Mobilized to Dance in Blood: Giffords Pushing Policy Before the Dead are Even Cleared


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Mobilized to Dance in Blood: Giffords Pushing Policy Before the Dead are Even Cleared, iStock-Cylonphoto

New Jersey – -( On February 14th, 2018 at approximately 2:19 p.m. the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida occurred. The horrific and long-lasting effects of this act of extreme violence will be with our country and the families of the victims forever. Over two years later, details about the attack and Monday morning quarterbacking continues to happen.

One of the big things that throw a flag on the play is all the ignored signs. And, no, not the signs to citizens, but from those citizens raising the alarm to authorities. The domestic terrorist had an extensive history of dealing with the police and school resource officers at Douglas. The tools were there…But due to lax policies on how to handle these situations, the authorities did not execute their proper duties, which very may well have stopped this event from unfolding.

The fact has always been, and still remains, if you call the police because someone is a threat, they are supposed to respond and are supposed to act. They did not act.

Enter into the fold anti-gun organization Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence (Giffords). This is another group that at first glance seemingly has good intentions. We as a public witness these things unfold and none of us want to see harm or loss of life due to the actions of domestic terrorists. So, of course, as gun owners we must support them, right? The answer is not that simple. Well, it is, the answer is no.

Through emails obtained by AmmoLand News through OPRA W161324 Giffords Courage to Fight Gun Violence & Phil Murphy, (embedded below) we can see things from a different perspective (we encourage you to read the released documents in full on your own).

On February 15, 2018, at exactly 08:31 a.m. – appx 18 hours after the attack Giffords sent out an email. The email was from Nico Bocour ([email protected]), the Stale Legislative Director at Giffords, directed to Pearl Gabel ([email protected]), the Digital Director in Governor Phil Murphy’s office. The email outlined a full rundown of the events in Parkland, preceded by a very telling narrative. From the email:

“As you know there was an awful shooting at a high school in Florida yesterday. While the news is still very much developing, I did want to reach out because the early reporting on the shooter appears to be demonstrative of a situation where an Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO) would be valuable and potentially life-saving. ERPO is the policy I discussed with Kate McDonnell and Justin Dews last Friday and which continues to be a top priority for Giffords. I’d love the opportunity to discuss more with you all.”

Further from the email:

“I expect there will be discussion in the coming weeks on what could have been done to keep firearms out of the hands of this individual…”

Giffords Nico Bocour to Governor Phil Murphy’s office Regarding the Parkland Florida Shooting February 15 2018
Giffords Nico Bocour to Governor Phil Murphy’s office Regarding the Parkland Florida Shooting February 15, 2018

Did you catch all that? 17 people were murdered and another 17 injured, and what does Giffords do? They project their policy. Not even a full 24-hour news cycle later.

The seeds were planted in Murphy’s office a week earlier, by their own admission “ERPO is the policy I discussed with Kate McDonnell and Justin Dews last Friday….” For those of you looking for some information on these individuals, Kate McDonnell was Murphy’s Deputy Chief Counsel and Justin Dews Murphy’s Senior Counsel.

“Never Let A Good Crisis Go to Waste” captured by Rahm Emanuel, seems to keep popping up when discussing these anti-civil liberty groups.

A full investigation was not even hardly started, never-the-less completed, and Giffords was out there pounding the pavement with Governor Murphy’s office. One can only speculate how many more emails like that went out that morning? Did other Governors get similar correspondence?

Back to more facts:

  • Fact, the domestic terrorist should have not been able to commit this atrocity, and that was under the law at that time. Nothing special, like an ERPO [deadly red flag orders] was needed just competent police work. Competent … Police … Work!
  • Fact, the Sheriff’s department dropped the ball, school security was inadequate and the school resource officer retreated, rather than doing his job.
  • Fact, Governor Phil Murphy signed A1217, known as the Extreme Risk Protective Order Act of 2018 on 6/13/2018, four months after the email from Giffords.
  • Fact, Governor Phil Murphy was endorsed by Giffords when running for Governor of New Jersey in 2017.
  • Fact, Governor Phil Murphy was supported by Giffords’ PAC, Americans for Responsible Solutions.
  • Fact, ERPOs have turned out to be deadly, as was this case out of Maryland with Gary J. Willis (The re-visitation of policies employing no-knock situations are also under a microscope after several deadly outcomes).

And finally,

There are two things that need to be addressed (really way more than that, but who’s counting?). One – the ERPO law in New Jersey, as written is unconstitutional rendering no due process or relief for people who fall in its’ crosshairs. Two – the situation with Giffords needs to be explored further. They saw an opportunity to strike, and strike they did…

Giffords danced in the blood of the dead, way before any of the real details of the tragedy came to surface.

And what did Murphy do? What he always does. Pandered to this special interest group that has spent cash to support his campaign efforts and has a direct line of communications to his cabinet. ERPO is the law of the land in New Jersey.

