The Fight for the U.S. Senate: A Call to Arms

Nevadans' Second Amendment Rights are at Risk in 2016!
The Fight for the U.S. Senate: A Call to Arms

Georgia, USA – -( I apologize for the blatantly political post, but we as gun owners need to step once more into the breach and defend our rights and the firearms industry.

The election is not over. In all likelihood Trump has lost the White House and we have Joe Biden for President. As unpalatable as this may be for gun owners, we still have some control over our fate if the Republicans keep control of the Senate. Republicans currently have 50 seats. Democrats have 48. The two remaining seats are in Georgia where there is a runoff election on January 5th. This election is literally for all the marbles as far as gun owners are concerned.

If Democrats win those two seats, the current Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, has promised to do away with the filibuster which requires 60 votes to approve a bill. He can do this with a simple majority which he has because in the event of a tie, Vice-President Harris gets to cast the tie-breaking vote. Doing away with the filibuster allows the Democrats to do several things, all of which they have promised to do and all of which are bad for gun owners and manufacturers.

First, they have promised to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which protects gun and ammunition manufacturers and dealers from frivolous lawsuits. Without this Act, there is no firearms industry because no manufacturer will be able to afford insurance. In addition, because a repeal would be within the Congress’ Commerce Clause power, it is unlikely the US Supreme Court would step in to prevent this.

Second, they are threatening a new assault weapon ban and/or a registry of existing semi-automatics and magazines in the NFR ala machineguns. At $200 per magazine, many of us will have to take out mortgages to pay for tax stamps. This may be a mixed bag in the Supreme Court. The Court’s new majority may declare an assault weapon ban unconstitutional, but Miller v. US held the NFA registration requirement to be constitutional.

Third, they are threatening to pack the Supreme Court with anti-gun liberal justices. Court packing would consist of expanding the size of the Court, which is within Congress’ power, and naming liberals to the Court to become a new majority. This would have the long-term effect of undermining our judicial system.

Fourth, they are threatening to make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states. This would increase the number of Senate and House seats and Electoral College votes that lean Democrat. It could change election and legislative calculus for a generation or more.

The reason for my long-winded diatribe is to emphasize the importance of winning the two Georgia Senatorial run-off elections. If you live in Georgia, make sure you are registered to vote and your friends and family are registered to vote AND ACTUALLY GO VOTE. Also, contact the Republican campaigns and volunteer to help. There is a lot of work to do. If you do not live in Georgia, contact your friends and relatives that do and ask them to vote. Also, send money if you can afford it. This promises to be the most expensive senate campaign in history. Both sides know how important it is. Whoever wins this election will absolutely dictate the future of firearms manufacturing and rights in this country.

They will also dictate the direction of the country itself. Like I said, this is for all the marbles. ~ Dan

Dan Zelenka
Dan is the president of the Louisiana Shooting Association, a board member of the Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and a practicing attorney in Louisiana. He has been involved in all aspects of the shooting sports for over a half century and is a hunter, competitive rifle and pistol shooter, and firearms collector. These days, Dan spends significant time working with various groups and legislators on gun rights issues.

Dan Zelenka

Dan is the president of the Louisiana Shooting Association, a board member of the Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and a practicing attorney in Louisiana. He has been involved in all aspects of the shooting sports for over a half-century and is a hunter, competitive rifle and pistol shooter, and firearms collector. These days, Dan spends significant time working with various groups and legislators on gun rights issues.

Dan Zelenka
Dan Zelenka
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Actually we just need a call to arms. If you trust in voting after what we have just witnessed, you are part of the problem. They have crossed the line in the sand and any cognizant person knows that.


America’s ridiculous Socialism “creep” has just gone too far. There is absolutely no justification for conservatives (the real patriots) allowing the Leftists to retain ANY power, for any additional amount of time.

Civil War has been approaching for a while [even Obama’s Homeland Security office admitted to Congress – back in early 2016 – that civil war would indeed occur on US soil… and HS’s best guess back then was within 5 years (ie, by early 2021)].

Whether we want war or not, Leftists just made certain that it has arrived. They, alone, bear the responsibility.

