Montana Senate Race: Democrat Steve Bullock Gun Safety & Pandering ~ FAIL

The photo used in Bullock's campaign advertising and reported on by Newstalkkgvo Screenshot 9-23-2020
The photo used in Bullock’s campaign advertising and reported on by Newstalkkgvo. Screenshot 9-23-2020

MISSOULA, MONT. – -( The Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) is acutely critical of Senate candidate Steve Bullock for committing an egregious firearm safety violation and for serving as a terrible example for Montana youth.

MSSA President Gary Marbut explained, “In his zeal to for a campaign photograph with a gun, Bullock posed himself in front of the muzzle of a loaded rifle. The very first rule of gun safety is ‘Treat every gun as if it was loaded.’ The second rule is, ‘Always point the muzzle of the gun in a safe direction.’ Bullock violated both of these unchanging rules, setting a very bad example for Montana youth and for anyone else inexperienced with firearms.”

Marbut continued, “Bullock’s reckless disregard for firearm safety, in his lust for a photo op with a gun, flies in the face of the training given to Montana youth by our stalwart Hunter Education instructors across the state. It is potentially damaging to that widespread effort to keep our young people safe.”

The photo used in Bullock’s campaign advertising and reported on by shows a high powered rifle resting over the carcass of a deer and pointing at Bullock’s chest!

In most accidental firearm tragedies, the person causing them reports, “I didn’t think it was loaded” or “I didn’t realize it was pointed at a person.” All reputable firearms safety programs are inflexible about teaching students what in the gun culture are called “The Rules” of firearm safety. The first two of these are always that all guns are to be treated as if loaded at all times and that a firearm muzzle must never be allowed to point at, sweep, or cross anything the person is not willing to destroy. After those come the rules to keep the finger out of the trigger guard until ready to shoot and to make sure to identify the target and what is beyond.

Marbut concluded, “I know that Bullock is desperate to persuade Montana gun owners that he’s one of us. That’s tough since he vetoed 16 of our bills. However, in taking and using this photo, he only demonstrates that he’s clueless about guns, and maybe dangerous.”

MSSA is the primary organization asserting the rights of Montana gun owners. Marbut is a veteran firearms safety instructor and the designer of Montana’s highly acclaimed Be Safe, gun safety program for children.

[Republican Steve Daines is running to keep his seat away from the anti-gun Democrat, Steve Bullock and is endorsed by and has the support of President Trump.]

~ Gary Marbut: 406-549-1252, [email protected]

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Montana is full of very rich Californians. As usual, they can’t leave their insanity in California. Montana wants SO BADLY to prove they are not full of American hicks but, instead, they are “educated” socialites and anti-American activists….you know…the “IN” crowd. Back in the 1980s, Montana still had inter-school firearms competition. But, the power of Montanans refusing to register to vote and refusing to vote for conservatives, let the communist democrats in and they IMMEDIATELY stopped the gun competition between schools. In the 1970s, Montana gun laws took up less than one page. Max Baucus saw to THAT change. In… Read more »


WAKE UP Montana !!!


We have the same problem here in Florida. Too many worthless, liberal, scumbags from the Northeast!


don’t forget the south west of commiefornia.

Big PP

Look what our past Republican Governor, now Senator Rick Scott did to our gun rights!!! We now can not own anything “That increases the rate of fire” in any firearm! It’s not a 1 party issue, don’t think because someone says they are Republican that they are pro 2A. In fact, looking at voting records of FL “public servants ” you will be shocked and inraged at how many Republicans vote against Our constitution. Their voting records Do not lie, but they do! Let’s keep our guns and our Rights intact! Screw all the Turncoats and traitors!

Elisa Delaurenti

Golly, has that lying little monster obtained legal hunting and fishing licenses here in Montana?……. inquiring minds want to know……


Who is the “lying little monster” ??

uncle dudley

Just another politician trying to fit in and get gun votes, remember democrats want to take your firearms, don’t vote for any of them.




I just noticed that both hands are different size or that is the impression. Raises the question was that his animal? Look at the size of the fingers. One looks like a mans the other looks like a female or a youth.


The kids arm is raised in a position to the adults shoulder so that can’t be his/her hand on the antler unless the pic has been cropped. I suspect this picture was photoshopped to move the kid out of the frame of the picture. The kids hand should have been edited out to make it look correct. Hard to tell whether it was just so the child wasn’t in the campaign photo or not. I’m guessing it’s a father/son-daughter, uncle/nephew-niece type photo that was photoshopped for campaign use.