Here They Come Again… President Trump Should Shut Down the ATF

ATF Pistol Brace Reversal Political Move, 60-Day Suspension of Honey Badger Decision
Whatever BATFE’s motives for their current assaults on gun owners, President Trump should take immediate action to rein in the agency and shut down their attacks on our rights. Q Honey Badger Pistol Arm Brace

USA – -( The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has been making rumblings about pistol braces for some time, and now they’re going after 80% build kits.

Those of us who have been paying attention have seen this coming for quite a while, but it has mostly been muted during the Trump administration. The BATFE started getting more aggressive and blatant in their assaults on our rights just before the November elections. It appears that the BATFE leadership was pretty confident of a Biden victory and couldn’t wait to start working toward Biden’s stated goals of increased gun control.

It’s also possible that the honchos at BATFE figured that upsetting GunVoters right before the election might hurt Trump at the polls. We’ll never know for sure.

Whatever BATFE’s motives for their current assaults on gun owners, President Trump should take immediate action to rein in the agency and shut down their attacks on our rights.

While any action taken by President Trump would likely be overturned in short order, if the apparent election results are allowed to stand and Joe Biden is inaugurated as the new President, it is still very worthwhile for President Trump to take decisive action to stop the nonsense going on during his watch. Not only would such action provide gun owners with some temporary relief and a little more time to plan and organize for the fight, but it would help garner much-needed support for President Trump and Republicans in general. That support could be critical at this moment in political history. Shooting down unconstitutional actions by his BATFE, also lays the whole issue squarely at Joe Biden’s and the Democrats’ feet, if he becomes President, removing the option of claiming that he’s just going along with policies initiated under the Trump administration.

The BATFE has a long history of abuse, distortion, ineptitude, and corruption, along with a historical propensity for keeping their policies and regulations ambiguous, so they can maintain leeway to shift interpretations and engage in selective prosecution of gun owners.

Just last week, in the wake of a series of threats and accusations lodged against manufacturers, sellers, and owners of pistol stabilizing braces and guns equipped with the devices, the BATFE published a Notice in the Federal Register, describing the “Objective Criteria” the agency uses to determine the legality of pistols equipped with these additional support devices. The Notice is laying the groundwork for the BATFE to declare most arm-brace-equipped pistols to be Short-Barreled Rifles, which are required to be registered under the National Firearms Act. They’ve even gone so far as to offer to waive the $200 registration tax for current owners of arm-brace-equipped pistols, who would like to register them as Short-Barreled Rifles.

A pistol brace is nothing more than a short extension attached to the back of a handgun, which can be strapped to, or braced against, the shooter’s forearm, to help support and stabilize the firearm while shooting. Some people have been known to use these braces like shoulder stocks, and BATFE is claiming that many of these devices are actually designed and intended to be used in this manner, which would make the guns they are attached to “Short-Barreled Rifles” under the definitions of the National Firearms Act of 1934.

The Notice published last week by the BATFE spells out the “objective criteria” used by the agency in determining whether a particular pistol and brace configuration should be regulated under the NFA, or not, but the “objective criteria” they offer, leaves so much room for interpretation, that it can mean anything they choose.

Criteria identified in BATFE’s Notice includes such things as “size,” “length,” “weight,” and “balance,” along with “caliber,” “optics,” “magazine capacity,” “length of pull,” and other general concepts.

Absent is any sort of actual objective criteria. What size? What length? What weight? What caliber? How can magazine capacity be a factor when virtually all of these guns use detachable box magazines and can accept magazines that can hold as few as 3 or 5 rounds, up to magazines that can hold 100 rounds or more.

BATFE might as well have included “color” and “scent” in their “objective criteria,” because as long as no quantifiable parameter is identified, it is not “objective criteria,” but rather categories of consideration. And the categories of consideration laid out by the BATFE in their Notice, are so broad and undefined, that there’s no way for anyone to be able to predict what conclusion the agency might draw on any particular item they examine.

As usual, the real problem in all of this is Congress.

When they passed the National Firearms Act in 1934, (which they knew full well was unconstitutional when they structured it as a tax measure in an attempt to make an end-run around the Constitution), they provided some actual objective criteria for determining what should and should not be regulated under the NFA, such as defining a “Short-Barreled Rifle” as a rifle with a barrel of fewer than 16 inches.

