World Traveler Reports on Wisconsin Open Carry and Walmart Request

World Traveler Reports on Wisconsin Open Carry and Walmart Request Courtesy Dean Weingarten
World Traveler Reports on Wisconsin Open Carry and Walmart Request Courtesy Dean Weingarten

U.S.A.-( A Wisconsin Walmart manager recently followed store policy in Northern Wisconsin. They interacted with a long term friend of mine.

He is an accomplished world traveler, due to his vocation as a missionary. He has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has often remarked about how little freedom most of the world has, compared to the United States.

He is a brave man. I marvel at the dangers he considers routine.  When in the United States, he openly carries a sidearm, most commonly a Glock .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol.  He says liberty, unclaimed and unused, is easier to lose.

Here is his report of open carry experiences in Wisconsin over the last six months:

I open carry in Wisconsin on a very regular basis, rarely do I have someone say anything to me about it, but every now and then… 

Last fall I was standing in line to pay for a coffee at our local Kwik Trip convenience store. I was openly carrying my Glock 22. I noticed a man look at me and then go about his business. As I went out to my truck he came outside.

He said, “sir, is it legal to carry a pistol like that in public?”

I replied yes it is, both our American constitution, as well as our Wisconsin constitution, protect the right to keep and carry arms. 

“He then said oh, you have a permit to carry.”

I replied, no permit is required to carry openly in the State of Wisconsin.

This man was both shocked and excited. He thought he must have a permit to carry, and confided that he was wanting to do that, but was afraid the process would be long and expensive. I informed him it is not; while waiting, he should study up on our gun laws and carry. He was very thankful.

Several weeks ago I walked into an Aldis grocery store. Several people took note I was openly carrying, but did not say anything.

As I walked out of the store, a car was approaching. I waited for it to pass and then proceeded to cross the parking lot.

The driver of the vehicle got out of his car and crossed the parking lot and said, “sir, I want to thank you.”

I asked him “What for?” 

He replied, “I want to thank you for carrying your sidearm in plain view. It does my heart good when I see people doing that. I feel safe and comforted in knowing if a wacko walks into an establishment with malicious intent, and sees someone who is armed, most likely he will change his mind, as he is looking to hurt, not be shot.  Thank you for using your rights.”

As we talked he thanked me again for open carrying and said that I had given that push he needed to start carrying himself. I told him, more people need to be using their liberty. Liberty unclaimed, unused, is easier to lose.

Today, a buddy and I walked into Wal-Mart.

I go into Wal-Mart several times a week open carrying.

I have never had anyone say anything to me, but today was different. I was carrying my Glock 22. Today was a two mag day.

My buddy was carrying his nickle plated .45 Long Colt on a western style gun belt. It is a very flashy pistol. 

Courtesy Dean Weingarten

We did our shopping. Upon entering the checkout line, a look of panic appeared on the face of a cashier standing near by.  She called the manager.

The manager came over and said, “men, I respect you, but we have a policy that you not carry openly in our store. So, I respectfully ask you to conceal your pistols.” 

We pulled shirts out of pants and covered up the guns. I said, “concealed”.

I asked why there was no sign. She said there is a sign on the door. 

I had never seen such a sign on the door. I asked her to point it out. 

It was a 2 inch phrase in the corner of a general sign. I had never seen it before. 

The lady was very respectful, as were we. She said she has a concealed carry permit and frequently carries. 

She said she understands our desire to carry. She thanked us for exercising that right, but apologized and referred to store policy. I told her I believe their sign does not meet the legal requirements. We talked some more and parted ways. 

Open carrying a sidearm is a wonderful way to educate the public on liberty and our God-given rights. Brush up on talking points and Carry on.

Not everyone is as brave as my friend. As the exercise of Second Amendment rights becomes more common, less courage is required.

A pleasant conversation with a friendly store manager is nothing compared to being locked in a Russian jail or using a knife to fight off attacking dogs.

The fight for liberty in America is still at the talking, writing, and voting stage.  It is better and easier to win at those stages than to go through the horrors of war our forefathers experienced.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Superman sounds just like 99% of the government civilian unionized police servant or government lawyer servant or government judge servant and who have failed to read the Constitution Bill of Rights Second Amendment “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”or more than likely don’t give crap. Meaning each CITIZEN decides what they want to carry, how they want to carry it, and where they want to carry it with no need of a government nazis servant permission permit. All gun control laws are UNGODLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALand only supported by British Red Coats, NAZIS, COMMIE, and FASCISTS


How about the gun law that says psychotic 12 year olds can’t have them in school? Were the people who banned those laws ungodly Nazis? Or are you maybe overstating things a bit. It does no good to the cause of the 2nd Amendment to take insane positions.


