Irish Setter Canyons Hiking Boot Field Trial & Review

Irish Setter Canyons
Irish Setter Canyons

USA – -( I’m a sucker for hiking boots. I love them for hunting, fishing, backpacking wearing to Church, the grocery store-you name it. I don’t start wearing my high-top leather boots until the deep winter snows set in. So, when my buddy Kim Emery the marketing guru for Irish Setter told me about the introduction of their new line of CANYONS hiking boots, I had to test some out.

The bone on the side of my ankle is placed at an awkward height and in a lot of boots press against it and it is annoying. As a kid the Dr. told mom I’d never be able to wear cowboy boots. Of course, I grew up and cowboyed all through grade school on up to college. In fact, I dropped out of college for a period of time to try to make it as a professional rodeo cowboy riding bareback horses. So, don’t let the doom & gloom Dr.’s ever scare you.

The moral to the story is, I can’t wear every pair of boots on the market due to my bone structure. The tops either have to be below this bone or above it but can’t be right on it. When I first strapped on the Irish Setter Canyons boots, I had that awkward feeling. But due to their construction, they have what they call Cushin Comfort tongue technology which was designed to minimize the pressure that some hunters feel on their shin from the top of the boot tongue. They utilize four-way stretch nylon that offers flexibility while walking. After wearing them for an hour they were comfortable and are going to work fine for me due to this technology.

Irish Setter Canyons Hiking Boot

So, in a nutshell, I found the Irish Setter Canyons to be comfortable to wear. Plus, they are super nice looking. You could wear them with slacks as casual wear, to Church or in the mountains. Here’s my dilemma, every time I get a pair of Irish Setter hiking boots it’s hard to take them right to the mountains. Every pair is so nice looking that I hesitate to get rough on them. But that’s what I get them for so off we go.Buy Now Gun Deals

Breaking In Boots

In the old days, you’d buy a pair of leather boots and soak them in water, and then slap them on. As they dried, they formed to your feet. I haven’t heard of anyone doing that in the last 30-50 yrs. BUT-you definitely needs to break in your boots before taking off on a hardcore hiking trip.

To break in a pair of boots I’ll wear them around town for 1-2 wks. That way they form to your feet at a slow pace. I don’t care if you wear them to walk the dog, run to the grocery store, to Church, etc. Even walking around the house. That way they fit you before you go hit it hardcore and you don’t get blisters and can’t make it back to camp.

Here’s another big item to help boots fit right. Used to I bought all of my boots tight. Now I buy them about ¼ size too big. When I’m trying on boots at the store, I fit them while wearing hiking socks. You don’t want to fit them while wearing thin dress socks and then wear thick hiking socks when in the mountains, that’s almost a ½ size difference.

Irish Setter offers four models in the Canyons line. I choose #2857. All four models have the same sole pattern. The tread is not very aggressive but I think it should work fine. I’m not too sure that the tread on a lot of hiking boots isn’t over-exaggerated and more aggressive than necessary.

They are 7” tall which is the height that I prefer. They are waterproof, comfortable and I’m going to like these boots. Be sure to wear your little Covid-19 mask while out hiking on the trails so when I blow by you in my Irish Setter Canyons boots that the dust won’t choke you up.

The MSRP is $169.99 on four models of the Irish Setter Canyons. And as is usual, we will close with the specs:

  • SCENTBAN™rs. : An Irish Setter exclusive scent control process, ScentBan™ is added to various materials from leathers to linings to footbeds, killing bacteria that cause odors.
  • VIBRAM® OUTSOLE: Exceptional design intersects with innovative rubber compounds to create versatile, performance outsoles. Vibram® outsoles offer excellent traction and high abrasion resistance in a multitude of environments.
  • ULTRADRY™ WATERPROOF: Our UltraDry™ construction combines a moisture management lining with waterproof components for dry, long-lasting comfort and performance.
  • ‘CUSHIN’: CuShin Comfort tongue technology was designed to minimize pressure some hunters feel on their shin from the top of the boot tongue. And an internal padded waffle mesh maintains premium comfort.


  • Height 7-inch
  • Waterproof UltraDry™ Waterproofing System
  • Leather Type Full Grain, Waterproof
  • Construction Cement
  • Footbed Removable Memory Foam-EVA
  • Shank None
  • Outsole Vibram® Beehive – Black
  • Last H101-1
  • Lining Synthetic Mesh

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