Delta Airlines Bans Guns Checked on Flights to DC Leading Up To Stolen Inauguration


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Ft Collins, CO –-( Flying commercial airlines into the Washington DC area:

Delta Airlines has just announced that passengers may not fly with guns (in checked baggage and otherwise within TSA regulations) on any of its flights into the “Washington DC area”

This certainly includes DCA (Washington National, also called Washington Reagan), and likely includes IAD (Washington, Dulles), BWI (Baltimore), and PHL (Philadelphia), maybe others.

Other commercial airlines, particularly American, have not yet announced, but will probably follow this trend.

The cover-story is that this restriction will last only through next week’s inauguration, but many believe it will be permanent.

For those of us who routinely fly with guns in checked baggage, I have always recommended shunning Delta and American like the Plague, no matter where you’re going.

South West is best. United, Alaskan, and Frontier are tolerable.

I don’t fly any of the “boutique” airlines, so I’m unable to comment on them.

Travel Armor cases meet all TSA regulations and are recommenced.

On the broader question of the inauguration ceremony in DC itself, I’m pretty sure the whole thing will be televised, for the benefit of anyone who actually wants to watch it. A TV screen in CO is as close as I, for one, want to get!

Physically being anywhere in the DC area at that time, or near any state capitol for that matter, I think is a very bad idea!

Traveling anywhere next week is probably a bad idea!


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I purposely did not get the “official” Arizona Drivers’ license with the star which would allow me to use it to fly on commercial airlines just in case I had a weak moment and actually thought about perhaps flying. The airlines, all of them, pretty much use and abuse the rights of their passengers for decades by arbitrarily and capriciously applying rules and regulations as they see fit when the mood strikes them and punishing anyone who complains.


What is “Creepy Joe” so afraid of? Maybe the fact that he’s a liar and a thief, as well an blithering idiot!


The only reason Obama picked him for VP was he knew how dumb he is and how easily he could be manipulated. Biden’s problem is he never knew how dumb he is.


Biden has long been known as “The Village Idiot.” As we all now know, it is not without good reason.


Attn Delta: I will no longer use your services.

uncle dudley

All last summer there was riots in major cities across the country with different groups of people burning business’s, looting, breaking into privately owned property, and spouting false accusations about conservatives and President Trump, the media played along and called these people peaceful demonstrators but no airline said anything about restricting firearms in checked baggage on their airplanes. Now a large group of fed up people did a reckless incident in D.C. and the powers to be are scared for their skins and want to keep you from your constitutional right if you fly in an airplane. The democrats always… Read more »


Now a large group of fed up people did a reckless incident in D.C.

didn’t you get the memo? The people behind the kerfuffle in DC are the SAME ONES behind the rioting, burnin,g lootin, gdesructioin all accross the nation this past year. Same guys. The half million that went to hear Donald Trump speak are NOT the ones who were politely ushered through the barricades that were moved aside to allow easy access to the Capitol Buidling, a mile and a half away.


Check what I said on the hack on about politicians and what they are doing to all of our rights!!!!!!!!


They are responding to a false FBI plot, shoot anyone wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Personally I haven’t heard of any plot to attack ANY state capitol but have seen (on MSM) that my capitol is under siege by “unknown forces”. They are also trying to push an “assault” gun ban here, what a coincidence.


This is why I stopped flying 10 years ago. Don’t need the hassle and the humiliation.


No problem-o. According to all the anti gun groups you can just buy one behind any 7-11 any time for $10. Just buy one when you get there, I

WI Patriot

We don’t have 7-11’s here, so I just go to Quik-Trip…


Southwest is definitely the best for flying with firearms in my experience and i never fly without one..


The election was not stolen. If you’ve got real proof, let’s see it. By the way I did not vote for Joe.


I think WE should all simply boycott the In Hogg Urination anyway. Don’t even watch it on the TeeVee set. Dont even give them the authentication of their theft that interest in their ceremony is worthy of our time.


So… the same thing I’ve been doing since Dubya? Quite Easily Done. 🙂

Last edited 2 years ago by Knute

I’ve never had anu issues with Delta or American fling with or without checked firearms. I DID have a big deal with Alaska on the one time I flew with them. I had booked the round trio flght on my American account, and to get the time frame I needed between there and here on the return flight, they interlined with Alasks. Checked in, the TSA checked firearms charade went quickly and smoothly, but when I boarded I discovered that I would have to take possession of my checked bag at LAX, then hand check it in again on the… Read more »


The last time I flew with Alaska Airline was decades ago. No problems back then. The main thing I remember about them was all the money I made between 1971 and 1973 buying and selling their stock.


Now it is generally dangerous to fly especially abroad. States dictate the rules and there are inconveniences due to the coronavirus pandemic. I fly mostly only on business trips. The only problem was with the translation of the documentation. I was recommended to go to this address and consult. Thanks to the experts, I coped up with this task. Now my trips go happily without worry.

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Qui Bono?

My prediction:
Trump will be in jail by ’24, and the Republican Party will be restored to some semblance of sanity.
And for the QAnon adherents among us:


National Review is getting as left as Mother Jones.


From your lips to God’s ears.

Qui Bono?

Enough whining. Stop spreading the BIG LIE that the election was “stolen.”