Where they failed miserably, was in their definitions of what constituted a “Rifle,” “Shotgun,” and “Pistol or Revolver.” On the one hand, they attempted to keep the definitions simple and straightforward, but at the same time, they tried to make specific distinctions between these three broad classes of firearms. The result is that two functionally and dimensionally identical guns can be legally quite different, based solely on the stated intent of the manufacturer when they were made.

Henry Repeating Arms Mare's Leg Pistols
Henry Repeating Arms Mare’s Leg Pistols

For instance Steve McQueen’s famous “Mare’s Leg” pistol, from the old TV series “Wanted Dead or Alive,” is legally considered a “Weapon made from a rifle,” and making one like it by cutting off the barrel and shoulder stock of a Winchester Model ‘92, a lever-action carbine (Heaven forbid), or a modern replica, would require filing paperwork requesting permission, paying a $200 tax, undergoing an extensive background check, and registering the gun with BATFE. Every time that gun was sold or transferred, another $200 tax would be assessed and the new owner would have to pass the extensive background check. McQueen was actually arrested once and the gun confiscated, during a promotional appearance. It cost the studio some $10,000.00 to get the gun back. But an identical replica of the “Mare’s Leg” can be purchased, possessed, and transferred just like any other non-NFA firearm, IF the manufacturer called it a “Pistol” when they made it.

Today’s modular firearms, where barrels, stocks, and receivers can be easily and quickly swapped around, have rendered the old definitions meaningless, but Congress has failed to address the problem, so gun owners are put at risk by arbitrary and capricious decisions from the BATFE.

As the Chief Executive, President Trump can instruct his employees to focus their attention on actual criminals who are acquiring and using firearms for violent criminal purposes, rather than focusing on regular shooters and collectors who are just pursuing a hobby and exercising constitutionally protected rights.

You have a role to play as well.

The BATFE has opened a comment period on their Notice in the Federal Register. You need to let them know that you strongly disapprove of their pursuit of restrictions on firearm attachments like stabilizing braces.

If you rant or use foul language, your comment will be ignored or deleted and could be used against the cause, so please be respectful and to the point.

Point out that they are focusing in the wrong direction, looking at responsible gun owners and collectors, rather than pursuing violent criminals.

Question the lack of actual objective criteria in their “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with “Stabilizing Braces,” and demand specific, objective criteria that any layman can easily understand and apply.

Call on the BATFE to lobby Congress for the removal of outdated categories and definitions of firearms in the NFA and the GCA, so BATFE can get away from the business of interpretation of laws, and back to the business of protecting the public from dangerous criminals.

I’ll be submitting a comment, and will publish it here and on our website at, so you can take ideas from it if you wish.

To read the BATFE Notice and submit your own comment, click here.

I also urge you to send a copy of your comment, or a separate message, to President Trump and urge him to fire or demote those BATFE officials who are pushing more assaults on gun owners, importers, and manufacturers, rather than focusing on catching and prosecuting violent criminals.

You are the Gun Lobby. Don’t depend on others to do the work for you. Take action today!

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs, and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona, and Manassas, VA. Visit:

Jeff Knox

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I like the comment by the author. “ The ATF should get back to protecting us from criminals!”
I my humble opinion…The ATF considers all of us to be criminals in one way or another. Just saying.


I consider the ATF to be a criminal organization.


In fact it is the ATF that is violating the Constitution that make the ATF a Felony criminal organization.
” Shall not be infringed ” Means “Hands OFF”

That alone makes the ATF a criminal organization using <b> Extortion</b> to collect illegal monies from the citizenship.

People should think about why the 2nd amendment was the second thing thought about. It protect all legal Laws.
<b>Without the 2nd there is NO protection.</b>


Any president with constitutional balls would do every thing in his power to eliminate the ATF and not enforce the GCA and NFA because they violate the Constitution.

No current or past president has balls it seems. Nor any possible candidates on the horizon.

The presumptive incoming president appears to have anti-balls.


and the only balls Harris ever had are still hanging under Willie’s willie.


Which were draped over nose when she was giving Willie a blow job !!




