Democrats Get the Gun Control They Voted For

Democrats get the Gun Control They Voted For IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A.– -( Some of my friends are democrats. Many are gun owners. They call themselves “pro-gun” Democrats. I’m struggling to figure out what that means. So far, Democrat politicians are keeping their promise to disarm honest gun owners.

In 2020, the democrat party ran on a platform of gun control. They ran on a platform of gun confiscation. They were not subtle about it. It was front-and-center during their campaign.

On the debate stage, presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47. If it’s a weapon that was designed to kill people on the battlefield, we’re going to buy it back.” The crowd of democrat supporters at the debate cheered. The news media never corrected O’Rourke that despite sharing some parts, the guns owned by US civilians are not used by either the US military or by the combat arm of any other military on the planet. Biden said O’Rourke would be put in charge of gun-control. Biden said he fought the NRA and is coming for them (the NRA) again.

Vice President Harris fought for gun-control as the Attorney General of California. She fought for laws denying the right to carry in public. She said the second amendment applies to the militia but does not protect the right of individuals to keep and bear arms.

These are more than a few off-hand remarks that a candidate might make while trying to raise funds at a late-night cocktail party. Gun-control and confiscation is now a pillar of the democrat party. Hilary Clinton asked for it. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris promised it. Billionaire Democrat donors demanded it.

There was a time when we saw pro-gun democrats in office. Today, not a single democrat congressman has an “A” rating by the NRA. That begs the question of what it means to be for the right to keep and bear arms while you vote Democrat.

Politicians enact laws. That is what they do. Democrats enacted the gun-control legislation they promised. It wasn’t as if they had much of a choice. The Democrat party took hundreds-of-millions of dollars in campaign funds from anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg. That wasn’t a donation; that was an investment to secure a political goal. Bloomberg funds the anti-gun industry across the US. Bloomberg expects a return on his investment.

He got it. Congress passed a mandatory background check bill last week. H.R. 8 requires that law-abiding gun owners submit to a background check before they sell or transfer a firearm. It is now illegal to loan a firearm to the young woman next door who was threatened by a stalker. I underlined the words law-abiding for a reason. Criminals don’t buy their guns at gun stores or gun shows. Criminals don’t submit to background checks. Only honest gun owners do that.

This bill, H.R. 8, is designed to disarm you, not them. A single Democrat congressman voted against it.

You now have to ask the government to exercise your rights. Congress passed H.R. 1446. That bill said the government has 10 days to check on your criminal history. After those 10 days, you may apply to the FBI for an exemption and ask to receive your firearm. In theory, you may receive your firearm after an additional ten days if the FBI does not reply. We don’t know how the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms will react when gun shops issue a firearm without FBI approval.

Democrat politicians said that H.R. 1446 would stop mass murderers. I have to remind us all that background check bills look backward in time. Mass murderers may plan their attack for years, but they never plan to repeat their atrocity. This bill would not have stopped mass murder, but it might disarm you.

If you don’t follow current events, then you might have missed how governments routinely breaks their own laws. By law, the Illinois State Police are required to issue Firearm Owners Identification cards in 30 days. In practice, they have stopped issuing them. There are similar laws in New Jersey and California. There is no penalty when the government breaks its own laws. In these cases, they seldom follow the law. Now, Democrats want the federal government to have the same power to do the same thing.

This isn’t an obscure matter of legal procedure. Politicians brag to the news media about the good a bill might do. We must study the harm the bill will cause when misused by corrupt special interests. Women have died at the hands of stalkers while they waited for government permits to protect themselves. The media never holds those politicians accountable. Democrats say they support working men and women, yet the gun-control bills they passed grant rights only to those who are willing and able to pay for them.

Criminals don’t apply for background checks. You do. Prohibition fails…every time. When this law fails to reduce crime, Democrat politicians will say we need more regulations to disarm you.

Politicians care only how you vote.

You may vote democrat and yet want to keep and bear arms. The politicians you elected don’t care what you want. Politicians don’t care how you feel or what you say. In fact, politicians care only how you vote.

This is the firearms prohibition that democrats across the country voted for. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. There are many more gun-control bills to come.

About Rob Morse

The original article with sources is posted here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

Rob Morse


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“Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.” ~ Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Polosi, Charles Schummer. Ooops, my bad. It was Heinrich Himmler….same difference….just different spelling. “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.  “I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.“ – Douglas MacArthur “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must… Read more »


So to get into Political office, you take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Then immediately break that oath! That is called Treason any way you look at it!


People in the military and LE take oaths as well. I’m sure the thousands who have broken those oaths don’t believe they broke their oaths.

Did the people in the military who gave the FBI barrels of CS gas and trained them how to operate armored vehicles break their oaths?


Dave in Fairfax


It is despicable, it is dishonest, it is not treason. Look up the definition of treason. The word gets thrown around a lot, but it is almost never used properly.


Neither of those are law yet, they have not passed the Senate.


That’s it, don’t buy into it as being a law yet. so far it is a bunch of demonrat idiots that have passed it. It has to go to the house of brains and have the senate approve it first and then I think presiden kamalatoe has to sign it.


No law passed by an illegitimate government has any legal force. In point of fact it must be disobeyed otherwise one is complicit. They are approaching the point of no return.


Then you have to ask those that would attempt the actual face-to-face confiscations if their families are covered by life insurance?


RIGHT NOW is when you, ALL Freedom Loving Americans need to be on the phones, NOT “humbly requesting” but DEMANDING their elected officials to strike down these unconstitutional bills lest THEY be IMMEDIATELY removed from office for Willful Neglect of Statutory Duty and replaced with a TRUE REPRESENTATIVE of THE PEOPLE!


