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By Dianna Muller, Founder of the DC Project.

Georgia – -( All eyes are on Georgia!  As we mush our way through this election season that is dragging on with so much uncertainty remaining, many of us have probably asked ourselves the burning question of ‘what can I do’?

It was that burning question and a witty video of Rep. Dan Crenshaw stating “bring everyone” to a rally for the GA Senators in a run-off that led me to step outside my comfort zone and ‘knock doors’ in Georgia for the pro 2A candidates.

December 20th, 2020, was my inaugural door-knocking experience helping to get the vote out.

I teamed up with one of my local DC Project gals, Karon Peters, and set off to make a difference! I will share the process that got me started and the top five things we learned that day to help encourage you to get engaged!

Where do you even start?  It can be a little intimidating doing something for the first time.  I started by contacting the NRA and getting plugged in with the grassroots Frontline Activist Leader. Here’s the link:  They will have you upload an app and it becomes very self-explanatory from there.  We also got NRA door hangers with information about the candidates.

When you open the app, i360walk, it detects your location and gives you ‘books’ that contain the specific information on each of the houses.  The app sends you to specific doors based on the information they have mined. That made us feel better about knocking on doors with a high probability of support.  Our goal was to ask them to actually vote!  Once you finish a visit, there are questions in the app that seem to be updating the information they have.  Like “Did they indicate they were supportive” type intelligence.

Now that we have covered how we got started, let me share the top five things we learned that day.

  1.  How many people is ideal?  I enlisted the help of a couple of friends since there is safety in numbers, but you don’t want to waste time or talent with too many.  Three is a good number.  Two to knock and one to manage the app and document your effort for your own social media.  The more folks realized how easy it is, the likelier we are to get people to help!
  2. Respect personal space.  Knock on the door and take a step back.   Being a retired police officer, I didn’t even think about this at first.  Usually, people called me to their house or my uniform would let them know I’m the good guy.  But if there is a stranger at your door, the resident doesn’t have that information, and stepping away from the door gives them a little comfort knowing that if they crack the door, someone isn’t going to force their way in.  We did see a door that had ‘no solicitation’ on it and we respected the sign and went on our way.
  3. Ladies are important. Women can be less intimidating.  I don’t want to discourage the guys from door knocking, but if you can mix a woman in there, it will likely help!  Dressing professionally and with a smile are no brainers to make you look warm and inviting!
  4. When is best? Saturdays are best as there is a greater chance of someone being at home.  NRA suggests 10 am to 5 pm time frame, but there are no rules. We went on a weekday and there were a lot of folks not home, so we left a door hanger.  Some houses already had door hangers on them, so you know these folks are getting satiated with election information.
  5. It’s great exercise!  Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers. We had a very mild weather day which I’m sure that enhanced our experience!
Dianna Muller with Karon Peters Get the Vote Out
Dianna Muller with Karon Peters Get the Vote Out

All in all, we are chalking our first experience was a smashing success.

We were able to make contact with several folks and had some good conversations with some like-minded people.  If you say ‘I don’t like politics’, then you are allowing others to have rule over you. So, what can YOU do?   It’s imperative that gun owners and conservatives get engaged.  Local politics matter.  From school board to federal legislator, it’s up to constitutionally sound people to take back the reins.  And if that sounds too scary, you can always volunteer to door knock!!

About DC Project

The DC Project raises awareness that firearms safety and violence prevention are achieved through education, not legislation; encourages the preservation of America’s gun culture; and highlights the diversity and rising demographic of female gun owners through ongoing advocacy because gun rights are women’s rights.

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Voting in Georgia has unequivocally been shown to be pointless under the existing system. Rather use your talents to shut it all down until the fraud is fully exposed.


Your sick, seek help.