I would like to declare my opposition to BAFTE’s proposed guidance, ATF 2020R-10, “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with “Stabilizing Braces”. First of all, all firearms legislation, laws and rules are un-Constitutional due to the Second Amendment, which puts no parameters on the type, possession or use of firearms. You, your agency, makes the claim you are using “objective factors it considers when evaluating firearms”. That is very humorous. Please read the definition of objective and you will see the irony of your statement. Political motivation is not objective, it is an objective. Secondly, your agency’s recent activity demonstrates your… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Very nice, posted to THEIR website would have been more useful.


There are deaths related to the use of both cars and firearms. And in both cases it is not the type of car, or gun, so much as the misuse of the item by people. I have carried a gun of one type or another for one reason or another for the last 52 years. Never once has a person been injured much less killed by a firearm I was carrying. Of course I have never been responsible for any injuries or deaths due to my driving a vehicle. Knock, Knock! But then this whole Democrat anti gun thing is… Read more »


In regards to my above post conversely here is the info on firearms death in the US. Keep in mind that there are a percentage of these deaths which were the result of serious criminal activity on the part of the deceased.

All firearm deaths

  • Number of deaths: 39,740
  • Deaths per 100,000 population: 12.1

Source: National Vital Statistics System – Mortality Data (2018) via CDC WONDER


Roy gets it. Numbers, facts n’ such. Time to stop arguing over which ‘tailpipe’ is legal and start focusing on responsible drivers being able to drive what they want. (A focused point and agenda. Thanks, Roy.)


Also keep in mind that 2/3s of those 39,740 “firearm deaths” were suicides. They would have all happened anyway, even if firearms had never been invented. They would just be jumping off buildings, or driving cars into brick walls or off of cliffs, instead of with firearms.
If a person wants to kill himself, he will do so. There’s no stopping him, short of a 24 hour suicide watch in a padded cell.


Knute, I thought about mentioning that but I figure most adults already knew that and if you start throwing a lot of numbers at some people their eyes glaze over and they pay less attention to the message you are trying to send,


I know you (and most everybody else here too…) already knew it, but just thought I’d put it out there. And even the remaining third is still mostly gang violence and justifiable homicides of thugs committing felonies. Even police shootings of suspects are included in that raw 39K number.
The stats show that shootings of innocent victims are pretty darn rare.


And as stated in a previous ammoland article. They release these criminals back onto the streets to pad their numbers. Repeat offenders approved by elected officials to disarm the law abiding.


How many of these were counted as WU-FLU deaths ??


and fully two thirds of these deaths were the result of suicide. Those are NOT deaths attributable to the firearm itself, as those desiring th end their own lives have MANY alternate means to accomplish that goal. Check out Canada’s suicide stats… totao suicides are nearly identical to ours in terms of rate. BUT< since that former British colony have mandated that most folks cannot possess handguns, those devices are not readily available for the use. SO, those who cannot get their hands on a handgun simply use any of the other readily available methods tor checking uot. Imagine if… Read more »


Even better stats in Japan. Guns are almost non-existent there, but their suicide rate is more than double ours.


Posted news of legislators speaking out against the BATFE (with video link), but it was put on hold.


Liz Cheney not among the signatories – too busy getting business for the defense contractors.


“Those of us who have been paying attention have seen this coming for quite a while, but it has mostly been muted during the Trump administration. The BATFE started getting more aggressive and blatant in their assaults on our rights just before the November elections. It appears that the BATFE leadership was pretty confident of a Biden victory and couldn’t wait to start working toward Biden’s stated goals of increased gun control.”

Kind of like 1992.

StandWith Me

Don’t hold you breath waiting on President Trump. I don’t think he has made any personnel or significant policy changes in 4 years to the ATF&E. But Biden will and we will all suffer for it. I hope all you Biden voters are happy.


He did attempt to appoint the generally anti-gun past president of the Federal Order of Police as the head of the BATF because the agency relied on a ” acting director” for a long time, but enough gun owners stood up and objected. The nomination was then withdrawn. We had hoped to block Barr from becoming A.G. because he defended Ron Horuchi and other snipers and agents – Pro Bono for actions at Ruby Ridge. A.G. Barr’s successful defense did not allow murder charges for killing Vicki Weaver, holding an infant in her arms. So Horuchi and others were free… Read more »


Or, maybe, Trump just refused to listen to Pro 2nd Amendment people because, just like every other Republican Presidential nominee since Dewey, he wanted more gun control. His natural instinct was encouraged because he believed he could count on the firearm community to vote for him again no matter what he did, and after Parkland, he could pick-up some additional votes from white, suburban women if he passed yet more gun controls.

