California: Concealed Carry Weapon Holder Application Scam: False Text Messages

Scam Alert
California: Concealed Carry Weapon Holder Application Scam: False Text Messages

California – -( California Rifle & Pistol Association is receiving disturbing reports that California gun owners are receiving text messages on their personal phones claiming that today is the “last day” to get a CCW from their respective County Sheriff, along with a link to an application form. Be warned, this is a fraudulent claim!

At CRPA we have just been advised by numerous Sheriff’s offices across the state that there is a nationwide text message scam that has been targeting citizens with CCW permits.

Those targeted by this scam have received text messages alerting them that their permit needs to be renewed or changed and offers a link to provide the user’s information.

These text messages are being sent randomly from phone numbers to people across the entire nation.


It appears this latest attack on California gun owners is nothing more than a ploy to obtain their personal information. To what end is unclear. If you receive this message, California Rifle & Pistol Association advises you to delete it off your phone and block the number from which it was sent.

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The enemies of your liberty, speaking specifically of the Progressive New Left and their many front groups simply cannot win in the marketplace of ideas. They have to use schemes like false flags, the Rules for Radicals and outright lies to avoid a squared up debate. Fact and reason do not favor their conclusions nor do they support their prescriptions. As long as you and I, liberty loving people have any means to remain self reliant they cannot impose their will upon us. Your home, your means of making a living, your assets, your firearms are all means of remaining… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

Spammer reported.


received two of them. How do they get cell phone numbers?

Ryben Flynn

Random dialer app.


a random dilaer app will not target any particular class of people, such as Mother May I Card holders. Do we know this is going out compeltely randomly, or targeted? If targeted, this is VERY disconcerting as SOMEHOW information has been leaked.

This sort of thing is why I rarely give out my mobilnumber. The fewer tmes it is put’out there” the smaller the trget I present.


How ironic: Ammoland posts an article about text spam and the first comment for the article is spam!

I have received several of these bogus texts. 210 area code.


210, Texas area, I think.

Dave in Fairfax

The phone number that it shows isn’t likely to be a real number. They spoof the number just like the other phone scammers do. As for getting the numbers, some *may* be via FOIA requests, though it’s not likely, the more likely way is for an inside source to give the numbers to them.


this is the bane of modern technology. i get a number of bogus/scam texts and emails from paypal, fedex, ups, amazon, email provider, apple. only thing you can do is not respond and don’t click on any link. if you are unsure, check the return email address or go to the website of the company and verify information. you can also report it to companies like apple when you get these scams. bottom line, verify everything.

Dave in Fairfax

gregs, You can always hover your mouse over the links and see where they go. If it’s a supposed US company and the link is nothing like their name or ends in something weird like .tk, .kr, .in, etc then you’re pretty sure that it’s bogus. I run my computers off external 60 and 100 GB HDs using Linux. That way the main HD isn’t accessible to malware and exe programs won’t run. It let’s me take a look at things that are dicey without worrying about them too much. If I REALLY step in it, I can flatten the… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave in Fairfax

The two HDs is what I do also. Use the second drive to keep the boot disk clean. I often do it on windows, though, which takes longer to recover from. But I have a Linux machine also, and that is the important one.
Windows always craps itself up anyway, no matter what one does. That way they can sell a new machine every year to those who think that reformat and reinstall are Yoga positions… 🙂

Dave in Fairfax

Knute, I use the 2 drives as a “Tell me Twice” RAID array. It’s so simple to fix a HD under Linux that I just move stuff off to the RAID and run under the small drive. People, LINUX is NOT hard to use now. It used to be that if you didn’t write your own DOS batch files, you’d find Linux to be arcane. Now you can do point and click, just like in Windows. You can still play with command line stuff you want to, but you can live a lifetime and never need to. Ubuntu is LARGE… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave in Fairfax

Sure, I’ll be certain to go to your website and send you the entire contents of my bank account. /s