Not going to happen; a total waste of time. The fix is in. You don’t win a battle with phone calls anyway. But thanks for playing.


“H.R. 8 requires that law-abiding gun owners submit to a background check before they sell or transfer” – The seller has to undergo a background check? Don’t you mean the potential buyer has to be checked? What is going on here?


APATHY of a dead-beat society where more than 80% of the population are far too busy with their own petty lives to get involved in the big picture, the good of the nation, freedom and liberty. MOST were handed freedom, so they haven’t a clue as to the true value of it. Liberty? It’s that funny looking lady on an old coin. Duty? That’s what children do in their diapers. We have ALLOWED this nation to become so dumbed down that the recovery would take 3 plus generations of hard core teaching from the Bible, the founding documents, and fundamentals… Read more »

Black Powder 26

Eloquently stated! In addition it will take a major event, with great loss that effects the masses (covid aside) that will cause people to face a long period of hardships and then fight to overcome them before they appreciate the freedoms we enjoy. We have lost our faith, our values, our morality and our way as a nation! We have raised a generation of self-absorbed individuals that only care about themselves. As for guns, in a few years time they will be a thing of the past and sadly nobody will even care!


Were you a writer for the old Fantasy Island TV show?


I wish that the preamble to the Bill of Rights contained a line such as congress shall make no law respecting…..or abridging any rights of free men.

Alan in NH

The ‘loophole’ is they don’t know who has what, or how many there are out here. This new transfer thing is also a way for the GOVERMENT to find out who has what. Don’t let them find out. Do not comply with unconstitutional laws.


Just as Covid-19, a virus, just like the common cold must first work it’s way through the population to become moot, so does a new and unconstitutional law or set of laws. The only problem is that most “Patriots” are unwilling to be THE ONE to take the charges and demand jury trial to start the process up the long ladder to the U. S. Supreme Court to be struct down, and even then haven’t the support of the 2A community across the nation to fund the travesty along the battle…


Wait! I thought this bill still has to go to the Senate. It passed the House, but the Senate hasn’t voted on it yet. The article says Congress passed HR8 and it is now illegal to loan your gun to someone. What did I miss?

Dave in Fairfax


You missed an assumption. That being that the Dems will all vote for it, the traitorous RINOs will vote for it and Kameltoe will break whatever tie might occur.


Dave, what, if anything are Virginians doing to remove the corrupt elected and appointed officials from the Virginia State government?

Dave in Fairfax


As far as I can tell there is nothing to be done. The Gov is term limited so he’s out automatically. As for the rest of them, the Big cities have the power, sound familiar, and they vote blue. All we can do is have them running scared of losing their majorities by pushing gun control, which is happening already. They are treading much more lightly, but they aren’t backing off. Until we can get the legislatures back and elect a pro-gun Gov, we’re SOL.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave in Fairfax

Has anyone ever really questioned how it is that they may take a God-given right and turn it into something that they require you to ask permission to “have,” (aka reduced to a “privilege”) and one that they may take away at any time? And they ARE GOING TO TAKE IT AWAY, if you remain STUPID enough to just let all of their constructive fraud stand. “Shall not be infringed” is perfectly clear, yet they have never acted like those words exist in their Constitution. Why and how is that???? Does that may any sense to you at all? Think… Read more »


They have made us all IGNORANT by design.”

Choose your words more carefully. Not too many on these forums are blind or stupid.


Never forget that half the folks you meet on any given day are below average.


“Pro-gun democrats” really believe that THEY won’t be forced to turn in THEIR guns cause they are democrats, that only “the other guys” who “can’t be trusted with guns” will be forced to turn in theirs… The “that won’t happen to me” syndrome is alive and well.


Claiming to be a ‘pro-gun Democrat’ is akin to stating one is a ‘pro-Zion Nazi’.


Oath Breaking Anti-Constitutionalist’s should be held accountable for their actions against the law abiding American Citizen’s. Term limits, Random drug testing of lawmaker’s, if found guilty should automatically banish them from public service, and not allow them GOA contracting on ‘K’ street. 75% of the American public support voter I.D., which would legitimize at least one step in the voting system within the USA. “Do What I Say, Not What I Do” Is not acceptable. With over 20,000+ gun laws on the books how come criminal enforcement is never achieved? They only want more laws to potentially seize firearms and… Read more »


Why do you think term limits will help? The people you want out are voted in each election cycle. Those voters want those politicians. If the sitting politician has to leave due to term limits, the voters will just vote for another similar politician.

The problem is the voters. Most Americans want a huge, intrusive government that promises to fix their problems.


I agree, however equating them is the equivalent of saying a concealed sniper aiming for your head is the same as an angry teenager showing a knife in their waistband from outside your locked door. With the first you may well be dead before you can react, while with the second you just call the cops and prepare to terminate the threat if it escalates before cops arrive – knowing you will prevail. Well OK, where you live with two hour response times – maybe you skip the calling part and just plan on following the SSS rule. Those of… Read more »


I wonder where any business producing a product for 2A stands ? Most have lawyers on detainers. Some even have lobbyist. But yet I feel they are doing nothing to help with the issue at hand. Just curious also how many took a payoff to go out of business ? How many were fore warned of the coming trend ? Seems many products are discontinued. Have cease to exist. I could be wrong but I feel many took the payday. Maybe Govt contracts are enough to keep them in business ?