POF P19, The All American Glock Style Pistol – Video Review

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Being American made means a lot more lately. We should all be buying American whenever we can, whatever we’re buying. Now, the Most American, most patriotic, freedom-loving firearms company in existence, is making a pistol based on the iconic Glock design right here in the US of A. That’s right, Patriot Ordnance Factory is building a Glock 19 sized pistol. But they just didn’t spit out another Glock style pistol just so they could say they can. They looked at each individual detail, analyzed it, and did everything they could to improve upon it. Just like they do on their AR rifles, giving you a very complete and “ready to go” pistol based on the proven Glock design. Because let’s face it, a Glock is just a starting point; does anyone out there really run a bone stock Glock? You at least need to put new sights on them, but even beyond that there are so many upgrades, improving Glocks has become a major industry in itself. POF delivers a feature-packed pistol that is ready for the serious shooter right out of the box, with no upgrades needed. However, if you have some upgrades that you are partial to, this pistol should be compatible with vast majority of aftermarket parts for Gen4 Glocks.


POF has always stood out from the pack and builds the ultimate fighting machines. They just weren’t going to make a regular boring Glock, they put a lot of key features into the P19 to separate it from the pack. Let’s take a look at the frame; the entire frame is covered with an amazing texture that actually feels just like an expensive, custom stippling job. I’m not exactly sure how POF achieved this but the texturing, to me, is the most impressive and surprising feature. In my opinion, the texture isn’t overly sharp, but really nice and grippy. I would also say, that it is a superior texture over any mass-produced texture on the market. Like I said, it really does feel just like a very good, custom stippling job. 


They didn’t stop there though, there’s a really nice beavertail that allows you to grip very high up on the frame. There is also a very generous undercut on the trigger guard, again allowing you to grip higher up on the frame helping control recoil. They have gas pedals in the front, but they are massive and almost like a shelf to hold your support hand thumb; helping you control recoil and speed up follow up shots. I also like how, while still working with standard Glock mags, POF has managed to get the grip a little more vertical and not at the dramatic angle Glock has; I think this is another huge improvement. The frame does feature adjustable back straps allowing you to really dial the grip in just the way you like it. There is also a really nice over sized metal mag release with some really good texturing on it. One last thing before we move on from the frame, POF has put recesses on either side of the grip. You can use these to grip and forcibly remove the mag should you need to, due to a malfunction. It’s nice that these are on the side and not in the front because who the hell would rip out a magazine from the front?

The slide also has some tricks up it’s sleeve as well. It has these awesome aggressive serrations that work extremely well, and they double as lightening cuts. It comes cut for a Trijicon RMR, so you can immediately attach a red dot if you like. If you want to go with the iron sights, they are a big step up from the plastic space holders that come on the Glock. They are made of metal, because plastic sights aren’t great, and the rear is blacked out with a fiber optic front sight. I’ve been running an RMR, but these iron sights would actually give you a very good sight picture if you wanted to just run those. Another nice little touch is that the back plate is anodized red and has the POF logo on it. The barrel is being made by POF, and POF has long been known for making absolutely exceptional rifle barrels that are phenomenally accurate. This barrel would appear to be of the same superior quality, and it does have a target crown to help with that accuracy. The recoil rod is metal, and has a single coil spring on it. I even like how the takedown lever is slightly extended and angled, making disassembly easier. 


Let’s talk about the trigger, and I’m going to tell you upfront this isn’t the lightest trigger you’ve ever felt in a Glock. If you are used to a ZEV or something like that, this is heavier. What POF wanted to do was preserve one of the greatest things about the Glock, the trigger safeties. Making this an extremely safe pistol for everyday carry so the actual pull weight is pretty similar to a stock Glock. However, what they did do is greatly clean up the feel of the trigger. There’s only a little bit of take-up and it is absolutely silky smooth. The trigger breaks crisp as glass, at five and a half pounds, with absolutely no over travel. The reset is audible, tactile, and leaves you perfectly on the wall for the trigger to break with no take-up. While this isn’t the lightest trigger, it is an exceptional trigger in every other way, while maintaining all the Glock safety features with no compromises. I also think in actual use the vast majority of shooters will be extremely happy with this trigger.