Barr was just the guy to have around.


da eedjits at BATF fail to take into account that the main PURPOSE of a handgun is that they are readily portable and concealable. Funny thing is, once they have the dread braces atathed, they are no longer either, they are practically not much different than a rifle. And if I can have a rifle of “legal” barrel length that fires the .357 Mag, or the .44 Mag (I have both), the main difference between those of “legal” barrel length and standard stock, and the handguns I also have which fire the same rounds, comes down to portability and concealment.… Read more »


Went to did not see draft letter. Other sites also urging “send comment letter”. … I could draft one but am not close enough to the issue to do so expeditiously nor in the most meaningful way. … Seems to me the real issue is larger: BATFE has no constitutional authority to draft / issue any such regulations. All of the Federal firearm statutes are unconstitutional, and Congress has no constitutional authority to delegate “law making” (which is what administrative law, rules and regulations are) … So focusing on one feature, e.g., “braces”, but accepting absolute and limited restrictions… Read more »


Finally – some legislators speak out against the BATFE:

If they had been able to convince Trump to do something before November 3, Trump may have won (even with the headwind of fraud in Biden’s favor).


I’ve long wondered if Chuck Connors “The Rifleman” rifle would be deemed contraband by the always malicious agents of our federal government.


This video has the opening credits.

The “better version” follow-on is hilarious.

I wonder if our government has a sense of humor.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mack

That’s A Semi Fully Automatic Winchester 94 With a 100 Clip Magazine. Rumor has it that The Rifleman was Joe Kameltoe’s and His Indian/Jamacian Hoe’s favorite TV show when they were growing up in the Group Home…


Serious inquiry here (no sarc), could Trump eliminate or disband the BATFE through executive action? He could make a mark, promised to us in”I will always support and defend the second amendment”,to remove previous errors made. I don’t know if Trump has the authority or the balls but a move on his part would make history. Whether his efforts to address the election fraud is sucessful or not real progress could be made in protecting the second. Should bidet/harris prevail they would have to make a concerted effort to replace the BATFE drawing attention to their unconstitutional plans to the… Read more »


Since BATFE were established by the Treasury Department, whcih falls under Executive Authority of the President, I do believe an EO could simply UNfound BATFE. Poof, gone. And tens of thousands of worse than useless sloppers at the public trough, along with millions of dollars in real estate, could be dumped. NICS are under FBI, another totally corrupt outfit that needs to be cleaned up like a Order it done by the tenth of January. baby’s soiled nappie. When/if Trump DOES this, it shoud be made VERY clear that all of the stored (physically and/or electronically) Bound Books, along with… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

PMin FL, Wild Bill asked me to post this for him in answer to your question. @PMinFl Yes, BATFE was created by a memo, not an act of congress. Thus the BATFE could be disbanded by a memo. Please see:  Who or What is the BATF? by Dan Meador. B.A.T.F. from I.R.S. On June 6, 1972 Acting Secretary of the Treasury, Charles E. Walker signed Treasury Order Number 120-01 which establishes the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. He did this with the stroke of his PEN citing, “by virtue of the authority vested in me as Secretary of the… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

With the AR platform there is a difference in the buffer tube on the AR pistol that prevents an AR rifle stock from being installed. The diameter of the buffer tube is larger and that was done on purpose. Same for AK pistols. Neither can accept a standard AR rifle stock, only a brace, so they can’t be a SBR. My 300BLK AR pistol buffer tube OD is 1.25″. KAK ShockWave Brace The buffer tube OD on my 300BLK rifle is 1.145″. MagPul MOE Stock. They are not interchangeable. Right now if you want to make your AR pistol into… Read more »


That’s only on some pistols because my ar pistol used a standard buffer tube that can take my SBA3 brace or my Daniel Defense stock if I wanted to switch


If the election fraud is not dealt with by January 20, the BATF is one of the first agencies we need to target in shutting down the entire federal government. Find your nearest field office and get as many photo’s of agents as possible.