Here in Arizona citizens can carry open or concealed without a permit, training or permission from the current idiot governor. It has always been enjoyable and reassuring to see folks “packing” at grocery stores, gas stations and even in church.


I typically forget what stores “prefer” that patrons not open carry until another story hits the media. In NH, I just ignore said requests. If I’m asked to cover or leave, I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it.


I have carried concealed since 1971. I think open carry makes you the primary target for a shooter or a gun grab. Just protect it.

Chris Mallory

In my 30 years of open carry I have never been a target for a shooter or had my gun grabbed. An honest man has no reason to hide his weapons.


That’s another reason I love the open-carry crowd. They are the primary target and no one notices me drawing a careful bead from a covered spot while Wild Bill is banging away….


– From what I’ve heard of @WBs shooting, if he is already “banging away” the shooting will be over by the time you’ve drawn your concealed pistol.

Ryben Flynn

That sign in most States has no force of law. It is a request, not an order. Many States have specific sign requirements for a business to post banning the carrying of firearms in their establishment. Texas for one. 30.06 and 30.07 signs to ban concealed and open carry. If Open Carry were legal in South Carolina that sign means nothing.


In many states if you purposefully ignore their policy, you are guilty of criminal trespass. Because you do not have their permission to be on their property while in violation of their policy.

John Dow

I f they hide their “request” in tiny print in a wordy sign, it would be a hard fight for them to win. Most malls do the same thing. I’ve even seen where the sign actually disappears as the sliding door opens.


In actually any law for or against the Gun is illegal according to the 2nd amendment but is totally ignored for political reasons. Politicians need to be held responsible for their crimes against the Constitution but that will never happen without another revolution when citizens restore the Constitution. Politicians have distorted the political positions so that they rule the citizenry instead of being Public Servants. They use the gun as a tool to put pressure and threaten citizens. Between the Politicians and the criminal media, most people no longer really understand the rights provided by the Constitution especially the 1st.… Read more »


@CDR – I believe that is part of why WW does not post 30.07 in Texas. They don’t want their customers arrested, they just want to virtue signal and comfort their hoplophobe (woke) customers.
If they verbally notify you of policy and you to refuse to either cover or depart, then you are trespassing. Officers are always close to WW because they get lots of business there. At that point you can expect to be arrested and banned from their stores.


“The Second Amendment protects the right to keep arms and the right to bear arms. Neither right is inferior. The only historical laws that Heller denounced for matching the severity of the District of Columbia’s ban on keeping handguns were bans on carrying handguns openly. As dictionaries from the founding era attest, to “bear arms” includes carrying arms for personal defense and other lawful purposes. Some of Defendants’ amici assert that “bear arms” is exclusively military. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson thought the opposite and proposed a bill to the Virginia legislature using “bear a gun” in expressly nonmilitary contexts.… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by USA

I very very rarely open carry. But this article may nudge me to do so more often. The more people see us – normal people – spending money, shopping, eating – while openly carrying, the less stigma there will be to firearms. Maybe. There was a time “a few” decades ago in the USA when it was not socially acceptable for inter-racial couples to go out and about. It caused (stupid) people angst, it was distracting, it made you a target of being yelled at (or worse). So many couples stayed in a lot more than they wanted to in… Read more »


Please do. Open carry in public places improves our visibility and standing in the eyes of the public. But please don’t violate state/municipal laws or store policies. Walmart encourages people to carry concealed by not posting legal signage (in Texas). Those who violate the “good will” of a company that permits concealed carry will alienate those who passively support us.


Concealed carry offers the distinct advantage of surprise. Besides it makes the sheep nervous when the sheep dog bares it’s fangs.
Stealth aircraft were invented for a reason.

Chris Mallory

I am a man, not a dog of any kind. An honest man has no reason to fear carrying his weapons openly.


I don’t know, you sound a little “dogmatic” to me.


I always enjoy when someone thanks me for carrying in public.


I live in Michigan where open carry is allowed. I also have my CPL. My approach to open/concealed carry is rather relaxed. My warm weather EDC is a full sized Security 9 in a OWB thumb break leather DeSantis holster strong side, with an EC9s bug in a IWB holster weak side (concealed). My fashion sense hasn’t changed in 40+ year, Tee shirt & jeans with a unbuttoned long sleeve dress or flannel shirt over the Tee. For anyone that cares to look can see I’m armed (most don’t care enough to look). When it come to the arguments that… Read more »


@Hound – I’m mildly jealous of your description of “warm weather” dress. For me cold weather means jeans and possibly an over shirt. Warm weather means shorts and a sweaty T-shirt. Don’t even think about HOT weather. On the other hand you actually have winter. My dogs may love snow, but I don’t mind our typical 50-70 degree winter days.