I know a lot of people are going to say you can get a Glock just like this for less money, and to that I would say, “no you can’t”. Let’s take a look at it; say you start with your Glock, and you have $500 in that, and that is pretty conservative. Then you add a custom slide, milled out for an optic and you’ll be in to that for about another $400. The P19 has a texture far superior to a standard Glock and more like a custom stippling job, that will set you back another around $300. With just those two enhancements you’ve already exceeded the MSRP price of the P19 at $1129.00. The POF P19 has a ton of other upgrades, on top of those, that will set you back even farther if you’re trying to match it. Adding up the additional costs of the sights, mag release, trigger, barrel, and the rest of it will just push your custom build even further into the stratosphere. Trust me, if you’ve ever built out a high end Glock the price tag gets pretty insane pretty quick. The POF P19 delivers a ton of value for the cost. I know everyone doesn’t need a tricked out Glock, and the P19 might not be for everyone. But don’t think you can duplicate this pistol for less, it just can’t be done. If a decked out Glock is what you’re looking for, the P19 would be hard to beat, or find a better value for your dollar than the POF P19. The POF P19 was everything that I have come to expect from POF; it was accurate, reliable, and more than that it just feels great in the hand. The POF P19 is a huge step up, and this is a pistol that I actually enjoy shooting. Everything just feels tight and right; it really feels more like an HK pistol than it does a Glock. Needless to say, I am impressed. 


This pistol delivers everything you could want out of a high-end Glock clone pistol. POF has made drastic improvements over the original design while giving the Consumer that appreciates the higher end pistol upgrades a great value for their money. Additionally, you’re buying a pistol from a solid American company full of patriots. That means more now than ever.

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Really a puff piece- no cost, accuracy, Ammo sensitivity data! How much did POA pay for this article?


MAYBE a great gun, but the RED trigger and mag release really CHEAPENS the look of that thing! IMHO


My bone stock Glocks are just fine, totally reliable and they hit what I aim at.


I really love the holes in the slide. I bet that really helps with collecting dirt and debris. WTF, over?


I don’t think that the P19 is worth the money. I have a stock G19 Gen 5 to which I have added TruGlo TFX Pro sights, a stainless steel recoil assembly, a bar stock extractor, a mag release extension, and an OEM “minus” connector. It is reliable, accurate, and serves well in both EDC and IDPA competition. I have no need for fancy serrations or a red trigger. The POF piston rifles offer genuine engineering advancements. This pistol does not.


Guess I’m in the same category with gcm. I don’t exclusively have Glocks, but my everyday carry guns are all Glocks. And what idiot carries a heavily modified gun for self defense? Beyond factory night sights and a light/laser, tampering with the workings of the most reliable gun on the planet is done only when your ego exceeds your intelligence. Glocks aren’t pretty, but the person trying to kill you will only notice after they have taken it from your dead body.


Could not get past the third paragraph as I was drowning in his gushing love affair.


Five of our handguns are Glocks. Three of those are hand built with P80 kits. None of those are completely stock, the others are, with the exception of the trigger bars. They all shoot well and we put our lives as well the lives of the sheep we may have to protect on the line everyday we carry them. POF has nothing on any one of our Glocks and one can get two glocks for the price of one P19, with a little change left over.


Having read the “article” I have just one comment. “There is a sucker born every minute, and two to take him.”


That “thing” is an insult to POF’s fine line of Rifles.


I don’t own one nor have I shot one. Have you? What facts do you base your comments on?


My opinion of the Glock is that it’s a cheap piece of junk. They need after market add ons to try to make it worth owning one. I have worked on a couple and they’re cheap junk. It drives me crazy when I read a book and everyone has to have a Glock. There are lots of top grade hand guns that are made in America by Americans and are better made and more reliable, made with real high quality parts, and you don’t have to spend more money upgrading them to make them work more like a Ruger, Smith… Read more »


Cheap piece of junk? What world do you live in? My Glocks never fail and they shoot anything I feed them. Junk? Hell no.


Guess you do everything based on how is massages your ego. You probably say the same derogatory things about Budweiser beer (the most popular in the world) – if everybody else thinks it is great, Ray-Ray thinks it’s a piece of crap because he’s smarter than anyone on the planet. Riiiggghhhttt…

AZ Lefty

Well as they say everyone can have an opinion; it does not have ot be valid!


ray, ray, my opinion is, your opinion is bunk. I have 3 glocks and have carried one for the last 7 years. started out with kel-tec, not a fan due to trigger ergonomics. shot a glock and liked it a lot and traded up. I have not changed a thing on any of mine and I can shoot anything I can see. you can use your money to buy whichever handgun you heart desires and I will not criticize your purchase, so don’t criticize mine. I would like to meet you at the range and compare statistics at the end… Read more »


Ray, I just read where Bugs Bunny commented on your comment. He said, “What a Maroon!!!!