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I couldn’t agree more. It’s time! As I said in my last comment, they key to ALL OF IT, is the mainstream media. Make examples of a few prominent talking heads and CEO’s, and the rest will get the message real quickly that their leftist propaganda and lies will no longer be tolerated. Send a clear and undeniable message to the Jack Dorseys and Jeff Zucker’s of the world, and the rest will start taking the term “journalistic integrity” a lot more seriously. NO DEMOCRAT would be getting away with the BS they’re getting away with if the MSM wasn’t… Read more »


I live my life just like Robert describes living his. PERIOD. And I am willing to shoot any ENFORCER who decides it is his “job” to cage or kill me for doing something or having something that “they” say I can’t. As long as I am not damaging someone else in their life, liberty or property…THEY are the criminal.


We are all called to war if Biden is left as President. Our only hope is that Trump is successful in throwing him out.

Stand strong.

uncle dudley

The liberals want power so bad that they are urging people to actually move to Georgia and register to vote so they can turn the two senate races to the democrat party, this should tell every freedom loving person just what these mad fiends will do to turn our country into a communist state it’s bad enough that they got mail in ballots sent out in mass quantity in the Nov.3rd election whether you asked for a ballot or not, it shows they will do anything for control.


Don’t buy into the bull$#!t… the leftist $#!tbags lost ~ Keep faith that there’s still enough honest Americans to right this blatant attempt to steal our voice, vote and our country #liberalillness


Georgia needs to pass a temporary law that says if you move to their state that you have to be there for six months before you can vote in a presidential election. Pulling the stunt of moving in and voting is illegal but the left doesn’t care. In addition, they don’t have anything to hold them where they are like a job or a home so they are free to roam whenever and wherever they want in addition to getting paid to move by movie stars, soros, bloombutt, the clintons and Kameltoe. They will go back to their demonrat whole… Read more »


I haven’t given up on this country yet but me thinks if the line between our freedom and destroyed judicial system is 2 senators then in a way we have already lost.

Phillip Journey

Defeatists don’t win by definition

Phil in TX

In the immortal words of Sir Winston Churchill, “Never Give up. Never, never, never. Never give up”!

Phil in TX

John Crump

100% agree!


This “call to arms” should be quite literal. There’s truly only one way we save this country from the communist left now, and I think we all know what that way is. The mainstream media and the big tech giants like Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc., are the key to ALL OF IT. Make examples of a handful of the MSM talking heads and MSM and big tech CEO’s, and the rest will get the message rather quickly and stop their partisan BS. If the MSM did their jobs and started holding these communist leftists accountable, NON of this garbage… Read more »


The one world order needs the United States of America to disappear, once it does, there will be freedom only in one country on earth, Israel.
You can’t beat the scripture for accuracy over long distance.


Do you REALLY believe that Israel is free? Haaaa…they are run by psychopathic control freaks too. Just like every other country on the planet. It’s just a matter of what DEGREE the psychopathic control freaks can control. In the US, they ARE a bit afraid of the citizens following the pattern laid out in “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross.


The psychopathic control freaks are trying to take over in Israel just like they are trying to take over in this country. They are doing the same things to Netanyaho as they are doing to Trump. There are things going on in the ME that were written about 2700 years ago that will affect every person on the planet. Israel is the only nation in the ME that is truly free compared to all the rest of those nations and for the most part, the rest of the world. A people that fears its government is not a free nation,… Read more »

Phillip Journey

I know many are tired. I know the focus of all of us must be the future and not the past. The old saying it is darkest before the dawn is more applicable than many presume. If we fail in this endeavor we need to only look in the mirror to see why.
Donate money to NRA-PVF, the NRSC or the candidate of your choice.
Donate time Volunteer Now


Donate to GOA. The only organization that doesn’t turn their tail up to the gun grabbers big dil… if you can’t figure it out.

Capn Dad

“The people get the government they deserve.” – Jefferson. Our weakness as a nation has brought us here today. I’m betting weak America, with few exceptions, will roll over and accept communism.


Did the negative voter READ the article that was written in 2006? DID YOU? Most likely not because Stockholm syndrome and cognitive dissonance are in play.