ERPOs, brought to you by the anti-civil rights group Giffords. Now is a good time to reach out to Murphy’s office and ask questions such as: How can I get a direct audience with you? How much money do we need to donate for these privileges? How big does my group have to be to get this preferential treatment? I’m sure they’ll be happy to answer those questions.

I urge citizens to reach out to the Governor’s office about this and his conspiring with Giffords, to get his perspective and give him some feedback: (609) 292-6000. Perhaps tweeting at him will get his attention: @PhilMurphyNJ and @GovMurphy

OPRA W161324 Giffords Courage to Fight Gun Violence & Phil Murphy 08/2020

John Petrolino is a US Merchant Marine Officer, writer, author of Decoding Firearms: An Easy to Read Guide on General Gun Safety & Use and NRA certified pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructor living under and working to change New Jersey’s draconian and unconstitutional gun laws. You can find him on the web at on twitter at @johnpetrolino and on instagram @jpetrolinoiii .

John Petrolino
John Petrolino
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The horrific and long-lasting effects of this act of extreme violence will be with our country and the families of the victims forever.”

Bushwah. Only because the media won’t let it go.

17 people died and 17 were injured in Parkland.

That’s an average weekend in Chicago. Every week. Still happening.


The police could have disarmed him numerous times, during the 26 calls for service to his residence. Further, the school board intentionally chose not to alert police to additional criminal acts by the terrorist on school grounds because they were using a bleeding heart liberal obama policy of having violent offenders write letters and apologize, to end the “school to prison pipeline”. The school principle is responsible, as the offender should have been locked up for previous crimes, at school, each of which would have resulted in disarming him as well.


The school principle is responsible? Since when? Did HE pull the trigger? Grow up.

Dave in Fairfax

Since you like being a spelling NAZI,
He’s a PRINCIPAL although he may have no principles.


Way to punch our resident grammar nazi right in the gonads! I can hear him moaning all the way away in Montana! 🙂


Try reading comprehension classes, Superdud.

The principal would have prevented the catastrophe from happening, and the shooter would never have had the ability to carry out the deed, if the school actually contacted police for violent acts and crimes committed by kids on school grounds. But instead, bleeding heart liberal policies of relative justice and rewarding bad behavior were chosen.


Yeaah, Arizona, the FBI also “passed” on it just like they did with welfare recipients at the Boston Marathon Bombing.


Read Andy Pollock’s excellent book “Why Meadow Died” and you will understand that the Parkland incident was built upon a trail of errors. The center of that trail of errors is the Principal and staff of the school and school district. They simply ignored the signs and kicked the Cruz can down the road. Fact.


Superman, you are an idiot. Of course the superintendent not the school principle is responsible. The school principle is culpable because he did not protest the policies of the school superintendent.


the principal and school board are first to blame, second is the bcso and sheriff, third is the fbi and lastly the school resource officer. if any of these groups had done their job this probably would not have happened. it is always easier to blame an inanimate object than a person.

uncle dudley

What’s next with these gun grabbers thought police?
If you look a certain way you must be thinking of doing harm with a firearm, especially if you own one of those black rifles they like to call assault weapons.
The people who could have stopped this in the first place didn’t do their job and the sheriff’s dept. didn’t either.


You thought things could get worse but they were already ahead of you.


this: “ what could have been done to keep firearms out of the hands of this individual…”” Any one of FOUR things that were readily available under existing laws in Florida at the time of the incident. FACT : the perp had committed at least FOUR felony offenses for which he was never charged, and Broward COuntySheriffs and school personnel know about them. FACT had the perp been CHARGED with even one of those four felonies, his name would have been in the FBI’s NICS ssytem as a Prohibited Person, and when he tried to buy his rifle he’d have… Read more »


Sadly Gifford’s husband turned her into The Village Idiot of Gun Control.


When fact and reason do not support your case you need to depend upon loads of money and loads of hyperbole to drive emotion. That is the tactic employed by the Progressive New Left to twist public policy in favor of ideological and not reason based objectives. The Giffords Law Center is simply a propaganda mill. Anyone who is paying serious attention to their output needs to be getting their news from Russia Today television. Knowlingly consuming propaganda and applying the same to public policy is a simple admission that you are not interested in the truth but seek solace… Read more »


hey, do not denigrate RT that way. they are more credible than gabby’s group.


I have not seen any comment on the policy of the Obama Administration’s Promise Program which directly lead to individuals, such as Cruz, in the schools being ignored by the school authorities so as to “win” grant money for lowering the number of disciplinary problems referred to the police. This Promise program was the brainchild of the school superintendent a t the time of the shootings. He was with the Chicag0 school system before being hired by Parkland and had used the policy of ignoring increasing disciplinary problems to achieve a statistical lowering of such problems on a year to… Read more »