose this unconstitutional bill, as well as, every initiative aimed at ending our inalienable Second Amendment-protected rights,” GOA Senior Vice President Erich Pratt said.

Pratt also pointed out the hypocrisy that, in this time of social distancing, this bill would require in-person meetings at an FFLs.

Pratt stated, “There is absolutely no evidence that these private party gun sales were making Virginia less safe.  Our right to self-defense and right to defend our liberty against the ever-encroaching government is spelled out in our Second Amendment.  It would be an undue burden, especially during these unusual times, to require such in-person gun sales among law-abiding private parties.”

GOA is urging all freedom-minded Virginians to contact the governor and their state representatives in opposition to this bill.

About Gun Owners of America (GOA) :

Gun Owners of America (GOA) iGun Owners Of Americas a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul Visit: www.gunowners.org to Join.

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Frankly, you people in Virginia voted these Communist Azzholes into office! You know what to do about it! In the interim, SUE THEM!


Northam is an autocrat who deserves to be Article VI ‘d out! Call for impeachment and tele-vote him out!

Heed the Call-up

If I wanted to sell a firearm after this law comes into effect, I would sell it anyway. They would have to know I sold a firearm and somehow determine when and where it was sold. If it were a long arm, I could legally sell it in most other states. If it were a handgun, they would have to prove I sold it after the law came into effect. I know I sold it before the law came into effect. Surely I would not commit an illegal act, that would be criminal. Aside from that, if I was doing… Read more »


Is GOA still operating??? Participated in their Lifetime Membership Program for 10 quarterly payment for the four 2019 payments. Then, no invoice received for 1Q2020. Attempted to contact them several times via their web site “Contact Us”. Crickets. Called and talked to their receptionist. She was to contact their Accountant/Bookkeeper…..No Respones. Obviously she was not properly trained to “tske personal ownership” of a customer’s problem until resolved. Crickets Yet, they keep sending letters seeking donations.. Guess they have sufficient Lifetime Members and don’t want me. Moving on. Already Lifetime member of SAF and NRA. Guess not going to be one… Read more »


Pretty obvious they are still operating since they posted this yesterday.

GOA is the go-to place for my pro-gun $. This NRA Patron member quit giving the NRA clownshow money years ago.


It ain’t illegal if ya don’t get caught!!
Civil disobedience!


Trying to convince Northam or any of the Virginia elected liberal cronies is a waste of time. You can’t hold a rational conversation with a lunatic (liberal)….


Civil Disobedience to an un-Constitutional Law is a powerful deterrent to tyranny.

jack mac

Citizen defiance is the power required to stop tyranny.


Blue Pill side effects include but are not limited to: delusions, stupor, unprovoked outbursts, hallucinations, achy butt, finger pointing, narcissism, smugness and diminished sense of responsibility. Prolonged use of Blue Pill will cause irreversible brain damage.

Gene Ralno

Not to worry. Noncompliance with gun control laws worldwide ranges between 80 percent and 98 percent. For example, to date, 44,000 of New York’s estimated one million assault weapons, about four percent, have been registered. And law enforcement has made few arrests for breaking the law. In other words, if nobody obeys the laws, the government would face a colossal mutiny. Perhaps our politicians need to learn the hard way that authority cannot exist without subordinate acceptance. And acceptance simply does not exist. Besides, background checks on private firearm transfers will affect many but not as intended by the democrats.… Read more »


“Our right to… and right to … ever-encroaching government…”
Falling on deaf ears.