“The fight for liberty in America is still at the talking, writing, and voting stage. It is better and easier to win at those stages than to go through the horrors of war our forefathers experienced.” America has been “talking, writing, voting” stage for decades. America’s enemies are counting on Americans to talk, write, and vote, while they establish a tighter infrastructure and choke hold on America. It’s beyond the voters. We’re are at the “counters decide” stage. Biden announcing “Trump will steal the election” is the Dems telling us their plan to steal the election. They have been probing the… Read more »


@StillPro2A – I think it might be nice if Mr ORourk personally went out to collect carbines. It would be a short lived effort and at very least we’d be rid of his nonsense. While licensed carry may be an infringement, it is less so than strict prohibition. Overall and in most of the country (geographically) gun laws have been becoming more liberal rather than more Liberal. Progress has been slow, but we have been winning. There is much risk of major setbacks, so we must be vigilant and pursue all peaceful means at our disposal. Whomever is perceived as… Read more »


Texas CHL holder weighing in. Walmart did not post 30.06 or 30.07 signs (unlawful to carry open/carry concealed). They merely requested that if you want to shop at Walmart with a sidearm, please don’t make a public statement on private property. They would have been well within their rights to post 30.06/30.07 signs. They did not. If you visited a friends house, would you put your feet up on the furniture if they didn’t like it? You respect the house rules at your friends house, but not as a guest on private property at Walmart? I support increasing Second Amendment… Read more »


The article PLAINLY states that they DID NOT see any signage, and complied immediately when notified. Your analogy is completely invalid. They were not doing anything destructive like putting their feet on the furniture. Also, this is a place of business. Do your friends invite you over for dinner and then charge you for it? These folks did the right thing. The point ofthe article went completely over your head because they don’t have the same opinion as you and you arrogantly think they should. You seem to think like a liberal.


I think it’s system wide for Wally World now, no open carry. I’m pretty sure I read it several months ago here, on Ammoland. It’s not a crime but if you should refuse their policy, the police will be called and then it will become a trespassing transgression. If you bow up and insist on your constitutional right, you will be banned from ALL WalMart stores immediately (and probably be given a court date on the trespassing charge—maybe even a little ride with the po po).


That is not at all how the system works in the USA, Chip.


Please take note ” Wally World is NOT private property” it is“Public Property” if it is open to the public. That means that it is as public as any street or roadway. Open Carry is more than a Constitutional right , it is the first order of Natural Law which you can deny but can’t overcome. The first Natural Law of life is self preservation. All thru history this has always been done with weapon. A weapon at home is not the same as a ready weapon with you. Weather you choose to open carry or concealed carry should be… Read more »


– Under socialism businesses are owned by the public. We live in a primarily capitalistic country in which privately owned property remains private property.
Wally-World is privately owned property opened to the public for business. As such it remains private property and remains under the control of the owners.

Manager in Dean’s story is NOT the owner but employee and agent of the owners. As such the manager must enforce policies of the owners. Sounds like the manager disagrees with policy and does their best to enforce it in as reasonable manner as possible.


Go sit down out of the sun, Oldmarine, your brain is overheating. Oh, and you are incorrect.


Open carry. The ‘free gun zone’ when you are blindsided and are relieved of your sidearm. You just can’t fix stupid. Just because you CAN do something does not mean you SHOULD.


Are you related to the Green Watch Dog?


Has that ever happened, anywhere? Outside of your imagination, I mean.


It feels “funny” to do so but I agree with your statement. I would add that life is about choices and when people make one ill-advisedly, and things go south, they should own up to their mistake.


There is one incident, in lower Virginia, where a wannabe bank robber walked into the bank (many years ago), mask over face, saw a buddy of mine at the tellers window open carrying and ran back out! The bank manager saw the whole thing unfold in seconds and thanked my friend.


Ah yes, one more in a long line of folks who believe in Rights……just as long as you exercise them the way THEY see fit!


Idiot! That why, like Police Officers, a lot of us carry a back ups. So if some miscreant grabs my gun, he’s going to get an unexpected surprise! By the way, I very rarely carry openly.

panem et circenses

To each his own. No permission is necessary to employ a right. Just like you can use your 1A right with no repercussion but an expected tongue lashing from the rest of us for your intolerance.