Can everyone be f’ing honest for two-seconds and acknowledge that the ‘pistol brace’ is almost 100% used to circumvent SBR classification. I don’t mind people picking the right fight, like why the NFA and such on SBRs at all? But to claim they’re not on point when almost always that’s what it’s used for is a cowards way of saying they’re too much of a crybaby to fight for the real issue – so they’ll manipulate a hill to stand on. Grow up, act like people responsible enough for unregulated SBRs instead of pretenders and sidesteppers.


And to thumbs down people: You’re being reactionary. Which is exactly the opposite trait of someone I’d trust with a long arm. Think about what the 2nd actually stood for and the process to get it back to that effective standard. It comes from patience, compromise, understanding and training. Not ‘F anyone who won’t give me my gun, my way, right this second!’. Grow up, or be the reason liberty and freedom fail in this country’s system.

Get Out

IMOA, gun owners patience and compromise on the 2nd Amendment has gotten us where we are today, now they’re seeing a lot more pushback. Everywhere we look our 2nd Amendment is under attack. Ban this or ban that because it has a bayonet lug, magazines, flash suppressor or other features none of the anti-gun politicians or their supporters even understand what it’s function is. We aren’t going to let the BATFE or anyone to make these decisions anymore without speaking up.

Last edited 1 year ago by Get Out

Most people that post here already ” Think about what the 2nd actually stood for “. Most think compromise is how we got to where we are now. Most think we have tried compromise too many times and we have gained nothing but more infringements. Please explain to us all exactly what further compromises you propose and what reduction of infringements you assume these compromises will produce. Please, enlighten all of us. Seems to me that you do recognize there is a difference between what the ” 2nd actually stood for” and how it is regarded today. You should recognize… Read more »


All push back is good.

What’s your problem?

The BATFE wants to get tangled up in a bunch of irrelevant minutiae, let them get all tangled up.

They should be out arresting BLM/Antifa terrorists.


All push back is NOT good. It’s a wonderful tactic for an armchair quarterback, but reality is… you know… real. You add 12 chefs in the kitchen trying to cook 12 dishes at once – you end up with a casserole even the dog won’t eat. Same is true with life. Got to pick actual points of relevancy. Arm braces, not relevant and (again, if we’re being honest) not used for much other than avoiding the tax and registration. Real issue should be the thing people aren’t manipulating – you come from a dishonest stance, not going to have much… Read more »


Meanwhile, all this pushback has resulted in the government thugs backing down on braces. WhAt ArE yOu, FiVe?

Nah, we’re just 2A supporters that realize all arms laws are unconstitutional and any infringement allowed to stand, no matter how small, only leads to further infringement. So while you’re trying to justify your unwillingness to join the fight as anything other than the fuddery it is, we’ll keep going with the struggle to get the 2A restored to the way it was before all this “compromise” that you speak of.


People are getting nervous – “holy s**t! The most rule-following segment of American society are telling us to f**k-off. We need to get on the internet and remind them they are supposed to be honest and follow the rules before this thing really gets out of hand.”


I WAS going to say just this, but you beat me to it!


Right on !!


I thought some of that had to be copypasta, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was going to applaud you for being able to weave it into that response. That was a thing of beauty – casserole, power ranger cupcake, nice. I don’t know if you are an NRA mope, a BATFE hero, or just some random dude who is about to stroke-out at the thought of the firearm community using civil disobedience to address government overreach. If you are the latter, you need to turn on your caps lock, otherwise no one will take you seriously. The NRA… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

ALL pushback IS good. BATF are stepping outside of the box for which they were created. If we don’t push back on each individual point of stupidity, they will get bigger than they are now, and wont fint into any size britches. Then THEYbecome the law, and the Constitutoin prohibits that. But they are ushing their envelope consistently. No pushback, they’ll uickly take it all. I believe the authoirs point is on the nark… they are flexing their tyrant muscles in drooling anticipation of being released as dogs of war in thee vent Shotgun (for him byt not for us)… Read more »


They will arrest you, fine you, imprison you, shoot you, kill you or your family members and your dog – all over a technicality.
Resistance based on a technicality should be viewed as completely fair.


Agreed and “they” are not alone.

Also, what’s coming is more than a technicality – broad categories of semiautomatic rifles, standard capacity magazines, etc.

AZ Lefty

Why should he close them down for doing what he wants?