Who Would Biden Appoint? Andrew Cuomo as Attorney General


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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo stands with Moms Demand Action, IMG nygovcuomo

New York/Delaware/United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- Who is elected President matters – and not just because the President signs legislation and has the bully pulpit at his (or someday, her) disposal. It also matters because the President of the United States can appoint officials to the Cabinet, and those are often the people who would make a lot of the policy decisions.

This is why Second Amendment supporters should greet reports that New York governor Andrew Cuomo is a potential contender for the post of Attorney General in a potential Biden Administration with great alarm. When his track record is taken into account, Cuomo isn’t just a foe of our Second Amendment rights, he has clearly shown a pattern of retaliation against those who exercise their First Amendment rights in opposition to his agenda.

It is not just his abusive attacks on the National Rifle Association, although that group is arguably the most prominent victim of his regime’s depredation against dissent from his hard-left agenda. Cuomo’s regime also targeted ExxonMobil over its dissent from his environmental agenda. He lost that round, seeing his legal offensive get dismissed with prejudice in May 2019.

Why does this matter? It’s very simple: You don’t have to like the NRA’s current leadership, nor do you have to be a fan of ExxonMobil to understand that if Cuomo can subject them to expensive litigation with the intent of bankrupting them into compliance with his demands, it can happen to others with far fewer resources than those two major entities. Someone like you.

Don’t just take my word for it, just ask the owner of Lucky, a bar in Manhattan.

The owner had started a petition calling for the loosening of restrictions that Cuomo’s regime imposed. Then the bar got a visit from the state’s liquor authorities, who revoked the bar’s liquor license. Do you really think that the timing of inspection that led to the revocation of that license just happened was a coincidence?

It does not take much imagination to predict how many in the media would react if a Republican governor had done what Andrew Cuomo did to the NRA to Everytown, the Brady Campaign, or some other anti-Second Amendment group. The outrage would be palpable, and we’d see calls for investigations. But Attorney General Cuomo would not only carry out his current targeting, we could very well see it advance against other pro-Second Amendment groups with the blessing of many so-called “watchdogs” in the media.

The fact that Andrew Cuomo is even a candidate to be Attorney General should motivate Second Amendment supporters to work for the defeat of Joe Biden. In addition to volunteering and passing the word to their friends and family, they need to donate to the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund to ensure that plenty of pro-Second Amendment candidates are elected at all levels of government.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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If this nation decides to swing further left in this election, it would seem reasonable that the leftist leader (no matter how temporary) surrounds
himself with a certain type of delusional personalities. Any person who
can convert nursing homes into death camps, must be supremely
qualified to be a functionary in the new despotic government.
One thinks Cuomo is a good fit.


Not another dime to NRA until LaPierre is gone. My money is going to GOA.


GOA, 2AF, and of course your state Citizens defense league. And never the RNC or any party level fund. Always direct donations to real conservatives.


Cuomo is a mass murderer. He created a law to force nursing homes to accept covid-19 positive patients, putting the most vulnerable at risk. Over 5,000 died. Cuomo needs to be tried by a jury of citizens and then face the death penalty. We need a hanging for that many murders.


Yes, because John Gotti and the rest of the gang are dead. They have run out of bulls and have to tap in to the Fredo bench. Simple answer.


Biden would appoint every liberal to every post! It’s all bad! Get out the conservative bite and forget the polls- just vote!!


You mean Kamelface will do the appointing. In the primarys she was the first out and her only chance ever of making it to the Whitehouse will be at Joe’s demise. If you saw the ‘town hall’last night, you know he is not going to be in office very long, should he win. Dementia is setting in very, very fast.




Cuomo as AG? The elderly had better learn how to age in good health so they never need a nursing home. The only thing that could make this more laughable is if the nomination would be for head of Health and Human Services (HHS). Perhaps de Blasio has that position locked up already.

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