Pennsylvania: Game Commission To Consider Expanded Sunday Hunting

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Pennsylvania Game Commission to consider expanded Sunday Hunting. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -( Coming off a successful hunting season where additional Sunday hunting opportunities were permitted in Pennsylvania for the first time, the state game commission will have a discussion about expanding Sunday hunting for the 2021 season during its upcoming January meeting.  The meeting will take place virtually, however, the public has been invited to comment.

On Saturday, January 23, the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners will have their first meeting of the year.  In addition to setting 2021-2022 season dates and regulations, the Commission is also slated to discuss expanding Sunday hunting opportunities.

The NRA-backed Sunday hunting legislation was signed into law in November of 2019.  During the 2020 hunting season, three Sunday hunting dates were added to the season:  one during the archery deer season, one during the November bear season, and a final Sunday date during the deer rifle season. Specifically, the Commission is exploring adding game species to two of the three Sunday hunting dates this year.  Hunters would be allowed to pursue several small game species including pheasant, rabbit, grouse, and squirrel among other species.

NRA-ILA urges members to submit short statements of support for expanded Sunday hunting.  These expanded opportunities are critical to successful hunter recruitment and conservation funding.  Comments can be emailed to the commission at [email protected]

About NRA-ILA:

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Hunting cases are interesting under the 2nd Amendment. We have been lulled into a general believe that the 2nd Amendment is primarily about the right and ability to do to things: Hunt, and protect oneself. But when you look at the arguments of the founders in support of the 2nd, you don’t find those reasons (perhaps because they seemed self-evident). If you look at their arguments, you quickly realize that the driving purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to maintain a populace armed sufficiently to repel an invading force, or to drive out an oppressive government. Sadly, no Supreme Court… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Just a question of which squirrelly critters you’re hunting.


PA remains behind the times as prohibiting hunting on Sundays was designed to encourage church attendance. As this is no longer a big consideration (those who wish to attend church will and those who would rather hunt probably wouldn’t anyway) why not simply open Sunday hunting to include all seasons? Example: Season A is open from X date to Y date all days included. Why all the this Sunday it’s open but that one isn’t? Why pick and choose? Open hunting to 7 days a week during any open season!


Don’t you think this is the church being involved with the state? My post they are not putting on the board and is currently under review asks that question. The other thing that I am questioning is does law enforcement enforce the no hunting on Sunday ban or do the church goers do it..

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

I would be more concerned as to what Governor Wolf and the AG are trying to do in Pa adverse about Sunday Hunting, open Sunday Hunting for Politicians, sounds good!!!!!!!!!


Hi post reviewers. It’s been one hour. Please post my opinion while it is still relevant. You have never not posted one of my posts that you have reviewed nor have you ever answered my requests posted on the board or direct emails answering my question what it is that I have said or did that has caused me to be reviewed so I can discontinue that practice..
Thanks Dave for your earlier suggestion of emailing direct. It had no result.


Awaiting approval again and not one cuss word, no violence, nothing derogatory against any secular group and no trying to over throw our government or talk of anyone else doing it.

What’s up with that.


how ridiculous. Let’s say I am Pentecost. I believe they go to church on Saturday. Why are you being predujuce against them. They worship the omnipotent being, father son and holy ghost like most other religions in the USA. In addition my family and I work and the weekend is really the only time that I get to go hunting so you are limiting me to one day a week. I realize that I am supposed to worship God but am I supposed to be forced to worship him especially in your manner or one that meets your approval. I… Read more »